Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 104 - Chapter 10377
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Wei Xiaode and Liu Zhong, one hear of immortal emperors said that also all silent, later Wei Xiaode suddenly thought of a matter, he to immortal emperor open the mouth and said: Your Majesty, Blood Slaughter Sect from azure scale mountain defense line there, has drawn back now, although withdraws from few people now, but we whether, to adjust Taean forest there them, then makes them recruit soldiers in there, forms an army, the Blood Slaughter Sect person, fighting strength or correct/pretty good, by their artificial bones, forms a New Army, is no problem.” The immortal emperor gawked, later his two eyes cannot help but one bright, then said solemnly: This arrives is a good way, now Zhao Hai in dwelling place of celestial beings here, if adjusts Taean forest there him, can have the issue?” Wei Xiaode said solemnly: We can Zhao Hai order, making Zhao Hai transfer the Blood Slaughter Sect person in the past, he can, so long as can stall the attack of this Monster Race, that was OK.” The immortal emperor nods said: to be reasonable, good, that manages, Wei Banban, you asked the person to invite Zhao Hai, I told him personally.” Wei Xiaode complied with one, later he to immortal emperor gave a salute, then withdrew from study room of immortal emperor. After Wei Xiaode leave, the immortal emperor then to Liu Zhong said: Liu Banban, we must near stricter control these army, they unable to make a little mistake evidently absolutely, otherwise, by these fellows to capture opportunity, direct us, as soon as stuttered.” Liu Zhong nods said: "Yes, Your Majesty, invited Your Majesty feel relieved, the old servant will certainly try to find the solution, gave complete control these armies. ” The immortal emperor nods, this beckons with the hand, Liu Zhong to immortal emperor gave a salute, then turn around leave. look at Liu Zhong leave, immortal emperor then let out a long breath, to be honest, he today is really very fearful, he has not really thought that what drawing back they, to limit his power, can achieve this degree unexpectedly, the army removing, copes these Monster Race, this obvious goes to his personal guard, such idea, they can also say unexpectedly, this was really makes immortal emperor don’t know say that what was good. The immortal emperor somewhat thinks don't understand, these people are Immortal Realm here, the most powerful a batch person, properly speaking, they should not have that big pursue to be right to the power, why can they also now so? Also can grab the Immortal Realm power not to put? If they grab the Immortal Realm power, can make Immortal Realm well, that immortal emperor will not be angry, but they obviously do not have such ability, but they are not willing to release authority, even the immortal emperor wants to take back the power time, stop that they also go all out, even does not hesitate to infringe the entire Immortal Realm benefit, how the immortal emperor is really don’t know they actually thinks that his don't understand, why these people will also turn into this appearance. But Wei Xiaode at this time, returned to own room, a Room returned to, his immediately had made people calling oneself in the room Chen Xiwang, after Chen Xiwang came, Wei Xiaode immediately to Chen Xiwang said: happy prosperous, your present immediately goes to sunset lake there personally, Zhao Hai welcome to the immortal palace, Your Majesty have the important matter to with Zhao Hai discuss.”

Chen Xiwang stares, later his immediately complied with one, then withdrew from the room, Wei Xiaode has not been telling Chen Xiwang other, Chen Xiwang puzzled to following immortal palace there, later sits horse carriage directly, went to sunset lake there, when he arrived at sunset lake there, immediately had Blood Slaughter Sect disciple to welcome in the manor him. Chen Xiwang enters to the manor, saw Jia non-, Chen Xiwang immediately open the mouth and said: Young Master? Just Wei Xiaode told me, making me ask Young Master to pass, the immortal emperor had the matter to with Young Master discuss, but anything he had not said.” Jia non- listened to Chen Xiwang saying that he cannot help but knits the brows said: „, but Sect Master is closing up, we were not good to disturb.” Zhao Hai this has been closing up firmly, he really does not have the means to disturb, therefore Jia Feicai will say. Chen Xiwang knitting the brows head, will speak, hears the Zhao Hai sound to transmit said: I to go with you.” With this sound, Zhao Hai already walked out from manor quiet room. Sees Zhao Hai, Chen Xiwang their immediately salutes to Zhao Hai, Chen Xiwang said: Young Master, don’t know what's the matter, Wei Xiaode suddenly tells me today, the immortal emperor wants to see you, added that something must discuss with you, you do look?” Zhao Hai nods said: yesterday Wenhai to lead 1000 people, withdrew from azure scale mountain defense line there, because of this matter? Properly speaking should unable? Wenhai they withdraw from azure scale mountain defense line here, this to them is the good matter, because their is possible this matter does look for me? Evidently is other matter, walks, cannot make them and others too long.” Chen Xiwang complied with one, walks toward the manor outside with Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai turns the head to Jia non- said: Jia non-, with the past, do not stay in manor here.” Jia non- complied with one, Zhao Hai then followed Chen Xiwang leave the manor, walked outward. Two people had/left willow tree forest, in horse carriage, horse carriage ran directly to the direction of immortal palace, not long after arrived at immortal palace there, two people have not spoken, flew immortal palace there of space directly, after there, their immediately was brought Wei Xiaode in the room, enters Wei Xiaode room, Wei Xiaode to Zhao Hai said: vice minister Zhao, please sit down.” Writing literature 520 Zhao Hai said after thanked, this sat, Wei Caide look at Zhao Hai said: Zhao Shilang, the matter must tell you, before lone peak mountain there transmitted information, Monster Race in Taean forest, nearest/recent some were not steady, they must from come out from the Taean forest probably newly, the intention of attack all around city, the lone peak mountain there military compound, has sent in the support requirement letter, Your Majesty regarding this matter, attach great importance to, therefore wanted to dispatch troops to support, but Imperial Court army, part guarded in the border, another part, just relieved a garrison from the border, their recuperation is not good., If goes to support, but also was worried that they are not these Monster Race opponents, therefore the meaning of Your Majesty is, can your Blood Slaughter Sect person, receives Taean forest there to go, forms a new regiment in there, specifically is used to resist the attack of Monster Race, your what do you think.” Zhao Hai stares, later his cannot help but knitting the brows head, then open the mouth and said: But the Blood Slaughter Sect military, majority still in azure scale mountain there, only adjusts 1000 people now, moreover in Three Mountains City there, these 1000 people adjusts Taean forest there, feared that isn't useful?”

Wei Xiaode said solemnly: If you agreed, I can take responsibility, Blood Slaughter Sect disciple, adjusts now from azure scale mountain defense line there, then you are going to Taean forest there, how do you look?” Zhao Hai thinks, then open the mouth and said: Can yes, but Wei eunuch, I have a request, Blood Slaughter Sect disciple that these adjusts time, I can only have 5000 people to go to Taean forest there, the remaining 5000 people, must make them keep Three Mountains City there, guards against Shadow Clansman attack, we and Shadow Clansman, are actually have a grudge, Shadow Clansman meets attack we, if we do not keep part of military in Three Mountains City there, if Shadow Clansman really attacked, that Three Mountains City there ended.” Wei Xiaode nods, later open the mouth and said: Also Ok, but you arrived at Taean forest there, must stall the attack of Monster Race.” Zhao Hai complied with one, Wei Xiaode looks at Zhao Hai to comply, he then stands, sees Your Majesty to Zhao Hai said: along with me, Your Majesty said that must you tell personally this matter, to Your Majesty there, you do not raise anything to request, complies directly well, when the time comes I will help you speak.” Zhao Hai gawked, later complied with one, walks toward study room there of immortal emperor with Wei Xiaode. Two people arrived at outside study room of immortal emperor, immediately makes the young court eunuch notify, the young court eunuch just went, before long came out, Your Majesty proclaimed you to go to two people said:.” Said that opened the study room door for two people, after two people go, that young court eunuch , the study room gate closing. After two people entered the room, immediately salutes to the immortal emperor, the immortal emperor beckons with the hand said: not to need to be overly courteous, straightens up after bowing or performing the kowtow.” After two people expressed gratitude, this stood the body. After two people stand, immortal emperor look at Zhao Hai said: Zhao Hai, We have then wanted to see you, you from Lower Realm ascend to Immortal Realm here, actually can also within such short time, have such position, I really admire you very much.” Zhao Hai quickly said: Thanked Your Majesty to praise, the feudal official was only the luck is good.” „There is no relationship with the luck, you have such matter, Zhao Hai, We ask you to come today, so-called what matter, you to know?” "Yes, just Wei eunuch told the feudal official simply, the feudal official has known. ” Your what do you think? Can Blood Slaughter Sect be willing to share sorrow for Us?”

Feudal official wants, the feudal official since Lower Realm ascend, by the Your Majesty emperor's graciousness, Your Majesty can remember in this time for the feudal official tired, is being honored of feudal official, the feudal official is willing dead the cruelest death for the official under the emperor.” "OK, We prepare your Blood Slaughter Sect person, adjusted Taean forest there, by your Blood Slaughter Sect person, formed the new Taean Regiment, after the agglomerate, your main duty, in Taean forest there, resist the attack of Monster Race, but Zhao Hai, this you did not need to command troops time, making your Sect person command troops, how did you think? ” Zhao Hai stares, later his immediately understand the meaning of immortal emperor, he nodded said: to revere Your Majesty to tell, the feudal official can make Sect elder Wen Wenhai command troops to go.” Your Majesty, the old servant thinks, Blood Slaughter Sect disciple, does not need to go to Taean forest there.” Wei Xiaode opened the mouth finally. As soon as the immortal emperor listened to Wei Xiaode saying that he cannot help but gawked, later he did look at Wei Xiaode said: Wei Banban this saying to be what intent?” The immortal emperor also really wants to know, Wei Xiaode this saying to be what meaning. Wei Xiaode said: Your Majesty, Blood Slaughter Sect present Encampment is clouds that Spirit Mountain and Three Mountains City there, but clouds that Spirit Mountain and Three Mountains City there, has become has celebrated the mansion most important grain production, but simultaneously their there, is entire celebrate mansion border, borders on Shadow Clansman directly, if we Blood Slaughter Sect military, reassign Taean forest there completely, one, but Shadow Clansman, to clouds Spirit Mountain or Three Mountains City conducts attack, that consequence will be dreadful, although said that clouds Spirit Mountain and Three Mountains City there, some armies, the army that but these armies, in the is no more than place were used to maintain the public security, they could not block Shadow Clansman, therefore. The old servants think, Blood Slaughter Sect disciple, can keep half in Three Mountains City there, the other half assigns to the Taean forest, this side for sure card.” In order to will read next time, you can click below " collection " minute book time( Chapter 10396 summoned) reading record, next time will turn on the bookshelf then to see! Likes «Bringing Farm To mix different realm» please( QQ, blog, WeChat and other ways) recommend this book to your friend, support thank you!!()