Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 10 - Chapter 995

Zhao Hai sits in Space, on the look at screen restored calm both sides camp, presses him to turn the head to sitting in nearby Laura said :, looked like we should find a Atlanta Continent person, the command(er) Magic Armor corps with the ordinary army, really completely were two matters.” Laura nodded said :, has not looked, O'Neal Clan these people, so are unexpectedly fierce, several times attack of different idea clan, was destroyed by them unexpectedly, according to like this looks like, different God Race wants to break through crack defense line here, feared that not so is easy.” Zhao Hai shook the head said :, I to do not believe that O'Neal Clan has taken many advantages now, but do not forget, that is because different God Race has not met such attack reason, now they already understanding of big chui O'Neal Clan attack method, will make in view of the adjustment of xing, in adding on their formidable population bases, after I think tomorrow, the trouble of O'Neal Clan really came.” Laura gently knit the brows said :, can be this? O'Neal Clan cannon is very strong.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said :, cannon is very strong, but characteristics, if copes in the enemy who the ground walks, that cannon lethality was needless saying that very formidable, but the different God Race people can flying in the sky, so long as they did not use secret collection lineup advancing, that cannon to their lethality, will reduce.” Laura nodded, different God Race fight innate skill that was needless saying that was stronger than God Race, if were not relying on this strong fight innate skill, they were impossible to block God Race attack. Before some of some of their suffering a loss, but that is because they in O'Neal Clan did not understand, regarding Magic Armor and cannon did not understand, after understanding Magic Armor and cannon ability, different God Race will certainly find out the means to cope their, when the time comes the O'Neal Clan day did not feel better. Looked that both sides have rested, Zhao Hai also on feel relieved, he turned the head to look at Laura said :, we also rest, tomorrow they will not stop, when the time comes we in see a play, when Zhanyue the Pegasus Clan person, moves to Space, we make Ryder go with Dwarf God Race to contact, then we go to Underworld to have a look.” Laura nodded said :, good, should go to Underworld there to have a look, receives some Undead Creature to come, after us has the advantage very much.” Zhao Hai nodded, leading Laura to go upstairs to rest, actually Zhao Hai goes to Underworld there, most important, wants to have a look, who that person in Dark Spirit Temple is, if that person is not Lu Wei, that Zhao Hai almost can confirm an own suspicion, Underworld, God Realm, Atlanta Continent, is divides to belong to plane that the Cultivation World there different people are in charge, he chooses in that plane ascend, on equal to was join that camp.

This matter is important to Zhao Hai, so long as he confirmed this point, he can have the option, but was not passive like the present, after all he offends, but Lu Wei, an elder level character of Cultivator big faction. Zhao Hai they have rested, but Zhanyue has not rested, this time he in has moved the person toward Space, not only nose day, even if the evening is also same, he must within the shortest time, move the people in clan to Space, such he also on feel relieved. Next day when Zhanyue moves into a batch clansman to Space in finally, he vented anger finally long, Zhanyue has not felt embarrassed to unfold Fenglei because of the beforehand matter they, unfolding Fenglei they also moved in Space, beside Magic Beast that therefore entire Pegasus Clan here, in all directions runs all over the place except for some now, already not a sui horse Clan person. Enters in show Fenglei to Space, wants to tell different God Race the situation in Space, but he actually presently, in Space, his Message Fish lost has done to use, but in him, as soon as enters Space, has not waited to say anything time, directly by an invisible strength grasping, has then closed in a small dark room, in that room, there is things to eat, has drinking thing, has the sleeping place, but besides putting is eating and drinking the thing place, other's place, is black , moreover all around a piece. Dreariness, without any sound. Lonely, depressing, probably entire world left him to go far away, this feeling let unfold Fenglei almost crazy, he went all out destroyed itself to see all thing that yelling that he went all out, but all around a point echo did not have, his sound left after his mouth, probably all of a sudden vanished. He wants to walk in all directions, but he actually walks does not put down that five square meters big or medium piece of region, he wants to break that piece of region, but that piece of region can make energy that he hits put on to obey, but he actually cannot pass. But when unfolds Fenglei to get up by capture, he heard a sound, announced his indictment, his indictment is, betrays own clansman, but must betray Space secret, therefore he half . Moreover the time is for half a month. First five days, unfold Fenglei one to release like crazy, he makes all that oneself have been able to make, even these food and water, were destroyed by him. However is useless, after these food and water were destroyed, immediately will not restore, but once in a while actually will be in appears new food and water, moreover with the eat three meals a day appears time, will be basically same.

He wants to commit suicide, whenever he has this idea time, he presently he will lose the ability to act, can rotate besides the eyeball beside, other places, simply any response, he has not moved does not move. In five days, unfolds honestly Fenglei removes the bottom, the matter that his everyday must handle, sits in there is dull, hungry time eats to select thing, thirsty time drinks a water, unfolds Fenglei also to think must fast the suicide, is he is presently useless, when he to the incorrect time, he presently cannot move hungrily, moreover these food and water, slowly will fuse in together, will form a group to be slimy, will look like very disgusting thing, then he on has to open mouth, entered his mouth by that group thing, he on will be cannot die in any case. Now unfolded Fenglei not to have the thoughts of suicide, he knows that he cannot die in here, the matter that therefore his everyday must handle was dull, before sometimes thought some, has handled the matter, sometimes let own head air-to-air one piece, anything cannot think, because only then such he will not be insane. After 15 days, unfolds Fenglei present, oneself suddenly appears in own clansman, has looked like how his don’t know were grasped hunchback, how his also don’t know are comes out, when his appears in his clansman, he has cried, his first present, originally own clansman such adorable, these clansman are not in hand chess piece, but pure is his clansman. When unfolds Fenglei to shut in the small black room, the fight of different God Race and O'Neal Clan has not actually stopped, before Zhao Hai such that judges, different God Race after eating O'Neal Clan twice has owed, finally knew the O'Neal Clan fight characteristics, therefore they have made the adjustment promptly, their lineups have pulled open, moreover their attack also not secret Ji like before, but is the same like the bo wave, after bo attack draws back, in addition bo immediately makes up, Might that in this case, O'Neal Clan these cannon can wield, on was fallen to lowly, they. energy light beam not to be trifled with, is also adding on their Magic Armor, different God Race a short time really did not have the means with them. But Zhao Hai after knowing Zhanyue moves all clansman to Space, also on feel relieved, simultaneously he also started to carry on the second step plan, delivered returned to Libra Continent Ryder, making him see magnificent Leir. magnificent Leir nearest/recent is very bothersome, he does not want with Zhao Hai for the enemy, he to be Dwarf, Dwarf is grievances is distinct, not only he, almost all Dwarf does not agree to dispatch troops, therefore these time dispatches troops, is three everyone/Great Clan associations, rather is Elven Race and Beastman Race alliance dispatches troops, Dwarf Race has not sent out Supreme Elder to enter the war, same, has not sent out the army to enter the war, this is a magnificent Leir's manner. He knows that he such does definitely will offend Beastman Race and Elven Race, but he is without hesitation such has done, because he is Dwarf. magnificent Leir also knows, in he decided starting from that moment of not dispatching troops, their different God Race the alliance, already appears fissure, moreover to alliance together Elven Race and Beastman Race, their Dwarf clan, the person inter-bank issue and acceptance of drafts is it can be said that weak, later their day feared that will not feel better.

However magnificent Leir had the psychology to prepare, currently their Dwarf Race in hand also had four sets of Ultimate Weapon, he does not believe that Beastman Race and Elven Race dare to go all out with them, if they dare to be so dry, Dwarf Race does not lack the brave warrior who dares to go all out. magnificent Leir did not regret that own decision, he knows that this will come anything to Dwarf Race Ping, however his decision, is not casual, he also passed through has thought. magnificent Leir are not many like the elegant elder brother, wholeheartedly is thinking Commander sleeve ten thousand clans, the Dwarf Race although temperament is not good, however their ambitions are not big, regarding them, the hammering pleasure be much more interesting than the murder, they only think the hammering, does not think that the responsibility rules others. But a grievances clearly Dwarf clan most precious tradition, this tradition made them hand over many friends, can say that this tradition has accomplished today's Dwarf Race, therefore in any event, this tradition cannot lose. magnificent Leir although had not agreed that the song of solomon they dispatch troops, may bring to Dwarf Race troublesome, but his protect the Dwarf Race most important tradition, he has actually thought that all are worth. magnificent Leir sits in his in the room, look at in front of him is putting a document, in this document writes food crisis the report about Dwarf Race nearest/recent, magnificent Leir knows that Elven Race and Beastman Race started to their suppressions. Put down the report of in hand, magnificent Leir cannot help but sighed, he has calculated next time, then muttered said :, at this time, should they already and these person of exchange hands?” In this time, a suddenly sound is conveying said : from outside, Patriarch, Ryder seeks an interview.” a.