Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 10 - Chapter 990

Zhanyue and Zhan Fang have to such do, now in Pegasus Clan there, almost all has relationship with them, person who is loyal to them, moved in Space, their place is wants outside to go information that oneself know to spread not to be impossible, in cannot in the situation, they can only use this method. Moreover the person who they choose also very has exquisite, unfolds the wind chimes, they knew that in the situation regarding show wind chimes family, their very clear, the although beforehand show wind chimes did not sell to them the dish, but Zhanyue does not hate the show wind chimes, because of son of show wind chimes, before was Zhanyue under the hand/subordinate. Zhanyue also knows that the show wind chimes are hope how[ from] by, because he knows this point, therefore he decides certainly, passes on through the show wind chimes these information. But Zhanyue selects the show wind chimes, another reason, that because of the personal connection of show wind chimes, has not wanted the underestimated show wind chimes, although she is only one grows vegetables, but before her, delivers the dish to the imperial palace, therefore she knew that many people, but these people, some also very much have the status, adds on her son reason, she is very ripe with in the city many people, through her, can definitely within the shortest time, exit these information transmission that he must transmit. Zhanyue their plan 1 very successful, less than three days of times, entire Pegasus Clan knows that different God Race must support their matters, moreover knows that different God Race although visible is supports, actually must seize Pegasus Clan. Such passed on a message the itself confidence level is very high, was adding on this very sensitive time, therefore unfolds Fenglei now they presently, own day one became sad, even their family members took to the streets, will be used one type of to have hostility look look at. The before feeling of this fence them, does not have, but they to have seen, before clansman came to see Zhanyue with such look they, but target changed into them now. Unfolds Fenglei these days to experience one day like a year, like the matter of different God Race rescue, is in itself ” now he who he decides wants to explain that cannot explain, because of it will not take long, the different God Race army must come. Unfolds Fenglei to think that does not make the different God Race army come, but that is the impossible matterdifferent God Race will not have let off this time opportunity. Pegasus Clan is not steady, when copes with O'Neal Clan, naturally is appears being incapable, but, O'Neal Clan feared that well this is the trap that Pegasus Clan sets up, therefore their advancing is still not quick, this regarding Pegasus Clan, is good information. When unfolded Fenglei to be badly batteredsuddenly Zhanyue and Zhan Fang appears , this time they were bringing large quantities of Barbarian and Thunder Clan soldier appears in Pegasus Clan Space. These Barbarian and Thunder Clan soldier appears , the Pegasus Clan person has been shocked, this did not mean that they have not thought Barbarian and Thunder Clan soldier meets appears , in fact now the Pegasus Clan person, majority of knows that Zhanyue was goes to Space to move the reinforcement, therefore they know that Thunder Clan and Barbarian sooner or later could appears , but those who made them be startled, Thunder Clan and appearance of Barbarian these soldiers! Thunder Clan and Barbarian are not the races of very good at forging, before Thunder Clan and weapon of Barbarian use majority was God Race provides to them, but these two clans must deliver the majority of ores that in own Space delivered, weapon and full body armor that therefore, these two clans used were really not high-quality goods , especially after God Race to destroying completely, weapon full body armor that their two clans used on was miserable. weapon that full body armor that however now the appears Thunder Clan person Barbarian person, they puts on and uses, looks like very good, especially these Barbarian, they seem look like the copper steel monsters of each and every one migration, that full body armor seems li is also bright and thick ” is really rare good thing.

When the Pegasus Clan person look at Thunder Clan person and Barbarian person stays, Zhanyue suddenly appears in the sky of imperial palace, his said loudly:, clansman this time I from inviting the Barbarian person and Thunder Clan person, is helpsme who everyone/Great Clan often in Space shifts open Space rift in in front of the door of imperial palace, if who wants to enter Space, can go home to tidy up thing, immediately/on horseback enters to Space, if you have not wanted to enter Space, after that I the matter in tube clan, Space rift will also exist in in the city for three days, then other's city, to enter Space, please everyone/Great Clan quick go home to tidy up thing! ” Zhanyue sits on own Mount, in capital city on is talking big but do nothing these words, this equal to has laid cards on the table with the people of entire clan, you either enter with me to Space, either keeps here to wait to become the different God Race slave! This is the meaning in Zhanyue words. At once, the entire Pegasus Clan capital city, lost the sound, all Pegasus Clan person dull look at Zhanyue, simultaneously at heart are also carrying on final struggling. However at this moment, some suddenly people have actually cheered one, then running returned home of half step, then fast tidies up own thing, runs toward in front of the door of imperial palace. This person of movement, looks like on the calm level of the lake, has thrown down a piece Stone, flood ripples, then this water bo min more expanded is bigger, finally the trim lake water has seethed with excitement. in the city most people ran up to their home, has tidied up simply, brought some precious thing, then fast runs toward in front of the door of imperial palace. Such situation stems from the anticipation of Zhanyue, stems from the anticipation of most Pegasus Clan High level characters, before the Pegasus Clan person that opposed to enter to Space, is now, their each and every one actually insane same runs toward Space, this was really too unexpected. Actually Zhanyue their don’t know, with was killed and become compared with a slave, most Pegasus Clan people, rather go to Space to rush, most minimum Zhao Hai continuously with them very genial, even if before is, they treat Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai has not retaliated them. These Pegasus Clan people, have had the education, they are not the fools, before they do not want to enter Space , because they believe that they will cross in their family well,[ from] by. When they presently, if not enter Space, they do not die will become the slave the time, most people chose entered Space. But these are Zhanyue they have not thought that but must enter Space regarding clansman suddenly, this arrives lets the Zhanyue very happy matter. Is good he is not wastes time in Space because of this several days, he invited Thunder Clan and Barbarian person acts, prepares to help him settle governs these to enter Space clansman, can say in Space is ready in full battle array now, and other Pegasus Clan people entered Space, but they have not thought of the Pegasus Clan person to be able frantic such. Reason that Zhanyue they were underprepared, because of their don’t know now the Pegasus Clan this armor situation, although to say the O'Neal Clan person,

everyday advancement is not quick ”, but they have actually been advancing . Moreover the place visited, almost all cities were broken through, after the baptism of fire, in these cities, basically did not have living person, even if had living person, was not scaredturned into the disabled person, regarding such person, O'Neal Clan will not remain, in other words, O'Neal Clan person, did not have the living witness. In this case, the Pegasus Clan person was scared finally, they fear exterminate the clan, they do not want to become the different God Race slaves, now Zhanyue their suddenly appears ” , and has given their this opportunity, entire Pegasus Clan person naturally frantic. Regarding the Pegasus Clan situation, Zhao Hai most found that he has also thought the Pegasus Clan person will enter Space, because Zhao Hai present ” a these days desperate aura is proliferating in Pegasus Clan, but at this time, Zhanyue appears , has given them without doubt a hope, in this case, the Pegasus Clan person does not have means not frantic. Insufficient that somewhat although Zhanyue they prepare, but Zhao Hai has not reminded them, by that Space energy, secure governsZhao Hai simply that Pegasus Clan these people are not a problem not to use make a move, moreover he also is Zhanyue they tries to cover up a lielets the Pegasus Clan person, believed him impeding by other matters. Looked that the Pegasus Clan here matter basically has handled, Zhao Hai also on feel relieved, he attention centralized to Yenking city there, now the construction of wolf's fang mountain there started, location calm was similar, next step can start to construct the workshop. These matters have Bruce Willis to be responsible, Zhao Hai to does not need to worry, he to was caring that now the O'Neal Clan there situation, what response he wants to have a look at O'Neal Clan there currently to have. It can be said that this Pegasus Clan Space present, regarding O'Neal Clan, absolutely is cardiotonic, their suddenly present, oneself unexpectedly infinitely great Space, the here commodity was their, later the O'Neal Clan show, will be limitless. However Zhao Hai present an issue, was O'Neal Clan here present Space rift information, possibly was known by other Clan. The Zhao Hai book thinks these Clan, when knows that this information, certainly will carry on the suppression to O'Neal Clan or takes some actions, but makes Zhao Hai be what is surprised, these Clan had not responded that this arrives is makes Zhao Hai somewhat puzzled. Afterward Zhao Hai asked Bruce Willis that this issue turned round, but Bruce Willis a few words let Zhao Hai understand, why these people can be such response. In Atlanta Continent here, already several Clan presently another Space, moreover in conquer another Space, they came to obtain many advantage in that Space, but this is they cannot the attack O'Neal Clan reason. This is also Atlanta Continent here, all Clan unwritten regulation, when that Clan present another Space, other Clan can not suppress, because of these Clan understand, today his family present Space, you have carried on the suppression, that tomorrow your Clan present Space, will certainly be suppressed, this regarding these Clan, does not have any advantage. Must know that the Magic Armor Continent here situation, with other places not, like Warrior Continent and Magic Continent, the there person does not need that many ores, their practice, mainly by own give priority to, needs is manufactures full body armor and weapon, but the material that manufacture Magic uses, enough made several hundred even several thousand full body armor and weapon, in other words was, consumptions of Magic Armor Continent here and other thing to the ore, was several times of other Continent people, even dozens times.

When by Magic Armor Continent here, does not have the means to provide that many ores, resources crisis, inevitable appears on Magic Armor Continent. But if finally does not have this breaking Space Magic Formation appears , Magic Armor Continent here will possibly fall into to the material crisis, is because of that Magic Formation appears , enabling Magic Armor Continent to go to other conquer Space, plunders other Space materials, this makes Magic Armor Continent here from new fresh vigor, therefore that Clan must go to other conquer Space time, can not suppress, has become a convention. Naturally, this type cannot carry on the suppression on outwardly, causes some small short rope used to bind animals possible Ran, but nobody can do goes too far, because of this, therefore also nobody deals with the O'Neal Clan person. After knowing this point, Zhao Hai on feel relieved, to be honest he really has not hoped that now the O'Neal Clan person is suppressed, then regarding his plan very disadvantageous, now Zhao Hai also really wants to have a look, what the O'Neal Clan ji fierce collision between people and different God Race can be. But lets the Zhao Hai special attention the different God Race person, now has mounted Taurus Continent, is catching up toward Pegasus Clan Space there, they want, in the Pegasus Clan person has not entered all before Space, control Pegasus Clan, if the Pegasus Clan person all entered Space, they also want the Pegasus Clan domain to do, God Race other ten Continent their also nobody goes, how to run up to Pegasus Clan Space to go. But reason that different God Race will obtain this information, is because unfolds notifying of Fenglei, unfolds Fenglei when these information that in hearing Zhanyue their release comes, knows that Zhanyue will have the next step plan, therefore he Pegasus Clan here the fresh matter, likely different God Race has made the report every day, different God Race lived any matter that to walk to know from A to Z regarding Pegasus Clan Space here. Fenglei such procedure of Zhao Hai to unfolding, did not have the words to say, he removes the bottom really one that Pegasus Clan sold, Zhao Hai thinks really patted him, but he bore finally. The Pegasus Clan person enters Space, left the imagination of all people, they brought some valuables to enter in Space, but after entering Space, their suddenly present, so long as brought some valuables to suffice, because in Space here, you, so long as had gold coins, can trade all thing that you wanted. When these people entered in Space, they believe that Zhanyue has not deceived them, what he said was real, in Space was very good, was good. Under the help of Barbarian and Thunder Clan, the each and every one village has established, these enter to Space the face of Pegasus Clan person on, 1 u left the smiling face. a.