Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 11 - Chapter 1001

The Zhao Hai really somewhat surprised, surprised reason is his under the hand/subordinate the Fire element Boomerang, this Fire element Boomerang like ordinary Fire element Magic, does not brave the flame, makes knows that is Fire element Magic, Boomerang that this Fire element Magic composes, above does not brave point flame, the Magic element level is rich, became one type of Crystal, this makes Zhao Hai in hand the Boomerang seem seems like made by red Crystal is the same. Such Fire element Magic Zhao Hai has not seen, even before him, has not thought will have such Fire element Magic appears . But what another makes Zhao Hai surprised is, this Magic is Demon Realm witch jiao research comes out unexpectedly, must know that in Underworld here, Magic element that the people can transfer, is Dark Elements, in other words, Fire element Magician, to Underworld here, that is one cannot in the waste waste, because here simply does not have the Fire element element, he could not use Fire element Magic in here, equal to was fighting strength not. But reason that Zhao Hai can use this Water element Magic , because he[ body] reason that in has Space, in Space is not only then sole Magic element. But any new Magic, in the bright process, is the need repeatedly experiments, can not undergo the proof to explain that without any one type of theory he is authoritative, Magic is also one, any Magic in the bright process, must by the place repeated experiment, be finalized finally the success. But this known as Fire Crystal round Magic, actually in does not have in fire element Space to be been successful by research, wasn't this too astonishing? Does Kampala achieve? Zhao Hai puts down this beast skin, has put out beast skin, this above records is still Magic, is Fire element Magic, this Fire element Magic actually coordinates bow and arrow to enable to have, known as Fire Arrow Technique. Fire Arrow Technique of this name although in ordinary Fire element Magic is exactly the same, but the effect is actually completely is two matters, this Magic is also requests the user to carry on certain compression to fire element, then makes Crystal Fire Arrow, this arrow is almost the strength, can shoot out like normal arrow, but after shoot out, one, but hit target, will also live the explosion, even if by the opposite party shooting, so long as imbue arrow encounters the resistance of certain intensity, still will explode. Zhao Hai immediately carried on to experiment according to this Magic appearance, but the final result agreement made him be startled, this Magic in a success. Zhao Hai puts down this Fire Arrow Technique beast skin volume, on looking at that stance/framework/shelf full beast skin volume, his suddenly had one type of to enter feeling in a big treasure house, thing on these beast skin volumes, were Kampala passes through innumerable year of research to record, although had like poetry such thing, but also had like Fire Crystal round and Fire Arrow Technique Magic, these Magic regarding the present Magic system, has to subvert doing of xing to use.

The Magic compression, this already was Ark Continent there Magician continuously in a research guest topic, the people on bright had compressed Magic before, because people present, after Magic compressed, is executing release to go, its Might formidable, but similarly again, this type research that compressed Magic was also very dangerous, because the Magic element was not that good control, compressed Magic, may live the element to explode very much, then regarding Magician was, too danger, therefore how compression Magic element, was a difficult problem that Magician must solve first. But Zhao Hai read several Kampala these beast skin volumes, Magic that in these beast skin volumes records almost compresses Magic . Moreover the compression to pinnacle Magic, can say that has used Kampala research the Fire Arrow Technique, its Might compares 100 ordinary Fire Arrow Technique also to want much stronger, its Might differs hundred times to continue. Moreover after reading several beast skin volumes, did not have the sea present a gauge rate, in the uses of these Magic, several hand signals and several Incantation syllables, was in first Magic can appears , Zhao Hai supposed that these syllables and hand signals, possibly were this reduce the Magic key. Thought of here, Zhao Hai could not be tarrying, his immediately this in the room all thing, received in Space, then has delivered to Wild Dragon Island. On Wild Dragon Island, besides Karen Magic Formation Laboratory, but also has plenty person in other research thing, because Wild Dragon Island there is absolutely[ from] by, you likes research anything on research anything, does not have what to manage you, naturally also some people in research Magic, but these thing Zhao Hai make the person on Wild Dragon Island go to research on the preparation slowly. Besides these beast skin volumes, in room thing of these Kampala collections, Zhao Hai has also delivered to Space \; first, he wants to have a look, these can thing increase an experience to Space, two want to take a look, can presently some special ores and so on, this allow these ores have big using to him. Also, let alone, in these thing of Kampala collection, but also some good thing, especially the specimens of these ores, were actually Ark Continent and God Realm there did not have, but did not have arrives outside, in these ores was to include Darkness attribute energy, was the Cultivator person often said that yin attribute Cultivation World there, the people can be familiar with xing was divided into Yin-Yang some Item, for example Blockhead, was divided into yin wooden and Yang Mu, Stone is divided into the yin stone and Yang Stone, iron nature also minute of Yin-Yang. This is only the one type of very simple minute of method, however playing chess real there, this Yin-Yang two thing usages are completely different.

Underworld here he is Darkness attribute thing, with the view of Cultivation World is, here almost is yin attribute negative energy, thing that here produces, some in Cultivation World is also very precious existence. Empties after the room, Zhao Hai from newly has arranged the room, he also deferred to his idea to arrange simply, after all he does not think staying of long time in Underworld here, nothing time, he met in returned to Space. Does well after the room, Zhao Hai on returned to in Space, but he has not gone to look at fight between O'Neal Clan and different God Race today, but puts out look at that Kampala these beast skin volumes have kept, this time he not careful goes to research these Magic, but has carried on the classification to these beast skin volumes. Kampala these beast skin curled don’t know to save how long to have, thing on some beast skin volumes, but he started research for a while, after some were actually his time obsessed that thing, research, very disorderly, but has to recognize, these thing have some usefully actually really. No matter the Magic experiment is also good, is other experiments is also good, a person completes, is takes over to complete, that effect that several people keep is definitely different, the silk road of everyone is different, the research achievement is naturally different. With compressing Magic, Kampala is only one, passed through long time research, compressed in Magic on capture, the most important several points, then compress Magic regarding him, on very simple. However Ark Continent there Magician actually cannot achieve this point, because Kampala has used several hundred years of time, capture compresses in Magic the most important that several points. But Ark Continent there Magician, does not have that person to live for several hundred years, one, but this Magician passed away, possibly his apprentice will then not be carrying on research, even if he wants then to carry on research, finally may also take another road, but causes research to be defeated. returned to Space these beast skin volume minute of good kinds, Zhao Hai returned to Underworld, returned to in tower, his these time mainly has wanted better understanding Underworld, if daily staying in Space, how that also understood.

Zhao Hai just came out from Space, Coulee with will be arriving at his tower, Zhao Hai naturally was immediately makes them come, these two entered to the Zhao Hai room stare, what they before the Kampala room was has seen, now this room is different, in the room only kept a bookshelf, above was suspending a book, had a desk and one chair, in the other aspect was a rest area, there is actually suspending one group of sands, tea table, had some are the daily necessities, the ground has also spread out carpet, Also increased a rocking chair. Zhao Hai look at their fence, show a faint smile said :, sits, shouldn't you handle the Three Holy cities matter? Had the time to look for me? I have not thought really that Kampala in the room has many good thing, was right, before you know don’t know Kampala, research Magic of its dwelling department?” They nodded, Coulee said :, knows, Magic of other research departments for sometime Kampala keeps, in Underworld here, although everywhere are Dark Elements, but passed through many years of show, Underworld here can also use Magic of other departments, after all the dark Black Magic element and Light Magic element, are in this world the most basic Magic element, all present Underworld here, the has plenty people use other are the Magic element, but they use is other is the other aspect in Magic element.” One hear of Coulee said that Zhao Hai cannot help but nodded, before he has remembered , when he receives that several Lich, that several witch jiao uses that Innate Yin Fire, can say that is also Fire element Magic, but that does not belong to Yang flame, but belongs to Yin Fire. Thinks that here Zhao Hai has also felt relaxed, but he was also more curious to Underworld here, he has not thought of Underworld here these undead intelligently unexpectedly such. Zhao Hai looked at their said :, said that what matter this time does have? Did the matter in Three Holy cities process?” deep voice said :, Young Master, this time we look for you, wants to tell you, Three Holy cities was possibly given to stare, after we come back, asked our several under the hand/subordinate, in these days that our three people exit, Three Holy cities external has plenty is not Three Holy cities here undead, some also entered in Three Holy cities, although they now also in well-mannered doing business, but, they must do, did not say.” Zhao Hai stares, then two eyes twinkling brightly said :, „ you said that some people did start to have the idea of Three Holy cities? Three Holy cities will nearest/recent possibly live the war?” a.