Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 10 - Chapter 987

Decision of Chapter 984 different God Race The elegant elder brother, magnificent Leir, many three people sits in Beastman Race imperial palace Great Hall, sits many three clansman in Great Hall, these people are in three clans have superior of real power, can say that in this Great Hall, converged all upper layer characters of Foreign God three big races, if facilitates to rush to here to come, gave to butcher the here people, that different God Race will certainly fall into to the confusion of anarchy. But reason that these people concentrate to arrive at here, for research, must dispatch troops to help Pegasus Clan, regarding them, this topic is very heavy. In song of solomon look at Great Hall the appearances of these people, deep voice said : everyone/Great Clan also knows that what matter lived, now everyone/Great Clan says, how do we want to do?” In Great Hall has resounded one humming sound the sound, everyone/Great Clan was discussing, but actually nobody standing up proposal, all people sit in there, was saying anything to own person. The song of solomon looks at this situation, the look cannot help but concentrates, he has not thought that this seems like a very simple matter, pulls relationship with Zhao Hai, unexpectedly probably one became complex. The song of solomon turns the head to magnificent Leir and many said : two, or you said first that what to do having a look at this matter to?” magnificent Leir showed a faint smile said : how I to look at or listen to everyone/Great Clan saying that to be honest, how this matter must be done, I have not thought.” Many has not made noise, she nodded, has actually indicated own standpoint, now she does not want to this matter table view. Responded regarding them like this, song of solomon in expected, but he is some business, he looked at their one eyes, deep voice said : two, does this matter have hard to deal with that? Why didn't you say?” The person under stage, noted they three trends, the following discussion sound was smaller, all person static look at three people. The smiling face on magnificent Leir face disappears, his some vitalities, he has not thought that the song of solomon such will compel unexpectedly him, this lets his some vitalities, he presently now song of solomon conduct more and more overbearing, moreover probably regards under the hand/subordinate same treatment him completely, this is magnificent Leir is unacceptable. Good, magnificent Leir is in Dwarf Race the rare good nature, he handles affairs also very low key, but no matter what, he is Leader of a Clan, his status are treated equally with the song of solomon, how the elegant elder brother possibly treats him with such manner.

magnificent Leir looked at song of solomon one, deep voice said : was not sends for looking for Xiao Bingya they to go, after they came, to us some better suggestion, after all they will be perhaps longer in the together time with Mr. Zhao Hai, to Mr. Zhao Hai understanding.” A magnificent Leir this saying exit / to speak, all people do not make noise, magnificent Leir this saying was selects on the drop, although after Zhao Hai has tidied up God Race nine Great Elder, three clansman they that did not attach great importance to like before regarding Xiao Bingya, however at this time, Xiao Bingya their opinions, was actually very important. Xiao Bingya they follow in Zhao Hai for a long time, regarding Zhao Hai style completely understand, therefore they should be able to give a everyone/Great Clan very good suggestion to be right. The song of solomon was not saying anything, to be honest, he also really not too cares Zhao Hai now, they obtained 12 Ultimate Weapon, although had one to be taken away by Zhao Hai, but this did not affect their fighting strength, the song of solomon believes that by their present fighting strength, can cope with Zhao Hai fully, do not forget, initially Zhao Hai does not dare with nine big God Race Supreme Elder frontage resistances, but must use their hands, collaborated with three big Supreme Elder, can give to tidy up God Race. Also can look from this point, so long as there are five to six Supreme Elder to collaborate to cope with Zhao Hai, was enough, do not say that 12, 12 Supreme Elder use Ultimate Weapon together to cope with Zhao Hai, that Zhao Hai could not certainly deal with, struck to kill Zhao Hai is not impossible. Because has such idea, therefore the song of solomon from advocated most from the beginning supports Pegasus Clan, he wanted seize the opportunity to occupy Pegasus Clan, regarding him, Zhao Hai, simply was not he worries. But the idea of magnificent Leir and song of solomon is just right, he does not approve to dispatch troops, magnificent Leir, knew from Ryder there matter about Zhao Hai, he knows that Zhao Hai had almost known about his under the hand/subordinate all races, Pegasus Clan there situation, Zhao Hai impossible don’t know, if Zhao Hai knows that the Pegasus Clan there situation, does not have make a move, that can only explain that Zhao Hai has own idea, therefore magnificent Leir believes that they should not dispatch troops, such possible to disrupt the plan of Zhao Hai. magnificent Leir has not thought must do right with Zhao Hai, in his opinion, Zhao Hai has helped they that big busy, and has given them Ultimate Weapon, this regarding them, is the how big benevolence, they should support Zhao Hai to be right. But many present has not thought that actually she compares to hope to dispatch troops, Elven Race has thought one are among Heaven and Earth the noblest race, these years they by God Race suppressing, this makes people of Elf clan feel that very aggrieved, now pressed in their head God Race vanished, they naturally should unfold fist and feet greatly. Are many in treating the Zhao Hai issue, the idea is similar to the song of solomon, in her opinion, they currently had have coped with the Zhao Hai strength, even if cannot Zhao Hai exterminate, 12 Ultimate Weapon, them also be able not to need to fear Zhao Hai, moreover many have also thought the most important point, that was Zhao Hai soon ascend! Before Zhao Hai, has told them, he soon ascend, although this on behalf of the Zhao Hai strength, but similarly, expose a Zhao Hai weakness, that is he cannot stay too long time in this Space, so long as they constrain Zhao Hai some time, when Zhao Hai ascend, pressed the last shackles on them also vanishes. Because has such idea, therefore many approves to dispatch troops, but she thinks more careful, wants to listen to leaf Hertha their opinion, she is a careful person.

Before long, ran three people from outside, these three people looked for Xiao Bingya, Ryder and Hertha that three people, look at them to come back, the song of solomon cannot help but spirit shook, his immediately/on horseback said : Xiao Bingya did they come? Makes them come in quickly.” That Beast Race person immediately/on horseback in that three person reported Patriarch to song of solomon said :, I had not found Xiao Bingya Captain, I went to his home, his neighbor said that he not long after after the returned to family, family moved out, moved to there, nobody knows, not only he moved out, person who all had relationship with their family, almost all moved out.” The song of solomon stares, then face changes, he turns the head look at that Dwarf Race with Elven Race, but that two person's reply is also same, leaf Hertha and Ryder also moved out, almost moves out with Xiao Bingya together, moreover is the same with Xiao Bingya, person who all has relationship with them almost moved out, has not left behind any clue. Hears these, song of solomon their face changed, the song of solomon is to roar said : absurd, they ran certainly with Zhao Hai, certainly.” magnificent Leir's some face also yin sink, but this is not the vitality, but somewhat was worried that because of him presently, the matter is probably more serious, Zhao Hai that he imagines already knew anything probably, therefore has made such arrangement. However this information, lets person look at each other in dismay in Great Hall, they also real don’t know must say that now any was good, in this time, the song of solomon is turning the head to consider as finished to people said :, did not say that this, everyone/Great Clan said the Pegasus Clan matter.” Under is one piece humming sound the sound, the song of solomon actually frowned, to be honest, his very does not like this sound, does not like any matter wanting the everyone/Great Clan discussion to decide, but he does not have the means to change this condition. Some little time, a Beastman Race person, suddenly has stood, he bows to the song of solomon said : Your Majesty, I think that we should dispatch troops, now entire God Realm here, most formidable was our different God Race, Pegasus Clan there was also our beforehand allies, we should dispatch troops to help them, can rub rub these enter the Pegasus Clan person is who, in order to avoid will be dug main house gate by these people in the future, we know that such words we were too passive.” This is a Fox Clan person, the Fox Clan person to be famous slyly, his words also really very much have representative xing, he said first now God Realm here they are most formidable, although he then said that Pegasus Clan is their ally, but the meaning in beforehand those words, actually in the reminder people, now God Realm here they are the genuine King, should expand. Then he also said that deals with the Pegasus Clan person, is they have not seen person, in other words, these people are not the God Race people, these people may become their enemies, therefore they should early prepare, the first bottom of rub clear opposite party. although is only short several words, said many thing, can look from this point, the Fox Clan person really worthily is the sly generation of famous sayings. But his words, has caused in Great Hall the resonances of many person, after tidying up God Race, different God Race these people, some confidence inflation.

At this time Dwarf actually suddenly stood got up said : I to oppose to dispatch troops, everyone/Great Clan knows, Pegasus Clan, Thunder Clan, Barbarian, is most from the beginning with the race that Mr. Zhao Hai dispatched troops into battle, Mr. Zhao Hai continuously to these three clan extremely caring, before we obtained information from Pegasus Clan there, Mr. Zhao Hai already have picked Thunder Clan and Barbarian, has delivered to other place, only then Pegasus put has towed not to be willing to walk, but for this matter, Mr. Zhao Hai under Pegasus Clan the request of Zhanyue, has still killed Pegasus Clan Patriarch, can say that Mr. Zhao Hai already noted the Pegasus Clan there situation, if Mr. Zhao Hai don’t know Pegasus Clan there were invaded., That is impossible, Mr. Zhao Hai in knowing the Pegasus Clan invaded situation, but also does not have make a move, this obviously is not his character, therefore I believe that Mr. Zhao Hai is not don’t know this matter, but is he has not planned to dispatch troops, he possibly has his point, if we brave meddling rashly, feared that will offend Mr. Zhao Hai, this to us not necessarily is the good deed.” This Dwarf words are also many, moreover he also pointed out that the fault of this matter, looks like such that he said that they and some Pegasus Clan also relations, regarding Pegasus Clan there situation also very clear, they knew Zhao Hai with the Pegasus Clan life anything, if they dispatched troops at this time, that might offend Zhao Hai very much, but many people in Great Hall, do not want to offend Zhao Hai, because they have seen with one's own eyes Zhao Hai fighting strength. At this time another Beastman Race person had stood, said loudly: What fears, do not forget, now our in the hand can concentrate God Realm 12 Ultimate Weapon, strength unprecedented, even if were we offends Zhao Hai to be what kind of? He dares to be what kind to us.” This saying can say that has had directly no consideration for face, them with Zhao Hai beforehand alliance relationship, complete losing to one side, but in Great Hall has the person of this idea to be many, especially some Beastman Race and Elven Race, their has plenty people have such idea. At this time immediately/on horseback Dwarf had stood, said loudly: You said that what meaning this saying is? Do not forget Mr. Zhao Hai to help we big busy, now you if unexpectedly wants to cope with Mr. Zhao Hai, you have not to have conscience a little!” That Beastman actually coldly snorted said : conscience? Zhao Hai to help us, copes with God Race? Do not forget, he also has the big enmity with God Race, moreover he had reached an agreement, after coping with God Race, gives us God Race all Ultimate Weapon, is present? He has actually only given us 12, but most important Star Disk, he actually took away, why you think that Zhao Hai does help us all because of the good intention? It can be said that Zhao Hai has not regarded us most from the beginning is the ally, to such person, what hospitable air/Qi we also has, copes with him, why we will feel that the conscience is restless?” That Dwarf Race sound said : no matter what, if not Mr. Zhao Hai, our different God Race simply could not cope with God Realm, was impossible to obtain 12 extremely weapon, we should have the heart of grateful, but how tackled Mr. Zhao Hai did not think to.” That does Beastman in one time sneer said : „the heart and the race grateful show compares that importantly? Presently we also state clearly the words, these time dispatches troops to Pegasus Clan there, wanted seize the opportunity to occupy Pegasus Clan, making our different God Race strength obtain further enhancement, had such good opportunity, why didn't we dispatch troops? Zhao Hai has coped with God Race, can say from this point that he has the graciousness regarding us, but he is not complete stemming from helping our points, he copes with God Race, what are more is because God Race has a grudge with him, if he to help us completely, but copes with God Race I to be able grateful he, now, ahem!” This Beast God clansman was finds out the innermost thoughts of soldier saying that just as was he said that they to Zhao Hai not many heart of grateful, because in their opinion, Zhao Hai coped with God Race, what were more was because God Race had a grudge with them, helped them to next. roa.