Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 11 - Chapter 1002
On time nod said :, „ is mister, Three Holy cities here could live the war, we have arranged the person to look up, wants to find out to arrive is who wants to begin to us. Zhao Hai nodded said :, good, hits hits, fears anything, if Dark Spirit Temple, that was better, how I happen to have a look at their strengths.” Will be shaking the head said :, attack our not necessarily is the Dark Spirit Temple person, may be the Rebel Army person, in Rebel Army nearest/recent had a very fierce character, he is a vampire king, he will want to unify Rebel Army, will establish a unified country Rebel Army, then together will cope with Dark Spirit Temple, majority of Rebel Army did not agree that heard nearest/recent will have several Rebel Army cities, by that vampire king seizing.” Zhao Hai has gawked, he has not thought really that the Rebel Army interior does not unite unexpectedly, actually also lives to conflict, this arrived is more interesting. Zhao Hai look at Righteous Path:, „Didn't you say in Space the appears few appears vampire king? Now how to resemble this vampire king is not very valuable appearance?” Just and Coulee don’t know said that any was good, but looks at the expression, possibly is smiling bitterly, said : that , not will be bearing, Young Master, in our Rebel Army, several Expert, the vampire king is one of them, if no such several Expert to sit, our Rebel Army feared that was already given by Dark Spirit Temple evenly.” Zhao Hai nods, they also know that now their strengths, most has also achieved vampire Crown Prince level, must miss on First Grade compared with vampire Wang to come, if were really vampire Wang to come, they really careful were good. Regarding their strengths, Zhao Hai is knows that is very strong their strengths, even if they do not have any special weapon, is only their strengths, is similar to different God Race wear Combat Suit Supreme Elder, but the vampire king also wants on strong some compared with them, from this can look at fighting strength of that vampire king to have astonishment how. Thinks of here, Zhao Hai to is some[ is popular] has exerted, he for a long time has not run into the match, in God Realm there, at that time he and God Race Supreme Elder to war, was unable to use own full strength, therefore that weaponry hits can be said as very aggrieved, finally can only the opposite party rubbing. Now is different, now he can use the complete strength, he to wants to give a try, having a look at own strength to achieve any degree, therefore this time does not want to use Yama Ship, He to wants to have a look, oneself present fighting strength to any degree. Since completed the study Ten Thousand Stellar Transformations Yin-Yang Formula, Zhao Hai skill every time in increasing, increases is not very fast, after all Ten Thousand Stellar Transformations Yin-Yang Formula completed the study energy, is that very strong compression energy, wanted like before, then quick increased own cultivation level, that was impossible. This is also a Ten Thousand Stellar Transformations Yin-Yang Formula shortcoming, but Zhao Hai has not cared, he believes that Ten Thousand Stellar Transformations Yin-Yang Formula is very formidable Cultivation Method. Just and Coulee looks at a Zhao Hai face happy appearance, what they real don’t know Zhao Hai is also thinking, Coulee careful said :, Young Master, if hits, how we do want to do?” Zhao Hai gawked, turns the head to look at their one eyes, his understand their meanings, they did not belong to Underworld now, but belonged to his Zhao Hai, they with were different, originally they had, only then with the vampire king to fighting this road, but currently they had another stature,

Not with the vampire king to war, leave Three Holy cities. Zhao Hai thinks said :, is ready, Three Holy cities was unable to give up now, if the opposite party came, that with an opposite party war.” One hear of Zhao Hai said that they also know how to have done, they complied with one, turn around have arranged, in the station room of Zhao Hai static nose, but his these time has not actually read, he wants to have a look, how to arrange them, how they prepared to meet the enemy. Complied on appears quickly, after Coulee and returned to their Magic inside tower, quick moved, the teams of skeleton soldier and Zombie soldier, appears in in the city, directly has carried on attack to undead, Zhao Hai has been able to affirm, before these undead were, just and Coulee suspicion is the opposite party will send scout undead. Really, some immediately in these undead have carried on the counter-attack, but the disparity in population, making them all be grasped quickly, was grasped besides these with killed undead, other undead have not actually come under a point influence, even many undead stood in the one side watches the fun. After these undead grasp, Three Holy cities immediately has closed the city gate, then Zhao Hai feels, from that tower below, slowly has the blood to swim. Zhao Hai stares, his immediately has thought before , mentioned them same thing, Blood Pond, mentioned them before, Underworld here has Blood Pond this thing, it seems like that this walked. Zhao Hai look at these blood same liquids, from flowed tower, but that blood was not the turbulent flow, Zhao Hai presently in the entire Three Holy cities ground, has some tiny carving, but these blood were flow in these calibration lines, very complex blood red design appears slowly in the ground in city, moreover slowly extended toward city wall there. The Zhao Hai personal appearance moves, appears in tower, was sitting the present in tower most top layer his in the room, but in his room, is very enormous Blood Pond, now Blood Pond of Blood Pond surface, is reducing slowly. suddenly felt that side were many a person, he turns the head to look, unexpectedly is Zhao Hai, will be bowing to Zhao Hai hastily said :, Young Master.” Zhao Hai nodded said :, „is this Blood Pond? You how the Blood Pond liter to such high place?” quickly said:, Returns to the Young Master words, this is not ordinary Blood Pond, but is a blood spring, is we constructs Three Holy cities in the here primary cause, in Underworld here, each Blood Pond is actually a blood spring, but these blood springs cannot spurt such high, but our blood springs, afterward Kampala had actually designed this pool, this pool the blood in entire blood spring centralized to here, then opens several in the pool, normally does not use that many blood, on. A bloodletting mouth opens, the blood the class will exit from that opening, making Blood Pond maintain certain volume of blood, one, but makes the war, needs with the blood of Blood Pond arranges Magic Formation the time, blocks that bleeding mouth, then opens several other small mouths, this can make the blood stream enter in Magic Formation, Magic Formation can the effect.” Zhao Hai nodded this method is not the difficult matter, but Kampala can make such exquisite design , is really not easy. Thinks that here Zhao Hai immediately/on horseback said :, this blood I do take away not to have the matter?”

quickly said:, Young Master takes freely, actually this blood in Underworld here very common, our Underworld life form can survive, mainly by different thing, same is Underworld Dark mist, in addition same is Blood Pond, in Underworld, Blood Pond can not see strangely.” Zhao Hai nodded, the hand wields, Blood Pond immediately flies one group of blood, Zhao Hai, in this group of blood entered to be spatial. This blood just entered to Space in Space immediately transmits prompt speaking sounds:, Presently greatly braves the yin attribute blood energy, this blood can be possible to be Undead Creature provides massive energy, simultaneously has to pollute the strength of positive xing energy.” This prompt sound although is not long, but Zhao Hai actually understand this prompt sound is any meaning, understand that the meaning of this prompt sound said actually, first this blood is the yin attribute second point, he belongs to one type of energy, third point energy can be Undead Creature uses, has the advantage simultaneously this blood also to be used to Undead Creature very much to oppose the enemy. Zhao Hai remembers that Cultivation World there weapon anything, is divided into the Yin-Yang two types, but Yin-Yang repels one another, if a person is taking weapon, stresses in positive xing, so long as were drenched by this blood, feared that was immediately cannot use. Thinks of here, Zhao Hai is one happy, he has not thought that this Blood Pond blood use so is unexpectedly big, in this time, in Space in one time is transmitting prompt speaking sounds:, Extraction blood can the ingredient, all Darkness attribute Space, the automatic life form blood be able the spring, to use for Undead Creature.” Zhao Hai satisfied nod, he believes Space will certainly withdraw the blood to be able ingredient, before he received in these thing to Space, so long as needs to withdraw the ingredient, Space has not let off, how possibly to let off the blood energy. In look at Zhao Hai, why his understand Zhao Hai do not receive a blood of Blood Pond to enter to Space, but looks at a smiling face of Zhao Hai face, knows that blood very satisfied of Zhao Hai to this Blood Pond, his immediately/on horseback said :, Young Master, if needed, can receive, after now waits a while Blood Pond Magic Formation to overbrimming, will restore.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said :, „ does not use, I collect a point to carry on research, remaining Space can solve, was right, you just sent these people who catches, suspected that they are spy?” On time nod said :, is, they suspected spy, grasps to massacre them now, avoid some people attack a city, their in the city disturbs.” Zhao Hai nodded, does not have what legal side in Underworld here simply, in Three Holy cities here, their words precisely is Magic law, they want to cope with anyone, copes with anyone, does not need any reason. Zhao Hai said :, these did undead kill?” Will be shaking the head said :, did not have, is Young Master useful?” Zhao Hai has selected to said :, leads them, I put in Space, then they turned into the person on one's own side, we can ask that was that influence must cope with us.” One stares, then one happy, immediately transmitted orders, before long some skeleton soldier and Zombie soldier detained some undead to walk, Zhao Hai, directly has thrown into them Space, after Space they surrendered, Zhao Hai their let out.

When these undead, are belongs to Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai look at these undead said :, said that anyone of you infiltrates Three Holy cities spy, is that group.” The Zhao Hai voice just fell, in which makes vampire to hit person immediately said : of partner, vampire Count Eric has seen Young Master, Young Master, these undead all spy, in the city also has many spy not to be grasped, we are the blood in vampire king Eddie woods under the hand/subordinate.” Zhao Hai nodded, deep voice said :, you go, leading the person to grasp to bring to my here to come these spy.” Eric complied with one, turn around walked, will be telling, let these Zombie soldiers and these skeleton soldiers must the words of listening issue of little to subdue|grams. When Eric one tower, turned the head immediately/on horseback to Zhao Hai said :, Young Master, you looked that received in the city all undead Space, making them turn into the person on one's own side?” Zhao Hai has gawked, he has not thought really must such do, but one hear will be saying that he to had this idea. Careful thinking, Zhao Hai nodded said :, this means to are not good, but will be very troublesome, after all these Undead Creature live ting is now good, if catches in them Space now, they can rebel.” immediately/on horseback said :, „ Young Master, although spends a matter now, so long as we catch in these undead Space, our military strength big increase, when the time comes no matter who will come attack we, we did not need to fear. Zhao Hai shows a faint smile, the military strength is thing that he most does not lack, let alone this in the city this undead, even if in many some him will not cherish, will also be turning the good intention, said it, military strength were many, to him does not have the fault, Zhao Hai to nod said :, good, I can in the city everybody open Space rift as you like, you delivered to Space rift to be OK the person directly.” Will have been complying with one, has arranged, the Zhao Hai actually intention moves, in the city various places opened Space rift, his also release large quantities of Undead Creature join in, before long in Three Holy cities has heard simultaneously the intermittent fight sound, Zhao Hai has not actually cared, by military strength that his release goes, in adding on the Three Holy cities original military strength, grasps in in the city all Undead Creature Space, will not have the issue. In order to speed up seizing just and Coulee has dispatched troops personally, less than a day of time, in Three Holy cities all Undead Creature, had been grasped in Space, but Magic Formation in entire Three Holy cities, fully was completed to the irrigation by the blood of Blood Pond. These were grasped Undead Creature in Space, transferred in Space, went by release, but they became completely were now loyal to Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai has not managed them, he gave just and Coulee the in the city matter manages, but he actually looked for Eric, asked him the matter about vampire king Eddie woods. However what disappoints Zhao Hai somewhat is, Eric simply has not seen the Eddie woods, because his level is insufficient, he belongs to vampire Crown Prince under the hand/subordinate, but his all duty from his head higher authority, vampire Marquis there lead, other matter his real don’t know are too many. a.