Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 10 - Chapter 980

Bruce Willis showed a faint smile said :...... actually everyone/Great Clan deceiving by the surface of wolf's fang mountain, I had already analyzed wolf's fang mountain there, I presentlywant transform wolf's fang mountain there, simply not to use hua too much money, compared the wolf's fang mountain there geographical position, transform he hua money, almost can ignore. ” Zhao Hai said : mysterious? Said carefully. ” Bruce Willis said : I already noted wolf's fang mountain here, you also know, person who I am one have the ambition, I have wanted to obtain importantly, looks like you give my opportunity to be the same, therefore I carry on massive research to wolf's fang mountain here, finally I reached an astonishing conclusion, wolf's fang mountain here, does not seem that awful like his surface.”Said that Bruce Willis has put out a blueprint from own Pin Daili, spread on the table. Zhao Hai looked at this blueprint, presently in this blueprint picture is Langshan here map, but this stretch a map is a bird's-eye viewpicture results in very detailed. Bruce Willis points at some dot said : on map mister you to look that although said these grotesque rocks on wolf's fang mountain display looks like probably is chaotic, but actually has some rules, so long as we cleaned upto put up a factory here and here Stone, then came in way out, the wolf's fang mountain can become a qualified factory address, other these Stone simply did not use the tube they. ” Zhao Hai look at Bruce Willis finger of these placessimultaneously have planned in the head, then he presently, such that if said according to Bruce Willis, cleans up these Stone that he delimits, that wolf's fang mountain this really can put up a factory, these remaining Stone not only will not create the hindrance, conversely, these Stone also will become the natural decorations of factory. Does Zhao Hai turn the head look at Bruce Willis said : well, what kind of? Is money sufficient? If insufficient can tell me. Bruce Willis smiles said : enough to use, you do not need to be worried that now the wolf's fang mountain is our I have used your name buying the wolf's fang mountain, the entire wolf's fang mountain altogether hundred thousand gold coins, was really too cheap. ” This to is makes Zhao Hai stare, his puzzled look at Bruce Willis said : „do you buy the wolf's fang mountain to do?” Bruce Willis smiles said : mister you are don’t know, has regulation in Yenking city there If buys in here puts up a factory, will have in some tax revenues preferential, moreover later our company, if unfolded, what to do others did settle on wolf's fang mountain here? We boughtthem not to have the means the here place. ” Zhao Hai nodded good, that let's do it according to your advice that very comprehensively said : good you think, has remembered money, if were insufficientasks me to be better, walked, we went backyou to go to rest well, then at the matter that wants to put up a factory, I hand over give you in any case, you being exhausted when the time comes I did not have yourself the place to find the person. ” Bruce Willis shows a faint smile, has not said anything, to be honest, this several days is most tired several days that he crosses ” , but also was happiest several days that this whole life passed he finally has opportunity to display an own institute to study, such feeling lets his enjoyment very.

The Zhao Hai look at Bruce Willis appearanceshows a faint smile, in saying anything, the man possibly like the woman, will never care that you meticulous regarding the man who you will look after That is almost cannot imagine, they were caring that perhaps who only will express with 1 or 2 words. Zhao Hai is such person, he to Bruce Willis very settles on Bruce Willis not to disappoint himhe naturally also to care that Bruce Willis health, after all Bruce Willis is not the Ark Continent there person, his practice, his body may not be inferior to Zhao Hai they. After several people of returned to hotel, Bruce Willis on leave ”, but Zhao Hai their actually returned to Space, because just Cai'er told them, O'Neal Clan had the well to move. Zhao Hai sits on the sand, on the look at screen O'Neal Clan army, the O'Neal Clan army can be called fully is a steel and iron mighty current, War Chariot/Tank, cannon, one shortly to the end, such fightdo not say that takes Pegasus Clan, feared that will not fall to the war with different God Race leeward. Zhao Hai look at O'Neal Clan does army, actually show a faint smile, turns the head you to see to Laura said :? O'Neal Clan person time must come, you said that the Pegasus Clan person can block how long? ” Laura shows a faint smile said : I to think that Pegasus Clan Space rift defense line there links for day unable to block, the O'Neal Clan Magic Armor army their attack strength have many you also to know, if the light discussed the attack strength, O'Neal Clan Magic Armor army almost equivalent to these put on Combat Suit God Race Supreme Elder, was adding on their War Chariot/Tank and cannonthese may be attack efficient instrument. ” Zhao Hai noddedturns the head Cai'erunder all-around record this O'Neal Clan the attack situation to Cai'er said : „, then we divide the board one to have a look, O'Neal Clan these Magic Armor and cannon attack strength how.” Cai'er has complied with one, this regarding Cai'er is very simple matter, so long as she rotated the thought to be OK, but analyzed fighting strength of O'Neal Clan Magic Armor army, this lived Cai'er to be possible unable to do, this must give Universal Analyzer to be good. The Zhao Hai look at O'Neal Clan grass team, calculated, deep voice said : their tomorrow has been able to arrive at Pegasus Clan defense line there, we rested, tomorrow was good to see a play. ” Laura shows a faint smile said : well I also to have a lookhow to have a look at O'Neal Clan this time is attack. ” How Zhao Hai showed a faint smile said : I to go to Space to have a look at also don’t know Coulee first they. ”

After Zhao Hai Coulee they receive in Space, he lets Coulee all Undead Creature in their Commander Space, but those who make Zhao Hai somewhat accidental is, cool breeze Mingyue theyCoulee are actually not dared to go to the tube cool breeze and Mingyue by Coulee their Commander, this arrives is makes Zhao Hai somewhat accidental. The cool breeze and Mingyue status Zhao Hai is knows that he will be only don’t know, the cool breeze Mingyue strength so will be unexpectedly strong, including Coulee their Commander they. However Zhao Hai toward has not gone at heart, no matter Coulee can manage them, was only they to him loyally on the line. Besides Coulee and Commander these Undead Creature, Kampala these days with Charles research Magic Formation, has been looking at his appearance, feared that also entered mi. Zhao Hai to Hell Space there, looked at Coulee they, they cross to is very goodthey also very adapts to the life of Hell Space there, the Hell Space there environment with Underworld very similar, they practice in there, follow to be similar in the Underworld practice. Zhao Hai had been also held responsible Coulee they, has a look they want to do otheror like Kampala, goes to other research Magic Formation or any thing, was a pity that Coulee they actually do not want. Zhao Hai naturally will not force Coulee they, in fact, Coulee they want to practicethis regarding Zhao Hai are the good deeds, their strengths are stronger, to Zhao Hai is advantageous, Zhao Hai has no reason not to agree. Looked at their there all is very normal, but that Magic Formation Laboratory there of Wild Dragon clan also all normal, Zhao Hai also on feel relieved. Next morning, Zhao Hai their early gets uptoday they not to stay in the hotel, but opened Recreational Vehicle (RV) to exit, to outsidefound the place that a person little went, then stopped Recreational Vehicle (RV), they entered in Spacethey but today sees a play. Quick, on the screen on appears the O'Neal Clan caravan situation, was very obvious, yesterday they also stopped to rest in the evening, but was this, this morning they also fully can arrive at Pegasus Clan defense line there. Zhao Hai turns the head to relate Zhanyue to Laura said : they, told them the here situation, making them have a preparation.” Laura nodded, has put out Message Fish, deep voice said : Zhanyue, Zhanyue, hears?” Zhanyue sound immediately/on horseback transmits said :, heard, does mister, what have to tell?”

Zhao Hai takes Message Fish, shows a faint smile said : I not to have what instruction, I want to tell you about 9 : 00 am, the O'Neal Clan army, will possibly arrive at your Pegasus Clan Space rift there, your there must have a preparation to be good. ” Zhanyue silent a while, some little time he makes noise said : is, mister, I knew, invited mister feel relieved, I know how should do.” Zhao Hai umreceived Message Fish, then he turns the head look at Laura said : Laura, you said that I such help Pegasus Clan, is a mistake? How I felt that does sink the appearance that Zhanyue to the present or mood hangs?” Laura nodded, deep voice said : truly is, but Elder Brother Hai, you do not need to care, the Pegasus Clan situation you also know that goes along with them, will not have the matter.” Zhao Hai nodded said :, „ this is I gives their last opportunity, if they still in there hesitant unceasingly, that sorry, I also gave up including Zhanyue. Lizzy suddenly said : Elder Brother Hai, you said that we must also they call to look at the there situation Fei'er, they also absolutely can trust in any case now.” Zhao Hai thinks, shook the head said : considering as finished the present has not made them know, Space here secret, Demon Race their don’t know are too many, do not tell them. ” Lizzy nodded, in saying anything, truly isSpace secret that is less people knows that was betteralthough Fei'er they to enter in Space now, later their impossible leave ”, but regarding Zhao Hai them, Space most important secret kept own in hand is good. Really like Zhao Hai thinks, 9 : 00 am times, the O'Neal Clan army arrived at Pegasus Clan Space rift outside, such big only army advancing, is only the dust that raises has dozens meters high, is naturally impossible to hide the truth from the Pegasus Clan Space rift defense line there garrison troops, at once, Space rift defense line there atmosphere one anxious. The O'Neal Clan person, to has not thought must hide the whereabouts, they also know that simply cannot hide, therefore such flagrant opened the car(riage) to approach crack defense line there, clarified must by the strength pressure! a.