Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 10 - Chapter 981

By the forcing person, oppresses others by the potential, this is one type of looks like the stupidest method, but sometimes, this is actually the most effective method, how this method with the words that a few words described, that is, the heavy sword did not have frontgreatly skillful non- labor! This looked like the ancient weapon, the ancient weapon has plenty type, that one type of was most formidablethis is the topic that the people argued, but undeniably arrived is, in the ancient battlefield, most formidable weapon, slightly was these heavy weapons, for exampleMace! No matter you use any thing to keep off ” a stick to get down, the whole person has destroyed to you, you have any opportunity. Now O'Neal Clan uses is such method, they use the enough formidable military strength, does not use any Art of War, is that straight overrunning, pressure slowly, but this will make your simply not have the means to resist. In the face of the absolute strength, any yin seeks scheme, is jumping clownO'Neal Clan obviously very clear this point, this time they must exhibit the person who the solemn armed forcescope with different horse Clan. The Zhao Hai look at screen, how he wants to have a look at the O'Neal Clan person then to do, at this time Megan suddenly long sighing said : I think that my understand why O'Neal Clan person after presently these Undead Creature, dies to pursue is not putting, now exhibits such big weaponry.” Zhao Hai puzzled is regarding as Megan said : oh, because of what?” Megan showed a faint smile said : „saying that was because of Elder Brother Hai you, your initially saw Axe time, had not told him the Ark Continent there situation, therefore Axe he has thought Ark Continent there was world is peaceful, nothing, was listening to you saying that in addition Ark Continent here strongest person, was the 9th level person, therefore invasion of their naturally feel relieved, but they invaded Ark Continent present, Ark Continent was reminded of dear ones who have left, then they present Underworld Dark mist present Demon Race Space, but Underworld Dark mist there all was Undead Creature, they could not go, but Demon Realm Space there same also nobody they. Is filling with the confidence arrived at Ark Continent here, finally presently a Ark Continent here simply person does not havedo not say friend not half, even if the enemy is half does not have, therefore they at this time, urgent wants to find the person, clarifies Ark big border here to live anything finally in God Race here present these Undead Creature, how they possibly let off this opportunity. ” Zhao Hai they, as soon as listened to Megan saying that ” nodded they also to think right that Megan said that Megan looked at several people of one, then said : besides these, O'Neal Clan in the Underworld Undead Creature combat process, has not asked for cheaply, this regarding their morale, had very tremendous influence, therefore they urgent very hope with one win to propose their Clan morale now, therefore these time in coping with the Pegasus Clan issue, they only permitted the success, cannot be defeated.” Zhao Hai nodded said : to be very reasonable, but this better HaHaHa, I to want to take a look, these Pegasus Clan when seeing O'Neal Clan attack, what response will have?” Laura shows a faint smile said : I to think that they will possibly use in the Taurus Continent Space rift defense line there same method, first is cannon attack, then advances in unison in War Chariot/Tank and Magic Armor.” Zhao Hai nodded said : although saying that this method looks like some bumpkins, but you have to recognize this actually most suit the O'Neal Clan this Magic Armor attack best method. ” Several people nodded, at this time the O'Neal Clan person has drawn that about thousand cannon that comes to see to be good them, they have not made any hideaway on that outside the Pegasus Clan defense line, even from Pegasus Clan defense line there, can see that O'Neal Clan these people are adjusting the muzzle. Contempt, this was scarlet, the contempt of 1 uo and 1 uo, Pegasus Clan these garrison troops has also gotten angry, quick, one team of ten thousand people of Pegasus Clan Cavalry clash from defense line there presently comes, direct O'Neal Clan cannon base operation's base. In defense line here, many Pegasus Clan people, in Taurus Space defense line there, have the contact with O'Neal Clan, their very clear these cannon Might, therefore this time they come attack, besides must to a O'Neal Clan lesson, in probably destroy these cannon. However the desire is good every time, but the reality is brutal, that squad Pegasus Clan Cavalry just one flew from defense line there, O'Neal Clan here immediately flies 500 Magic Armorthese Magic Armor to overrun toward that squad Pegasus Clan Cavalry ”, but Pegasus Clan these Cavalry actually surprised present, they are proud, in these seem in front of unwieldy Iron-manactually do not ask for any to be good to go.

500 Magic Armor, look like 500 vigor arrows is the same, punctured toward Pegasus Clan Cavalry there, Pegasus Clan these Cavalry, is the people of having fought many battles, therefore their immediately made responded that ” put out Zhao Hai to counter-attack to their blood thunder ball Javelin. However they lack the frontage with the experiences of these Magic Armor confrontation, in dealing with the aspect must miss, they just put out Javelin, has not urgently needed, these Magic Armor have shot on them the equipment bomb, these bombs exploded in Pegasus Clan Battalion directly, entire Pegasus Clan Continent, was exploded a confusion at once, was killed about thousand people directly, obviously this releases bomb the place of overbearing. When a Pegasus Clan squad confusion, these Magic Armor have crashed in the Pegasus Clan team, their energy light beam fire again and again, flashing of each energy light beamwill claim a life of Pegasus Clan person. These Magic Armor two charges, Pegasus Clan only Ten Thousand-Man Squad, had been struck to kill several thousand people, the Pegasus Clan army in collapsed instantaneously. Now Pegasus Clan these soldier, the morale of troops is it can be said that lax, Zhanyue they said that must outmigrate entire Pegasus Clan, moreover Pegasus Clan these High level, feared that Zhao Hai tidies up themregarding the Pegasus Clan average person, said. However they Yang Feng yin are clearly disobeying, said that must walk, is actually slowly is not willing to walk, in adding on the contradictions between Zhanyue and these Pegasus Clan upper layer people, this lets in Pegasus Clan the present is the undercurrent surgesin army is also unrest is naturally restless, in this case, they will have how possibly at risk of life with the determination that the enemy makes to fight. Because the soldier does not have the fighting spirit, will fight not the heart, therefore they to itself strength compared with them, O'Neal Clan army that also unites , can only wait for by butchering share. This time fight Pegasus Clan dispatches troops to 10,000, O'Neal Clan leaves Magic Armor 500, deep horse Zugong appears casualties about 7000 people, but the O'Neal Clan casualties class is the casualty figure that 1 differ so much as to be beyond comparison completely. O'Neal Clan person, after repelling the attack of Pegasus Clan, their cannon city has also constructed, 1000 cannon was all good, waited to order. Along with issuing an order of Axe1000 cannon, presently rampant howling, then bunch of flame appears in the Pegasus Clan defense line. 1000 cannonare carrying on undifferentiated covers xing attack, can imagine that lethality in a big way to have how ” the entire Pegasus Clan defense line almost by the plow. 1000 cannondid not enter a round salvo to end good, but was the entire ten rounds salvos, Pegasus Clan defense line, fully by fire cleaning five also many, in this case Pegasus Clan these people, want in rebel almost to be impossible. After ten rounds salvos, Pegasus Clan defense line there completely changed a typehigh city wall already but actually, can see the crater everywhere, dead Pegasus and corpse of Pegasus Clan person found at everywhere ”, moreover almost did not have one is to end all year, even if were the person who these lived by luck, was each and every one glassy-eyed look at battlefield there, they had been scared.

This has not ended, the O'Neal Clan War Chariot/Tank regiment and Magic Armor Battalion, passed and outto throw toward defense line there. At this time some psychological quality good Pegasus Clan people, are turn around ran ”, but these psychology were bad, actually already crazy, running all over the place in all directions in battlefield, that scene, like resembling judgment day. Zhao Hai look at defense line theresighed said : not to think really that was so quick, the vanguard returned less than unexpectedly for three hours, three hours, the entire defense line was destroyed.” Laura they also sighed, to be honest, regarding the O'Neal Clan attack strength, currently they had a brand-new understanding, such fighting strengthreally very fearful. Zhao Hai turned the head to be good to Laura said :, Laura, sent the letter to Zhanyue, told him the here situation, Meg, makes the point ate, should have the lunch.” Meg complied with one, turn around entered the kitchen, but Laura has also put out Message Fish, told Zhanyue the defense line here situation, could hearZhanyue also very shocked from Message Fish, if this information were not Zhao Hai tells him, he said that anything does not believe. The O'Neal Clan army, quick has seized defense line there, they have not advanced after inside ”, but set up Qing defense line there all enemies, carried on the recuperation in defense line there. To be honest, Axe has not thought that this motion such smooth, such quickly enemy destroying completely, this is their initially has not thought. although when attacks Taurus Continent defense line there, very smooth, but Axe understand, that is because of their initially enemy, gave up that defense line, they do not have anything to be good to show off. However this difference, this their enemy has carried on the fight with the enemy, defense line there and has the enemy, but had large quantities of enemiesactually such to be given to eliminate by them, they have no alternative but happy. However Axe somewhat is surprised regarding fighting strength of Pegasus Clan person, he has not thought that fighting strength of these people unexpectedly so weak! Too weak! They before directs their these Undead Creature to fight, these Undead Creature no matter the attack strength or the defense capability, compared with Pegasus Clan person, therefore Axe has thought that Pegasus Clan personalso like these Undead Creature, then there is fighting strength, but this begin the exchange he presentlyfighting strength of Pegasus Clan person, comes compared with these Undead Creature, missed far. George stands in Axe side, his face[ is popular] look at battlefield there that exerts, he presently was really in luck, he has not thought that this attack smoothly, exactly will say, he has not thought that this attack can also be Axe Commander. Axe although is O'Neal Clan Young Lord, but before , he does not have what military exploit, has not attended the several times war, the pre-combat command(er) ability is not good ”, but present O'Neal Clan, the center of gravity of show, transferred to herenormally these time to dispatch troops, should in sending lurking has Axe that anything experiences to be right, but actually nobody thinks that ” O'Neal Clan Patriarch, in time appointment Axe for Chief Commander the command(er) this fight, this just right has given George unexpectedlyopportunity of one 1 u face in front of Axe.

Previous time when to meeting the Taurus Continent defense line, although George has made very attractive battle plan, but that battle plan is almost finally uselessalthough through that matter, lets Axe to his regarding as important, but George had thought ” can also do is betterhe to thinkif at that time had the enemy certainly to eliminate the enemy inthat him. But this attack plan 1, isso far, this plan that he does is very successful, this is the reason of George happy. In George happy time, Axe suddenly said : George your well done, is good, your battle plan is very good. ” George quickly said: Thanked Young Lord to praise, but subordinate actually does not dare to covet the merit, the subordinate thought good of Young Lord command(er), if did not have Young Lord command(er), battle plan of subordinate in good not to have the opportunity. ” Flatter everybody likes listening, especially looks like Axe this young man, therefore one hear of George said that Axe cannot help but laughs, but also makes an effort has patted George's shoulder. Zhao Hai heard Axe and George's dialog, he turns the head with a smile to Laura said : this George also is really a talented person, the [say / way] of deep known as officer.” Laura also smiles said : „, if makes them know that all these are Elder Brother Hai your arrangement, don’t know will they make what feelings?” Zhao Hai laughs said : I to believe that their expressions certainly very splendid, was right Cai'er, first several days we have met, that group runs up to Dead-soldier in O'Neal Clan domain, have you paid attention? Are they doing now? If currently the O'Neal Clan backyard has troublesome, I thought that we should help them, after all a such free goon, was really too easy-to-use. ” Laura they, as soon as listened to Zhao Hai saying that has smiled, Cai'er also smiles said : Young Master feel relieved, so long as the Young Master need, I can adjust the video recording of this several days, research well.” Zhao Hai beckoned with the hand said : considering as finished to go toO'Neal Clan to be able along with them to become tyrant of the side in Magic Armor Continent there, does not have a strength is impossible, we did not need to worry blindly. ” a.