Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 10 - Chapter 974

After waiting for Bruce Willis leave, Zhao Hai then turns the head the right that manager saying that I must save some money to enter my ID Card, is gold brick. One hear of Zhao Hai said that manager immediately understand Zhao Hai arrived at the meaning, he has selected 0.1 The head, please come with me to Zhao Hai said :.” Said that leads Zhao Hai to walk toward bank. The Zhao Hai manager arrives in a bank roomZhao Hai presently of this room with his previous time to save the gold brick place to be similar in another city, it seems like Magic Armor Bank had a such room. Zhao Hai these time put out 20 millions gold coins gold brick to advocate in Magic Formation, that great hall manager depending on deciding was also 20 millionthen saves Zhao Hai ID Card gold coins, Zhao Hai was then taking card leave. After Zhao Hai returned to hotel, Laura their can immediately to Zhao Hai said : Elder Brother Hai, you make him run the factory to that Bruce Willis five million gold coins really?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : why not, that some money our sooner or later must take carry back in any case, moreover ran this factory, regarding is us, only then the advantage does not have the fault, not? Moreover before we had certainly made a very critical mistake, now should correct. ” Laura they, as soon as listened to Zhao Hai saying that ” gawked, Laura puzzled look at Zhao Hai said : Elder Brother Hai we did make a mistake? ” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : we to make the most serious mistake is, after we think our ascend, in impossible returned to here, but that was regarding general Cultivator it seems like said that but we had Farm, even if were we cannot returned to here, that other people? In our Space so many races, later they will be loyal and devoted to us, why can't they returned to here come? In these Space, doesn't have the commodity that Upper Realm needs?” Laura they, as soon as listened to Zhao Hai saying that ” cannot help but a being shocked person, then several people were the expressions that a face was suddenly enlighted, indeed like Zhao Hai said that they violated one greatly wrongly. The Cultivation World person cannot arrive at Ark Continent here to come , because they are Cultivation World, was affected by Law of the Heaven and Earth, they cannot arrive at here to come ”, but regarding Zhao Hai, simply does not have this issue, Space can be said as completely not by existence that Law of the Heaven and Earth affects, therefore was their ascend to Cultivation World, so long as the Space map still, them can returned to here at any time.

No matter Ark Continent, Demon Realm, God Realm or Atlanta Continent herehas many good thing, what most most important is, these good thing, to be a Zhao Hai person. These three places, other good thing not saying that how many are the gold will only have? But had gold coinsZhao Hai Space to do more matters to come, this will have the tremendous influence regarding Cultivation World there, will have the tremendous influence regarding Zhao Hai? That really nobody can talk clearly. Laura take deep breaths, calm one own mood, this turned the head to Zhao Hai said :, that Elder Brother Hai your meaning is these time runs the factory, prepares for later? ” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : „the Magic Armor Continent here situation very specially, Atlanta Continent here situation also very special, if in these low level plane, there is that plane to block Underworld that is belongs to herenow our hua five million gold coins, left behind chess piece in this plane here, regarding uswas only then the advantage did not have the fault. ” Laura nodded said : this truly is good means that 5 million do not owe, oppositeI to am think that small advantage veryis don’t know this Bruce Willis heart xing is what kind, hopes he do not betray us. ” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : he not to dare, he is only one on Atlanta Continent ordinary, perhaps his doing business talent is very high, perhaps his very intelligent, however in the face of the absolute strength, his all cleverness in trivial mattersis a joke, he dares to play the hua type with me, I kill himYi Rufan the fist! ” Laura also nodded, truly like Zhao Hai said that now do not say Bruce Willis, even if were the O'Neal Clan person, Zhao Hai will not fear them, if Bruce Willis dared and them plays the hua type, Zhao Hai feared is blinks can want his life. Zhao Hai look at they showed a faint smile said : God Race there to be destroyed by us, different God Race feared evidently not with our heart, but this cannot the department, we put chess piece on Atlanta Continent here, when matter solution of here was similar, we in Underworld, before I do not dare full began with that Skeleton King, but now is different, now my strength with originally almost, but the place of Heaven and Earth was actually not repelling me, can Underworld there transfer just right, if can in there in putting chess piece, that regarding. Us, was too important. ” Laura nodded said : truly is, Underworld there extremely in mysterious, that Skeleton King, I felt that he in the Underworld status probably isn't very high appearance? Elder Brother Hai, did you say?” Zhao Hai nodded said : I to feel that is also this , because of so, therefore I to Underworld there being interested, Atlanta Continent here we, so long as obtained ascend Magic Armor, does not have anything needing, even if need thing, was not conspicuous thing, when the time comes we can go to the Underworld there extensionI to want to take a look, Underworld there was any appearance. ”

Laura noddedshe to turn the head to Zhao Hai said :, „the Pegasus Clan there situation, we must pay attention well, the tomorrow O'Neal Clan person presently Pegasus Clan Continent, when the time comes the war should to start.” Zhao Hai thinks that said : walks, they called in Zhanyue Space.” Laura one hear of Zhao Hai said that cannot help but slightly onethey were immediately manage. Zhanyue these days the ten points are unhappy, his clansman too did not coordinate him, they reached an agreement ” to move to Space, was these days, these clansman according to were finds all kinds of excuses to pass the buck, these wing clan the elder and High level of staff well he told, they were also Yang Fengyang disobey ”, but Zhanyue took them not to have what means ” the faces of look at these person of rascals, Zhanyue was fire is very big. But Zhanyue actually does not want the here situation to Zhao Hai saying that ” he knows, if said to Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai really will be disappointed to them, possibly really forever in taking care their mattersthat regarding Pegasus Clan, absolutely is a person of disaster. Although disappoints him very in his clansman, but can continue for the race, he actually has to such endure, is clansman retains a final hope. But most makes Zhanyue feel what is aggrieved ishis such pains, actually nobody careshis these clansman not only not grateful he, conversely, to he also dislike, how possible happy this makes Zhanyue result. After the Zhan Fang present situation almostZhao Hai has also killed Zhan Yifei, probably ji drew out Pegasus Clan all people the hearts of resistance, they are almost no matter the opposition of any reason they, even if by the Zhan Fang prestige, experiences suffering the clansman supercilious look do not say Zhanyue now ”. They gathered on this day in the Zhan Fang family, discussed how must handle the matter in clanprevious to Zhao Hai time to Pegasus Clan here, good several days to pass, but their here matter, still did not have any progress, they worried more and more, but being strong could not cause. In this place, Zhanyue suddenly was feeling that own Message Fish has made a sound, Zhanyue face changes, turned the head to look at Zhan Fang one, forced smile said : mister looked for me, it seems like it was to our these days motion very discontented.”

Zhan Fang stares, then also has smiled bitterly, to be honest, he somewhat is also discontented with his motion, these many daysin the moving person toward Space were also less than 100 households, these 100 households are very good with their relationship, other people, are not actually willing to move. Zhanyue has put out Message Fish, hears the Zhao Hai sound to transmit said : Zhanyue, Zhan Fang they welcome to Space, I had the matter I to say to two. ” Zhanyue looked at Zhan Fang one, not bears put out Command Tokento enter in Space with Zhan Fang, as soon as they enter to Space in presentlythey now are standing on huge lotus, they cannot help but gawked, but their immediately recovered, they looked at all around onepresently Fei'er and Dingshan also. Zhao Hai look at them to come, knew said : slightly, came, walked, we went to sit.” Zhanyue and Zhan Fang after Zhao Hai salutes, silently walks toward in the room with Zhao Hai. This is not Zhao Hai that with the Space same room ”, but is a very ordinary reception room, after how many people sit down, how many small side dish Zhao Hai has put out one bottle of liquor and has put on the table, after how many people got up the liquor but actually, Zhao Hai turns the head to Zhanyue to smile said :, what kind of? This is several days not quite smooth?” Zhanyue embarrassed look at Zhao Hai, don’t know must say any good, this several days is not quite truly smooth ” the Zhao Hai look at Zhanyue appearanceto show a faint smile said : not to need to be worried, I and doesn't blame you, initially I, when has killed Zhan Yifei, has thought of this point, you did not need to rebuke oneself, today I ask you to come, the matter must tell you, the O'Neal Clan Magic Armor army the two days can presently the Pegasus Clan Space entrance. ” One hear of Zhao Hai guests saying that Zhanyue and Zhan Fang are onethen two face change, their look at Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai also look at they. Fei'er is actually fierce claps said : this is good information, Zhanyue, you happen to can use this opportunity, reason that before your clansman compel in Space them, is not willing to enter Spaceis thinks that mister is deceiving them, thinks that simply does not have no Magic Armor soldier, now these Magic Armor soldiers came out, happen to makes your clansman know that you have not lain, like this you are arranging them to enter Space, they will not oppose. ” Dingshan also said :, right, but I think that will not be smooth, your clansman first will certainly fight after knowing fierce of these Magic Armor soldiers the O'Neal Clan Magic Armor soldier, may listen to your arrangements, therefore I thought that you must have a preparation to be good. ” a.