Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 10 - Chapter 979
Kampala they looked at that to say Space rift, finally decided to walk, but they just entered Space rift, in Space have resounded the prompt sound! Actually beforehand Charles said that many to Kampala , because he obtains inciting of child Zhao Hai, is Zhao Hai agreed that he such does, for they gets so far as in Kampala Space. Zhao Hai just also wants to receive in Space with Space them directly, but has not actually succeeded, because Space there has transmitted the prompt sound, said that Kampala they are wisdom life form, cannot gather. As the matter stands Zhao Hai did not have the means that he can only letting Charles in this way, they take in Space Kampala. Kampala their although by this was recognized for his wisdom life form, cannot with Space direct receives, but has deceived or grasps Space, actually yes, so long as they entered Space, by their special status, Space immediately will give to subdue them. Really, Kampala they just entered Space, Space has transmitted the prompt sound, this prompt sound nothing but is presently unusual procedurecarries on to surrender and so on, Zhao Hai present, so long as Space said thing that surrenders, did not have unable to surrender, but thinks is also, Space equal to is the world that has completely independently, this world has own one set of Law, but this Law all, to let Zhao Hai to live better exists, under this premise, any does not favor the Zhao Hai situation, will not live in Space. Really Kampala they one were surrendered by Space, Zhao Hai received in them Space Villa, to Space Villa, Kampala their several people of immediately/on horseback has bowed said : to see Young Master to Zhao Hai.” Zhao Hai nodded, he waved, on Coulee and suddenly right person lived changeon Coulee to grow flesh and blood and skin, the whole person one turned into a big overwhelming power robust man ”, but flesh and blood on right person, became looks like a normal person the skin to be just superficial ancient bronzes radiancestature is very still thin, but the fang and nail shrank, looked like like is also similar to a normal person. Zhao Hai showed a faint smile said : to sit to three people to tell carefully me Underworld there situation, I want to deal with that person in Dark Spirit Temple.” Kampala and Charles flutter in in midair, the Zhao Hai extension fork the look at three people, to Kampala said : Kampala, is you, Underworld there really like you did say?” Kampala nodded said : is Young Master, the base is solid, if, has three influence first in Underworld there really is the Dark Spirit Temple influence, there now collection his Underworld majority of Expert, moreover they, not only Underworld there activity, but also wholeheartedly is thinking must invade other planevery difficult to deal with. The secondary influence is we, our also outside names, were called Rebel Army, the meaning was the rule of rebel Dark Spirit Temple. The third influence is the influence that Charles they were, known as[ from] the alliance, is one by these person who does not want to participate in the fight comprised of a loose alliance organization. ”

In Zhao Hai selected you to organize to said : impossible, only then your how many people? Your did suddenly become the person who my under the hand/subordinate you organize will agree? Charles is also, you followed me also for sometime, do in you organize the person to look for you?” Kampala shook the head said : Young Master to invite feel relieved, its this Underworld three big influences are only a very simple algorithm, we also exist by the form of one type of and alliance, does not facilitate Commander anyone, not subordination, possibly also because of this, therefore we are not the matches of Dark Spirit Temple in the gang person.” Zhao Hai nodded said : to be so best, a while you brought to come to Space in your under the hand/subordinate, if wanted practice, arrived in Hell Space to go to practice, does not think that practice I will help the matter that you arranged you to handle, now I did not have the time to go to Underworld there , etc. I to process the matters of other places, in Underworld there.” Kampala nodded said : is Young Master, Young Masterpresent Ark Continent here the Space rift, in my domain by presently, others is returned don’t know, these people who if lets Dark God knowthey will certainly come attack Ark ContinentYoung Master you do want to make some preparations? ” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said :, feel relieved, so long as they dare appears on Ark Continent, I make certainly him come but not return, Kampala, you go out with me first, called in your under the hand/subordinate all people Space, then you can do the matter that oneself liked. ” Kampala naturally does not have any opinion, first did not say he completely obeyed Zhao Hai now, even if will be before has such opportunityhe also without hesitation to comply, he fondly remembered Underworld not to have the upheaval beforehand appearance verysuch life is he wants. Just as is such that Kampala said that this Space rift here, is his domain, here all Undead Creature, was almost his under the hand/subordinate, Kampala their verbal command these Undead Creature all enters in Space. Sees these Undead Creature, Zhao Hai was startled, these Undead Creature have human-shape, there is a beast shape, what has, by human-shape is in the majority . Moreover the strength is not bad, the quantity is many, this arrived goes out of unexpected of Zhao Hai. However after Zhao Hai these Undead Creature received in Space, immediately/on horseback them gives to put going backto make them go to that piece of Dark mist there activity, simultaneously look at of entering quantity said that Space rifthas other influences to note that to say Space rift time, told him. Kampala said to Zhao Hai, Underworld there Undead Creature, regarding the change of Dark mist is very sensitive, although Underworld there Dark mist are many, so long as Ark Continent here Dark mist then expands, that it will not take long, Underworld there Undead Creature on presentwhen the time comes they meet rub to come to here. Zhao Hai to was not worried that this situationhe makes in Kampala these under the hand/subordinate returned to Dark mistalso be only the surveillance, does not make them keep off these people, does not make these people attack Ark Continent here, therefore Zhao Hai does not worry.

After processing Kampala their matter, Zhao Hai on returned to Yenking city here, Bruce Willis now also to hold the matter of factory was busy, but Zhao Hai to idled, his returned to Yenking city there did not have any matter. Daytime he brings Laura they to transfer the extension in all directions, buys thing that some are interested inremaining times, is understanding Atlanta Continent here of deep place, simultaneously Zhao Hai also pays attention to the Pegasus Clan there situation in the view. Since O'Neal Clan person after of that day present Pegasus Clan Space rift, they started to take an action, but very obviously ” the O'Neal Clan person is also very careful, they do not have immediately to go to Pegasus Clan Space to carry on attack, but has done the massive preparatory work. The meaning that Zhao Hai look at O'Neal Clan these movementsany yin has not stopped, O'Neal Clan these movements, in his expected, they have such movement to be better, when the time comes Pegasus Clan pressure on even bigger. Time unconscious passed for three days, on this day Zhao Hai just had had the breakfast in the morning, is preparing they to exit with Laura, suddenly Bruce Willis looked for Zhao Haicloth to manage Will is still a appearance of entire ritual, very neat, although that also combed said that his two eyes has covered entirely the blood thread, but the facial expression was having one[ was popular] exerted. Does Zhao Hai see the Bruce Willis appearance, immediately/on horseback said : what happy matter What happened? you have probably?” Bruce Willis[ is popular] nod said : that exerts is mister, my happy, registration very smooth of company the present completely has certainly registered. ” Zhao Hai nodded said : that to be good, was the selected location has put up a factory, what opinion did you have?” Bruce Willis showed a faint smile said : I already to choose a place, that place although reorganized to want hua certain strength, so long as completed, there appropriately constructed the place of field.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : that to walk, went to you to say the place that to have a look.” Bruce Willis nodded, is leading Zhao Hai they walked out from the hotel, this Zhao Hai has not made the hotel send a vehicle, but sits his Recreational Vehicle (RV) directly, ” toward the southeast line of Yenking city goes under the direction of Bruce Willis.

Zhao Hai they have arrived before long at the surrounding of Yenking city, to the river at that time, in the river flowed through the river of Yenking city, the surface of the river is very wide, is Yenking city important aquatic passage, can say Yenking city here many big factories, centralized nearby in river, for aspect water transport. Zhao Hai these days in all around chaotic extension of Yenking city, naturally also has known in river herehe even also looked for a ship, far turned in river upstream, although on to play outwardlyin fact actually to have a look at Yenking city here these factories is what kind. Has to recognize, Yenking city here these factories very be really good, moreover after undergoing the observation of that several days, Zhao Hai can affirm that ” these factories in Yenking city, is actually the O'Neal Clan ordnance factory, here produce leaves massive Magic Armor also to have Magic Armor components, Energy Converter of mass, here is very important regarding O'Neal Clan. However Zhao Hai has not moved here, O'Neal Clan has big using to him, now he will not move O'Neal Clan, even if must cope with O'Neal Clan , after must wait, had opportunity to say. Zhao Hai looked that Bruce Willis walks toward here, gently wrinkled under brow said : Will, don't you want to lead us to go to wolf's fang mountain there?” The wolf's fang mountain, south a Yenking East District mountain, on the situation of that trees cover with other mountains is different ” the wolf's fang mountain, if, is on Stone, moreover stops in one to blame Senlin Shan, if jig-saw patternedalthough that mountain the nearby in river, to be good that mountain transform, but meets the bill money to be good. Bruce Willis[ is popular] nod said : that exerts „, us must go to the wolf's fang mountain, moreover I prepare to run the factory on the wolf's fang mountain.” One hear of Bruce Willis said that Zhao Hai knit the brows said : wolf's fang mountain there I to look, to be honest, to be good that mountain transform, feared that wants the bill money?” a.