Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 10 - Chapter 997

magnificent Leir look at was tidying up thing clansman, Wu looks at not far away that to say Space rift, there is having clansman to keep walked. Remembers these two inborn matters, magnificent Leir felt one probably in having a dream to be the same, they entered in Space with Zhao Hai, saw how a Gnome clan lives now, saw Zhao Hai to Space that they prepared, later matter is smoother, opposed to enter Space in nobody. Gnome is any appearance, before dish magnificent Leir them, has seen, in their opinion, Gnome simply cannot be a person, is the one type of intelligent race, they are more like one group of good-for-nothings, one crowd does not have Magic Beast of thought that they are emaciated, they are dirty, their anything eats, they living sole point, to go on living probably, so long as can make them go on living, they are why good. However these time in Space, when sees these Gnome, dish magnificent Leir was shocked, his simply does not have to believe what he sees is Gnome, now a person of Gnome clan, a person wears the good clothes, cleanness that the body also washes, everyone also own family to arrangement well, what most important is, now a person of these Gnome clan, has temperament, mild-mannered and cultivated temperament, their although stature short and small . Moreover the skin is still green , but actually nobody in relates their these dirty Gnome to together. Perhaps this is called, the abdomen has the poetry book air/Qi from magnificent, a Gnome clan is so they now looks like looks like some scholars, simply likely is not beforehand these Gnome. What most important is, Gnome a change of clan energetic surface braving, people of these Gnome clans, their bodies have a vigor probably, rigid, warm play, this is one type of rigid of deep love to the life to Magic Formation, this is makes magnificent Leir be startled really. Because saw a Gnome clan such performance, therefore magnificent Leir they decided that moves own clansman on to Space. Moreover when that Space that has prepared to Zhao Hai to them with Zhao Hai, magnificent Leir they could not be proposing that any opinion of opposition, in that Space, was growing the rice bamboo and Bread Tree everywhere, besides these, Iron Spear tree, what most important was, in that Space also the has plenty mineral lode, these mineral lode, an enough Dwarf clan carried on to mine tricky Zhao Hai also to make magnificent Leir they look under one to exchange the thing church, sees these thing that can exchange, magnificent Leir they in not Ren Ke the opinion. look at clansman appearance dang magnificent Leir cannot help but let out a long breath, their Dwarf God Race with the Dwarf Race although leave many years, moreover had many differences in the habits and customs, but they are the same regarding the deep love of forging, Libra Continent here, is the inhabited area that various entire God Realm ore most place Dwarf God Race most like. However underwent these many years mining, has been left over the ores and all kinds of iron hardware and weapon vector in here Dwarf God Race, is only moves these thing to need for a long time.

Was good complies to help them deliver to Space round trip them because of Zhao Hai these thing also on feel relieved, generally speaking now the relocation of Dwarf God Race is very smooth. although own clansman is moving, but Dwarf Race any expression, Dwarf Race has not lived in cavern outward in any case generally, cannot look at anything from outside, Zhao Hai also not only opens together Space rift, but opened said Space rift, therefore their relocation very fast, but magnificent Leir was still paying attention to the Taurus Continent there war. although magnificent Leir when are many their hold a conversation with the elegant elder brother, they said that the front war is very good, they took many to win, but has hit for a lifetime magnificent Leir of social dealings with these two, actually heard some different thing from their words, their although said one have obtained win, but had not said with the Pegasus Clan contact, moreover the casualties of casualties and enemy side that has not raised one's own side, all these was not normal, Guangdong magnificent Leir speculated that the war of front was not very smooth. although must outmigrate, but magnificent Leir wants to be Beastman God Race and Elf God Race leaves behind anything, after all three clans did to fight shoulder to shoulder had tens of thousands years, although nearest/recent appears some conditions, but these tens of thousands years of ally relationship, did not mean that under the shed can give up, therefore he four dusks in the clan had weapon remaining finally. Decided regarding him like this, Zhao Hai any opposition, had not gone to the Space city in any case, they did not need to go to war, said it, these Ultimate Weapon his in hand many matters, must come to be also useless. Pegasus Clan, Thunder Clan, Barbarian has moved to Space, now Dwarf Race is also moving toward Space, can say person who Zhao Hai has relationship in God Realm here, almost almost moved to Space to go, he in God Realm here, has had nothing to worry. But in Atlanta Continent there, his factory has established, along with establishment of factory, Bruce Willis also these thing that Zhao Hai needs, in the name of factory buying, Zhao Hai has delivered to these thing Wild Dragon Island now, making Karen they go to research. After Zhao Hai and Bruce Willis multiple discussion, they get up to their factory finally are the wolf's fang Magic Machine factory, the address on the wolf's fang mountain, now the factory did not have the official production, all kinds of processing equipment, have transported to the factory, so long as the installment is completed, can go into production officially. Zhao Hai to these matter not too many worrying, after he regarding a Dwarf clan moves to Space in the matter, has not worried, he truly cared that now, is the Demon Realm there matter.

Zhao Hai has prepared, so long as a Dwarf clan all moves to Space, his immediately exits Underworld, now Kampala they fully adapted to the life in Space, however comes control in Ark Continent there that piece of Dark mist by Zhao Hai, his control range also has even included flake Underworld Continent. Now in Undead Creature that in this piece of region moves, not only original Kampala their these under the hand/subordinate also had Zhao Hai in hand some Undead Creature to want this piece of region, has other Undead Creature to come, Zhao Hai definitely immediately knows. However is good because of such matter has not lived until now, the Underworld there person has not paid attention to the change of their here probably. Zhao Hai had asked Kampala, Underworld is very big plane, this don’t know lived many years Lich, cannot go all over Underworld, therefore Ark Continent here the Space rift, although will possibly make Underworld Dark mist have some subtle changes, but makes these Undead Creature present, but that was requires the time Underworld to be too big, these Undead Creature want presently the change of Dark mist in the short time is almost impossible. What most important is, Underworld there Dark mist is producing probably every time, some extremely in the slight change, cannot cause these Undead Creature to pay attention, therefore the Underworld there person did not have presently this Space rift now. However Zhao Hai also knows that is just the sooner or later issue, but he wants to call others did not have presently here time, first goes to Underworld there to transfer the extension, he likes taking the initiative in his in hand. The fight of different God Race and O'Neal Clan still in continuing just as is such that magnificent Leir thinks, regarding different God Race, the fight is not very smooth, their 10 million people, besiege a crack defense line but to arrive actually suffer heavy casualties now, still how his opposite party, but so far, different God Race casualties staff had several hundred thousand, but the casualties of opposite party, actually almost can ignore. The change of although different God Race several times oneself have attacked plays, but their enemies, has the veteran of rich experience, is adding on in hand that sharp weapon different God Race in the front of opposite party, is an advantage has not fished. But the O'Neal Clan present situation does not feel better to know, no matter cannon or Magic Armor, have the consumption, such fierce fight, rapidness of consumption, O'Neal Clan cannon did not have the shell now, they can only relying on Magic Armor and War Chariot/Tank resist the enemy, but the casualties also seek time appears in this.

Is good because of regarding this invasion, what O'Neal Clan preparation is very sufficient, their in hand has enough Energy Converter, Energy Converter of small shape can sufficiently the line, therefore arrives at once does not need to be worried that energy will use up. In Magic Armor Continent there, almost all places will use Energy Converter, he looks like the a piece omnipotent battery, but this battery can use repeatedly, just his use also has the life, a piece Energy Converter, most can use repeatedly about 1000 times, this is to these ordinary civilian facilities, if the military uses, Energy Converter use number of times, absolutely not 500 times. This is also Energy Converter characteristics, used repeatedly 200 times, Energy Converter inside energy not possibly in filling, moreover always used one time, an inside energy depression point, if new Energy Converter, can support Magic Armor outstanding to make the war four hours, that has used 400 times Energy Converter repeatedly, most can only support Magic Armor outstanding to do to fight for about one hour, but to 500 times, that Energy Converter almost on was unable in supporting Magic Armor does to fight. Ten points Qi Quan of this O'Neal Clan preparation, not only brought many Energy Converter, Energy Converter can the line, this be able the line to be able sufficiently simultaneously to be 100 Energy Converter sufficient energies sufficiently, so long as there is enough energy, about a half hour 100 Energy Converter can imitate can finish. But the material that Energy Converter uses is Magic Crystal, not only this Magic Crystal on Magic Armor has, some places will have some Magic Crystal ores, what as luck would have it is, in Pegasus Clan Space rift not far away, the Magic Crystal ore, is relying on this Magic Crystal ore, Axe they can support now, if no Magic Crystal ore, can only imitate by the electrical energy that the sunlight or water current have passes, feared that was they now by different God Race destroying completely. a.