Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 10 - Chapter 986

Reason that Zhao Hai will take these people to receive in Space , because he does not want to receive any threat, he dislikes is very threatened, but if unfolds Fenglei they to be compelled the dead end, difficult insurance not to take these people as the threat, they have troubled when the time comes, not only he has troubled, Zhanyue they equally were also troublesome. Regarding Pegasus Clan, Zhao Hai does not want in meddling, fight between this Pegasus Clan and O'Neal Clan, Zhao Hai is will not meddle absolutely, he wants to have a look, Pegasus Clan when compels the dead end, can enter Space. If Pegasus Clan like Thunder Clan, even if exterminated the clan, does not want to enter Space, that Zhao Hai to will admire them, but Zhao Hai is make a move will not help absolutely their. They want to work as the hero, made them work as, that is their choices, Zhao Hai will not meddle, Zhao Hai respected them, but will actually not sympathize with them. Attacked the Pegasus Clan defense line in O'Neal Clan the second day, the O'Neal Clan army advanced toward Pegasus Clan, they advanced was not quick, but was very steady, has not left behind any counter-attack to Pegasus Clan opportunity. Pegasus Clan these military officers, have made some counter-attack, the means that they counter-attack, actually with the Zhao Hai study, are the guerilla tactics, hits to run. However quick Pegasus Clan presently, their such methods, cope with O'Neal Clan Magic Armor army simply not any use, the O'Neal Clan Magic Armor army, on is quicker than them, moreover in sky, the influence of simply any terrain, they have not wanted to get rid of the opposite party, can only dependence, in does not occupy in the superior situation, they use such tactic for O'Neal Clan, on equal to in courting death. Next day on this case pass through, the Pegasus Clan army in sneak attack several times, after presently cannot take too many advantages, can only retreat, falls back on each every in the city to defend stubbornly all commoner, immediately was shifted. When this situation was put unfolds Fenglei in front of them, face of all people become very difficult looks, the guerilla tactics regarding the Pegasus Clan person, is the final hope, if the guerilla tactics is unusable, they can only carry on the base operation's base war with the enemy, in base operation's base fights, their cannon and War Chariot/Tank to O'Neal Clan, really suffered a loss. Next day quickly on the past, O'Neal Clan and water in this day had advancement rapidness of too, but their place visited, did not have any Pegasus Clan person.

Axe this time was to think them did not want the slave, because they did not understand Pegasus Clan, said it, what they wanted was the Pegasus Clan domain, was not the Pegasus Clan person, therefore to the Pegasus Clan person, Axe did not have hesitant any, was a character kills! Axe such procedure, looks like probably is excess, actually regarding Axe, is not excessive, they want is the domain person does not want, if wanting horse Clan the person is remaining, they have to branch out the person to come the look at these Pegasus Clan people, such will make his military force divide the show, therefore his these time met really has gotten down the cruel methods, place visited not a chicken or a dog left. Acher time did not fear that the resistance of Pegasus Clan, to be honest, he also really hopes the Pegasus Clan person can send out some nice points low anti- strengths to come this to also be able feel relieved, if the Pegasus Clan nice resistance did not have Axe instead to the meeting heart, because of his very clear, directed these Undead Creature that they came most from the beginning, fighting strength was very strong. These Undead Creature fighting strength are very strong, is in the Pegasus Clan life and death moment, these Undead Creature do not have appears , this regarding Axe them, absolutely is a huge hidden danger. Axe very clear, Undead Creature is comes control by the person, if Pegasus Clan here did not have presently that batch of fighting strength very formidable Undead Creature, in other words, these control that batch of Undead Creature people do not have appears , that person appears , regarding O'Neal Clan, the threat was not big. The Atlanta Continent person, although positive attack very enormous, their people are however impossible forever to stay in Magic Armor, one, but they come out from Magic Armor, that strength will drop the several fold, in this case, soldier who if suddenly appears large quantities of Undead Creature, came out from Magic Armor regarding these, then regarding O'Neal Clan, absolutely is a disaster. Axe is not baby youngster that just the command(er) army made to fight, after passing through this several times matter, he slowly became mature, he started to consider the issue, therefore regarding these Undead Creature, Axe attached great importance to. Unfolded Fenglei they after knowing this situation, has, in flashes went to the imperial palace to look for Zhanyue, Zhanyue they were still not what a pity , the people who these time guarded a gate continually disappeared, saw this situation, unfolded Fenglei at heart was one cool, his don’t know Zhanyue what is this, but he actually knows that he wants to threaten the Zhanyue means with these people, has not worked. In yesterday presently Zhanyue enters in Space, simply after Pegasus Clan Space, after not unfolding Fenglei goes back, has thought many means that his present sole must do, how must be able to let the Zhanyue hear of his words, obedient contacts with Barbarian with Thunder Clan, lets Thunder Clan and Barbarian dispatches troops to help them.

Has thought after a evening, unfolded Fenglei to think finally means that that must these loyal grasp with the Zhanyue person, was used to threaten the collection to leap, but he presently, this means has not used now, all was good with Zhanyue relationship, is a person of Zhan Fang department, vanish from sight, he has thought that was looking for the method to threaten Zhanyue, already not possibly. Facing this situation, how unfolded Fenglei is don’t know must handle, his suddenly present, if Zhanyue were not helping them, that Pegasus Clan really ended. Before their this intuition, Zhanyue they spoke say things just to frighten people, for was makes them be obedient, however in this moment, their suddenly present, Zhanyue they did not have talk nonsense, what they said was real, if did not enter to Zhao Hai Space, their Pegasus Clan might exterminate the clan very much. However now knows that late, has unfolded Fenglei to know, now counted on Zhanyue is impossible, but now some of his also another prospects, are different God Race there. Thinks of here, unfolded Fenglei immediately to put out own Message Fish, this Message Fish was Message Fish of different God Race relation, his immediately/on horseback to Message Fish said : Ness elder, Ness elder, you in?” This Ness elder, is a Beastman Race elder, with unfolding a different God Race elder of Fenglei contact, he was also unfolds Fenglei to hope finally what let unfold Fenglei happy was, he just shouted that immediately heard Ness elder's answering, listened to Ness long Old Daoist: Unfolds Fenglei Speaker? What matter has?” Unfolded Fenglei one hear of Ness to answer, cannot help but let out a long breath, his immediately/on horseback said : Ness elder hello, unfolds Fenglei, I had a matter to you tell, now in God Race here, came a special race, they will use one type of to be giant, needed the person to drive Iron-man that this Iron-man fighting strength very strong, they can flying in the sky, the attack strength not be lower than God Rank Expert, now they are carrying on attack to our Pegasus Clan, I hope that different God Race can save us, so long as you asked our Pegasus Clan, we are willing to pay any price.” Unfolded Fenglei this saying is nothing less than heavy, any price, this simply should not be the words that vice- Speaker said that he did not have the authority to say such words to come, but now Zhanyue and Zhan Fang vanished, they have to make decide like this. Unfolds a Fenglei this saying exit / to speak, the opposite party stares, unfolds Fenglei somewhat uneasy is waiting for Ness's answering, some little time Ness deep voice said : unfolds Fenglei Speaker, I remember that your Pegasus Clan is good with Mr. Zhao Hai relationship? Why hasn't Mr. Zhao Hai this time helped you?”

Unfolded Fenglei to smile bitterly, he has not thought that the opposite party actually also knew Zhao Hai, moreover listened to the meaning in opposite party words, returned very respectful to Zhao Hai, this cannot help but made him have the feeling that one type of did not know whether to laugh or cry. He went all out, does not want to be ruled by Zhao Hai, but currently presently, all people of his side probably have relationship with Zhao Hai, this regarding them, the attack is very enormous. However unfolds Fenglei naturally not to speak the truth, his immediately/on horseback said : Ness elder, the matter is this, in our Pegasus Clan, can have the contact with Mr. Zhao Hai, only then a Zhanyue person, but Zhanyue actually in the clan, he did not go to Thunder Clan and Barbarian there visiting now, we cannot contact with him, therefore does not have the means to ask Mr. Zhao Hai to help, therefore I ask the head of different God Race, I hope that different God Race can help our pass through this time difficulty.” Unfolds is nothing less than smooth, moreover he who Fenglei this saying said also kept a narrow-mindedness, he by Pegasus Clan Patriarch status request different God Race, this had not had different God Race to propose that anything requests, he can also comply, so long as has when the time comes repelled the O'Neal Clan person, he can definitely not acknowledge mistakes, said the matter that he complies with is not Patriarch complies, Patriarch did not agree these matters that he complies with, this can méng mix cross the border. As soon as Ness listened to unfold Fenglei saying that he was also silent, some little time Ness said : unfolded Fenglei Speaker, this matter I said does not calculate that I must go after the people in clan discussed one next to decide, please wait a bit.” Said that was not having the sound, no matter how what unfolds Fenglei to call, did not have the echo. Unfolds the heart of Fenglei cannot help but to sink, he feared Ness, no matter they, such Pegasus Clan really ended. But those who unfold Fenglei not to think, his information, has triggered a different God Race there debate, different God Race there has almost been divided into two schools, a faction advocates the support, then seize the opportunity has seized Pegasus Clan there, another school actually advocates does not support, because this will possibly offend Zhao Hai. Different God Race has such worry, has the reason, because of them to the Pegasus Clan there situation, is have some understanding, regarding Pegasus Clan and Zhao Hai relationship, they are also clear, but place that this, they worry. a.