Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 10 - Chapter 996

Vegetable magnificent Leir was shocked, he never expected, will hear a Ryder note name at this time, this name, before to Huller Hua Duo Leir, not too many impressions, since he contacts after Zhao Hai, Ryder this name frequently appears near his ear. Since Zhao Hai has destroyed completely God Race, this name in one time vanished, when he when remembering this name, wants to look for this name Master, this person disappeared. although not direct evidence, but magnificent Leir knows that a Ryder secure followed Zhao Hai, Xiao Bingya and leaf Hertha, these three contact most people with Zhao Hai, followed Zhao Hai. magnificent Leir are not many like the song of solomon, hears this information, felt that very indignant, conversely, he was pondering that he was pondering why Ryder they, rather give up their clansman also being probable Zhao Hai to follow, do they such do for what? Finally magnificent Leir reached a conclusion, all these because of Zhao Hai, are the Zhao Hai reason, Ryder they think that Zhao Hai is the person who is worth them such being. Regarding this conclusion, magnificent Leir had not said to the song of solomon, had not told, because magnificent Leir present, present Beastman Race and Elven Race, were different from original Beastman Race and Elven Race, before Elven Race although was arrogant, but they regarding the pursue of art, no one can compare, Beastman although were uncouthly, but they regarding[ from] by yearning, same incomparable intense, but now, in Elven Race and Beastman Race eye, he saw more was a God Race look, a that look had a name, the ambition! No matter Elven Race or Beastman Race, they had been shaded their both eyes by ambition méng, now they became the desire slaves, mi lost the conscience, therefore magnificent Leir his presently does not tell them, because he knows, even if were he said that they will not listen. This Elven Race has carried on the suppression in grain to Dwarf Race, Dwarf Race will possibly enter in some abundant crises, but magnificent Leir does not want to admit defeat in light of this, weapon that Elven Race has Dwarf Race grain that needsDwarf Race also similarly to have them to need, if you do not give me the grain, I do not give you weapon. However magnificent Leir also knows that this method impossible long-time, Dwarf Race that finally suffers a loss, because the person has no alternative but to eat meal, is at this moment, Ryder actually suddenly appears ! His why appears ? Does he want to do? Said accuratelyis Zhao Hai wants to do, magnificent Leir knows, Ryder appears certainly because of the Zhao Hai reason. Thinks of here, magnificent Leir immediately/on horseback said :, makes him come.” Person has complied with one, before long Ryder on appears in in the room. Ryder to magnificent Leir gave a salute said :, has seen Patriarch.” magnificent Leir look at Ryder said :, Ryder, is mister makes you come? Then, mister makes you do.” Ryder shows a faint smile said : is, just like Patriarch said that is mister makes me come, mister makes me come, only then a matter, he wants to invite Patriarch, moves entire Dwarf Race to his Space in! ” magnificent Leir two eyes shrinks, he has not jumped to angrily rebuke Ryder, but is deep looked at Ryder said :, Ryder are you Dwarf? ”

The Ryder elegant body shakes gently, then he very affirmative nod said : of I am Dwarf, forever is!” magnificent Leir nodded, deep voice said : that your solid reply I, replied me by a Dwarf status, does Dwarf Race enter to Mr. Zhao Hai Space in compared with present to live better? ” Ryder wants not to think that forcibly nod said :, „, certainly will cross well me to guarantee compared with the present, I by a status guarantee of Dwarf Race! ” magnificent Leir the look at Ryder appearance, quite a while has not reached an agreement, some little time he nodded said : well, I knew, I will look for the elders in clan, perhaps but Mr. Zhao Hai comes out, sees with us, I must discuss with Mr. Zhao Hai personally!” Has not waited for Ryder to speak, hears the Zhao Hai sound to transmit said : Patriarch to summon, to dare not to see.” Then Ryder saw together Space rift appears in his front, then Zhao Hai from inside walked out, to his gave a salute said :, Zhao Hai has seen Patriarch!” magnificent Leir look at Zhao Hai, has stood, to Zhao Hai gave a salute said :, magnificent Leir has seen mister, mister please sit down.” Zhao Hai showed a faint smile, sits on nearby chair. magnificent Leir look at Zhao Hai said :, „has mister been listening to our talk?” Zhao Hai has not made any concealing, he nodded said : „, this matter relationship is significant, I can not pay attention, why does not have to look for Patriarch you to discuss as for me directly that this point asked Patriarch you to excuse me, because my don’t know Patriarch you were any manner, but wants to make Ryder try your manner.” magnificent Leir nodded, regarding Zhao Hai this honest manner, he to is enjoying, his look at Zhao Hai said :, why „can mister make Dwarf Race enter to mister Space? After entering Space, what our can Dwarf Race obtain?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said :, I make Dwarf Race enter Space , because I like Dwarf Race, in Foreign God three clans, only then Dwarf Race thinks that I have the graciousness to you, I know that Dwarf Race is Dwarf Race in my impression, therefore I want to allow you to enter Space, Dwarf Race enters Space, will obtain[ from] by, absolute[ from] worrying of by, you not using to eat using, you can do the matter that you like, like a Gnome clan, Ryder has seen a Gnome clan present life condition, tell you on please him.” magnificent Leir vision image rotation Ryder, Ryder not hesitant, he nodded, told Hua Duo Leir a Gnome clan present life condition. This is also the preparatory work that Zhao Hai does, Ryder they, since absolutely after Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai looked for opportunity received in Space them and their family members, then arranged them on Wild Dragon Island, moreover made them visit to each every background, can say that now Ryder they had regarding Space understand certainly. magnificent Leir static is listening to the Ryder words, he believes that Ryder has not said hurriedly, because he from the Ryder expression, heard one[ is popular] exerts and envies. After waiting for Ryder saying that magnificent Leir static sat, has closed the eye, some little time has not opened the mouth, the Zhao Hai look at magnificent Leir's appearancehas not spoken, he showed a faint smile, has put out a pot of tea from Space, slowly was drinking.

Some little time magnificent Leir opens eyelook at Zhao Hai said :, does not know that mister to the Dwarf Race present situation whether knows?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : is don’t know, but knows now. „ Said that he has referred to magnificent Leir's front table, on the table that report about food crisis. magnificent Leir laughs said : mister to be really honest, I in talking circuitously, the matter that mister said that was not I can decide that asking mister to wait a bit, after I must in the clan all elders called the common intent quantity, is making the decision. ” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : Patriarch to do as you please.” magnificent Leir nodded, said loudly: Comes the person, welcome go to the conference room all elders, said that I said that my important matter consulted.” Dwarf complied with one, turn around walked. Tolgot turns the head happily to Zhao Hai said : mister, please wait a bit, I must go to conference room, asking Ryder to go with my together, can?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : not to have the issue, Patriarch to invite, Ryder, you goes to one along with Patriarch.” Ryder has complied with one, walks with Patriarch together outward. When they walk, Zhao Hai on returned to Space ” the look at screen, the Dwarf Race conference room was not far from Patriarch study room, Zhao Hai can definitely in Space see that Dwarf said anything in conference room. Zhao Hai returned to Space, Laura their immediately welcomed, Laura is[ is popular] said : that exerts Elder Brother Hai, fantastic, has not thought really so will be smooth, I look at the meaning of magnificent Leir Patriarch, is he agrees to enter Space probably?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smilenodded said : „, looked his manner is the agreement otherwise he will not take away Ryder, we are ready, was right, you said that they must walk to enter in Space, we arrange independent background to them, makes them go to Dwarf Iron Mountain there, stays with Dwarf Race in together? ” Laura they, as soon as listened to Zhao Hai saying that cannot help but has smiled, Lizzy was said : Elder Brother Hai, were you too also impatient? The people have not complied to come, your this did think?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said :early to think of isn't it better?, if they complied, we are thinking this issue, some late. Laura smiles said : well, we thinking well, Elder Brother Hai, I certainly should to Dwarf God Race independent Space, unable to make them live with Dwarf Race in together, the place that Dwarf Race lives in now, is Ark Continent, they with are very good in there, Ark Continent show that various clans are together, is all normal, if made Dwarf God Race insert a foot at this time, not fantastic.” Lizzy also nodded said : „, Ark Continent there Dwarf although or Dwarf, but they have displayed some cultures that oneself were in sole possession , is different from the Dwarf God Race has plenty aspect, if makes them live in together, possibly the ginseng will live the contradiction.”

What Megan connection said : most important is, these Dwarf God Race go out of body God Realm after all, on them some arrogance, making them live with Dwarf Race in together, they will possibly think that high Dwarf Race First Grade, but Dwarf Race may not be possible to buy their accounts, do not forget, Patriarch and Ryder of previous three clan they meet, but made one time not to be happy.” Zhao Hai hear of three people of such saying, nodded said : that your meaning is, to Dwarf Race independent Space? Good, that presses the office that you said that but chooses good point Space to them, moreover must that Space transform, make several mineral lode in inside.” Several people spoke, these Dwarf Race elders, arrived at conference room there, these people noticed that Ryder gawked, who they possibly did not recognize Ryder before are, since Ryder and Zhao Hai contacted, these people all recognized Ryder to be elegant, they have not thought that Ryder can suddenly appears . After they sit down, magnificent Leir deep voice said : everyone/Great Clan also saw, Ryder came back, this time, represents Mr. Zhao Hai to see my, Mr. Zhao Hai only then a meaning, wants to invite our Dwarf Race, moves to his Space.” A magnificent Leir this saying exit / to speak, these Dwarf Race one was shocked, then they all have exploded the pot, this information really shocked regarding them. In their at sixes and sevens discussion time, magnificent Leir has knocked table several with the hand, said loudly: Peaceful, peaceful, listening to me to say.” look at magnificent Leir who these elder calm slowly, each and every one has then decided. magnificent Leir swept their said : just moon/month Mr. Zhao Hai also to come, I discussed with mister, mister gave me to guarantee that he guaranteed our Dwarf Race[ from] by, me thinks that mister very much had the sincerity, these time called everyone/Great Clan, wants to say to everyone/Great Clan that I was agree to enter mister Space, everyone/Great Clan also knew, this time supported Pegasus Clan, our Dwarf Race has not dispatched troops, Elven Race on starting to suppress us in the grain question, our although can suppress them on weapon, finally but suffered a loss we., weapon is different from the grain, grain cannot lack, weapon assembles can also use, but this is also only a start, later such suppression, will be getting more and more, Elven Race, Beastman Race, they can alliance cope with us, our days meet getting harder and harder, if Mr. Zhao Hai can really our absolute[ from] by, enabling us to handle the matter that we like handling, I completely agree to bring in mister Space.” magnificent Leir's words, let in the conference room a peace, these elders calm slowly own mood, started to consider magnificent Leir's words carefully. magnificent Leir looks at this situation, the hammering said that hot said : everyone/Great Clan should know a Gnome clan, they by God Race reducing to Slave Race, very miserably, but a Gnome clan that crossed also entered Mr. Zhao Hai Space now, they in Space actually very high, Ryder went to Gnome Bei Li personally, making him say well to everyone/Great Clan.” Instantly, therefore vision centralized to the Ryder body, Ryder not polite, to the words that Hua Duo Leir spoke , said that but these elders, from beginning to end careful was listening, nobody made noise. When Ryder said that elder suddenly said : we know what you said was real? Patriarch, this is relationship to a big matter of our Dwarf clan, I think that we should have a look to be good with own eyes.” Does magnificent Leir turn the head look at Ryder said : don’t know this condition mister to agree?” Ryder shows a faint smile said : Patriarch feel relieved, mister will certainly agree that I can affirm!” a.