Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 10 - Chapter 992

Magic Armor and Supreme Elder fought one quickly, has to recognize, O'Neal Clan these Magic Armor soldiers really very outstanding, among them mutual coordination very perfect, was adding on them to let Magic Armor transformation, therefore attack method extremely numerous, the attack strength also was also very strong, four Great Elder also took them not to have the means at once, both sides pestered in together, no one how anyone. This war gave to shake really the people of both sides, the O'Neal Clan person has not thought that they have sent out 50 God Rank Magic Armor, could not these four to exterminate, this them to be startled unexpectedly. But the different God Race person is startled, sees in them, Supreme Elder is the invincible symbol, besides Zhao Hai that anomaly, has not seen Supreme Elder to suffer a loss, has not thought that the opposite party these time has only sent out dozens Iron-man, has blocked Supreme Elder attack. Both sides somewhat are both surprised, has not thought that opposite party strength unexpectedly such, but O'Neal Clan here has also prepared completely safe, they make other Magic Armor also prepare momentarily to attack, because of O'Neal Clan here person very clear, Magic Armor cannot long time fight. But what O'Neal Clan person don’t know is, actually different God Race these Supreme Elder, cannot the fight of long time, this arrive did not mean that although said now their Combat Suit, is the Space product, but uses Combat Suit to need to consume energy, Combat Suit Might is very big, energy that consumes is not naturally small, therefore these different God Race Supreme Elder, is the fight of impossible long time. The Combat Suit of Space product, actually the biggest advantage, was the person who let the use not by Combat Suit backlash, before these Combat Suit, energy that because needed was too strong, the words that user energy could not achieve, will achieve certain backlash, in other words, God Race these Supreme Elder, must pass through many use Combat Suit words, appears aftermath, will receive the internal injury, looked like most Jin Ben from the beginning is the same. But the Combat Suit actually this fence of Space product, Combat Suit of Space product, on a equivalent to Might giant sword, this cannot make your strength obtain very big promotion the sword, but you in use, must consume the physical strength, the physical strength did not have, the sword you could not assert with confidence, in good sword, cannot be used to kill the enemy, but before this sword cannot you are same, your physical strength, he will not have punctured you under turn one, now not, you not[ body], on cannot use the sword at most, sword. Will not injure to you. Although in present Combat Suit not backlash, but uses energy that Combat Suit needs is very big, even if different God Race Supreme Elder, wanting long time use Combat Suit not to be impossible. Actually this is also a narrow-mindedness that Zhao Hai leaves behind, he gives different God Race these Combat Suit, compared with these Combat Suit that they use, is some problems, like oversized consumption energy is a problem, these Combat Suit that Zhao Hai Space comes in handy, on consuming energy, but want on lightly compared with these of different God Race use many. Zhao Hai presently different God Race these people, do not have the gratitude to oneself, but everywhere guards, he naturally impossible to give different God Race good thing, such he was not too silly.

Zhao Hai is such person, you, him are also good to you, you are not good to him, that has sorry, he will be impolite, plans you not to discuss. But Space appears Analyzer and Universal Manufacturing Machine, helped Zhao Hai be busy, these Combat Suit although in planting, but Zhao Hai before giving different God Race, used Analyzer and Universal Manufacturing Machine to modified, therefore this Combat Suit was inferior that in Space used. Different God Race four Great Elder also know that their issues, looked for a while takes the opposite party not to have the means that also has hit a while, they have to retreat. Four Great Elder draw back, O'Neal Clan these Magic Armor soldiers have also drawn back, to be honest, just they felt the pressure that is very big, luckily they all are some experienced soldiers, therefore does not have appears any mistake, otherwise the consequence is really inconceivable. So far, both sides also general awareness opposite party fighting strength, therefore everyone in carrying on attack, different God Race needs to rest, O'Neal Clan here is also same, they not only need rest, but must write the report the here situation, immediately informs in Clan. Before they had not thought that some people unexpectedly such, four people can block their 50 God Rank Magic Armor attack, this made them be startled, but fortunately, the opposite party like the soldier, probably was not many, they also on feel relieved. But both sides both don’t know, their this fights, fell in the Zhao Hai eye, Zhao Hai saw the performance of O'Neal Clan that 50 Magic Armor, cannot help but nodded, that 50 Magic Armor coordination were really great, 50 attack and defense had Xu, did not have the flurried meaning, this was not an easy matter. When both sides drew back returned to their camp, Zhao Hai then turned the head to Laura their said : looks like this Atlanta Continent also is really not that simple, put on Combat Suit four Great Elder, linked 50 God Rank Magic Armor how unexpectedly, it seems like that this God Rank Magic Armor, is really more formidable than the ordinary God Rank soldier, the strength approached on God Rank Expert.”

Laura nodded said :, „, has not thought really that these Magic Armor fighting strength are so strong, looking at it like this, different God Race these reinforcement, feared that did not have the means with the O'Neal Clan person.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said :, that is not just right, they do not have the means with O'Neal Clan, will look like in the clan to request reinforcements, when the time comes different God Race definitely in sending for supporting, but in O'Neal Clan, true God Rank Magic Armor, probably also will not be extremely numerous, I want to know now, if O'Neal Clan suffered a loss, what Magic Armor they will be putting out to cope with different God Race these Supreme Elder.” Lizzy connection said :, O'Neal Clan will certainly cope with different God Race, this point can affirm that they want to obtain God Realm all domains, that different God Race is horizontally an archenemy in front of them, they certainly except that from the O'Neal Clan conduct method, they will not be the friendly stubble.” Zhao Hai nodded, he has not thought that the O'Neal Clan person so is unexpectedly ruthless, nose horse Clan these cities, so long as were captured by them, almost does not have any living witness, this is the Zhao Hai puzzled place, don't they need the slave really? Actually Zhao Hai and don’t know, in Magic Armor Continent there, various Great Clan, when conquer different Space, but also little wants the slave, because of different Space of their piece clothing/taking, by Martial Skill and Magic give priority to, such person is little can generally by conquer, even if by conquer, the Magic Armor Continent person also little has been dared to use them as the slave, because of the Magic Armor Continent person, the strongest attack method is Magic Armor. Magic Armor Continent person, if has taken off Magic Armor, they almost did not have no fighting strength, but different Space person , the majority was body formidable, can't the Magic Armor Continent person, put on Magic Armor daily? If they received the different Space person to work as the slave, when they did not put on Magic Armor, the different Space person, suddenly had attack to them, that consequence was dreadful, therefore for own security, the Magic Armor Continent there person, almost did not receive the slave. In adding on Magic Armor Continent there, no matter makes anything to work, generally is uses Magic Armor to complete, their working efficiencies, but be higher than the average person on many, therefore they do not need the slave. Lizzy deep voice said :, O'Neal Clan also has certainly a stronger method, but they have not used, perhaps because of their these stronger method, looks like God Race beforehand Combat Suit is the same, the use must pay the price, therefore they are useless, so long as gave to compel them anxiously, they will use certainly.”

Zhao Hai nodded said :, „ is only different God Race, suffices O'Neal Clan to drink a pot, O'Neal Clan Magic Armor although very formidable, but this Magic Armor has a shortcoming, one, but these soldiers have rested, they must come out from Magic Armor, when comes across the war time, they when put on Magic Armor, although pass through the long time ancestor to practice, this time became very short, in facing different God Race like this race that flew to hit, will suffer a loss, moreover different God Race these people, had fought many battles, fight experience rich, they are only do not understand the Magic Armor characteristics now, will therefore be at the aspect of this being locked in a stalemate, when their true. rub clear the Magic Armor characteristics, the O'Neal Clan person will certainly have suffered a loss, when the time comes they have to use a stronger strength. ” Lizzy nodded said :, right, is this, therefore I can affirm that the O'Neal Clan person, later certainly will use some stronger strength, but matter Elder Brother Hai we must pay attention, command(er) Magic Armor makes the war, makes the war with the command(er) average person, is different, later was we had Magic Armor, needed good Commander.” Zhao Hai one hear of Lizzy such spoke has gawked, he has not thought of this point, but Lizzy said that Zhao Hai actually has to attach great importance, he nodded said :, looked like later has opportunity, must receive several Atlanta Continent Undead Creature.” Lizzy shows a faint smile said :, Undead Creature although very intelligent, but a person compares, they have been short of spirit xing, perhaps is because their level are insufficient, therefore I mean, Elder Brother Hai , to get so far as a formidable Magic Armor army, must receive some Magic Armor Continent people to enter Space is good, Undead Creature is incorrect.” Zhao Hai nodded said :, „ good, listens your, I will pay attention to the matter in this aspect, now different God Race by O'Neal Clan constraining, me has thought that Axe certainly will also turn back in order to help friendly forces, this arrived has given Zhanyue their time, when there is several days, Pegasus Clan can all move to Space, we can also feel relieved this matter. Laura is smiling said :, Elder Brother Hai, do you have to think , received Dwarf God Race Space? They are very good to your impression, moreover from this several times their performance, their moral behavior is not a problem, received Space to have the advantage to us very much.” a.