Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 10 - Chapter 978

Laura their knitting the brows head, turns the head to Zhao Hai said : Elder Brother Hai, in this case, we were not only can carry on ascend in God Realm there or Atlanta Continent there.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : now to ascend also early, we do not worry, first has a look at Atlanta Continent there ascend Magic Armor is any situation, if there can ascend, that naturally be good, if there cannot ascend, we only be able in God Realm there ascend, to be honest, I rather in God Realm there ascend, to be chased down by Lu Wei to Cultivation World there, does not want to go to Underworld there ascend.” Laura nodded said : „the Underworld there almost Dark Energy arrow, believes that rules their people not to go to that well, decision of Elder Brother Hai is right.” Reason that Zhao Hai nodded said : I agreement and Kampala their together copes with Underworld these Undead Creature, for wants from Dark God that person there multi- understanding the matter about Cultivation World, therefore, does not need to worry.” Laura nodded, at this time previous time was received these Lich in Space to arrive in Space that Zhao Hai was by Zhao Hai, just Zhao Hai to Space in time, told Stone, making him call in this Space these Lich, they really came. These Lich arrived at this Space, had not looked in all directions randomly that lead Lich bows said : to see Young Master to Zhao Hai, does not know that what Young Master called us so-called, if the safe, asking Young Master to make our returned to Wild Dragon Island there go to research Magic Formation.” Zhao Hai one hear of Lich said that cannot help but showed a faint smile said : to be good, research Magic Formation urgently in this for a while, today does not ask you to come, was because the old friend must see you, he was Kampala, he hope outside Space sees you now, after a while you also went, well said you situation to them in Space.” That this year's old Lich one hear of Zhao Hai said that cannot help but onethen his immediately/on horseback nod said : originally is Kampala, he is one continuously with Dark God makes to Lich, his strength is very strong, moreover his knowledge is very good, if he can with our together research Magic Formation, that to us, but has the advantage very much. ” Zhao Hai has smiled bitterly next step: „ Was good, always do not say that these Magic Formation, went out to see Kampala with me they.Said that Zhao Hai waved, bringing that several Lich to leave Space. Kampala in these anxious waiting, they were not fearing that before passing of time, that is because they have not tasted the taste of waiting, now they were actually waiting for that waited for passes with the ordinary time is different, if waited for that passes to be the same ” the people of these losing sleep cards with the ordinary time, will not want to commit suicide. Kampala their these always don’t know anything is worried Undead Creature, now finally understand burning with impatience these words were any meaning, but they did not have the means to find Zhao Hai, did not have the means to urge Zhao Hai, can only worry in there. Zhao Hai comes out from Space, happen to saw the appearance that Kampala they worry, that several Lich follow in Zhao Hai. Kampala saw that several Lich stare, then moving forward to meet somebody of great happiness, to old that Lich said : Charles, did you come out to see me really?”

That Charles that Kampala said that before is Zhao Hai, takes in Space the leaders in these Lich, Zhao Hai has not disturbed meeting of Kampala and Charleshe stands in one side look at they. Charles looked at Kampala said : Kampala, matter these many of your this fellow? Was the oversuspicious problem violates? Really, I did not tell you, Young Master can give shelter to you are your good fortune, your this fellow must see me unexpectedly, do you know me busily now? Magic Formation I just to break to half, had been broken by you, is really. ” Said that Charles turns the head Young Master you to deliver me to go back to Zhao Hai said :, I just Magic Formation to break halfreally could not leave, if this fellow does not want to enter Space, that did not enter, did him dead, Young Master, you delivered me to go back quickly. ” Forced smile that Zhao Hai not bears, turned the head to look at awkward Kampala one, showed a faint smile said :well Charles, you chat with Kampala , was really, Kampala such called, my don’t know your name. Charles embarrassed smiling said : of Young Master, this no wonder I, I actually the diameter has closed not much my name forgetting, besides Kampala, almost nobody called my name.” Zhao Hai smiled said : to be good, you were the old friends, meeting naturally must chat well, I did not disturb you, was right, this gave you, had this, you know how must entertain Kampala they, how I may don’t know probably be able Ran to entertain them well.” Charles looks at thing that Zhao Hai hands over, is block Command Token, he naturally knows that this Command Token does do, his immediately/on horseback bows said : to thank thanks Young Master to Zhao Hai.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile, personal appearance flashes vanished. Waits for Zhao Hai to vanish, Kampala is immediately/on horseback to Charles said : Charles, what meaning your this fellow? For your Young Master, your many years friendship doesn't attend to?” Charles looked at Kampala said : I to say Kampala, my this also for your own good, what you in Underworld was what day, your don’t know? Young Master gives shelter to you, that is to the gracious gift of person, your this fellow also these many matters, but also disturbs my research Magic Formation, is really.” The Kampala look at Charles facial expression does not do false, cannot help but somewhat was shocked, his look at Charles said : Charles, your Young Master walked, don't you need in this appearance, to be the well you must speak like this?” Charles look at Kampala, laughing said : suddenly Kampala, you think that is Young Master makes me such speak to you, no, you have made a mistake, is completely mistaken, Young Master has given absolutely our[ from] by, him will not manage our, he makes us help his research one these Magic Formation, but has not thought that Magic Formation world unexpectedly so broad and profound, I was occupied by to mi by the Magic Formation world completely, if you do not see with one's own eyes, you excessively will be forever many do not believe how many Magic Formation can do matter, that is our world.” Kampala sees monster same look look at Charles with one type of, his said : suddenly Charles, do you remember our first meeting time is what?” Charles one hear of Kampala such asked that cannot help but onethen he transfers the extension knit the brows said : Kampala, didn't you get sick? Why asked my this?”

Kampala face cold said : with answering my words.” Charles looks at Kampala face , cannot help but face changes, then his face sinks, look at Kampala said : „are you are suspecting me? Good, your this idiot, depends on you, why you suspect my ability you compared with me, but is an idiot, a full idiot.” Kampala one hear of Charles such cursed, are actually face sè1 slow, his look at Charles said : originally is really you, but you just what's the matter? ” Why Charles look at Kampala said : „did you say? Are you a fool? A our Lich clan itself uses the spiritual force most skillful race, you suspected unexpectedly my was used spiritual force control, you are really a full fool, said that what you did say to Young Master? Why Young Master will agree that you do enter to Space in?” look at Charles said : that Kampala does not know whether to laugh or cry do not crack a joke, Charles, you think really I am willing to enter Space? I said that wants to cooperate with Zhao Hai, he gives shelter to us, we help him work, we are equal.” Charles one hear of Kampala such saying, cannot help but face changed said : your this fool Did you say to Young Master really? ” Charles said : of Kampala look at face big change „, has any wrong? we originally with his equality, I do not want to become his slave.” Charles clenches teeth to scold said : your this fool, you think that you are very intelligent, you think that your what knows you do know don’t know strongly, the Young Master strength? You think really previous Young Master Coulee gesticulates that a few tricks to try, you were too naive, I told you, Young Master does not calculate not only conquer Ark Continent here, but before also already you, Demon Realm that dozen received his subordinates, wanted strong God Race exterminating the clan compared with Demon Race one, that ship that my previous time saw, was heCultivation World that snatched from Cultivation World person there, on was a Underworld palace there that person place ” a that person in Underworld palace, was not the superior deep clan, He is only a person in Cultivation World, Young Master previous time with Coulee fights, fully, even he own 1/10 strength has not used, because of his then strength, has achieved wanted the ascend critical point, soon ascend, therefore he does not dare too many use his strength. Reason that Charles will know these, naturally is Zhao Hai tells him, Zhao Hai must through the mouth of Charles, tell Kampala own strength, making them produce to him Venerable to fear the feeling. Zhao Hai very clear, although said that Kampala they said that beforehand Underworld calm, but that walked past tense, after many years of going on an expedition, Kampala they already lost the ordinary heart of initially, they now are some ordinary combative Undead Creature. Regarding these Undead Creature, you, if with them according to the ordinary way lecture on Dao principle is incorrect, you only make them awe you, you might rule them. Really, listening to Charles saying that the Kampala eyebrow fork cannot help but wrinkled, he obviously was not complete believes that Charles words, he does not believe that Zhao Hai had that strong strength.

At this time suddenly said : Charles, we was also the old friend, in the past you had also saved us, these that but you said that I have not managed the Law Idol letter , doesn't Zhao Hai such optional use own strength, fear his ascend now?” Charles looked at one, said : has been short with me tries to get close, your smelly Zombie, I lazily was saved you, saved you also to look in the Kampala face, I said that your underestimated Young Master, you have not believed that your don’t know, Young Master underwent these days fight, had feared completely ruled Ark Continent this God Race to conquer, he obtained one type of Secret Technique in God Race there, this Secret Technique can his body the compression of energy entering quantity, now in the Young Master body the energy quantity, only then original about 1/10, but the purity, was actually original ten. About, but person whether ascend, can look is he[ body] in energy quantity, but is not the purity, issue that therefore mister simply does not need to be worried about now, do not say that like is only simple use own energy, even if he fights with you, complete is not a problem, moreover do not think that mister[ body] in energy quantity compared with had been short, on hitting you, the mister present attack strength, original must be stronger, on these person, feared likely is mister under the hand/subordinate Undead Creature army hits continually, simply Does not need mister to begin personally.” Reason that Charles this by with will be speaking , because he will be such with will be speaking, he knows that just such will be asking, will be is testing him. Kampala look at Charles such esteem Zhao Hai, cannot help but gently knit the brows said : „should not be so strong, he who Zhao Hai said that has Undead Creature army, don't we have? Will we fear him?” One hear of Kampala said that Charles stares, his laughing said : suddenly Kampala is not I laughs at you, how many your in hand does Undead Creature abandon? Now some of your in hand also how many available military strength? If your in hand military strength exempts, feared that will be your simply do not cooperate with mister?” Kampala has gawked, then face changes, he snort|hum said : has then dealt with Zhao Hai to be enough.” Did Charles cannot help but laugh said : to deal with mister to be enough? How many Undead Creature do you know mister in hand now some? Besides Undead Creature, his also has plenty Darkness Magic Beast, the Demon Realm person, Demon Realm person fighting strength how, you should very clear, if mister must cope with you, you did deal with really?” Kampala snort|hum said : you to the present had not said that his how many Undead Creature, why you affirmed that we couldn't deal with?” Charles look at Kampala appearance said : your this fellow, but also is really unwilling to give up, I told you to be good, told in hand Undead Creature, the quantity crosses 1 billion, the quantity that I said that but also all was the strength crosses the golden skeleton strength Undead Creature, these strength insufficient I have not calculated, do you currently have the confidence to cope with mister?” Kampala and Coulee they, as soon as listened to Charles saying that gawked, said : that then how many person of faces cannot believe you were said that Zhao Hai in hand Undead Creature, the quantity does cross 1 billion? How is this possible?” Charles hey sneers said : not to be how impossible, you weigh mister to the present by the ordinary strength, this is in itself wrong.” Several people do not make noise, they to somewhat believe that the Charles words, Charles look at several people of appearances, showed a faint smile said : I to lead you to go to a place, to there, your understand what's the matter.” Said that Charles puts out Command Token, a stroke gently, together Space rift appears in his side. a.