Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 10 - Chapter 977
Kampala one hear of Zhao Hai said that embarrassed smiled said :......, 1 Mr. Zhao Hai,

Really sorry, you also know that the person old, always meets the has plenty words, sorryreally sorry. ” Sighing that Zhao Hai not bears, beckoned with the hand, hints him then downward saying that Kampala immediately/on horseback then: We present this Continent, but in this Continent actually nobody, but this does not have no relationship regarding us, what we need is only one can let our safety living place.” Zhao Hai nodded said : that you should happy, moreover you do not need to work with me, here is Ark Continent, place such is very big, you can optional seizure, here nobody, how you want to toss about in any case good. ” Kampala has smiled bitterly next step: We also think most from the beginning, but afterward thinks that is actually not right, we can hide for a while in here, was impossible to hide long time, after all our enemies still, their sooner or later presently that say Space rift, when the time comes they killed from Space rift there, we still did not have any means.” Zhao Hai nodded, can think of this point, Kampala they also not silly, this point although looks like very simple, but many people actually could not completely understand that they rather enjoy at present the security of that moment , after does not think, following huge danger. Kampala then to Zhao Hai said : „, but we have not actually thought that mister will receive a batch Lich also to agree shifts unexpectedly them to another place, this regarding us, absolutely is good information, what what a pity is, mister after receiving that batch of Lich, on vanish from sight, this has disappointed me. ” Zhao Hai one hear of Kampala said that cannot help but stares, then his face changes said : Kampala mister, I want to know how you know I did receive a batch Lich?” Kampala proud said : mister such asked that” in our Lich characteristics, our Lich does not have the physical attack ability, but we are spiritual force are strongest, uses the spiritual force most skillful race ”, when mister you received these Lichthey have passed to me with spiritual force this information, therefore I know certainly that I stillwaited for mister for a long time in mister place that these Lich picked, was a pity that mister was not having appears . ” Zhao Hai nodded, but then his immediately/on horseback frowned said : not to Kampala mister, you said probably is not right, these Lich that previous time I pickthey since birth have the memory, according to your viewshould not with your one group ”, moreover they said at that time Underworld there is peaceful, why you said that Underworld there is going to war? What's all this about? ” Speaking of here, Zhao Hai two eyes like cold electric same look at Kampala. Kampala sighed said : regarding their several, Underworld was certainly peaceful, mister, in Underworld there, was not groaning memory Undead Creature is a bastard, some had memory Undead Creature, they have also thought that ordinary life, therefore they formed an alliancenot to participate in our two sides in the battle, but they do not want to participate in Undead Creature of battle regarding these, extremely caring, in adding on their strength was also very strong, no matter our these combative Undead Creature, will not have swept annoys their, but I just right and Lich Has the friendship, therefore he told me this information. ”

Zhao Hai noddedthis to bite, reason to is also passable, his then said : that Kampala mister, how do you want to work with me?” Kampala look at Zhao Hai said : mister, we also want to ask you to give shelter to us, don’t know mister did you agree?” Zhao Hai one hear of Kampala said that cannot help but selected eyebrow said : Kampala mister your this not to cooperate probably? Is cooperation that you saidmakes me give shelter to you? ” Kampala awkward smiling said :, mister, we most from the beginning, want to cooperate to cope with these Undead Creature with you actually, but we also know that mister fears not this turbid water, therefore does not dare saying that in, mister, if gives shelter to us, is another one type of cooperation, we can be the mister work, urges for mister. ” Zhao Hai has gawked, then his facial expression strange look at Kampala said : Kampala mister, I want to ask that your, why you want to work to cope with these undead with me most from the beginning fresh? You think that I do have that ability?” Kampala nodded said : I to think you to have, previous time you and Old Bone fight, fully, but how Old Bone actually went out has been fully also able to want with you, previous time you picked these Lich time, that ship that uses, was not simple, said with that Lich that I got to know each other well that he even in that on the ship, felt in that person similar the aura of Dark God, therefore I think that mister was capable of that coping with these Undead Creature.” Zhao Hai gawkedhe not to think, that several Lich that he received, actually sensitivelooks like these Lich will say one were uses the spiritual force most skillful race, this point does not exaggerate. Kampala look at Zhao Hai has not made noise, cannot help but somewhat is at heart restless, he feared really Zhao Hai will reject him, the Zhao Hai look at Kampala appearance, shows a faint smile said : „, if I want to work with you, copes with these Undead Creature?” Kampala one hear of Zhao Hai said that cannot help but one said that what mister said is real? You want to work to cope with these Undead Creature with us really! ” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : well I to want with the names to cooperate to cope with these Undead Creature, what kind of? Can you agree? ” Kampala and Coulee their three looked at one mutually, saw surprised from the opposite party eye, they have not thought that Zhao Hai will agree unexpectedly must cope with these Undead Creature with their together.

Kampala look at Zhao Hai said : why mister agreed that copes with them with our together?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : not anything, I in that person being interested of very in that Dark Spirit Temple, what person I want to take a look at that am.” Kampala stares, but is he look at Zhao Hai said : mister this word takes seriously?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : naturally to take seriously, but this matter we must well plans, might as well please several first arrive at my there to go with your under the hand/subordinate, we discussed well, how? ” Kampala look at Zhao Hai said : mister, our original how many old friends? They fortunately?” Zhao Hai smiles said : to be very good, they now very joyful, everyday is research Magic Formation except for research Magic Formation, they do not need to do other, in also has the war, crosses very comfortable.” look at Zhao Hai said : that Kampala decides „can that I see them?” Zhao Hai knows said : I to slightly call them, having a look at them to be willing to come, your possibly don’t know, their present research Magic Formation entered mi.” Kampala wrinkled under brow said : lightly, research does Magic Formation enter mi? Really is this?” Zhao Hai smiles said : their research is not ordinary Magic Formation, Coulee mister should know, his previous time comes out, has fought the hand with some Iron-man, these Iron-man were Iron-man that on was driven by the ordinary person has used massive Magic Formation actually, they in research, were these Iron-man Magic Formation these Magic Formation very complex , the very deep mysterious, before adding on them was not specially research Magic Formation, therefore research was not very easy they finally had found probably an interesting matter, therefore their everyday hua massive time research Magic Formation, has achieved entered mi degree. ” Kampala one hear of Zhao Hai said that ” to nodded in Underworld there, Undead Creature , if not look for a matter to do, actually is also very bored matter, before him was looks for something to do to oneself, otherwise that cannot die bored. But Coulee attention Zhao Hai very said matter previous time he and O'Neal Clan the Magic Armor squad about Magic Armor fights, although has not eaten anything to owe, but cannot take the opposite party to be what kind, regarding these Magic Armor fighting strength, the impression of Coulee is very profound.

Zhao Hai looked at several people of said : several if possible, on please wait a minute I asks that looked has a look at them to be willing to come out. ” Regarding Kampala them, the time was thing therefore several people that they most did not lack nodded ” the Zhao Hai then flashes body to enter Space. Zhao Hai knows that Kampala they in thinking anything in their words can hear himthey not to submit to from Kampala in Zhao Hai, they want to hold cooperation relationship with Zhao Hai Bao, their three clans they want to hold cooperation relationship like initially Thunder Clanwith Zhao Hai Bao But is not master and servant relationship. Because has such idea, therefore Kampala will want to take a look to take in Space that several Lich by Zhao Hai, has a look how, must know that several Lich that they cross at that time chose submits to Zhao Haiis willing to become the Zhao Hai slave. But what Kampala don’t know is, Zhao Hai does not like Kampala their like this cooperation relationshipfacing such partner, Zhao Hai will be impolite, certainly will plan them, making them own under the hand/subordinate, conversely, regarding his these true under the hand/subordinate, he will actually give in the respect that the one type of friend wants. Zhao Hai enters to Space, Laura their immediately welcomed, Laura look at Zhao Hai said : Elder Brother Hai, do you want to cope with Underworld these Undead Creature really? Listens to Kampala the meaning in their words, that person in Dark Spirit Temple probably is also Cultivation World, if that person is not Lu Wei, we were offending him, to Cultivation World thereour really four sides vertical enemy. ” Zhao Hai nodded said : I naturally to know that can be this, actually this I said that but to settle their hearts, so long as they entered in Space that to say, moreover to be honestI too do not want from Underworld there ascend, Underworld there certainly not to be the good place, use was Dark Energy, but that control Underworld personlet Undead Creature in Underworld, killed one another, was electing strongly somebecame his under the hand/subordinate, helped him the fight, what person like this cannot be good way of doing things, if we from there ascend. With him for the enemy, he is uncertain the meeting match our, do not forget, from Underworld there ascend, ishe who that candidate comes out can prevent our ascend with own strength, is an unknown. ” a.