Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 10 - Chapter 988

Song of solomon three people of static sitting in there, are listening to the argument sound of following person, on can look from both sides of argument, Beastman Race is the position dispatches troops, but Dwarf Race is opposes to dispatch troops, this is the same with the ideas of two clan Patriarch, but Elven Race, although had not made noise, but from their appearances, they supports probability even bigger some that dispatches troops. clansman that magnificent Leir look at these facial expression ji move, cannot help but sighed at heart, Dwarf Race was because the temperament was too straight, therefore with other races in together, will always be eating some slightly to owe, even if were similarly by straightforward famous Beastman Race, when was together with Dwarf, will take some advantages, after all in Beastman Race also had Fox Clan this for the race that was famous slyly, but in Dwarf Race may not. In the Dwarf world, graciousness is the graciousness, the enmity is the enmity, Zhao Hai copes with God Race to have own point, however in coping with the God Race process, truly has helped their different God Race very big busy, can they not have point the heart of grateful? This lets magnificent Leir regarding the Beastman Race procedure, is really some not shame. Matter table any opinion that the song of solomon yin calm face, although magnificent Leir had not dispatched troops, but these Dwarf Race manner, have let song of solomon understand magnificent Leir's manner, magnificent Leir does not agree to dispatch troops. The song of solomon to magnificent Leir or have some understanding, his very clear, magnificent Leir has had the favorable impression to Zhao Hai very much , because of this favorable impression, therefore magnificent Leir does not want to participate at this Pegasus Clan matter. Many also look at following scene, her naturally also understand what is this, she is heavy the knitting the brows head of gently, regarding Beastman Race more and more overbearing style, she also saw now, although some of some of her also dislike, but many actually very clear, the different God Race three big races, cannot produce the civil strife, one, but their internal splits, that different God Race also not in possible dominate God Realm. Now God Realm here did not have God Race, calculation that said truly, was different God Race, but words of different God Race civil strife, they in possibly in saying considered as finished, first a civil strife, among their three clans mutually will divert, did not have possibly suppressing all God Race conquer these vassal races. Was adding on these vassal races just net to be separated from God Race control, they want to obtain[ from] by, at this time, if their different God Race in wants to suppress them, ruled them, did not have the formidable strength is incorrect, with great difficulty these vassal races, will not give up this succeeding in obtaining[ from] by. It can be said that now God Realm here is at the one type of power vacuum condition, but regarding different God Race, can at this time, determine that own dominant position, is quite important, therefore at this time, different God Race cannot certainly appears any issue. Thinks of here, thought that so is not noisy, she has coughed in a soft voice, the sound is not very big, however the following person actually all heard, they also know that this has the words to say, almost all people shut up.

Many status very special, she is Elven Race Patriarch, in the meantime, she is in three big different race Patriarch, words minimum one, normally she is few table opinions, generally is the song of solomon and magnificent Leir discussed that many does not make noise most of the time, is only at crucial moment, said own opinion, no matter the song of solomon or magnificent Leir, at this time, to her opinion, was very much attaches great importance. This time plans to say first, this itself stems from unexpected of all people, therefore in the hall almost in gets down on the Angolan stator instantaneously. Looked at people one eyes, deep voice said :, everyone/Great Clan is so noisy is not useful, my opinion is, dispatches troops, we can call this opportunity, tries the Mr. Zhao Hai manner, he has said that he wanted leave God Realm here, wanted ascend, if were really such, then dispatched troops regarding us, will not have any idea, otherwise, that he was possibly lying, simultaneously these time attack Pegasus Clan person, use was one type of calls Magic Armor thing, this thing, before our God Realm here, not appears , he. attack strength very formidable, this will possibly pose the threat to our God Race, our different God Race must survive in God Realm, therefore regarding our enemies, we must understand that dispatches troops also to.” Many was saying one after another his reason, one hear of many said that magnificent Leir knows, these time dispatches troops is inevitable, his present brow cannot help but wrinkled. Turned the head to look at magnificent Leir one eyes, then said :, these time dispatched troops, we must within the shortest time, solve the matter, therefore I want to ask four Supreme Elder to act, was sending out army 20 millions, should be OK, these four elders, I looked that was left two by our Elven Race, Beastman Race two, Dwarf Race does not use, no matter what, our different God Race own domain, needed enough Expert to assume personal command.” A many such saying, the eye of song of solomon was one bright, why his immediately understand were many must such do, but was very obvious, the song of solomon approved many procedures. Song of solomon although powerful, but he is not a fool, his very clear the different God Race aspect, at this time, different God Race absolutely cannot have problems now, for this reason, therefore he did not have to stand saying that directly different God Race must dispatch troops, but held this meeting. However magnificent Leir's their opposition such ji will be unexpectedly fierce, this is the song of solomon has not thought that the elegant songbook thinks this motion has malingered, but has not actually thought that many suddenly proposed such a solution, this solution at present seems like the best solution. Different God Race dispatches troops to, Dwarf Race opposes to dispatch troops, good, you can not dispatch troops, does not send Supreme Elder to dispatch troops, this was always OK, as the matter stands, didn't Dwarf Race have the reason of opposition?

Thinks of here, the song of solomon turns the head to look at magnificent Leir one eyes, magnificent Leir nodded, deep voice said :, I agree with the opinions of many Patriarch.” The song of solomon relaxed, nodded said :, good, that matter such has decided that below discusses the specific dispatching troops matter meter.” But at this time, sat Zhao Hai in Space also in look at this, before Zhao Hai went to different God Race time, received in the different God Race there majority of terrains Space, do not look that Zhao Hai has only arrived at the Dwarf Race map, place that actually he went to first, was the Beastman Race domain, at that time, he release scrap Staff, received in the Beastman Race majority of maps Space, therefore he can monitor different God Race any place now at will. Laura they sit in the Zhao Hai side, their face very difficult looked that look at these people were discussing the detail that dispatches troops, Laura then could not bear coldly snorted said :, this crowd of ungrateful thing, Elder Brother Hai, this time we must give them a lesson.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said :, teaches to them? Why? Is this not just our desired? They have dispatched troops, with the O'Neal Clan person to, we happen to can have a look, the O'Neal Clan person, will cope with them with any means that by O'Neal Clan present Magic Armor, feared that could not cope with different God Race Supreme Elder, O'Neal Clan certainly will send when the time comes out more formidable Magic Armor, these were need us to pay attention.” Laura is cold snort|hum said :, „ that should also to them a lesson, besides Dwarf Race, you have a look at Beastman Race and Elven Race countenance, saw that their appearances I am tired.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said :, do not worry, tidies up them is the affirmation, but is not now, was good, did not say that this, we inform Zhanyue this situation, making him have a preparation.” Laura complied with one, immediately has done, she also knows that this situation regarding Zhanyue was very useful, since the O'Neal Clan person invaded Pegasus Clan Continent to start, the Pegasus Clan person had some subtle transformations regarding the Zhanyue manner, this time please different God Race make a move matter, possibly let Zhanyue use well. Zhanyue the garlic in Space, he must in clan to worry over the two days, otherwise these people in clan are forever impossible to know that he has handled many matters for the clan. His Message Fish has made a sound, Zhanyue looked at Zhao Hai that Message Fish, Zhanyue immediately has put through, Laura also prepared to dispatch troops to the matter that to say different God Race.

Zhanyue one hear of Laura said that immediately understand different God Race has been drilling well the idea, he has not thought that unfolds Fenglei they to go out of such confusing maneuver unexpectedly. Zhanyue face ugly has put down Message Fish, turned the head to look at Zhan Fang one, Fei'er and Dingshan also sits in there, now they in the Fei'er villa, the words that therefore just Laura spoke, several people heard. Zhanyue turns the head look at Fei'er they, has smiled bitterly next step:, My these clansman, but also does not make the person be free from worry really that Fei'er, what idea do you have?” Fei'er forced smile said :, I can have any idea, this matter not suitable I meddle, will otherwise only cause your clansman dislike, I to thought that mister told you this information, must make you use well this information.” Zhanyue knitting the brows head of gently, meaning of his also understand Fei'er, but he does not have what confidence to clansman, he can use this information, but before his clansman to his manner, this information use value big, but also did not say. The Zhan Fang look at Zhanyue appearance, deep voice said :, „ Patriarch, I to am think that this matter can use really well, I think, since the O'Neal Clan invasion starts, clansman should know that we have not deceived them, moreover now unfolds Fenglei they to please different God Race meddle, this will certainly cause clansman dislike, do not forget, we just liberated didn't have long time from God Race in hand, clansman certainly opposition different God Race to our rules, compared with different God Race, clansman was possibly easier to accept Mr. Zhao Hai. Zhanyue one hear of Zhan Fang said that cannot help but two eyes bright said :, good, that such manages, these time cannot get so far as in Space the people of entire clan, if also wants the means multi- lanes to come, these do not want to come, went along with them.” a.