Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 10 - Chapter 983

Fei'er is sitting in the room reads, suddenly outside transmits sound speaking sounds: Fei'er, You in? I asked you to drink. ” Fei'er one hear, is the Zhanyue sound, his immediately has put down the in hand book, opened the door, looked at Zhanyue and Zhan Fang, Fei'er immediately/on horseback said : „you have the time to run up to my here to come? Comes in quickly.” Said that let the room Zhanyue. Zhanyue look at Fei'er the houseshows a faint smile said : well, comes such several days, lived in such house.” do not blame Zhanyue said that the house that Fei'er lives in now truly is very good, his house is a villa type house, is not very big, the entire house also has the appearances of 56 roomsactually very fine. One hear of Zhanyue said that Fei'er cannot help but smiles said : this room is I uses gold coins to trade, in Space here, what house you wants, so long as puts out enough many gold coins, can go to the church there exchange, this is to exchange.” Zhanyue looked at this house one curiously, the real time Gen trigram that this house cultivates is good, not only shape very beautiful, inside interior decoration also very good, to person one type of atmosphere, but does not lose the feeling of purification. Must know that achieves this point is not that easy, Fei'er they are the Thunder Clan people, their heights are placed in there, wants, but wants hua many thoughts that attractively their houses construct. After Fei'er invited they sat down, his look at Zhanyue said : Zhanyue, do you have the time to arrive at my here to come? In your clan had an accident? Needs me to help? If desired, my you squeek on line.” Zhanyue shook the head said : being all right your other ji to move, today I look for you, is mainly asks you to drink, preparation food and wine on line. ” Fei'er one hear of Zhanyue said that is looking at Zhanyue that grinning appearance, cannot help but has gawked, but he smiles said : to drink is not certainly a problem, but I thought that what good matter you do have probably? Mentioned listens.” Zhanyue showed a faint smile said : O'Neal Clan Magic Armor army rub to our Pegasus Clan Space outside, now they have repelled the Space rift defense line there garrison troops, the war have exploded on the hall.”

If others noticed that Zhanyue said these matters with a smile, certainly thought his crazy, that some people said with a smile own clansman was extinguished this ”, but situation completely understand of Fei'er to Pegasus Clan there, his very clear, Zhanyue why will have such performance. On the past, Zhanyue ran up to Space unexpectedly, making him help to prepare some fresh vegetablesreason for is because his clansman is not willing to sell to him these thing, when heard Zhanyue said that Fei'er is really shocked. He has not thought that ” Zhanyue unexpectedly will mix now miserably, the fresh vegetables could not eat unexpectedly continually, this also made the person of Fei'er to Pegasus Clan very indignant. Fei'er and Zhanyue have Dingshan relationship to be very goodthree person and the arm make the war, that passes through the life the friendship, heard own partnerto receive such big grievanceFei'er almost not to ask two clan soldiers to cope with Pegasus Clan Dingshan ”, but finally by Fei'er blocking. Now one hear of Zhanyue said that withFei'er immediately understand the meaning of Zhanyuehe looks Zhanyue said : 1 said that the day that you feel proud and elated can arrive? Then to should celebrate well.” Zhanyue laughs said : also to look for Dingshan, our drinking well, I also to hide my these clansman, therefore enters them who Space comes should not be built on stilts me? Good, my really anything matter no matter, their ability, made them process. ” Fei'er laughs said :good youngster, you took easy finally, you called Dingshan, I made to eat, my here did not have delicious what, I went to the church there exchange to come, there thing was very delicious. Zhan Fang surprised look at Fei'er said : „can there also exchange to eat?” Fei'er laughs said : there besides unable to exchange living person, but also little had thing that could not exchange I to walk really. ” Said Fei'er Ran body leave the room. Zhanyue put out Message Fish at this time, called Dingshan, very relaxed that also the Dingshan present day passes, Barbarian person although very good war, but that did not express that they certainly are bury husbandin fact they not to be stupidonly pass through are the temperament are straight. Now Space here, Barbarian, Thunder Clan and Pegasus Clan are mix to occupy, is not three races obtains that clear, shoulder to shoulder was ally who fought the everyone/Great Clan day to feel better ” the present to Space inby top three clansman, naturally was nobody goes to the minute of any race, place that therefore Dingshan lived, was not far from Fei'er here.

Food and wine returned to in the room not long after that waits for Fei'er to take to exchange, Dingshan arrived atDingshan after knowing Pegasus Clan there lived any matter, is Zhanyue felt happyseveral people in high spirit drinks in there, don’t know, now Pegasus Clan there has actually made. After Pegasus Clan since previous time by nine Great Elder attack, has become the frightened person, therefore they in following there of defense line, but also has arranged some monitoring points, so long as defense line there one by attack, the people in these monitoring points, immediately will be passed on the returned to clan information, but these monitoring point there, but has Message Fish, therefore the defense line there extinguished matter, passed on returned to within very short time in the clan, many High level characters in clan, immediately received this information. When these people knew when this information, they were startled, they have not thought that what Zhao Hai said is real, some people must invade them. Before is such that Zhanyue saidpresent these people really Zhanyue being built on stilts, in everyday Pegasus Clan lived any matter, his everyday can only sit in royal palace there idly, without any matter. It can be said that Zhanyue is not including the puppet, the puppet most at least such will not have been hostile to by own clansman ”, but Zhanyue is hostile to by the entire Pegasus Clan person now, such feeling is not good. Pegasus Clan vice- Speakerunfolds Fenglei to sit in own study room, his in the room also sits many Pegasus Clan people, they unfold horse Clan High level, some are the Council congressmen, some are the lead the army military officers, some were in Pegasus Clan City Lord of various citiescan say that their these talented people are the present Pegasus Clan genuine rulers. Unfolds Fenglei initially is also Zhan Yifei iron rod under the hand/subordinate, if not he is keeping in balance Zhan Fang, control ability of Zhan Fang to Council will not reduce that many, after Zhan Yifei had been killed by Zhao Haiproposed the time wasting tactics first, was built on stilts Zhanyue was also he. Unfolds Fenglei today looks like over 50 years old, some hua are white, but on the face does not have many wrinklesthat hua white head, increased a charm of mature man for him, his calm face time ” will always have one not to get angry from the expression of prestige. Now unfolds the face of Fenglei to sink is similar to can drop appear out of the water(water outlet) to come, he looked at the in the room person deep voice said : information everyone/Great Clan also knew, really like Zhao Hai and Zhanyue said that beyond military invasion of Space Pegasus Clan . Moreover the crack defense line that after three hours, having the two hundred thousand army guarded breaking through, everyone/Great Clan said that what view you had.” Person look at each other in dismay in room, their real don’t know must say any good, opposite party fighting strength, stems from that they anticipate, three hours, two hundred thousand person, even if initially God Race nine Great Elder has not achieved this point.

Unfolded Fenglei to look at their one eyes, in the eye cannot help but flashed through anger, flashed through a fear, he was fearing that invasion O'Neal Clan, similarly was also fearing Zhao Hai. How these days they treat Zhanyue, his very clear, can say that he treats Zhanyue, wants Zhanyue pushing, he well to be able control entire Pegasus Clan, must invade the different horse Clan words as forsome any people that Zhanyue they said that his simply does not believe. Unfolded Fenglei with different God Race there also had some relationshis very clear, God Race by Zhao Hai extinguishing, nine Great Elder died, Zhao Hai has also given different God Race all Ultimate Weaponin his opinion, different God Race currently completely is capable of speaking the last words with Zhao Hai, but he was so good with different God Race relationship, different God Race will certainly not begin to Pegasus Clan, so long as pushed Zhanyue, the support of his outside different God Race, in had the influence that beforehand Zhan Yifei left behind, must control entire Pegasus Clan really be easy as pie, when the time comes he on was the Pegasus Clan genuine king. However he has not thought that the unexpectedly really have person invades Pegasus Clan, moreover attack also such, this makes him very restless, his very clear, present Pegasus Clan can say that unrest is restless, the armed forces not fight the heart, will not have the fighting spirit, they are enemies of the impossible independent resistance invasionthey can only invite reinforcement. Goes to there to invite reinforcement? Different God Race? Do not crack a joke, first do not say different God Race there to Taurus Continent far, when their reinforcement came, feared that was Pegasus Clan makes the person extinguishing, even if were different God Race can really quick arrival here, he does not dare to go to invite, that lead a wolf into the house simply. Unfolds Fenglei although to cling to the power and influence very much, but he is not stupid opposite ”, his political wisdom compared with Zhanyue such rookie does not know that many, his very clear, God Race was extinguished by Zhao Hai, in God Realm here, only remaining different God Race a monopoly of a single clique, must say the ambition that different God Race has not expanded, kills him not to believe. His although and different God Race have some relationship, but different God Race divergence ratio, among them that layer relationship, even was inferior that is of use lowly, if he will invitedifficult insurance different God Race not to remain the machine to occupy Pegasus Clan Continent different God Race, group of people who when the time comes they not invaded also will become the different God Race slaves to elimination ”. However did not ask different God Racethat only then meansasked Zhao Hai to helpbut unfolded Fenglei actually very clear, he Zhanyue offending that deadly, in wants to ask Zhao Hai to help, feared is difficult, first did not say Zhao Hai is willing to help, even if were Zhao Hai is willing, he unfolded the Fenglei auspicious day to fear that was also to the end, can the protect life two say. Now unfolded Fenglei somewhat to regret, he regretted that should not too certainly, regretted that should not listen to the Zhao Hai words that the matter was done to enter to Space, what to do now this aspecthis real don’t know should. a.