Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 104 - Chapter 10375
Wei Xiaode knitting the brows head, later said solemnly: Truly cannot go too far, he says now no matter how, person who also has the status in Imperial Court, this, you and he are also some friendship, you visit his, asks that he does have what need, perhaps this he also met with you.”

Chen Xiwang complied with one, Wei Xiaode said solemnly: If found them, you come back to tell me one, without finding, arranged person, in sunset lakeside careful looking.” Chen Xiwang complied with one, later Wei Xiaode beckons with the hand, he to Wei Xiaode gave a salute, then turn around leave. After Chen Xiwang from immortal palace there to ground, immediately looked for horse carriage, sits horse carriage, goes to sunset lakeside, but Chen Xiwang sound, attracted countless people, Imperial Court these people, immediately sends people to follow Chen Xiwang, Chen Xiwang has not cared, he goes to sunset lakeside, quick arrived at sunset lakeside, when he arrived at sunset lakeside, from horse carriage, immediately has Blood Slaughter Sect disciple, walked out from willow tree forest, then made Chen Xiwang enter in willow tree forest, these continuously then. Chen Xiwang person, this knows, originally Zhao Hai they really hide in willow tree forest, but their is possible arranged formation in willow tree forest, therefore the bystander could not find their. Knows this little, they also on feel relieved, but Chen Xiwang stayed a while in manor there, direct leave the manor, returned to the immortal palace, he had not seen Zhao Hai, because Zhao Hai is closing up now, Chen Xiwang they do not dare to disturb Zhao Hai, therefore he was direct returned to the immortal palace. When his returned to immortal palace, immediately looked for Wei Xiaode, Wei Xiaode made him go , after seeing Wei Xiaode, Chen Xiwang immediately to Wei Xiaode said: Master, found Zhao Hai they, don’t know they used what method, moved to the manor willow tree forest, in there manor shrink, moreover arranged a mystery, therefore general entry to willow tree forest, also in an inside revolution of circle, most retreat will have willow tree forest, simply did not have the means to be thorough, therefore feeling of one type of probably very mysterious, but disciple these time, not. Sees Zhao Hai, heard that Zhao Hai is closing up, therefore disciple came back.” Wei Xiaode listened to Chen Xiwang saying that to gawked, later did said: close up? This to really lets some people accidental/surprised , closes up closes up, did not need to manage him, you also looked after his some, Imperial Court to look for his trouble also and that's the end, other did not need to manage.” Chen Xiwang complied with one, later Wei Xiaode beckons with the hand, Chen Xiwang immediately withdrew from Wei Xiaode room, returned to in the following immortal palace. After Chen Xiwang leave, Wei Xiaode was makes one go horse to result in the merit calling own in the room, the horse resulted in the merit to is some accidental/surprised, as soon as he arrived at Wei Xiaode room, immediately saluted to Wei Xiaode, Wei Xiaode beckons with the hand said: "All right, to get up. ” horse resulted in the merit immediately stand, bowing stood in there, later Wei Xiaode said: „the merit, the Zhao Hai matter should you also know? Regarding Zhao Hai, what do you have to depend on the price?”

horse results in the merit to think, later open the mouth and said: Master, looks like in disciple, this Zhao Hai thoughts toward the courtyard, all on his Sect, the although beforehand biography side are incredible, but this person is not necessarily loyal to towards permits, but he can hand over the military authority, this to us is also the good matter, disciple at this matter, to looks at his one eyes high.” Wei Xiaode nods, then open the mouth and said: Now Zhao Hai lives in that piece of willow tree forest on sunset lakeside, I give you duty, you send people to monitor them, but should better not lets their discover, do not let other person of discover, cannot let happy prosperous discover, moreover you also can only monitor, not competent other, your understand my meaning?” horse results in merit one, later his immediately understand Wei Xiaode idea, his immediately to Wei Xiaode gave a salute said: "Yes, Master, invited Master feel relieved, disciple will decide however will send out to be skilled in this field of endeavor person, monitors Zhao Hai, by their discover, will not be invited Master feel relieved absolutely. ” Wei Xiaode nods said: "OK, is so best, right, nearest/recent Heavy Sand lake can there, what information have? To must Your Majesty presents tribute not be long, if presents tribute today this aspect appears anything issue, that may be ugly. ” horse results in merit immediately said: Master feel relieved, disciple had asked alligator clansman, presenting tribute thing, they have prepared, invited Master rest assured.” Wei Xiaode nods said: „is so best, good, you first get down, remembered, monitors the Zhao Hai matter, can only be you know, I know, cannot make others know.” horse resulted in the merit to comply with one, Wei Xiaode then beckons with the hand, the horse resulted in the merit to Wei Xiaode gave a salute, then withdrew from Wei Xiaode room. After the horse results in the merit retreats, Wei Xiaode is relaxes, he has looked, the horse results in the merit has been reprehensible to Blood Slaughter Sect, therefore he will make result in the merit to monitor Zhao Hai, if such Zhao Hai there really has anything to change, their immediately knows, but if monitors the Zhao Hai person is Chen Xiwang, that may not say. This did not mean, Chen Xiwang will betray him, he does not think that Chen Xiwang will betray him, but if Zhao Hai has anything to change, Chen Xiwang has not told him information immediately, that this matter may very troublesome, want appears many changes the spirit number, therefore he will so arrange.

But the horse resulted in the merit after returned to own room, immediately told Zhao Hai this information, informed Chen Xiwang, Chen Xiwang immediately to tell the horse to result in the merit, Zhao Hai closed up, making him not need to be worried, wanted to send people to monitor to monitor, these days of because in Zhao Hai closing up, Blood Slaughter Sect there will not have any action. horse resulted in the merit after obtaining this information, he then relaxes, later his immediately arrangement person monitored Zhao Hai they, what he arranged was a Mouse Clan person, this Mouse Clan person can dig in underground, surveillance Zhao Hai nearby they, not easily by person discover. Naturally, the horse results in merit strict order that Mouse Clan person, can not enter to willow tree forest, also do not approach lakeside, other along with him, after that Mouse Clan person has been ordered, walked, the horse resulted in the merit not to care about this matter, that Mouse Clan person had no Life Token, if his discover anything, at the worst directly the homicide, turning into Undead Race were good. But disturbance that Zhao Hai enters the palace, as also Zhao Hai closes up, slowly subsided, as we all know, Zhao Hai although entered the palace, however results is some empty duties, moreover he hides in oneself manor now directly does not come out, this lets these ministers, even to look for the Zhao Hai stubble unable to find, finally also can only be selective, Zhao Hai forgetting. Zhao Hai enters the palace for a month later, people are thorough Zhao Hai forgetting , not only because Zhao Hai, other Blood Slaughter Sect disciple, this month, without comes out from willow tree forest there, does not have one time, this lets monitor Zhao Hai their these people, feels very helpless, this person how so dwelling, not only a person dwelling, all people who follow he to come, all the dwelling, they also really can tarry. Must know here, but dwelling place of celestial beings, Immortal Realm first big city, lively incomparable, extremely busy, many people, because of the liveliness of dwelling place of celestial beings, confused the eye finally, forgets to return in various dwelling place of celestial beings classes. This Zhao Hai may be good, after dwelling place of celestial beings here, deeply has occupied to be shallow, even can say hardly leaves, originally in Relay Building there, he rarely goes out, has only gone out one time, has an audience with the emperor that time, these to sunset lake there, is time extraordinary, a gate does not have, manor toward willow tree forest in general, in did not make an appearance, a person, was really don’t know said that what he was good. Regarding Zhao Hai can in one night, the matter in manor moving to willow tree forest, to was no one says anything, in their opinion, this in normal, simply was not the big matter, were innumerable in Immortal Realm here Expert, can achieve this point, was innumerable, therefore simply no one will pay attention to this matter. Now Zhao Hai such low key, the dwelling place of celestial beings here person, naturally also gives to forget him, do not say that others, Wei Xiaode, made result in the merit not to need to monitor Zhao Hai, in his opinion, Zhao Hai simply had no ambition, is practicing, that also monitored what vigor, therefore did not make probably the merit surveillance.

In the Immortal Realm here person, Zhao Hai forgetting time, the letter/believes of horizontal no blade, making Wei Xiaode recall Zhao Hai again, this believed saying that Blood Slaughter Sect elder Wen Wenhai, bringing thousand Blood Slaughter Sect disciple, returned to Three Mountains City there to go, this thousand Blood Slaughter Sect disciple, were 1/10 of Blood Slaughter Sect disciple total, now all walks, this regarding the defense of azure scale mountain defense area there, will have certain impact, he also said that azure scale mountain defense area there, good of very present enlisted man training, guarantees the azure scale mountain defense line. The there security is no problem. Wei Xiaode sees this letter/believes, first stares, later put the one side the letter/believes, then muttered said: this Zhao Hai to arrange evidently, one month had disciple to withdraw, he cared evidently truly, Three Mountains City and clouds that Spirit Mountain there, as for azure scale mountain defense line here, he really did not care probably.” Thought of here, Wei Xiaode stood, walked toward study room of immortal emperor, this matter, he must report the immortal emperor to know is good, said no matter how, this was also part of Zhao Hai driving handing over military power, can look from this matter, Zhao Hai really prepared to give the complete junction the military power, especially azure scale mountain here military power, this to them, to was a good matter. Wei Xiaode arrives at out study room of immortal emperor, will ask the young court eunuch to go to to report, that young court eunuch in a low voice to Wei Xiaode said: eunuch, Your Majesty is speaking in inside and Liu eunuch, had ordered, does not permit anybody optional disturbance, or do you wait a while to come?” Wei Xiaode listened to that young court eunuch saying that he also nods, is preparing leave, saw the door one to open, later heard the voice of immortal emperor to transmit said: Wei Banban, came.” Wei Xiaode complied with one, later then entered in the room, regarding the immortal emperor knows that he came, he did not feel accidental/surprised, his very clear, immortal emperor the gate of the study room, after the special design, above had formation, doing of this formation with was very strange, was makes the sound in study room unable to pass on, but can make outside sound pass on simultaneously, therefore in study room, even if kicked up a fuss the day, outside will not hear, the words that but outside person spoke, can actually hear in study room. txt downloading address: mobile phone read: