Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 104 - Chapter 10378
As soon as the immortal emperor listened to Wei Xiaode saying that he cannot help but gawked, later he thinks, then open the mouth and said: Is 5000 people, can stall the attack of Monster Race?”

Wei Xiaode open the mouth and said: Your Majesty, 5000 people are is impossible can certainly stall the attack of Monster Race, but we must use Blood Slaughter Sect disciple as the skeleton, forms a regiment, this no problem.” The immortal emperor nods, later he turns the head look at Zhao Hai said: Zhao beloved minister, your what do you think?” Feudal official reveres the command of Your Majesty, my Blood Slaughter Sect disciple, will spell to go all-out.” "OK, that manages, We order now, azure scale mountain there Blood Slaughter Sect disciple, all reassigns, part goes saying that Spirit Mountain there guarding, another part, goes to Taean forest there, forms the new Taean Regiment. ” The "Yes, feudal official receives orders from the emperor. ” Zhao Hai salutes to say to the immortal emperor. The immortal emperor turns the head look at Wei Xiaode, later open the mouth and said: Wei Banban, you must full power support Zhao beloved minister, they have what need, you must satisfy as far as possible, if lacks the soldier's rations and pay, can give out from internal organs directly.” Wei Xiaode also complied with one. The immortal emperor turns the head look at Zhao Hai said: Zhao beloved minister nearest/recent not to have an audience with the emperor, actually does not know that what is busy at?” Zhao Hai quickly said: Returns to the Your Majesty words, the feudal official comes up from Lower Realm ascend, after ascend to Immortal Realm here, the strength also came under certain impact, therefore feudal official nearest/recent is closing up, restores own strength.” The immortal emperor nods, later turns the head to Wei Xiaode said: Wei Banban, enjoys Zhao beloved minister ten dragon tiger Creator Pill.” Said that he transfers look at Zhao Hai said: Zhao beloved minister, this dragon tiger Creator Pill, is our Royal one type of secret recipe medicine pill, becomes pill very difficult, but effect very good, regarding the practice, restores the injury, has very big help.”

Thanked Your Majesty.” Zhao Hai to immortal emperor gave a salute. The immortal emperor beckons with the hand, then sighed lightly said: Zhao beloved minister, so long as you can sincerely handled the matter for Us, We will not treat unjustly your.” Zhao Hai in an expression of gratitude. Immortal emperor look at Zhao Hai, then he stood, before arriving at the study room window, opened the window, looked at one outward, then his said solemnly: Zhao Hai, you may know, why can We your Blood Slaughter Sect, in this case, accent forcefully Taean forest there?” Zhao Hai gawked, he has experienced the matter were too many, therefore before Wei Xiaode with speaking these words time, Zhao Hai has known that was why, certainly was Imperial Court these ministers opposed, therefore the immortal emperor adjusted the battlefield them, but he actually cannot display, he can only said: feudal official be stupid.” The immortal emperor sighed said: your Blood Slaughter Sect just to form the azure scale mountain regiment, at this time, I do not want to adjust Taean forest there you, but actually can not this do that now, because We before seeing you, has seen the Imperial Court about two phase, Minister of Ministry of War and people section, you may know how they did answer Our?” The immortal emperor does not wait for Zhao Hai to reply, direct open the mouth and said: They told Us, now Imperial Court army, just since the border came back, in the recuperation, is not really having in the means the battlefield, moreover they added, now the border does not have the war, letting Us the army of border, adjusted Taean forest there, HaHaHa, Zhao Hai, your understand, what meaning were their saying?” Zhao Hai in there, he has not really thought that these Imperial Court ministers unexpectedly such told the immortal emperor, this makes Zhao Hai shock, simultaneously on his face also revealed killing aura, he holds the fist in the other hand said: to the immortal emperor Your Majesty, proposed that this person of intent, should kill!” The Zhao Hai words let the immortal emperor and Wei Xiaode stare, now Emperor Heaven Immortal speaks these words to Zhao Hai, actually wants to tell Zhao Hai through this matter, I regarded the person on one's own side you, will therefore tell you these, but they have not thought, Zhao Hai actually will say, this made them feel very shocked. The immortal emperor was also out of sorts, later recovers, his look at Zhao Hai said: Zhao beloved minister, you may know that who this saying was says?” The immortal emperor said that this saying, on his face also has an interested facial expression. Zhao Hai sternly say: Your Majesty, who no matter this saying were said that this person should kill, Shadow Clansman with our cultivator, was the completely different two races, our practice way was different, energy was different, Law that we practiced was different, but Shadow Clan Strength of Law, had the aggressiveness, this our Immortal Realm, although regained many lands time, but Shadow Clansman, will certainly not give up, they had is possible to counter-attack anytime, our Immortal Realm and Shadow Clansman border, was really long, they can definitely the centralized superior force, the attack defense line any a little, at this time, we. How does is possible withdraw troops from border? Conversely, we must increase troops toward border, behind the present border defense line, how many defense lines minimum also wants to build up, simultaneously starting from the present, Immortal Realm here must start to prepare various types of war reserve, at this time, how can mobilize soldiers from border? One but mobilizes soldiers from border, the defense of border is void, Shadow Clansman will decide however will not let off this opportunity, certainly the attack we, by that time, we may really end full power, therefore the feudal official said, to Your Majesty proposed the person of this suggestion, should kill!”

The immortal emperor and Wei Xiaode listened to Zhao Hai saying that all was shocked, two people looked at one mutually, later immortal emperor look at Zhao Hai said: Zhao beloved minister, Shadow Clansman really so formidable?” Zhao Hai looked at an immortal emperor and Wei Xiaode, later smiled bitterly said: Your Majesty, the feudal official had said that the feudal official in Lower Realm, with Shadow Clansman to fighting, us has not taken seriously Shadow Clansman most from the beginning, but Shadow Clansman develop(ment) very quick, in the short several years, they are one of the Lower Realm biggest influences, we then took seriously him, but at that time, could not have controlled them, in adding on us had not united combined together at that time, therefore wanted to cope with Shadow Clansman, on becoming very difficult, Shadow Clan can in our cultivator, develop(ment) their people, Let these people get lets their traitors within, they will use this all kinds methods, tempts these cultivator, becomes their people, for example, complies with these cultivator, enabling them to be able Everlasting, complies with these cultivator, can let the god of Shadow Clan, gives them lecture on Dao, rarely will have cultivator, can bear such seduction, therefore at that time in cultivator, appears many rebels.” Speaking of here, Zhao Hai smiled bitterly, then open the mouth and said: Afterward Shadow Clan strength getting bigger and bigger, destroyed completely innumerable small Sect, occupied Lower Realm almost half of domains, at that time we know, Shadow Clansman simply does not want to live in peace together with us, they from are want to destroy completely us most from the beginning . Moreover the person who they kill are more, their strengths are strong, I suspected that their strengths are whether powerful, is related with our cultivator living souls, but also has no evidence now.” Speaking of here, Zhao Hai stopped, then open the mouth and said: Finally our Lower Realm several most powerful Sect alliance, were acted our several, comprised of an alliance, focuses on with Shadow Clansman to the war, this bit by bit, defeats Shadow Clansman, finally Lower Realm Shadow Clansman, complete annihilating, later we ascend.” The immortal emperor and Wei Xiaode also really the first time was listened to Zhao Hai to say these, was somewhat in a daze, Zhao Hai look at two people appearances, then open the mouth and said: Your Majesty, Wei eunuch, should Shadow Clansman since Immortal Realm appears , already some years? Dies in their in hand Immortal Realm the person, should be many? Therefore the Shadow Clansman present army quantity, are certainly many, but this Immortal Realm 13 road army attacks Shadow Clan, Shadow Clan has not actually sent out the too nice resistance, this in feudal official opinion is not normal, therefore the feudal official believes, Shadow Clansman is showing weakness now, don’t know, their is possible will counter-attack, therefore asked Your Majesty to be certainly careful.” The immortal emperor nods, later his look at Zhao Hai said: Zhao beloved minister words, We remembered, Zhao beloved minister, your will not blame We adjust dwelling place of celestial beings here you, what substantive post hasn't actually given you?” Zhao Hai quickly said: Feudal official does not dare, the feudal official just arrived at Immortal Realm here not long after, regarding the Immortal Realm here matter, many of not understanding, therefore feudal official if now holds the post of what substantive post, is possible could not have completed anything, this is the innermost thoughts of feudal official.” The immortal emperor nods said: "OK, Zhao beloved minister, you remembered, We later will use your, moreover makes good use, but now is not good, and you first go back, solves the matter of Taean forest. ” Zhao Hai complied with one, the immortal emperor turned the head to Wei Xiaode said: Wei Banban, this matter, was fully coordinated Blood Slaughter Sect by you, remembered, must Taean forest there Monster Race, keeping off in the Taean forest, cannot let their attack Taean forest nearby city.” Wei Xiaode complied with one.

Zhao Hai at this time open the mouth and said: Your Majesty, if there is villages and small towns close to the Taean forest, asking Your Majesty immediately to inform nearby the Taean forest the in the city person, immediately to inform these villages and small towns, must immediately, retreat to the city, in order to avoid received Monster Race attack, the feudal official goes back now, immediately sent the letter/believes to Elder Wen, making Elder Wen they be ready immediately, within the shortest time, rushed to Taean forest nearby city.” Wei Xiaode open the mouth and said: Do not go to the city, you go to the lone peak mountain military compound directly, there have Transmission Formation, I will make people give you Transmission Formation Coordinate, you must immediately, Blood Slaughter Sect to rush to there, the lone peak mountain military compound, is Monster Race attacks the road which must be taken of there city, so long as defended there, then Monster Race did not have the means to attack other cities.” Zhao Hai one hear of Wei Xiaode said that his immediately open the mouth and said: Is so best, matter is sooner rather than later, we prepare now.” Said his look at immortal emperor, Wei Xiaode also look at immortal emperor. The immortal emperor at this time was actually a smile of face, his look at two people said: great, you were great, went, now goes, must block these Monster Race.” Two people complied with one simultaneously, later they to immortal emperor gave a salute, withdrew from study room on turn around. look at two people leave, before immortal emperor then returned to own writing desk, sat, but inside his mind, but also in keeping is thinking Zhao Hai beforehand words, in Lower Realm, that Shadow Clansman that fierce, that does not have is possible, Immortal Realm here Shadow Clansman, instead to is inferior to Lower Realm Shadow Clansman, if really said according to Zhao Hai, that Shadow Clansman hides certainly the strength now, why do they want to do that? They can definitely positive/direct spells with them, but they do not have to do that instead to chose showing weakness, why is this? The immortal emperor is somewhat puzzled. txt downloading address: mobile phone read: