Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 10 - Chapter 984

Standing of Axe calm in the War Chariot/Tank top, in his look at that world big Space, there looks like another world is the same, although cannot see the person, but side same cannot see, Axe almost can affirm, this Space not compared with on Ark Continent small many. Expression although calm on Axe face, however his at heart is actually ji extremely moves, another Space, is Space, until now, they in here already present to Space? These Space addto fear that compared with Atlanta Continent don’t know big multi- younger generations, now these Space will be surnamed O'Neill! Thinks that here Axe ji moved, his take deep breaths, slowly returned to normal the too quick heartbeat, however his two eyes, is actually flashing[ is popular] radiance that exerts. George stands in Axe side, he looks at the Axe appearance, knows Axe now ten points[ is popular] exerts, to be honest, his also ten points[ is popular] exerts, he has not thought that this Space so will be unexpectedly bigthis regarding O'Neal Clan, means anything, George in clear, but in this great merit, will have his one. George look at Axe, said : Young Master, goes back in a soft voice, this above wind is big.” Axe turns the head look at George, smiles said : George person saying that if we here conquer, our O'Neal Clan will have the big domain? ” George smiles said : „, if we here conquer, I have been able to affirm really that our O'Neal Clan, certainly becomes the Atlanta Continent first aristocratic family.” Axe laughs good that said : said that fantastic that said that our O'Neal Clan must become the Atlanta Continent first aristocratic family.” George has also greeted with a smile in the one side, some little time Axe calm, his look at Pegasus Clan Continent, coldly snorted said : here is our O'Neal Clan, now what no matter in lives is who, their road one either submits, either dies! ” George deep voice said : asked Young Master feel relieved subordinate to be willing to be O'Neal Clan meets a cruel death! ” Axe satisfied nod said : of George, you must do well, in the future our O'Neal Clan must unfold in a big way, certainly will send some loyal people, outside in establishing some vassal Clan, if you do was good, in the future in these vassal Clan, will have your small space.” George surface 1 u happy is Young Master invites feel relieved to Axe ritual said :, my certainly loyal Young Masterloyal O'Neal Clan. ” George this saying said is very skillful, first what he said was loyal to Young Masterthen to say is loyal to O'Neal Clan, this expressedwhat he was most loyal was Axe. Loyally in O'Neal Clan equal to is not loyal AxeAxe now is also not O'Neal Clan Patriarch, therefore others were say must loyally in O'Neal Clan, uncertain was loyal in Axe, but now Axe most needs was others' loyalty. Moreover George now also to the name of Axe changing, to call Young Lord, now called Young Master, this is also the one type of transformation of his status. Called Young Lord time, represented George to belong to the direct jurisdiction of O'Neal Clan, he completely did not belong to Axe, but called Young Master that to vary to want, calling Young Master equal to saying that George has become the Axe children of domestic slaves, his honor or disgrace prosperity and decline could Axe continually in together.

Axe is actually very happy, he has patted George's shoulder said : well great, walks, we go back, how in research one must piece clothing/taking Space. ” George has complied with one, they the flea from War Chariot/Tank got down with Axe, enters to give command(er) War Chariot/Tank there that Axe prepared specially. command(er) War Chariot/Tank ” is actually ordinary War Chariot/Tank changes, inside has not installed Magic Armor ”, but was designed an appearance of room, can let Commander in better research, looks like Recreational Vehicle (RV) is the same ” just there to be inferior that Recreational Vehicle (RV) is so comfortable, but is much safer than Recreational Vehicle (RV). Axe returned to in the command(er) car(riage), George also followed him, now George became under the hand/subordinate that Axe most trusts, has been adding on George that good staff officer ability, therefore Axe very thinks highly of him now. They arrived in the command(er) car(riage), George immediately/on horseback to Axe one water, on the Axe look at table has only drawn 50% mapsgently had knit the brows but actually said : George, you look at this stretch a map, on this stretch a map has only drawn some our scout region, in there present in this Space some monitoring points of person, but is given to pull out by us now, but I can affirm The person in this Space, knows that we came, you said that what idea you do have? ” George looked at that stretch a map said : Young Master, we to this Space are not completely understand on the subordinate, in this Space fighting strength of these people, is not very strong, we completely are capable of coping with them, therefore subordinate Ren Wei, how we should not manage the opposite party to do ”, but should think how we do. ” Axe has selected brow said : oh, you said carefully.” George nodded said : is Young Master, Young Master, our O'Neal Clan strength is very strong, strong opposite party, but we have to be careful that after all here is the opposite party domain, if we extremely in caring about the opposite party, will have led by the nose by them, therefore, I mean, we do not go to manage them to make anything, we according to own plan, advancing gradually, not anxiously attack, how even if the opposite party to direct you we, we are not wanting attack ”, but proceeding carefully walks, like this sooner or later we can not push their all survival Space, They have to come out with our duel. Axe one hear of George said that ” cannot help but knit the brows said : „, but as the matter stands, we required hua more time to cope with them, this was the one type of very stupid method.” George nodded said : is, Young Master, this is the one type of very stupid method, the enemy but who Young Master, we fully do not understand with us now is fighting, our don’t know their true fighting strength how, don’t know they have what forms of combat, what even in saying they strongest weapon is, what now sole can affirm, they by are Warrior practice method give priority to, Magic Beast that having one type of can fly, regarding us, these information were too be few, if we brave attack rashly, can suffer a loss possibly, if we lose too in a big way, feared that is. Young Master will be very disadvantageous. ” Axe one hear of George said that cannot help but slightly stares, then face changes, nodded to that stupid method that you who said : you said said that although is very stupid, but can actually reduce the casualties of our army on biggest degree, such does is also the safest method, good, presses the side that you said to deal with according to law. ” George does not have the happy facial expression, his look at Axe said : Young Master, as the matter stands, you feared that must receive very tremendous pressure, because this method is very slow, moreover looks like somewhat lacks prospects fears is these people in armed forces, will not agree to use this method easily. ” Axe is cold. Many said : „did they agree that must manage according to this method, who lets now me is Commander of this army, George, your feel relieved handles your matter, the remaining these matters do not need you to manage, so long as you achieved perfectly battle plan are OK.”

George complies withsaid : that he was worried about Young Master, I looked that with these people do not make stiffly is quite good, after Young Master, must become the Patriarch person, if in the army too many people opposed that you, this to you are very disadvantageous.” Axe one hear of George said that cannot help but the knitting the brows head, then he nodded right that said : good you said that it seems like cannot use extremely in the ji fierce method, was good, George, this matter I manage, you handle your matter. ” George complied with one, turn around walkedhim to know that oneself present is only Axe under the hand/subordinatehe wanted should himself on the matter, said that even if entered own effort, if he displayed extremely, not only will not win the Axe favorable impression, instead to may make Axe think that he thinks control hethat was more troublesome, matter that therefore George handled, continuously defending duty verynot any overstepping. The Axe look at George's back, nodded, he most appreciates is George this point, he is he obtains the reason that Axe settles on very clearthis that own status suspends. Looked like George said that now Axe, although wanted talented person ”, but similarly, he also needs to obtain the elder and Patriarch support of vassal who Clan O'Neal Clan these real power sent, just by George their such talented peoplehe was impossible to accomplish, George they had the ability, but they did not have influencebut the influence was Axe most needs. Axe stands in there, by glass look at outside, sighed lightly, before he presently , was really too naive, anything did not understand, everyday only knew to take risk, after he contacted the matter in Clan truly, he understand, wanted to manage Clan, was really not an easy matter. Unfolds Fenglei look at these people in his room, in the room simply nobody spoke, unfolded Fenglei somewhat to be cannot help but disappointed, but he was deep voice said : what what? does not have to say?” Unfolds Fenglei is not does not want to be hot, he does not dare to be hot, now Pegasus Clan could be said as the will of the people have dispersed, before these people, was the Zhan Yifei iron rods, they were because killed Zhan Yifei to be discontented to Zhao Hai, therefore with unfolding Fenglei, if unfolded Fenglei to dare with their fire, these people feared that was turn around hires oneself Zhanyue, after all the Zhanyue location was Pegasus Clan nominal Patriarch, what therefore unfolded Fenglei has discontented to these people , can only endure. A congressman who at this timeone side sits, suddenly open the mouth and said: I believe that now we should go to say with Zhanyue, making him ask Zhao Hai to act.” The words of this congressman just an exit / to speak, the person in hall, with one type of looked that idiot same look look at hein armed forces the military officer does smile said : „to let Zhanyue ask Zhao Hai to act? Haven't you awaked? These days, what Zhanyue is what day, you are don’t know are playing the fool, if you are Zhanyue, you for we will invite Zhao Hai? said it, even if were Zhanyue invited Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai not necessarily will also help us. ” That congressman angry looked at that person of one of the speech, indignant sound said : my means are not good, you to are say the one type of means.” The military officers are cold. Multi- said : I do not have the means that also will not find out such disappointing means that such idea, will only make us passive, dying is earlier.” The congressman sneers said :not to use my this idea, won't die? How real don’t know Pegasus Clan soldier, at will called some the cat and the dog everywhere to hit them to look for the tooth. As soon as the military officers listen to congressman saying cannot help but face to change, what his Congressman look at said :you did say?

You put cleanly to me the mouth, what now goes all out in frontline is who? Also is not our these becomes a soldier, your only know that sat in the room inconsiderately shout the congressmanat this time, was not useful. ” His saying in all congressmen the room gave to offend, unfolded Fenglei face not quite to be attractive, after all he was vice- Speaker, is Council one. However unfolded Fenglei actually unable to say anything at this time, if he helped the congressman speak, that offended these military officers ”, if offended these generals, these generals compelling the Zhanyue side, that ended. However did not need him saying that other congressmen do not do, immediately/on horseback another congressman shouts, he was pointing at that military officer said : show history, what do you mean? Our these congressman What happened? you give me to talk clearly the words today.” One side unfolds history coldly snorted said : get lost goes to me unable your good-for-nothings to quarrel, if you thought I said is not right, walks, we go to single Lian to outside, what does not dare to go is the grandson! ” In the room was then livelier, these congressman people neck with are scoldingshow history to the show history are not easy to deal with, started to curse backfinally turned into Congressman Council and armed forces the battles of words of military officer these two groups of peoplebetween the entire rooms in great confusion. Unfolds Fenglei several times wish to make them stop, but a point with does not have, he does not have that prestigesimply unable to suppress the scene, this situation lets unfold Fenglei face ugly. Boom! a loud sound, the noisy sound in room stopped, direction that all person look at sounds conveypresently unfolds Fenglei face pale look at they ”, but in front of him is suspending that desk, now turned into one pile of broken Blockhead. Unfolds Fenglei two eyes including ghost the person in look at room, deep voice said : quarrels anything, like this quarrelled, can solve any problem, had a look at your this prospect what kind of this also not, first in the internal disputeshad counted on you can do anything, how now is faced with an archenemyto deal with the enemy of invasion was most importantlight in here scolds is useful ”, if did not have the means that do not make noise! ” although very angry, but unfolded Fenglei still not to speak a harsh language, but the person in room, peaceful getting downnobody shouted in inconsiderately shout really randomly. However nobody spoke the representative not to have means that this also let unfold Fenglei headache, at this time nearby congressman suddenly said : I think that we should look for Zhanyue, even if did not make Zhanyue ask Zhao Hai to help, can through Zhanyue relationship, invite Barbarian and Thunder Clan help!” a.