Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 10 - Chapter 991

Axe face heavy standing on War Chariot/Tank, George stands in his side, Axe turns the head to George said : George, was this several days?” George deep voice said : Young Master, three days, we three days have not run into a Pegasus Clan person, in city that we pass through, does not have a Pegasus Clan person.” Axe let out a long breath, muttered said : three days, really three days, George, did you have the feeling, was this situation probably looking familiar very?” As soon as George listened to Axe saying that gawked slightly, then his face changed said : Young Master, was your meaning?” Axe deep voice said : you did not think that the here situation also does have outside that Space situation to look like with Ark Continent very much? The people all disappeared, don’t know went to there, Ark Continent is, outside that Space is, but here is also.” George nodded said : is, right that Young Master said that here situation really very to Ark Continent there, but not completely is also same, Ark Continent there before we enter, moved out, the person outside that Space, moved out for sometime, but here, the people feared that just moved out, if our speeding up, possibly knows that these people moved to there to go, but Young Master, I did not approve such to do, no matter these people moved to there to go, expressed that they do not want to spell with us directly hardly, therefore they withdrew, we need, Also is the ore in this Space, but if we pursue, may run into the ambush, if this is only the strategy that the opposite party wants to make us use in the past, that was more troublesome.” Axe static is listening to George's words, George's these days performance very good, As a staff officer, he very qualified, as under the hand/subordinate, he also very qualified, now one hear of George said that Axe also nodded said : well, good that you said was a pity that if we can know that is really who, gave to outmigrate these Space people, can solve one in our heart to doubt huoto consider as finished, first this, all by careful give priority to. ” George has not made noise, now advancing of army is not quick, so long as Axe did not order speeding up to be good, other does not need to make the adjustment. But at this time, Zhanyue also in going all out was the city moves the person toward Space, Zhanyue said to these clansman ”, so long as belt valuables have been OK, other unwieldy thing do not bring, that too influence degree, although to saying in Space, n cut must from the beginning start, but has arrived in Space, they used the gold coins place not to be many, Space there although also needs to buy thing with gold coins, so long as you are willing to work, Space there can trade by the thing.

Because of this, therefore Zhanyue was not worried in Space, ” the everyday problem of people, he had asked Fei'er, like Fei'er lived in the house, was very cheap in Space, all people can pay that money ”, if you do not think that the hua money made Space help you construct the house, you can also construct, such can save the money. Pegasus Clan toward that in Space moves obvious sped up, but Space there An Zhi work although very anxious, but also dealt with has gotten down, this was mainly Zhanyue their some underpreparednot to think of the Pegasus Clan person to be able frantic such. Now Zhanyue some feel relieved, he moved the clansman order, from Space rift there, toward, mister these has probably encountered the dangerous clansman to move to Space rift inthen moves the following that many dangers, has not passed through Axe they to meet first successive several days not to run into a Pegasus Clan person. When Zhanyue moves the person toward Space, different God Race reinforcement also arrived at outside Pegasus Clan Space rift, now Space rift there, was ended control by the O'Neal Clan person, they have also built up a defense line in there, and has left behind many War Chariot/Tank, Magic Armor and cannon defend in there. more than ten millions army opens, the O'Neal Clan person was naturally impossible presently, saw this posture, the Space rift here O'Neal Clan garrison troops, immediately has sent out reinforcement, reinforcement was divided into two, one toward Space, informs Axe they, making their immediately/on horseback turn back in order to help friendly forces, one actually did not be go toward base there, requested reinforcements like Clan. This garrison commander is also an experience is very obviously rich, looks at the opposite party to be threatening, his immediately has made the most correct choice, simultaneously he also adjusted, has prepared clinging to tenaciously. The different God Race army has arrived at outside the crack defense line, has almost not made any rest, has launched attack to Space rift directly. Different God Race such anxiously the attack, mainly two reasons, one is being because unfolded Fenglei to tell them matter that Pegasus Clan person moved, another reason was, they have not cared O'Neal Clan. After Zhao Hai helped them extinguishing the Pegasus Clan person, these different God Race people unavoidably has had the one type of proud mood, in their opinion, God Race perished, this in society in nobody was their matches, therefore their simply has not cared O'Neal Clan, just arrived at crack here, has not made any recuperation, immediately has launched attack. Their here launches attack, O'Neal Clan immediately starts to counter-attack, the first bo fire comprised of cannon, immediately has hit.

The different God Race person has not thought that the attack unexpectedly such ferocity of opposite party, many people do not have to get up including Domain, was given exterminate by the fire. O'Neal Clan the fire attack, its attack strength is very strong, if list in the case of attack, attack of this fire, even also wants formidable compared with Magic Armor attack, the different God Race person will meet will certainly suffer a loss. The different God Race person has not thought that counter-attack unexpectedly such ferocity of O'Neal Clan, their first bo attack, were given returning of by the fire of opposite party. Sees this situation, the different God Race person also cannot help but took seriously the O'Neal Clan person, after they drew back, did not have immediately/on horseback to attack, but slow has drawn back a distance, then prepared to carry on the recuperation. However the O'Neal Clan person will not make them such carry on the recuperation, the O'Neal Clan person in moment that in recent time and Pegasus Clan person fights, knew that Domain use, they also know that this group of people are not good to cope, after the different God Race person draws back, O'Neal Clan Magic Armor army immediately came out to attack attack to the different God Race person. Perhaps the person of Magic Armor army, their cannot long time carries on to make the war in sky, but they make the strength that fights in a short time are actually very formidable, is not only quick, defends strongly, but also the attack strength is not weak, therefore the people of Magic Armor army have launched Lightning War to different God Race! These Magic Armor soldier Incarnation became the bomber aircraft, they use quickly has flown the different God Race sky, then the miniature bomb threw down on them is bringing, then immediately counter- navigation, not person many entanglements with different God Race. Different God Race several elders have not thought that the opposite party so is unexpectedly bold, dares to have attack to them, therefore they have not responded that the opposite party has abandoned the bomb to run. This makes in the faces of several elders somewhat feel sorry, just that bo attack, was they have a low opinion of the enemy, but the counter-attack of this O'Neal Clan, looked like in several elders, obvious has applied makeup, their there could bear this.

Elder immediately that four and come flew from the team, dashes to crack defense line here, the O'Neal Clan garrison commander looked that in the opposite party camp kicks out four people to come, he knows that these people are Expert, if not Expert, they do not dare such to clash, therefore his immediately has been ready, War Chariot/Tank, Magic Armor, cannon prepared, so long as the opposite party entered their attack scopes, their immediately started attack. Quick, four Great Elder entered the O'Neal Clan attack range, O'Neal Clan attack also started, that garrison troops have not treated it lightly, deal with these four people, came up is a 50 cannon salvo, but then made O'Neal Clan these garrison troops feel that the fearful matter lived, their this round fire attack, quality very high, 50 collected the Magic Formation shell to shoot toward that four people, ten points that hit. However at this moment, on that four people suddenly appears four sets of full body armor, like lightning has then wielded several fists, several Taurus Qi Strength welcomed these shells to hit, these shells have not approached several people, was hit to explode directly. Sees this situation, face of that garrison commander sinks, he knows that these time ran into the match, his immediately made the artillery be ready, took 56 artillery as one group, non- compartment carried on attack to several people, simultaneously the Magic Armor squad also prepared, momentarily may pill fly to enter the war. Reason that he has not made the Magic Armor squad enter the war at this time, is if this time Magic Armor squad exited to enter the war, their fire attack must stop. Fire attack must stop, but is not now, the artillery fire attack people have the range, cannot be too far, too left the firing distance, cannot be too near, too near the words will have the danger, but the position that now different God Race four Great Elder are, most suits the fire attack range, at this time, they naturally cannot send Magic Armor to exit to enter the war. However four Great Elder attack strength, left the imagination of O'Neal Clan these people, their fires have only fired three rounds, four Great Elder have killed to defense line very near place, this already not in the fire attack range, but at this time, O'Neal Clan Magic Armor soldier, left. This is Magic Armor and God Race Ultimate Weapon first collision, this O'Neal Clan altogether has sent out 50 Magic Armor, fighting strength that just four Great Elder showed that has made the O'Neal Clan person be vigilant, therefore they one has sent out 50 Magic Armor, for is guarantees absolutely safe, even if does not hit the opposite party, cannot make the opposite party give to destroy Magic Armor, must know a Magic Armor production cost, but very high, loses Magic Armor to be possible regarding O'Neal Clan not to be the minor matter, especially this achieving God Rank Magic Armor, is so. a.