Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 104 - Chapter 10379
Wei Xiaode and Zhao Hai returned to his in the room, Chen Xiwang was still waiting for him in there, enters in the room, Wei Xiaode immediately to Zhao Hai said: Zhao Hai, before you said that the matter about Shadow Clansman is really?”

Zhao Hai immediately nods said: "Yes, not to have half a word lies certainly. ” Wei Xiaode nods, later open the mouth and said: "OK, I knew, regarding this action, what idea you also has? ” Zhao Hai said solemnly: Commodity, most important is the commodity, moreover is three types of commodities, the grain, weapon and full body armor, the grain currently Three Mountains City there also has, I can Blood Slaughter Sect to bring, weapon, azure scale mountain there should save much, can take to use temporarily, regarding full body armor, this truly is some difficulties, wants to manufacture within the short time, is not an easy matter, therefore this aspect cannot demand, but performs is possible are more.” Wei Xiaode nods, later his look at Zhao Hai said: „should you now already understand, now the situation in immortal courtyard?” Wei Xiaode believes that Zhao Hai is not a fool, now Emperor Heaven Immortal said so many to him, he should already understand, the immortal courtyard present situation. Zhao Hai nods said: almost understand, especially after Your Majesty said the Imperial Court these people's suggestions, I understand, now Blood Slaughter Sect is a Your Majesty department, will naturally assist Your Majesty full power, invited Wei eunuch feel relieved.” Wei Xiaode nods said: "OK, your understand to be good, I am not saying other, says that this matter, Zhao Hai, you go back time now, the immediately arrangement, I will make happy follow prosperously you, you must within the shortest time, this matter processing, me within the shortest time, will also prepare thing that you need. ” Zhao Hai immediately complied with one, later open the mouth and said: Wei eunuch, I thought that you best give azure scale mountain defense line there to send the letter/believes now, letting azure scale mountain defense line there, immediately weapon that they keep in stock, gives Blood Slaughter Sect disciple, after I go back now, immediately sends the letter/believes to Sect, lets the Sect person, immediately rushes to military compound there, the military situation is urgent, does not delay.” Wei Xiaode nods said: "OK, to be happy, immediately looks for the lone peak mountain military compound there Transmission Formation Coordinate, to Zhao Hai, I can the faction people go to azure scale mountain there to conduct the notice. ” Two people complied with one, Wei Xiaode let two people leave, two people then withdrew from Wei Xiaode study room.

After the immortal palace from space get down, two people sit horse carriage, walks toward sunset lake there, before long two people arrived at sunset lake there, when their returned to in the manor, Zhao Hai immediately they called Jia non-, then they said a next present situation to Jia non-, later open the mouth and said: Jia non-, a while you return to Three Mountains City there, like this others think, you were go back to deliver information to go, others, nearest/recent must maintain the low key, now we have stood completely immortal emperor that side, Imperial Court these ministers, will certainly cope with us, we must be careful that was good.” The people complied with one, Zhao Hai had manufactured a piece jade slip at this time, passed to Wen Wenhai jade slip, then he turned the head happily to Chen Xiwang said: prosperous, in Imperial Court these ministers, had certainly Shadow Clansman, otherwise, their also is impossible offered such a brain remnant advice to the immortal emperor, therefore you must pay attention to Imperial Court these people, simultaneously you must take care of non-, do not make him have the matter.” Chen Xiwang complied with one, Zhao Hai then open the mouth and said: This matter, Imperial Court these ministers, obviously do not want to do time, is feeling embarrassed the immortal emperor, is to borrow this opportunity, weakens the strength of immortal emperor, but now we met this assignment, spoiled the plans of these people on equal to, although said that even did not have us, their plans still not necessarily can succeed, but our take part to this matter, they will calculate our heads this tent/account, therefore they can want the means to cope with us, at this time, to act on needs you.” Chen Xiwang complied with said: "Yes, Young Master, your rest assured, this time, but Wei Xiaode makes me full power coordinate your, therefore I did not need to cover-up, these completed certainly time. ” Zhao Hai nods said: "OK, that to settle, you walk now, I had reached an agreement with Wenhai, following matter, by his plenary powers processing. ” Two people complied with one. Zhao Hai then open the mouth and said: Originally this I am time prepare to lead troops personally, but the immortal emperor did not agree, I do not go, right, happy prosperous, after you go back, helping me ask Wei Xiaode, if our Blood Slaughter Sect person, has the contact with these Monster Race, this is excessive, to be honest, if these Monster Race had not been polluted by Shadow Clan energy, I to subdue them, no matter they are Monster Race, said no matter how, they are cultivator, if they really not by the Shadow Clan energy pollution, then subdues them is not is impossible .” Chen Xiwang nods said: "OK, my present immediately to go to ask, after having asked that I , the direct signalling did not give you. ” Zhao Hai nods, later beckons with the hand said: "All right, to go, Jia non-, you also follows. ” Two people complied with one, later turn around leave. When their leave, Zhao Hai then turned the head this you to come out with me to other Blood Slaughter Sect disciple said: time, but was owed, not only I did not have the time to direct you, but also your also everyday must stay in manor here, was very bored?” Zhao Hai spoke this saying time, is a smile of face.

These disciple also followed to smile, disciple said: Sect Master, was not bored, our everyone normally was all right, can exchange the attainment that practiced in together, happen to considered to close up, our cultivator closed up some time is not normal? Does not have any is bored.” Zhao Hai is smiling said: "All right, you to think that naturally is best, my in recent time is closing up some deduce things, if this matter succeeded, then was too big regarding the help of our Blood Slaughter Sect, you can also be the people who first batch profits, ok, rests. ” The people complied with one, later turn around walked. After their leave, Zhao Hai then returned to following courtyard closed up, Zhao Hai these days, wanted through own deduce, look to be able this spirit root attribute complementing, if he can the attribute complement of this spirit root, that this spirit root turn into five attribute spirit root, by that time, this spirit root, no matter took the one type of use alone, placed the together use, that was good thing. When Zhao Hai deduce spirit root, Wen Wenhai had received Zhao Hai jade slip, after he has looked at the content in jade slip, immediately returned to Black Tortoise Space, they gave to call the conference room Chang Jun directly, after everyone arrived at the conference room, Wen Wenhai made them look at content in a jade slip. After they look, Wen Wenhai then open the mouth and said: „The content in jade slip, everyone has looked, said that what idea has?” Chang Jun open the mouth and said: Does not have any idea, Sect Master has said was very clear, our target, forms time the regiment, subdues Monster Race, that also has anything saying that immediately starts to get ready.” The people also all nod, Wen Wenhai also nods said: "OK, that present to prepare, after a period of time, azure scale mountain defense line there will come back five thousand disciple, your look at arrangement, I must lead the person to go to lone peak mountain there personally, right, grain anything, prepared. ” The people also complied with one, Wen Wenhai then open the mouth and said: Boss nearest/recent must close up, therefore the Sect matter was handled by us, on everyone also many desserts, this boss makes me go to Taean forest there ; first, because must subdue these Monster Race, two are because, the boss should not want to let Immortal Realm here, knows the person who we too many details, we expose now are many, you cannot expose, will otherwise cause the suspicion of Immortal Realm, therefore this talent by me, I Taean forest there, you must favor the family/home, Shadow Clansman will not do well will attack us . Has, must pay attention, Immortal Realm here too many to know that our strengths, the boss had said that his equal to stood in immortal emperor side, then offended Imperial Court all ministers on equal to, these ministers will perhaps feel embarrassed us, will send people Three Mountains City here to look for trouble, many that too if we exposed, will have is possible very much by their discover our strength, that only troublesome, therefore everyone must careful a little.”

The people complied with one, Wen Wenhai then open the mouth and said: "All right, that everyone prepares, old often/common, after I walked, family/home here looked your, no big matter, easily disturbed the boss, you should also know, now the boss easily does not close up, one, but the boss said that must close up, his comprehend thing, certainly was extraordinary thing, therefore everyone easily disturbed him. ” The people complied with one, Wen Wenhai then beckoned with the hand, the people all stood, turn around leave, they are Blood Slaughter Sect, unlike the Immortal Realm person naturally was, handled anything, unusual speed, everyone extremely in the smalltalk, they will not care about these superficial politenesses. After numerous to people leave, Wen Wenhai also on returned to Three Mountains City there, Jia non- also arrived at Three Mountains City here directly at this time, warm sea asked Jia non- simply, the dwelling place of celestial beings there situation, later he immediately on use Transmission Formation, to azure scale mountain there, he must bring Blood Slaughter Sect disciple from here, sits Transmission Formation directly, rushes to lone peak mountain military compound there. When Wen Wenhai to azure scale mountain defense area time, in his discover here has the officer to arrive, the come in officer transmitted the immortal emperor's order, did not have the blade they to get the imperial decree horizontally. Saw Wen Wenhai to arrive, everyone welcomed, Wen Wenhai coreferenced after them delivered the betrothal gifts, to people said: everyone also knows what's the matter, I also on impolite, the military situation like the fire, act now, child Jianjun, please the azure scale mountain here weapon, give Blood Slaughter Sect disciple, a while we must carry off.” child Hengying, later his immediately open the mouth and said: "OK, I prepare now. ” Wen Wenhai turns the head to horizontal no blade said: horizontal Commander, please my Blood Slaughter Sect disciple, concentrate, our immediately depart.” Did not have the blade not to say anything horizontally, nods, prepared.