Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 10 - Chapter 999

Creak, creak, creak, creak! A sound of Bone friction conveys, passes on piece of Dark mist far away, if makes Dark Magician on responsibility Ark Continent hear this sound, their immediately knows that the sound that this is large quantities of skeletons move comes out. However was a pity that here is not Ark Continent, here is Underworld, such sound, can hear in here everywhere, does not have what quite strangely. Platoon platoon skeleton of grey slowly moving forward of a slowly in Dark mist, this is in the lowest level small skeleton in Underworld, only then such skeleton walks can leave creak the sound, the high level skeleton will not have such sound. In Underworld, these swim dang all day in all directions, without any Spiritual Wisdom ordinary grey skeleton, only then two uses, was regarded the cannon fodder, another was regarded food by other Undead Creature, besides these two uses, they almost does not have any use. But in Underworld here, is almost every other several days appears a batch new grey skeleton, these grey skeletons, some just in appears , had Spiritual Wisdom, starts to slaughter other grey skeletons, by oneself slowly is formidable, finally becomes a formidable silver skeleton or the golden skeleton, but some just came out to be killed. However some grey skeleton person of command(er) of this squad, they are arranging the neat formation obviously, slowly proceedsnot the person in Dark mist, you presently, this is you shortly undead army not to the end, in this undead army middle, the transparent bone car(riage), puts on body black Magic Robe Magician, his black Magic Robe, type very special, has wrapped in the whole person, not a slit of silk. In this Dark Magician is standing two people, skeleton full body armor, 1 u outside arm is also Bone, but his Bone is not quite same his skeleton almost to be transparent to Bone of other skeletons, looks like li is very bright. Another person is actually Zombie of broken cotton garment, half foot fang, the sharp nail demonstrated that his status, he is a Zombie king. This line of Zhao Hai they, the row i in them in Underworld it, around this grey skeleton, is the little brother who Coulee these under the hand/subordinate fall the report, Zhao Hai also plans to receive in Space them in the future, making Space promote their level. Because of this, therefore Zhao Hai made Coulee under the hand/subordinate surrender these many grey skeletons in Underworld here, does not have that influence to go to the tube these most low grade grey skeleton. In this time, is sitting in there Zhao Hai deep voice said :, Coulee our here to Three Holy cities that you did say also far?” Coulee deep voice said :, Young Master, was not far, arrived about one hour, Three Holy cities is our three establishes, is this generation of largest city, in the city you can see Zombie, the skeleton, Lich even can also see some level high Darkness Magic Beast and few vampire, they in our in the city life, turning over to us to manage.”

Zhao Hai interesting said :, has not thought really that in Underworld here, you can also construct city you also to unexpectedly make the transaction to be inadequate?” Coulee nodded said :, „ is Young Master, we must make the transaction, but we do not use money these currency to make the transaction like Human Race, we make the transaction currency are actually spirit soul, Yang and Spirit Stone! ” Zhao Hai has gawked next step:, Fire of this I spirit soul know that in each body of Undead Creature has mystical powers the fire of soul, when this thing currency? What thing that is Spirit Stone?” Coulee explained that said : „the fire of spirit soul in producing you said that in each Undead Creature body has, after you have killed that Undead Creature, can obtain the fire of spirit soul, our these Undead Creature after obtaining the fire of spirit soul will have two processing modes \; first, has absorbed the fire of spirit soul, two buy thing that some need with the fires of these spirit soul, Spirit Stone looks like Ark Continent there Magic Crystal is the same, but Ark Continent there Magic Crystal has two types to have the way, one is Magic Beast[ body], in addition one on is the Magic Crystal ore., But in Underworld here, Spirit Stone, only then the one type of way produces, is Magic Beast[ body], here does not have the Spirit Stone ore, Spirit Stone is also currency one type of.” Zhao Hai puzzled said :, your Undead Creature is not so long as has absorbed the fire of spirit soul, can stronger formidable? Besides the fire of spirit soul, what thing do you also need?” Coulee nodded said : is Young Master, our Undead Creature truly absorbed the fire of spirit soul to be formidable, but level, if after high, wants through absorbing the fire of spirit soul becomes more formidable, on very difficult, only if absorbs some high level the fires of spirit soul, or absorbed some Spirit Stone to be good, but high level the fire of spirit soul, generally was the formidable Undead Creature production, but wanted to kill such Undead Creature, was very difficult, therefore on needs other thing, to promote own strength, in Underworld here, there are some plants and some specially ores., Can make the person formidable, but these plants and ores, regarding some low level Undead Creature useless, even if Supreme level the fire or Spirit Stone spirit soul, low level Undead Creature does not have the means to absorb, therefore some low level Undead Creature, if obtained has been able to let high level Undead Creature Level Up other plants or any thing, can attain in the city to trade the fire of spirit soul.” Zhao Hai nodded, his understand the meaning of Coulee, in Underworld here is not very safe, but these Undead Creature, so long as the bronze level, could have certain wisdom, but at this time, they wanted Level Up, needed the fires of massive spirit soul, if they only hunted and killed Undead Creature to come Level Up by themselves, met very slow, moreover may meet more formidable Undead Creature, turned into others' food. Therefore looked like these to have the wisdom bronze skeleton, such as looked up one has been able to let high level skeleton Level Up plants, can attain in the city to come, looks for the fires of massive spirit soul plants that this he cannot use now, then absorbed, Level Up, after he arrived at Advanced level, can subdue massive under the hand/subordinate, making these under the hand/subordinate collect the fire of spirit soul, then in using the fire of these spirit soul bought to be able by own Level Up plants or the ore and so on thing, this although looked like very troublesome, but in Underworld here was actually the procedure of most insurance, because that. Feared that you is a golden skeleton, might meet more formidable Divergent Technique skeleton anytime finally becomes others' food, therefore wants to enter all means Level Up real, if you obtained one to let high level skeleton Level Up plants, but will not hate to change into can by own immediately Level Up the fire of spirit soul possibly be made finally talented person two spatial, you must ask also cheap others, therefore in Underworld here, simply has not saved a thing saying. Obtained thing, immediately has used, to let own level promotion as soon as possible, this was a kingly way. Does Zhao Hai turn the head Coulee said : that your in the city also to have the law to be inadequate? If a skeleton took thing to enter a city by other Undead Creature snatching, he wasn't cannot obtain? ” Coulee immediately/on horseback said : „, just like Young Master said that in the city has the law, no matter this Undead Creature level low, so long as he entered a city, impossible optional was killed, if they were killed, that will be is punished, likely will be Three Holy cities here, if some people of in the city optional murders, three of us will send out our under the hand/subordinate to go to Undead Creature of pile murderif his strength, our three even can make a move. ” What level did Zhao Hai nod to Coulee said : that you now is? Can shake the scene?” Coulee deep voice said : returns to the Young Master words, my present level is Skeleton King, this was almost a skeleton can achieve highest level, in upward was skeleton Saint such Expert, in entire Underworld, few, wanted the formidable skeleton god compared with the skeleton Saint, only existed in the legend, Underworld actually never had appears . ”

Zhao Hai noddedturns the head look at Righteous Path: Will be positive, how your does Zombie divide level?” Returns to Young Master immediately/on horseback said :, the level division of our Zombie is also very strict what most low grade is the carrion, before was dry corpse ” is Jumping Corpse, iron-covered Zombie, copper sheet Zombie, the claw corpse, the tooth corpse, black hair Zombie, red Zombie, the green fur stiff king, the Zombie king, level of subordinate was the green Furry Corpse king, on equivalent to Coulee level. ” Zhao Hai nodded, the level division of Underworld, comes to be much stricter compared with Ark Continent and God Race, but, their strengths are fortunately good, no wonder can become a region's Overlord in Underworld. Zhao Hai looked at will be positive said :, your did Level Up also want the fire of spirit soul? Your does Zombie have mystical powers the fire of soul?” On time nod said : is, Young Master, our Zombie Level Up also needs the fire of spirit soul, besides the fire of spirit soul, but also needs the blood of Blood Pond, this Blood Pond in Underworld here, can see everywhere, is not extraordinary thing, but after becoming copper sheet Zombie, did not use Blood Pond in Level Up, was also similar to skeleton Level Up, needs some high level the fires of spirit soul, or some high level Spirit Stone.” Zhao Hai nodded, he suddenly turned the head to look at front one, naturally, he could not see any thing, Zhao Hai present, in Underworld here, the eye was almost useless thing, reason that because there is Dark mist, in Underworld here, the visibility less than ten meters, your eye was ornaments, you can use, only then your energetic sensation ability. Good Zhao Hai present spiritual force is formidable enough, can feel that very far place, his eyes difference, otherwise he has not become a blind person. Zhao Hai was just felt that their Three Holy cities is not far. Thinks of here, Zhao Hai cannot help but turns the head to Coulee said : Coulee, in Underworld here, your Undead Creature walks by the feeling, these Darkness life form? Did they also tell spiritual force to move in Underworld? Haven't their eyes used?” Coulee deep voice said : is Young Master, in Underworld here, these Darkness life form also replaces the eye activity by spiritual force, in fact Underworld here Darkness life form is not the long eye.” This Zhao Hai to was shocked, he has not thought really that Underworld here Darkness life form unexpectedly is not the long eye, Zhao Hai cannot help but curious said : Underworld here doesn't life form, use the eye? This to is a little meaning.” Coulee immediately/on horseback said : returns to Young Master, in Underworld here, with the eye looked that thing life form is few, Darkness life form does not have the eye, but has Darkness life form of eye to have one type of, is vampire, their eye very special, can look very in Dark mist, except for them, almost Underworld all life form, reported does not need the eye.” said : that Zhao Hai is interested in vampire, interesting, what I to see these vampire am.”

Righteous Path: „ vampire with us corpse similar one type of life form, belongs to Undead Creature, likely is not Darkness life form such, has the heartbeat, has the life aura, vampire does not have the heartbeat, they are Undead Creature, however their level divisions actually very interesting, their most life form, is one type of Darkness life form suck blood bat, suck blood bat is divided into black suck blood bat, red suck blood bat, silver suck blood bat, with [gold/metal] suck blood bat, then they can Morph Form, become lowest level vampire, is the vampire baron, in upward is Viscount vampire, is Count vampire, vampire Marquis, Duke vampire, vampire Crown Prince, Finally was the most formidable vampire king. Zhao Hai nodded, Underworld here passed through many years of show originally, had oneself one set all year round the level system, had own civilization, even possibly does not lose to any civilization, this made him to Underworld more curious. Is speaking, Zhao Hai felt that they immediately to Three Holy cities, to be honest, this eye could not see, can only feel with the Elf strength method, he is some are not familiar with. Zhao Hai turns the head to Coulee said : Coulee, to?” Coulee nodded said : is Young Master, asking Young Master to wait a bit.” Said that Coulee spiritual force passes on together toward front, before long front several spiritual force passed on, Coulee they then proceed. But these by the grey skeleton that Coulee they subdue, kept outside the city, Coulee they walked toward in the city, Zhao Hai saw this situation, cannot help but did curious turning the head keep outside the city not to have the issue to Coulee said : these grey skeletons? Or I take in Space.” Coulee deep voice said : Young Master , to receive in Space also yes, if not think to receive now in Space, keeps outside the city not to have anything, a while will have my under the hand/subordinate, delivers to a outside the city place these grey skeletons, encircles, because they were subdued by my under the hand/subordinate, will not run.” Zhao Hai understand what's the matter, these grey skeletons, in Underworld here like the draft animal, after Coulee they grasped, rearing in a pen, when must use, when came their release, to was the one type of very interesting way. Zhao Hai beckoned with the hand said : that to press your here well-mannered office, in any case Underworld here skeleton many matters, does not miss this.” Coulee nodded, command(er) these are lifting the skeleton of bone car(riage), walks toward in the city. a.