Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 10 - Chapter 985

The words exit / to speak of this congressman, the people in room have gawked, then all people started humming sound the discussion, this congressman's proposition, to did not have immediately to be refuted, because many people in room thought that this proposition was feasible. This saying sounds probably very laughably, they do not dare to look for Zhanyue, making Zhanyue invite Zhao Hai make a move, but they actually dare to look for Zhanyue, making Zhanyue invite Thunder Clan and Barbarian make a move, this saying sounds probably is very contradictory, but actually is actually not contradictory. Said accurately that what Pegasus Clan these people fear is Zhao Hai, but is not his Zhanyue, if no Zhao Hai, his Zhanyue is impossible to sit that position. At this time military officer suddenly said : „will Zhanyue agree? Moreover can he tell Zhao Hai this information now?” Unfolds Fenglei two eyes to narrow said : feel relieved, Zhanyue, such long time, he will not have allowed several people to enter to Zhao Hai Space, he has not had a face this matter tells Zhao Hai, said it, our time is to let him tells Thunder Clan and Barbarian this information, lets Thunder Clan and Barbarian dispatches troops, by manner of Zhanyue to clansman, he will achieve certainly, so long as we have solved the crisis aspect in clan, Zhanyue naturally on will not tell Zhao Hai this matter.” As soon as the person in room listened to unfold Fenglei saying that slightly gawked, then look at of immediately/on horseback face smiling face unfolded Fenglei, does not have the mistake that collection Fenglei said that by Zhanyue character with, like this relationship to the entire Pegasus Clan important matter, he will not manage, so long as he managed, so long as he invited Thunder Clan and love clan, did not fear that could not cope with O'Neal Clan. Unfolded Fenglei to look at people said : this matter 1 or 2 individual saying that definitely was incorrect, everyone/Great Clan together went, formed the pressure to Zhanyue, he results in does not manage.” The people in room have complied with one, unfolded Fenglei then to stand, said loudly: Walks, everyone/Great Clan looks for Zhanyue to go to me to think him to help. ” He said that when walks first outward, other people in room also hastily follow, all people walk toward the Pegasus Clan royal palace, looks Zhanyue. Before long the people arrived at Pegasus Clan imperial palace there, now imperial palace there did not have the shi health/guard, the entire imperial palace appears coldly is static, this lets originally the li bright imperial palace, seems looks like the haunted house same fearfulness. Unfolds Fenglei also to know that shows in basically in study room, his immediately gets the people to walk toward study room, to reading room there, has unfolded Fenglei to see that two Pegasus Clan people are standing outside of reading room, saw that the twounfold Fenglei to are one happy, he recognizes, these two Zhan Fang iron rod under the hand/subordinate, they, Zhan Fang and Zhanyue definitely. That two Pegasus travelers saw Zhan Fang to come, they cannot help but mutually looked at one, but they no one have actually made noise, unfolded Fenglei to arrive at study room in front of the door, told Zhanyue one to their said :, I came.” From unfolding the expression of Fenglei speech can look, he not point a respect to Zhanyue and Zhan Fang.

That two stand in the study room in front of the door person, saw to unfold Fenglei their appearance, on the face cannot help but flashes before angry , in which said : has been unfair to vice- Sir Speaker, Patriarch he not in study room.” Hears them to call his vice- Speaker, unfolds on the face of Fenglei cannot help but appears anger he not to have immediately/on horseback to do, is he only look at their said : really not in?” The two also nodded, unfolded Fenglei is actually coldly snorted, went forward to push the study room door, if in normally, that two wanted, already prevented to unfold Fenglei, but the two actually move today have not moved, unfolded Fenglei to shove open the study room Ran gate on look at. Unfolds Fenglei to look that the two have not moved, face changes, is looking at spatial dangdang study room, Unfolded Fenglei face cannot help but changed, but did he on calm, look at their said : Zhanyue go to there quickly?” Person simultaneous shaking the head of that two look at study room, unfolds in the Fenglei eye flash of cold light, his very clear, now already to the moment that the entire show horse sprang up in a throng the dead life or death, cannot in be polite, therefore his immediately/on horseback turned the head to say to their said : that Zhanyue went to there, otherwise do not blame me for being rude.” That two looked at Zhanyue one, in which to did not have to shake the head, but was deep voice said : Zhanyue Patriarch and Sir Speaker, still discussed the matter in study room a moment ago, afterward disappeared, has not seen them to come out, possibly went to Mr. Zhao Hai Space.” Unfolded Fenglei one hear of that people saying that face changed, now he most is worried was Zhanyue tells Zhao Hai the here matter, therefore his immediately/on horseback said : what Zhanyue they did say?” Guards a gate two also to shake the head, in which said : is unfair to vice- Sir Speaker, this we are really don’t know, only knows Sir Patriarch just started to be angry patted a table badly, then asked us to go to change the table, then the person disappeared, we were real don’t know they go to there.” Unfolds Fenglei to not to think the person who guards a gate is lying, like Patriarch study room this place, after processing, stands in out of the door, is impossible to hear gate inside sound, therefore their don’t know Zhanyue and Zhan Fang said anything is also normal. Unfolds Fenglei face ugly look at their said : „, if Patriarch comes back, your immediately/on horseback informs me.” They have complied with one, unfolded Fenglei then to walk.

Waits to unfold Fenglei they to walk, the person who that two defend the study room gate, cannot help but smiles, they because of continuously loyal with Zhan Fang and Zhanyue, these days, but has not suffered little clansman supercilious look, was good entered Space because of their family members, they also went to Space to look, in Space was very good, they also on feel relieved. Because these days received clansman that many supercilious looks, they were really also sufficed, can therefore let unfold Fenglei now they to call the turtle, their really very happy. Unfolded Fenglei their face ugly leave the imperial palace, returned to in his study room, this all people have not made noise, their face also very difficult looked. Unfolded Fenglei to look at their one eyes, deep voice said : looked like Zhanyue is knew the frontline situation, but don’t know was he goes to Zhao Hai Space to do? Prepares for the worst, was present Zhao Hai knew the situation in clan, he prepared to meddle, Zhanyue they were found in Space to discuss by Zhao Hai, if were the good situation, that is, Zhao Hai knew the situation in clan, but he has not prepared to meddle, everyone/Great Clan had a look is that one type of is possible.” One hear unfolded Fenglei saying that all people do not make noise, their real don’t know, the present situation is that one type of situation. Unfolded Fenglei to look at their one eyes, deep voice said : „the present situation already like this, I think that Zhao Hai definitely was knew the situation in clan, no matter what, we must do now, only then a matter, everyone/Great Clan immediately/on horseback went back, made the war to move the help, by Zhanyue might as well by oneself, we probably block the attack of opposite party by own strength, went.” As soon as these people in study room listened to unfold Fenglei saying that was face changes, but nobody was saying anything, all people heavy to unfolding Fenglei gave a salute, then turn around walked. Unfolds Fenglei also very clear, depending on their strengths, wants to block O'Neal Clan attack, that is impossible, now he can only be makes clansman keep off first, then he finds the way to ask Zhanyue to invite the Thunder Clan person or Barbarian person, if really incorrect words , can only invite Zhao Hai. Unfolds Fenglei is clinging to power and influence, but he has not been in the insanity situation, his very clear, this Pegasus Clan has come across a biggest crisis, if it is not dealt with properly, has the exterminated the clan danger, was not extinguished by Zhao Hai, was extinguished by the O'Neal Clan person. At this time, unfolded Fenglei suddenly present, the authority regarding him, was not quite really important, no matter Zhao Hai was also good, was O'Neal Clan is also good, they wanted control Pegasus Clan, first swept clean certainly was these High level in Pegasus Clan, in all High level refused to accept their people, will be cleaned, person who possibly more had the prestige, more is first is cleaned, no matter these two groups of person that partner control Pegasus Clan, will not have his good. Thinks of here, unfolds Fenglei and sighs, he now finally understand a truth, in the face of the absolute strength, these small hua moves that he played, simply was courting death.

But at this moment, how that two) stand in the Zhanyue in front of the door person, suddenly present, their nearby appears Space rift, the Zhanyue sound passed on said : to come from inside, outside is not quite safe, now there does not use your look at.” They stare, but is obedient entered in Space, they arrived in Space to look, they in their out of the door, actually have not seen Zhanyue. They were looking at one mutually, shrugged the arm, returned to in own family, to be honest, all sorts of magical things in match Space, they were also asked for advice, therefore has not felt extremely in the curiosity. But with their same situation, other loyal person to Zhanyue and Zhan Fang, they also in unfolding Fenglei their leave later earliest possible time was received in child Space. Such ability is not Zhanyue that Command Token can have obviously, this is Zhao Hai does, Zhao Hai these days in caring about the Pegasus Clan there situation, looks to unfold Fenglei now their appearance, Zhao Hai naturally must take an action, therefore he to Zhanyue their loyal people, received in Space. Reason that Zhao Hai this to do , because he did not fear that these people will betray Zhanyue they, because Zhao Hai present an issue, so long as has entered the person in Space city, even if went out of Space, in betraying Space, they probably were one type of Incantation, making them not do to the Space disadvantageous matter. Is Zhao Hai don’t know this situation Space makes, but a little can affirm that this situation has certainly relationship with Space , because of this, therefore Zhao Hai will receive in these people Space, he does not hope that these people have an accident. Looked like Zhanyue said that Zhao Hai very heavy sentiment, so long as this person were his under the hand/subordinate, before that feared is him, did with him excessively right, he will also forgive him, to God Race these people, Zhao Hai was this. God Race these were caught the person in Space city, most from the beginning to Zhao Hai was full of the hatred at heart, Zhao Hai has also wished one could to cope with them, after they honest have gotten down, Zhao Hai did not have any motion, he could not get down