Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 10 - Chapter 982

Chapter 979 Zhanyue anger! Zhanyue dull sitting in own in the room, Zhan Fang sat in his opposite, dialog between Zhanyue and Zhao Hai, Zhan Fang heard, now Zhan Fang complexion also very difficult looked that he has not thought the enemy such quickly got the gate to come. Boom! Zhanyue front table one becomes crushes, Zhanyue also angry-looking standing in there, his two blood red eyes said : went too far, was really too excessive!” Zhan Fang look at Zhanyue, sighed lightly said : is somewhat excessive, Mr. Zhao Hai at the scene, actually did not put out a hand unable to help obviously, went too far.” What Zhanyue turned the head look at Zhan Fang said :you saying that was mister excessive? Hasn't mister awaked ahead of time we? Hasn't mister arranged the escape route for us? These matters that mister handles, isn't good for us? If I am mister, no matter I already these fellows,

Excess that mister how possibly excessively, I said that is these fellows, you have a look at them, has a look at them, they think really they in mister at heart how important, did not have him, how mister will be what kind, reason that these bastards, Pegasus Clan reach today this situation, will die these many people, because of them! ” Uh! Zhan Fang has not thought that Zhanyue will say, but he changes mind thinks, said like Zhanyue, Zhao Hai already arranged all, is they have not walked according to that road of Zhao Hai arrangement. Zhanyue look at Zhan Fang said : Speaker, do you have to think, if we in this way, really mister provoking anger, if mister really no matter we, what situation we can be?” Zhan Fang one hear of Zhanyue said that cannot help but has gawked, then complexion changes, his very clear, if Zhao Hai really no matter they, do not say that these O'Neal Clan people, feared after is, their day will not feel better, after all Pegasus Clan is not a very formidable race, if later Zhao Hai really no matter they, if day of different God Race have gotten angry with them, their counter-attack opportunity not. Do not say different God Race, even if now outside O'Neal Clan person, they do not have the means to deal with,

In this case, their present sole can do, listens to Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai conduct method possibly a little overbearing, but you actually have to recognize, he be the sincerity are good for them, if they to the present non- good and evil, that too have not made sense. Zhanyue looks at Zhan Fang complexion, knows that Zhan Fang already understand his meaning, his look at Zhan Fang said : is, Great Elder, we must do now, is helping mister, making Patriarch as soon as possible enters Space, but cannot make them so easy to enter Space, we must make them have the gratitude to mister.” Zhan Fang somewhat puzzled look at Zhanyue said : why? mister has not requested clansman to him be what kind of probably, he wants to make clansman enter to Space is OK.” Zhanyue coldly snorted said :Speaker,

You were too naive, mister can be good to Thunder Clan, can be good to Barbarian, because of Thunder Clan the remaining these people, is intimate with Fei'er now, but Fei'er is rather does against with own Patriarch, must bring clansman to Space, therefore mister regards as important him, but Barbarian was lifts the clan to move Space, this was mister most is willing to see that he naturally also high will look at Barbarian one, what our has Pegasus Clan done? In three clans, opposed mister most intense is our Pegasus Clan, afterward these fellows disguised to agree that the mister words, then comply in public but oppose in private, I asked you, if you were mister, you will forgive these fellows? Our does Pegasus Clan to Master Yu, what even bigger use have? Does mister have the reason that what must save us? ” Zhan Fang has not made noise, he knows Zhanyue said right, but he wants to know why Zhanyue must make clansman feel grateful Zhao Hai. Zhanyue aspirated, in a soft voice said :present clansman mister enraging, mister discover the twice information, is twice