Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 10 - Chapter 975

Zhanyue and Zhan Fang face somewhat is ugly, they do not want to cope with their clansman with such method, Zhao Hai looked at their face one, this time he really somewhat was disappointed, they were too indecisive, sees the small advantage to forget the righteousness, does the important matter to take care of oneself! Said is Zhanyue and Zhan Fang these people, hero who they can only work as the patho, even possibly they do not become including the hero, because they do not have heroic such strength. Yes, the plan of Zhao Hai is small, will make Pegasus Clan die many people, but do not forget, died these people, to save more people. However Zhanyue their clearly know this truth, actually still does not want to carry on this plan, their arrived at this time, if also wants to bring all clansman to Space, real don’t know they are naive or silly, or they are very silly very naively also perhaps. Zhao Hai shook the head, sighs, turns the head look at Zhanyue said : Zhanyue, if opportunity, you have killed a person now, can ask ten thousand people, can you kill this person?” Zhanyue one hear of Zhao Hai said that terrified one startled, Zhanyue is in itself not such an indecisive person, made Zhao Hai kill Zhan Yifei this point before him to look, but these days, he by own clansman did not coordinate, did not trust, suffering soon crazy, he was also simultaneously spiteful, must clansman all safe brought to Space. In his possibly present this point, this has not been only he realizes the one type of idea , because of this, means that therefore he says to Zhao Hai, some repels. However now one hear of Zhao Hai said that he one was actually shocked, he probably one awakening, Zhao Hai look at his appearance, has shown a faint smile said : Zhanyue, do not forget, when the present was, if you in hesitant will die more people, if you did not agree that my plan, that was also good, happen to my nearest/recent had the matter to prepare leave God Race Continent, later in your clan lived any matter, I will not be managing.” Zhanyue one has stood, look at Zhao Hai said : of cold sweat invited mister feel relieved, I know how should do, before asking mister forgave me , the management to be disadvantageous.” Zhao Hai sighed said : Zhanyue, you and Fei'er or Dingshan, are the person future three clans that I settled on will hand over your in hand to go, I did not fear that the truth told you, not only in my Space your three clan has plenty races needed me to look, later I was impossible to have the too much time to take care of you, came across any matter, wanted you to solve, Fei'er there was not worried that now his clansman minimum, will manage not to have too many difficult, Dingshan there will not have matter them is the entire clan moves after all comes, agreed on Patriarch. I most was worried is you, the Pegasus Clan person is very big to my opinion, if you cannot manage their them to enter Space also to be a hidden danger, I do not think that in my Space has any hidden danger, your understand?” The Zhanyue bow body said : is being, my understand, invited mister feel relieved, how my understand must do.” Zhao Hai nodded to turn the head to Zhan Fang said : Zhan Fang, you are Pegasus Clan Great Elder, sometimes your necessary learn strongly, you are the high-ranking, if cannot put out imposing manner of superior, under cannot suppress the person, at this time, the Zhanyue prestige was insufficient, what Pegasus Clan in the future the convention will become, must think your.” Zhan Fang has also stood, face guilty said :is unfair to mister, I disappointed you. Zhao Hai shook the head said : „the present to be not late, you go back, preparation well.” Zhan Fang and Zhanyue nodded, Zhao Hai waved, sent back them, after they send off, Zhao Hai turns the head to Fei'er and Dingshan said : Fei'er, Dingshan, the people in your clan must enter quick to settle down to be good, did you see that church? Can trade thing that you need in there, my nearest/recent in God Race here, I did not go to Atlanta Continent, I want to take a look at Continent that O'Neal Clan they live am any appearance, therefore nearest/recent I possibly did not have the too much time Space, you must look after your clansman.” Fei'er and Dingshan one hear of Zhao Hai said that cannot help but has gawked, then they nodded said : are, mister, we knew, invited feel relieved, will not have the matter.”

Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : naturally not to have the matter in Space here, you in here, will only get better and better, was good, here matter my also explain/transfer was similar, after this Space, my often come, you will not have yourselves any matter to solve, looks like on your original Continent one side, other matters I do not manage.” Fei'er and Dingshan one hear of Zhao Hai said that at heart is move, their understand, Zhao Hai this is in looking like them gives the low-down, told them, he will not meddle the matter in their clan, let them[ from] by show. Before this is Fei'er them, most was worried that they now have arrived after all at Zhao Hai Space, in here is the pure Zhao Hai domain, Zhao Hai must be what kind of them, feared that is opportunity that they oppose does not have. Zhao Hai drank with them has met the liquor, has packed off them, after they walked, Zhao Hai returned to Space Villa there, Laura they are then waiting for Zhao Hai in there. Zhao Hai looks at one toward the screen on, the screen last present inserted, was O'Neal Clan these Magic Armor soldiers, they now already present Pegasus Clan that Space rift. In Pegasus Clan Space rift there, currently also has the garrison troops, these armies in the nine soldiers of Great Elder retreating, arranges, because nine Great Elder retreated, the Pegasus Clan person thinks that did not have what to be dangerous, therefore they do not want to enter to Space. O'Neal Clan person also present these Pegasus Clan people, but they have not actually approached, because this regarding them, absolutely is one greatly presently, their very clear, Clan is thinks that now was finding large quantities of enemies, now they finally found. But what most important is, here appears Space rift, regarding these intelligent Magic Armor soldiers, their very clear, this has meant anything regarding O'Neal Clan, they even suspected that the god start cares for their O'Neal Clan. These Magic Armor soldiers observed one, retreated on turn around, look at their appearances, Zhao Hai shows a faint smile, turns the head O'Neal Clan the person to Laura said : also is really very careful, their careful is actually right, this Pegasus Clan feared that had in a big way troubles.” Laura nodded said : this Pegasus Clan to have in a big way has troubled, earlier solves the Pegasus Clan matter, our good to do other.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : „, earlier solved the Pegasus Clan matter our to do well other, has solved Pegasus Clan, we this directed toward different God Race there the O'Neal Clan person happily, HaHaHa, to be honest, O'Neal Clan ting was also pitiful, has been doing free labor for us.” Laura they, as soon as listened to Zhao Hai saying that has smiled, in this time Cai'er suddenly to Zhao Hai said : Young Master, Underworld Dark mist there is having the situation.” Zhao Hai stares, immediately changed to Underworld Dark mist there screenjust a revolution, Zhao Hai on Lou Xian, Underworld Dark mist there is tumbling fiercely, looks like devil who looks like gotten angry, silent whooshing. Zhao Hai frowns to stare at Dark mist, how his don’t know Dark mist this was, but Zhao Hai very clear, Dark mist here appears this situation with no reason at allhere certainly will not actually live any matter. Quick,[ answered] case appears , one team of skeleton soldiers, put up the walked out of bone car(riage) from Dark mist, Zhao Hai onethen he were actually relaxing, this team of skeleton soldiers, he knew, before , with these Skeleton King that he battled.

However Zhao Hai was actually then shocked, in behind of this team of skeleton soldiers, but also with another gang The situation of this gang somewhat was special, this group is some pale , the bone thin such as material Zombie, their long nails, the incisive fang has demonstrated their status. These people are harnessing unexpectedly also a car(riage), but this car(riage) is actually a Zombie car(riage), what pulling a cart is Zombie, but the shape of car(riage), looks like likely is also growing the Zombie head of fang. The automobile body all over the body is black , probably makes with one type of unknown beast skin, looks like closes is not very heavy, but flood radiance of pale , Zhao Hai is actually seeing this car(riage), the first feeling is, this car(riage) becomes with the Zombie leather, along with already him also by own idea having a scare. However this toward, in these Zombie behind, one team of people, this team of people have not come out, Zhao Hai immediately has thought of a race, the Lich clan! Saw the appearances of these people, Zhao Hai immediately has thought of the Lich clan, because they in the Lich clan with legend were almost exactly the same, they almost did not have what entity, you can only notice that Dark mist one after another fluttered in there, just in these Dark mist, met once for a while extends a hand. In these Lich middle, one group of very big Dark mist, this group of Dark mist compared with the skeleton car(riage) and Zombie car(riage) small many, it seems like there were not the Lich Wang Dai places. Zhao Hai frowns look at these three teams of troops, Lich, Zombie, skeleton these three types is most famous Undead Creature, can they leave however all appears in here? Do they want to do? In this time, these three teams of troops were actually stopping, then walked out of Skeleton King from skeleton car(riage), then Zombie king also walked out from the Zombie car(riage), this is stature very big Zombie, his height almost about two meters, the skin of golden yellow , muscle probably withered, likely is the withered branch, a big eye, the eyeball is all red , bald, his fang has about 20 centimeters fully, the fingernail has been the astonishing about 50 centimeters, astonishment. But from the Lich team in that biggest Dark mist, fluttered one group of Dark mist, this group of Dark mist in a Space distortion, then slowly turned into a person, wear Magic Robe, in hand was taking a book, a hua white head, repair old person of very neat beard, if only looked at the upper part, he definitely was one has the study literary gentle elder, what a pity, his lower part had actually indicated his status, his lower part simply tui, on has not been wisp of Dark mist. After these three people come out, these Skeleton King immediately/on horseback grew the big mouth to whoosh, but Zhao Hai can affirm that he was setting the example, has not made noise, but spiritual wave moved actually to disperse toward four directions bo, looked like looks like sound bo is the same. That Zombie has also grown up mouth, whooshes, he can leave the sound to come, this roar very incisive, probably an awl is the same, drills toward the head of person. Screen there also heard this roar, the Zhao Hai some uncomfortable knitting the brows head, Laura they have covered the ear, that Lich knitting the brows head. Some little time waited for these two Undead Creature to roar, that Lich deep voice said : I said Old Bone, your this greatly long tooth, can you not want inconsiderately shout, you knew don’t know, your cry very difficult hear, you were frightening the person, must see the civilization person, with the civilization means that looked my.” Said that this Lich turn the head and take a glance at the surrounding, suddenly does make noise said : that Expert to be possible with the skeleton has battled in? If you can hear me, please come out to see, invites feel relieved, we absolutely do not have evil intention.”

Zhao Hai and Laura they astonished look at this Lich, from this Lich words, they are looks for Zhao Hai unexpectedly, this cannot help but lets Zhao Hai and Laura they feel very strange. Moreover most makes Zhao Hai feel what is strange, way of this Lich speech how with him a little 1 Like Zhao Hai turns the head to Laura said : Laura, do you have to think when this old Lich speech expression a little does look like with me?” Laura they, as soon as listened to Zhao Hai saying that is thinking that old Lich manner, cannot help but threw one to smile, speaking of that expression of this old Lich speech, but also a little looked like with Zhao Hai. Shaking the head said : that Zhao Hai not bears has not thought really that really also has a person of same belief people in Lich, he he, I to see them, having a look at them to do.” The Zhao Hai personal appearance moves, appears in front of three teams of people. That Lich has not thought obviously that Zhao Hai shouted really came out, he has gawked, then bows to salute said : to Zhao Hai Lich, Kampala has seen mister.” Zhao Hai also slightly bows said : to see Kampala mister to Kampala, has seen two, previous time really takes the liberty, various my also don’t know two characters, below Zhao Hai.” Skeleton King looked at Zhao Hai one, then together spiritual force passed on came said : Coulee!” The Zombie king looked at Zhao Hai said : to be positive!” His sound was somewhat hoarse, sounds to say probably every time a character, the very wasteful strength was the same. Does Zhao Hai bow said : to see two to them below slightly, don’t know three has looked below comes, what matter has? Doesn't have what occurring together below with three probably? Previous although and Coulee mister fights, actually also compares notes, does not know that three these time looks below, for what?” Lich king Kampala look at Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said :this time to look for mister, comes to cooperate with mister. Zhao Hai one hear of Kampala such spoke of stares, his puzzled look at three people of said :cooperation? What do I have to be good to cooperate with three? ” a.