Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 104 - Chapter 10376
Wei Xiaode enters to immortal emperor study room, after the immortal emperor has saluted, his discover immortal emperor and Liu's loyal complexion is not quite attractive, he cannot help but stares, he does not dare to speak, but static standing in there, the immortal emperor looked at Wei Xiaode one eyes, then said solemnly: Wei Banban, you may hear that Taean forest there Monster Race, had the change.”

Wei Xiaode listened to the immortal emperor saying that he cannot help but gawked, later he shakes the head said: Your Majesty, the feudal official had not heard, Taean forest there, probably no change? there Monster Race, many years had not come out from the Taean forest, there should not have the change is right?” Immortal emperor coldly snorted shouldn't said: have the change? Should not have the change place to be many, Shadow Clan should not attack we, their attack, not say that the eastern health/guard has not received, Taean forest there any information?” Wei Xiaode listened to the immortal emperor saying that his complexion cannot help but changed, the immortal emperor had for a long time not to say to him so harsh language, he knelt down said: to return to the Your Majesty words hastily, the eastern health/guard near the Taean forest, has not truly set up any monitoring point, this was the fault of old servant, asking Your Majesty to punish.” Immortal emperor look at Wei Xiaode, let out a long breath, beckons with the hand said: "All right, you to get up later, I do not blame you. ” Wei Xiaode quickly said: Thanked Your Majesty.” Said that then stood, the bow the body is standing in there. Immortal emperor look at Wei Xiaode, said solemnly: Just received information, in the Taean forest is good some is not steady, often will have Monster Beast to move outside the Taean forest, Taean forest there, a small military compound, is information that the person in that military compound reported that they also said that in their camp many were the old and weak, weak resistance these Monster Race, looked at us to send reinforcement early, regarding this matter, what idea Wei Banban you had?” Wei Xiaode listened to the immortal emperor saying that he first gawked, later his said solemnly: Your Majesty, the old servant thinks, should immediately send the army to go to support, simultaneously sends people to go to Taean forest there, sees Monster Race, having a look at them to do.” Wei Xiaode said that also has had the precedent, in fact before Monster Race and Immortal Realm made war, immortal courtyard here also sent people to go to Taean forest there, looked for these Monster Race to negotiate, was wants to have a look, can, solve the Taean forest there matter through peaceful means that but the effect was not good, has not succeeded one time, these Monster Race this/should attack met attack, but the Monster Race attack prelude, had Monster Beast to move outside the Taean forest, had such matter occur, is representing Taean forest there Monster Race, really had to change. The immortal emperor nods, later open the mouth and said: Two partner partners, you felt, this/should sends who, goes to Taean forest there to see these Monster Race? Whom should also send to command troops to stall the attacks of these Monster Race?”

Wei Xiaode looked at Liu Zhong one eyes, Liu Zhong said solemnly: Your Majesty, our in hand military, the general health/guard must surround and protect the dwelling place of celestial beings now, other armies, all in border, at this time, really did not have the unnecessary military to pull out, copes Monster Race, therefore the meaning of old servant is, transfers toward courtyard army, goes to stall the attack of Monster Race, regarding sending negotiated with Monster Race, the old servant felt, can elect the person to go from the great wild goose lu temple.” The immortal emperor nods, then does he turn the head Wei Banban the meaning to Wei Xiaode said:?” Wei Xiaode immediately open the mouth and said: Returns to the Your Majesty words, the old servant also thought that Liu eunuch said rational, can muster part of military from the each province mansion, formed the new Taean Regiment, went to defend Monster Race, simultaneously from the great wild goose lu temple, sending out the person to go to Monster Race to negotiate, this was the experienced plan.” The immortal emperor nods, later said solemnly: Incurs about the two phase, Ministry of War Minister, people section Minister comes to discuss.” Liu Zhong and Wei Xiaode complied with one, later the immediately arrangement person invited the person who the immortal emperor must invite, about the matter of two phase commanding officer Imperial Court, had/left such big matter, naturally must ask them to come, but Ministry of War Minister, ran Ministry of War, this time must dispatch troops, how did not make him come to be good, regarding people section Minister, he was the High Grade unit of great wild goose lu temple, in other words, the great wild goose lu temple turned over to the people section jurisdiction, therefore naturally must invite him. The time is not long, about the two phases and two Minister arrived, study room that three people entered the immortal emperor, immediately salutes to the immortal emperor, the immortal emperor beckons with the hand said: several beloved minister dispenses with ceremony, bestows to sit.” immediately has the young court eunuch, suspended the stool to four people, after four people thanked for kindness, this sat carefully, although is resisting with the immortal emperor now, but the etiquette actually may not abandon, before immortal emperor, what performance was very courteous. Immortal emperor look at they, said solemnly: Just received information, Taean forest there Monster Race, some are not steady, don’t know several can beloved minister, what brilliant plan have?” As soon as several people listened to the immortal emperor saying that all gawked, later their complexion also all slightly changed, although said that Monster Race left from the Taean forest, did not have the means to threaten dwelling place of celestial beings here, the numerous checkpoints, will certainly block them, in other words, these Monster Race, they were is impossible create what destructive attack to Immortal Realm, missed compared with Shadow Clan, but if has made Monster Race so noisy, that will also make flustered, did not do well, Shadow Clansman is possible will also seize the chance to counter-attack, that matter may on be big. Thinks of here, their complexion are not quite attractive, at this time division Malang open the mouth and said: Your Majesty, these have Monster Race attacked?”

The immortal emperor shakes the head said: that to arrive does not have, they have not attacked, but Taean forest there had the change, the lone peak mountain garrison troops, have sent in the support requirement letter, you should also know, lone peak mountain there military compound, now only then some olds and weak, simply has no Battle Force, but these veteran actually some experiences, they mostly do to fight with Monster Race, therefore their judgments, should not be wrong.” Division Malang one hear of immortal imperial capitals said that his immediately open the mouth and said: Your Majesty, the feudal official thinks, now not with Monster Race to war, now the Imperial Court army, because of these time to the action of Shadow Clansman, has been exhausted, at this time dispatched troops, feared that was the soldier not fights the heart, one if, but defeated, that only ugly, therefore the feudal official thinks, at this time not suitable made war with Monster Race.” Immortal emperor look at division Malang, said solemnly: We know certainly, now not suitable makes war with Monster Race, but this war is we selects? It is not, this war is not we selects, when makes war, but can also be we says inadequate? Now we must do, is prevents Monster Race to attack, one, but makes Monster Race clash from the Taean forest, have you thought the consequence? The Warrior brave, you are Ministry of War Minister, you said, now various government offices can also muster many military to come.” Warrior brave one hear of immortal emperors said, his immediately stand, to immortal emperor gave a salute said: Your Majesty, the soldiers of various government offices, just returns to own unit now, has not conducted any recuperation, was really is not suitable is dispatching troops.” As soon as the immortal emperor listened to Warrior brave Zheme saying that his cannot help but complexion slightly changed, later his look at Warrior brave said: said, Ministry of War there was a soldier cannot send? Is this meaning?” Warrior brave Gong the body is not daring to speak, but the immortal emperor is actually face frost look at these people, then his said solemnly: „The feudal official Duke meaning is, whatever monster clansman comes out from the Taean forest, killed my people? Is this meaning?” What drawing back to immortal emperor said: Your Majesty, the feudal official thinks hastily now the border is calm and steady, army the border, reassigns part unexpectedly, goes to Taean forest there, stalls the attack of Monster Race, this side is the best plan.” One hear of what drawing back said, the immortal emperor one stayed in there, his blankly look at what drew back it, what bow of drawing back the body is standing in there, on the face no expression, immortal emperor look at his appearance, suddenly he wants to smile, wants to cry, this was his official, this was his official, to suppress his in hand power, had been in the situation of stopping at nothing, the matter that this opening the eyes the eye is talking nonsense , was really very difficult. What drawing back has not heard the immortal emperor to speak, cannot help but looked at immortal emperor one eyes secretly, he noticed that the immortal emperor uses one type of very complex look look at he, the facial expression is complex incomparable, what Tuizi cannot help but body curved was lower. He also knows, oneself this saying really in talk nonsense, but he really hopes the immortal emperor does that can immortal emperor under the hand/subordinate these armies, pull out to Taean forest there goes, went all out with these Monster Race, this regarding immortal emperor, is an enormous loss.

complexion of immortal emperor changed several times, finally his what had not said that but is let out a long breath said: in addition, can have other means?” After saying, his two eyes has swept on the bodies of these four people. Four people all do not make noise, immortal emperor look at their appearances, suddenly has a good laugh, some little time he then stopped, then his said solemnly: "OK, your meanings Our understand, you got down. ” They fourth the people what drawing back complied with one, later they to immortal emperor gave a salute, withdrew from the room, when what drawing back they withdrew from the room, an immortal emperor palm on the racket on the table, the child table turned into one pile of powder, later immortal emperor look at Wei Xiaode and Liu Zhong said: you have a look, which you have a look, this is Our good official, to let feudal official in hand not available person, they anything could not have attended, what country principle of righteousness, what common people life and death, they all do not attend, Shadow Clan compared with the threat of Monster Race big how many., The idiots know, is they? They said that lets Us the army of border, moves to cope with Monster Race, which is hateful, they nothing but want the personal guard of feudal official, moving, goes all out with Monster Race, then they were taking advantage that this opportunity, the border to control in hand, We forms the goal of New Army like this, did not have the means to achieve, they can temper Our strength slowly, was good to plan, was really good to plan.” Liu Zhong and Wei Xiaode has not opened the mouth, their complexion are also gloomy can probably drop to launch, to be honest, what drawing back says these words today, is to make them feel accidental/surprised, they have not thought, what drawing back shameless to the situation, this really will be will so make their don’t know say unexpectedly what was good. Immortal emperor look at Liu Zhong and Wei Xiaode, then open the mouth and said: Two partner partners, evidently this time matter, wants us to solve, what good way is don’t know you have? Can solve this matter?” Said the immortal emperor on anticipation some look at two people. txt downloading address: mobile phone read: