Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 10 - Chapter 976

Kampala look at Zhao Hai, shows a faint smile said : looks like mister is really different from the ordinary person, the ordinary person saw that we already shouted hit to shout " kill ", but mister did not have, this lets my accident very.” The Zhao Hai look at Kampala appearance, shows a faint smile said : this not to have anything, I am Dark Magician, my almost everyday deals with Undead Creature, I noticed why you must shout hits to shout " kill ".” A Zhao Hai such saying, the Kampala three people have gawked, then Kampala turns the head look at Skeleton King Coulee said : Bone, you truly previous time with are he who you do fight? How he said are one Dark Magician?” Coulee is also crooked head look at Zhao Hai, he also somewhat thinks that understand this what's the matter, Zhao Hai does not show a faint smile said : everybody not to need to suspect, I am Dark Magician, simultaneously I am also Warrior, I am Divergent Warlock , moreover I also meet Magic of other departments, this does not have quite strangely what, the strength to my this level, I have been able to let itself[ body] in energy, optional transformation, you not?” Three people also shook the head, Lich look at Zhao Hai forced smile said : mister possible don’t know, in Dark World, only then one type of energy, that is Dark Energy, therefore in there all people energy that no matter Magician or Warrior, we use has one type of, dark energy.” Zhao Hai nodded, his said : three had not then told me that what you do want to learn from me?” Kampala one hear of Zhao Hai said that immediately/on horseback said : mister, this time we are the sincerity wants to look for the mister cooperation, before the cooperation, we must with mister chatting well, not know first mister can agree otherwise?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : naturally to agree that has anything not to agree, three, we did not want to sit in here, sat.” Said the ground that Zhao Hai falls, then he waved, in ground appears suddenly four stone bench, Zhao Hai appears on stone bench, Kampala they also fell, Coulee and sat one person on stone bench, but Kampala also flutteredZhao Hai to see this situation on stone bench, actually some want to smile. After several people sit down, reason that Kampala look at Zhao Hai said : mister, this time we ask you to cooperate , because that said that Space rift reason, that said that Space rift is our hope.” Zhao Hai puzzled look at Lich, Lich look at Zhao Hai, has smiled bitterly next step: „ mister, You also know that we are some Undead Creature, we have lived in Underworld thereactually most from the beginning, Underworld there Undead Creature like the present, the liking fight such, Underworld there Undead Creature, nobody battle, all Undead Creature after appears , has not swum dang in Underworld there from the beginning, because we are clearwe to have the endless life, why do we want to go to the battle? We can live for several thousand years in Underworld there, tens of thousands years, even a longer time, ” is our everyday only practices a little bit over a long period, finally will become Expert, therefore nobody will go to the battle, will not practice through such way. ”

Zhao Hai dull look at Kampala, he suspected now that this Lich is crazy, Undead Creature does not like the battle? Can the Darkness life form world be a peace? Doesn't this save the ghost talk? Is changing mind one to be also right, Lich is in itself a ghost, naturally was the ghost talk, you can also count on how he spoke the logical expression. The Kampala look at Zhao Hai appearance, knows that he does not believehim to sigh lightly said :mister, you possibly think me in talk nonsense, but I said is actually the fact, our three, are in Underworld live longest Undead Creature, I have how old to the present, I record am unclear, I only remember, I wake up most from the beginning, is only small Lich, everyday swims dang in Underworld, looks for some old Lich study some thing, crosses joyfully, happily, they are also same, one at that time was also only a small grey skeleton. Small of most primary level Zombie, we at that time knew. ” Speaking of here, on the face of Kampala 1 u left a facial expression of recollection, because was good was recalling because of in addition that period of good time, looked like old person, in in addition recalled that own childhood was the same. Some little time Kampala sighed, turns the head to Zhao Hai said : „, but don’t know started, in Underworld there, suddenly are many, since birth had memory Undead Creature, these Undead Creature started to live the battle with Underworld original these Undead Creature, started to slaughter these Undead Creature, finally these Undead Creature energy, absorbed own[ body], became own energy, added the practice through this method.” Zhao Hai one hear of Kampala said that stares, then his two eyes twinkling brightly, his look at Kampala said : you meant that most from the beginning, in Undead Creature that Underworld there lived, did not remember that seems like the child who was just born same?” Kampala surprised look at Zhao Hai said : was natural, haven't I told you? Was right, I have not told you, but this does not have well what strange, Undead Creature just appears time, should not have the memory?” Zhao Hai by Kampala asking to stares, but he changes mind thinks, bosom that Kampala said real is right, Undead Creature most opens, but also real hen

Does not have to remember that even if their these Magician manufactures primary Undead Creature, did not have remembers that Advanced level Undead Creature that only then they manufactured, will have remembers that possibly also because this was one type of violates the Heavenly Dao behavior, when manufactured Advanced level Undead Creature, Magician must pay not the small price, naturally, Space in this row, he is not one makes shortcoming. Kampala looks at Zhao Hai to nod, his then said : these have memory Undead Creature appears , broke the Underworld peace, came to China living in peace together some Undead Creature, starts by the slaughter of mass, becomes others' energy, finally these Undead Creature have to get up rebel, therefore entire Underworld turned into a giant battlefield.” Kampala sighs, turns the head you forever not to think to Zhao Hai said :, that war how frigid, but for this reason, Underworld there appears Expert are also getting more and more, are getting more and more, but makes us be what is surprised, Underworld there, don’t know when appears Dark Spirit Temple, had memory Undead Creature, is the Dark Spirit Temple most faithful followers.” Kampala look at Zhao Hai, then said : „ , if only this that also considers as finished, was afterward we presently, all into Expert, but Undead Creature of non- responsibility Dark Spirit Temple there worship, will receive attack of Dark Spirit Temple follower, finally was killed, but all Dark Spirit Temple has worshipped Undead Creature, immediately will turn into Dark God to be most the frantic follower, they probably by person control. Zhao Hai somewhat surprised look at Kampala, he has not thought that this Undead Creature unexpectedly so intelligent, can look including this, it seems like before him , was really continuously underestimated Kampala they. Kampala has not noted the Zhao Hai expression, his said : we are not then willing to become by control, therefore resists the Dark Spirit Temple person on alliance, but don’t know, their people are why getting more and more, the strength is getting stronger and stronger, but fortunately, Underworld here appears new Undead Creature, in ten, only then two to three has to remember that since birth, the remaining these have not remembered, our military strength can also obtain supplemented, otherwise we already perished.” Speaking of here, Kampala turns the head look at Zhao Hai, deep voice said : was this, we were falling slowly to leeward, survival Space getting smaller and smaller, to escape the eliminated destiny, we have to expand outward, had several times we to open one with Underworld somewhat similar Space, but has not thought that Space person, very formidable, has repelled our attack finally.” Zhao Hai has gawked, he guessed probably, that Space that Kampala said that possibly was Demon Realm, before they were, invaded Demon Realm that group of Underworld Undead Creature.

After Kampala said : was then repelled, our days were sadder, but simultaneously, made us present secret, reason that Underworld here will turn into this appearance, some people promoted in the back completely, that person builds up the Dark Spirit Temple person, who our don’t know he was, but he very formidable, moreover he wants to make him the Underworld sole god, became all Undead Creature gods, what most important was, he also wants in this way, by Underworld Undead Creature as soon as possible was formidable, then he selected formidable some, them from Underworld Carries off, becomes his slave!” Zhao Hai suddenly has thought of a few words, that raises the cup, legend[] some Yunnan one generation of raise the cup, puts in some poisonous insects a vessel, making them rip to kill, that finally lives is a cup, the cup that this lives, will have absorbed energy of other poisonous insects, becomes the most formidable cup insect. But met Kampala saying that Underworld there situation with raising cup looks like, also some people made ripping that these Undead Creature kept kill, the people of these victories, can become Expert, became the cup king, urged for him. Kampala stopped, looked at Zhao Hai said : although our don’t know that person to bring to there to go these big Undead Creature, but a little can actually affirm that these carried off Undead Creature, certainly was a more formidable enemy has fought, we have not thought such life, therefore we continuously in rebel.” Zhao Hai nodded, to be honest, he very admires regarding Kampala their this spirits, but his do not understand, Kampala said these to do to him, what relationship does this have with their cooperation? said : that Kampala look at Zhao Hai, some facial expression ji move when we soon had been matched has no way out, suddenly Underworld there appears Space rift, that said that Space rift to here, this has given us without doubt a hope.” look at Kampala said : that Zhao Hai not bears Kampala mister, until now, why I have not listened to you to with me work, can you say the key point?” a.