Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 10 - Chapter 994

Buzz! The grating squeal, with flashes flashes red light, resounds in camp, flash O'Neal Clan camp one has seethed with excitement! This sound and red light are representing anything, veteran who in camp these have fought many battles in clear, that represents the enemy to raid! Has to recognize, the God Race person regarding the understanding of Magic Formation, compared with the Atlanta Continent person, be misses really far, surface different God Race regarding the understanding of Magic Formation, even also can't compare with God Race, therefore they were naturally more impossible presently these Magic warnings under O'Neal Clan person arrangement. Different God Race four Great Elder, can rub to leaving crack defense line there less than one kilometer place, this is miracle, they regarding the energy sensation very formidable words, feared that was they already present. God Race four Great Elder hear this sound to know that by presently him, they in the hideaway whereabouts, the personal appearance have not moved to fly, simultaneously Combat Suit has put in the body, then with quickest flew toward O'Neal Clan defense line there. When they just flew, from O'Neal Clan front camp, suddenly projects several energy light beam, then more and more energy light quantities have shot toward their bodies. Four Great Elder immediately added energy protective shield to oneself, they have not managed these energy light beam, still flushes away toward camp. At this time, in O'Neal Clan camp, suddenly ran out of 50 Magic Armor, these 50 Magic Armor fast welcomed toward four Great Elder, then almost simultaneously, in camp all searchlights, have illuminated to this direction, four Great Elder personal appearance one on expose in air. At this moment, in Darkness suddenly has projected the innumerable arrows, these arrows shoot is not these Magic Armor, but is these lamps in camp, ping several, these searchlights were shot the violent, light one dark, four Great Elder personal appearance ”, in a time hidden entered in Darkness. Such changes lets, O'Neal Clan in camp to stare, but they are also the soldiers who the personal appearance hundred fight, quick made the response, the O'Neal Clan person in camp, immediately has supported energy protective shield, but their this supported energy protective shield, outside these attacked their different God Race people to stare on the quantity, they have not seen such energy protective shield. White , like is huge semicircle energy protective shield, looks like does not have any special place probably, when this energy protective shield gets upentire energy protective shield actually like is a giant light bulb, white fluorescence.

This situation different God Race person has not met, energy does protective shield also meet the light unexpectedly? Can't this too the meaning? Actually different God Race person don’t knowenergy protective shield can the light not be the great matter, Magic Armor Continent that O'Neal Clan is, in Warrior Continent and Magic Continent with Atlanta Continent fought don’t know to have many years, they regarding how dealt with this Warrior attack very knowledgeable, they also know that their shortcoming, was also thinking the improvement own shortcoming of means. But just as is such that the Beastman elder said that O'Neal Clan these Magic Armor, not too suitable night fightingin evening's these Magic Armor fighting strength, because of the ray reason, the visibility will become very low, fighting strength will be greatly affected, in this casewhat to do, if the enemy will move the night assault? What most from the beginning the people use is only the searchlight, however was destroyed several times in the searchlight, after the Magic Armor Continent person ate several times has owed, they start to think that other means that last Magic Formation research lab, understood this type light protective shieldthis type to be able light protective shield not to have any special place in fact, was ordinary is defending in Magic Formation, has carried on lightly some after modificationjoin some force fluorescence, on having this effectcorrespondingly, after starting Magic Formation, energy that consumes will also increase many. However this Magic Formation present, made the entire Magic Armor Continent night combat capability obtain the qualitative leap, Magic Armor of these originally being good at night fighting, after having the support of this Magic Formation, even if walked the attack ability is still not very strong, but they must defend their camp not to be a problem. Now the crack defense line here situation is this, defends the Magic Formation illumination to get up that moment in that these Magic Armor restored the beforehand flexibility, arranged the lineup with four to clamp the elder to fight in together. But defense line inside cannon and War Chariot/Tank have not been idling, from just the searchlight by attack at that moment, the O'Neal Clan person on understand, the enemy who these time came is not one or two, therefore their cannon to the direction that bow and arrow was shooting, was one covers the potential attack, this completely was one type of mindless attack style, no matter there did have the person, was hiding who, I on was a row of shell hit the past, had the person, calculated you to be bad luck, nobody, they on have wasted several shells at most. Slowly O'Neal Clan such attack style, completely in repeatedly with Warrior the person fight of Continent and in Magic Continent, the essence that accumulates examines, their all soldiers, will distinguish the direction that bow and arrow flies, even can revolt the distance that bow and arrow shoots, thus provides to make the sign for the artillery. Do not think that this is very relaxed Gu Qing, each O'Neal Clan soldier, is the process very strictly trains, but the knowledge in these battlefields. Had been written about in the textbook, moreover after must undergo the repeated training, can make the most accurate judgment. The different God Race army, has not thought of counter-attack such rapidness of O'Neal Clan, such ferocity, when they did not have understand what's the matter, an artillery hail of bullets has pounded, one gave to pound méng them.

Does not want Might of underestimated these shells, in Atlanta Continent there, no matter Warrior in 6 in Magic Continent there, they forever does not lack Expert, especially in the armed forces, no matter the Warrior Continent there army, is the Magic Continent there army, their fighting strength, not compared with the different God Race army difference, if Magic Armor Continent bright weapon, not having the means to constitute the injury to these people, feared that was Magic Armor Continent already by another two Continent destroying completely. O'Neal Clan attack very fast, cannon attack one after another, making different God Race these soldiers one eat one to owe greatly, this time they only dispatched the hundred thousand person, was wants to carry on sneak attack, has not actually thought that such quickly on expose, this artillery hail of bullets, has been battered to death their near thirty thousand person. But at this time, many Magic Armor flew from camp, part throws toward four Great Elder, another part actually calculates that is protecting in the camp sky, all around is nobody goes to inspect, but the shell in camp actually still like does not ask for money is pounding in all directions, has pounded five rounds, cannon in camp was stopped. look at this situation, four Great Elder know that tonight sneak attack impossible degree, they méng to live have drawn back intent ”, but at this time, the suddenly different God Race camp direction, actually against the intermittent explosive sound, heard this sound, four Great Elder stare, then compelling fast drew back these to encircle in own Magic Armor, flew toward own camp, they know that own camp certainly by person attack, but by who attack, this had not been needed to want also to know that certain was the O'Neal Clan person. Thinks here their exceed worried, but O'Neal Clan these person of fighting strength are good, now camp there, assumes personal command without them, should not be the match of O'Neal Clan person, if O'Neal Clan sends the sneak attack camp person to be many, that camp there was dangerous. When four Great Elder, are bringing these sneak attack different God Race returned to camp time, actually presently the attack camp O'Neal Clan person retreated, their although vitality, but also relaxed. But at this time, O'Neal Clan crack defense line here, welcomed reinforcement, this is one completely reinforcement comprised of Magic Armor, the person of team leader, is George. George received the order of Axe, leading Magic Armor Battalion to return to the defense line here support first, they except for trading Energy Converter time beside, does not have a moment stay, finally in midnight returned to defense line here. However has not arrived at defense line here time, George they presently, the different God Race person is attacking defense line here, O'Neal Clan these Magic Armor soldiers, wants to come up the support, but George has not actually agreed with this procedure.

They, already flying in the sky good several hours, physically and mentally exhausted, entered the war at this time, cannot have too big doing to use, counter- will possibly have not the small loss, such matter George was not dry, therefore George led Magic Armor Continent that these were turning back in order to help friendly forces, toward different God Race camp there rub past. Different God Race camp there is not jet black one piece, there ignites the Magic lamp in all directions, is it can be said that brilliantly illuminated, George they naturally are one rub one, to different God Race camp outside, George not polite, immediately ordered, has pounded a miniature bomb toward camp in directly, later retreated. He knows that such attack cannot have anything to do to use regarding different God Race camp, but he can actually affirm that opposite party after seeing own camp by attack, meets immediately/on horseback to turn back in order to help friendly forces, so long as these people come back, the defense line there crisis naturally also solved, but their this weary soldiers, returned to defense line there recuperation that well can also feel at ease one. But George's their prompt turning back in order to help friendly forces, makes the defense line here garrison troops relax, their here garrison troops, the quantity is not many, but the opposite party comes is actually army of thousands of person, such pressure, making the garrison troops military officers feel that headache, fortunately, George they come back now. A lively evening, such passed, this different God Race night assault, has not played the effect that they imagine, moreover there are some losses, but generally speaking, they regarding the opposite party strength also some understanding of ten points specific, this very had the advantage regarding the later fight. After returned to camp, four big have rested in the elder, entire different God Race camp also slowly restored calm, although they had just met attack, but these people were the Old Zhan gentlemen, has not all been serious, tidied up these destroyed place, why should. a.