Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 10 - Chapter 993

Zhao Hai thinks that said : this to can try, can make Ryder give a try, If succeeded that is best, if were not successful, that did not have anything, now the person in my Space may be many. ” Laura smiles said :, „the person in Space is not the more better, now we were dozens background, but truly used, was actually less than ten, too wasted.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said :, do not worry, takes your time, sooner or later will use, you said that we do want return to Space to have a look?” Laura they know certainly that Zhao Hai this enters Space to have a look is any meaning, he wants to go to Wild Dragon Island there to have a look, look room examining room there situation how. Laura they will certainly not oppose that several people entered Space with Zhao Hai, went to Wild Dragon Island there. Also let alone, the laboratory there situation also is really very good, Zhao Hai to let laboratory speeds up, but also made several computers from science and technology background there specially, then used Universal Machine transform the computer, this gave Karen them to use, this made Karen their working efficiency also higher. Zhao Hai their relaxed is carrying on a Space one day tour in Space, but Axe they now are not quite relaxed, Axe themselves received the crack defense line there garrison commander against support requirement letter, this several days, because needs to fight steadily, therefore they walked was not quick, this can at such short time adduction to the support requirement letter, see the support requirement letter, Axe is startled. Axe very clear, now their person in this Space, if Space rift there were sealed up, their equal to died of suffocation in here, this is not the good deed, therefore Axe immediately looked with these military officers of his together fight. These military officers were also O'Neal Clan old person, the qualifications were very old, even if were O'Neal Clan Patriarch, must to them several points of face, therefore normally had any matter, Axe must discuss with these people. Waited for these military officers to arrive in the command(er) car(riage), Axe has then put out that letter, has put on the table, look at these military officer said :, just crack defense line there Narnia received a letter, outside this Space, suddenly came an army, to their attack, the population about 10 million, everyone/Great Clan was saying to look, what idea has?” One hear of Axe said that all people stare, then face changes, immediately/on horseback stands said :, Young Lord, we currently in this Space, in this Space have the enemy, if were making people stopping up the escape route, we will fall into to the back abdomen by the region of enemy, that may not be wonderful, Young Lord, we should immediately/on horseback turn back in order to help friendly forces.” All military officers in hall nodded, Axe also nodded said :, I also know this situation, but I believe that we should turn back in order to help friendly forces in turn, first sends a batch Magic Armor to turn back in order to help friendly forces, Battalion in behind the line, this is these people in Space counter-attacks slowly, Battalion can also block them in behind, won't make army fall into to the back abdomen by the aspect of enemy, everyone/Great Clan is thought?” One hear of Axe said that these War General somewhat are surprised, to be honest, they before were not being convinced Axe, after all Axe did not have command(er) the fight, after the attack, they to was feel relieved, Axe command(er) to the present is also fair, has not violated any wrong, therefore they to had not proposed opinion that anything opposed, has not suspended face with Axe, after all after Axe, on was Patriarch, they were not good to offend.

The aid program that however this Axe proposes, to was makes them somewhat hold in high esteem, to did not say that this planned 1 to have , this plan can only say is fair, but on just battlefield the new person regarding one, Acher Kaess can at this time, but also maintained such calm brains, this itself explained that he was a character, therefore these people really somewhat surprised. However they not too many performance, but agreed the Axe plan, Axe then assigns duty, he has left behind majority of War Chariot/Tank, Magic Armor of some parts, the remaining Magic Armor all in addition help crack defense line there, to speed up these Magic Armor, Axe makes these Magic Armor each take some Energy Converter, like this they can the flight of long time. This method is not Axe defends to create, generally also uses specially on Magic Armor that is used to deliver a letter, making on Magic Armor bring several Energy Converter, extends on the way Magic Armor pilot to replace Energy Converter, like this will be quick, naturally, this situation and not suitable were used for the long-distance raid, because of this method, will make the Magic Armor pilot feel that very tired, will affect their fighting strength. However this time situation is different, what because they must support is crack defense line there, so long as the Magic Armor quick point rushes to crack defense line there, the pilot can definitely carry on the recuperation in there, then can invest has fought, is adding on them now to crack defense line there is not very far, therefore Axe has used this method. Axe has not gone back with these Magic Armor, behind he also wants command(er) army slowly retreat, to is George went back with these Magic Armor together. But Axe their here situation, Zhanyue and don’t know, he is moving the person toward the Space city now, is good because of move was similar. But outside different God Race camp, is actually somewhat flurried, the although most people present is still resting, but many people actually cannot fall asleep, they have not thought that the opposite party can block Supreme Elder attack unexpectedly, this regarding the morale influence of different God Race army is very big. The different God Race army with initially some God Race shapes, they extremely in worshipping the Supreme Elder strength, believed the Ultimate Weapon strength, in their opinion, only then Supreme Elder, bringing Ultimate Weapon to go into action, did not have the matter that could not solve, this worship was not the a day or two formation, but passed through for tens of thousands years slowly the well has become, has carved in their Bone. This worship has the advantage also to have the fault, the advantage is, so long as Supreme Elder , the army will maintain the fighting spirit, will meet the violent to leave 120% fighting strength, naturally, the fault also will be very obvious, one, but Supreme Elder appears issue, then regarding the attack of their morale will be very fatal. Now the different God Race army, a little this meaning, Supreme Elder appears , cannot tidy up these Iron-man, this makes morale of these soldiers certainly be affected. Several Supreme Elder also noted certainly this situation, in these Supreme Elder, only then one was original Beastman Race Supreme Elder, other three, afterward became Supreme Elder, their bodies put on was also original idea clan Supreme Elder Combat Suit, compared other three elders to come, that original Beastman Race Supreme Elder, fighting strength was strongest.

Combat Suit is weapon, each weapon characteristics are different, a person, if only uses weapon for a lifetime, handiness that then this weapon like part of his body, he can use, conversely, when you just attained weapon, that feared that this weapon is very strong, but you are impossible to wield this weapon complete fighting strength in a short time, Combat Suit is so. That three just obtained Combat Suit Beastman Race and Elven Race Supreme Elder, is this, their although obtained Combat Suit, the strength is not weak, because did not have absolutely utilizes the Combat Suit characteristics, therefore their fighting strength, come compared with that Beastman elder, missed much, this team of people, gazed by that Beastman long nag naturally. Sitting in the room that this Beastman elder face yin sinks, this room is uses Magic to make, in the room furniture anything, does with Magic, above has spread out one layer beast skin, marches in outdoor, such condition is good. This Beastman elder looked at other three elder one eyes, deep voice said : three, from today's fight, this time enemy are not really good to deal with, everyone/Great Clan said to look that what opinion you do have?” fighting strength that three elder silence, to be honest, O'Neal Clan these people show today, making them very be also startled, they do not have what good method to cope with the opposite party now. The Beastman elder looked at three people of one, understand their meanings, he and doesn't blame, he did not have the means to cope with the opposite party, they did not have the means to be also normal, but this aspect must change at present is good. Beastman elder deep voice said : „the large unit of opposite party definitely is also attacking Pegasus Clan, here is their garrison troops, garrison troops so are difficult to deal with, if other large units come back, our trouble even bigger, therefore I think tonight, our several in laborious, in the evening carry on a time night assault to them, how has a look at their night combat capabilities, if their night combat capabilities are very strong, our tomorrow can only strong attack, if their night combat capabilities are not good, that we on fight the night fighting with them.” That three Supreme Elder one hear of he said that also nodded, this arrives is also means that this time their four people, getting 10 million armies to come out, this just contacted with the enemy on, retreats definitely cannot, such draws back, did not have the face, therefore they can only attack. The Beastman elder look at them to agree that deep voice said : three agreements are good, now three rest, we move in the evening.” Three people have complied with one, to Beastman elder gave a salute, turn around walked. When they walk, the Beastman elder also called this lead the army general, this lead the army general was the Beastman Race person, naturally, Elven Race also had an own general, the Beastman elder invites these two generals. When two to the room, saw after to the Beastman elder exchanging greetings, Beastman elder said : these time you are then called, the matters must tell you, tonight, our four people in one time will move attack to these fellows, tries, has a look at them whether adapts to the night fighting, when we leave, you also in behind, if the opposite party does not adapt to the night fighting very much, your immediately moves attack, even if cannot attack the opposite party defense line, must not feel better by them, this time attack, do not send too many people, the crack. The defense line altogether so is big, too many people went to be also useless, carried on attack with many people, this your look at office.”

They complied with one, the Beastman elder had beckoned with the hand, their leave, the Beastman elder also slowly has then closed the eye, has controlled one's breathing, he must guarantee, oneself in optimum condition, because the opposite party strength was very strong, especially these Magic Armor, fighting strength was really very good. Day getting dark of slowly, Axe reinforcement has not arrived at crack defense line here, entire crack defense line here, to is brilliantly illuminated, what defense line here use is Energy Converter provides energy that to carry on the illumination, therefore here photo , and has set up many searchlights, not to stop is staring at outside, feared that the different God Race person meets the night assault. O'Neal Clan these people, coped with night assault also to have certain means that however their Magic Armor moved in the night, not like in vain Yana comfortable, is affected certainly in evening's Magic Armor fighting strength, because, therefore they will have such means to defend in the evening. Is 1 : 00 o'clock at night matter does not have, different God Race here has not moved, to about 1 : 00 o'clock at night, four elders set out, catches up toward defense line here, Beastman Race and Elven Race, has selected the squad of hundred thousand person afterward the line, in the squad of this hundred thousand person, Elven Race fought thirty thousand, Beastman Race has fought 70,000, but in these seven ten thousand Beastman, mouse clansman occupied thirty thousand, cat clansman has occupied twenty thousand, the twenty thousand Wolf Race person, these race was the very suitable stealth race. In Beastman Race here, they do not have division of War Clan and nationality, level 9th level, after having become God Rank Expert, no matter any race, their fighting strength disparities are not very big, therefore in God Realm here, Beastman also not in minute anything War Clan, nationality and Slave Race. But that thirty thousand fight of Elven Race, is actually a marksman, that feared that is became God Rank Expert, the direction that they study also has the stress, for example Elven Race, some specially like with sword attack, some use bow and arrow specially, and also some actually like with Magic, the thirty thousand soldier who this coming out, is god Sagittarius. although said that O'Neal Clan defensive very strict is dense, but this cannot baffle four Supreme Elder, cannot baffle very suitable stealth several clan soldiers, four elder that were needless saying that was quick, but several clan stealth soldiers, cannot be too quick, too quick words certainly by the O'Neal Clan person present, their these searchlights were not the ornaments. Four elders went near the defense line quickly, is close defense line there, is easily presently, this defense line here, O'Neal Clan has made early warning some facilities, four elders with oneself to the keen induction of energy, avoid many early warning facilities, but closer defense line, the early warning facility are more, several people also inevitable slow. Several people of careful moving forward, to defense line getting closer and closer, they could have attack to the defense line now, but several people have not begun, they have attack to the defense line now, will not obtain the too big victory, therefore they prepare to be nearer to the defense line, then in