Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 11 - Chapter 1003
Chapter 1000 spirit encounters 1000 chapters, have not thought really will write is so long, HaHaHa, insisted obviously, this was a longest book that wrote obviously, since here must thank everyone/Great Clan continuously obviously the support, thanked everyone/Great Clan, hopes that everyone/Great Clan can also support obviously, thanked politely obviously! ............................................................................................. Underworld level was extremely stern, in Three Holy cities here, in the city all undead, almost does not have Coulee they to be high likely, no matter they had been subdued by Coulee, they will look like Coulee to salute. But Eric is just a Count vampire, such status to vampire, can only be medium grade below existence, if puts in Human Race, he also at most is small Noble, compared with commoner in some, but compared with these true Great Noble, their anything is not. Eric can only be Eddie woods under the hand/subordinate scouts Junior Captain of squad, he naturally does not have the qualifications to see the Eddie woods, but regarding the Eddie woods under the hand/subordinate strength, he actually knows. Through Eric's narration, the strength of Zhao Hai to Eddie woods also some certain understanding, boldly unquestioned, the Eddie woods are in Rebel Army the first big influence, presently in his hand control the city, crosses 20, each is not smaller than Three Holy cities, but in these cities all dares rebel his Undead Creature, finally by his exterminate, was taken coming out that Undead Creature the fire of spirit soul, has kindly given to his loyal under the hand/subordinate, can say his strength equivalent to Three Holy cities about ten times. Art of War clouds: Ten encircle it! Eddie woods ten times of strength equivalent to Three Holy cities must be many, in this case, Eddie woods naturally not to Three Holy cities any opportunity, but simultaneously Zhao Hai can also look from the conduct method of Eddie woods, he is a very cautious person, his military strength is Three Holy cities ten times, will send unexpectedly also for infiltrating in the city to come, to prepare becomes the planted agent, this itself explained his character, must deal with enemy like this, is not easy. When Eric had said after Eddie woods military strength, Zhao Hai nodded, his look at Eric said : Eric, what attack method your does vampire have?” As soon as Eric listens to Zhao Hai such to ask that immediately/on horseback said : returns to Young Master, our vampire attack method has plenty, we can use sound attack, moreover our hands can grow the claw also to be able the attack enemy, we can also enable the blood attack, but can also use Dark Energy to carry on attack.” Zhao Hai nodded, vampire these attack methods, to be honest, his expectation, from will be saying that vampire is that moment of since by the bat being changed, Zhao Hai knows that in the vampire attack method must certainly have sound bo attack. But vampire remaining several attack style, in Zhao Hai is expected, in Underworld here, two energy are most, one type of is Dark Energy in Dark mist, another one type of is the Blood Pond blood energy, vampire has oneself complete level system, then must use regarding these two energy, this and no big deal.

Zhao Hai turned the head look at Eric said : well Eric, you rested to Space, in there practice well, later perhaps you can also become a vampire king.” Eric has complied with one, was received in Space by Zhao Hai, this is first vampire that Zhao Hai accepts, vampire of although this vampire on with Earth has some differences, but similarly, some of some of their also similarities, to be honest, after seeing Eric, the Zhao Hai also really a little warm feelings, looked like saw these graceful vampire in Earth movie walked to be the same. Before Zhao Hai has arrived at the window of room, window originally of this room does not have the glass, regarding Lich, there is a wind to be the same, said it, in Underworld here, does not have the wind, here some are only the fog, Dark mist. After Zhao Hai presently Underworld here does not have the wind, not in tower upper garment glass, because such words will carry on some transform to tower, looks like in Zhao Hai absolutely does not have that necessary. What Magic Formation also don’t know Kampala in the room has installed, these Dark mist actually do not have the means to enter to in the room comes, but on the ceiling of room, was bringing a Magic lamp, the light of that Magic lamp very gentle, was suiting the person to move to use in the house. Actually stands before the tower window, your simply cannot see any thing, besides can appreciate unceasingly fluctuation shape Dark mist, you almost cannot see any thing, but there are in rooms of this window, is more like a room. These three tower, the room that only then tower top has the window, other rooms do not have the window, this was also demonstrates Master of these three rooms, the status special place. Zhao Hai static standing before the window, the look at out of the window that surface changes giant beast is so same, keeps seething Dark mist, some ji move at heart unavoidably. He really very grateful this time crossing over, this time crossing over not only makes him obtain now in all thing that on Earth cannot obtain, makes he experienced this Universe all sorts of mysterious beside, if were not this time crossing over, Zhao Hai does not believe that will have the Underworld such mysterious place. Zhao Hai on Earth is nerd, seems like afraid of getting into trouble timidly, the character introversion, nobody knows actually that this person, looks like fire of a bedding bag in ice, in words of dog blood, his is hiding wild beast at heart. Such person, although normally looks like with everyone/Great Clan does not have what difference, but that is just their camouflages, their hearts have been indifferent, they even can ignore the sentiment, ignores the life, only then few people and matters can enter to their psychology, the actual matter, that looks like throws a piece Stone in lake water, although meets flood the ripples, but quickly calm will actually get down.

Because this indifference, therefore Zhao Hai in Ark Continent here, fast adapted, he can kill people without hesitation, beside person who even dozens, several hundred, several thousand, even hundreds of millions murders, in his eyes, care about with him except for him, his lives to other people are not regarding as important. Is such person, they more were very much difficultly contented have gotten down, only if they had found themselves the matter that liked handling, or because of some exterior reasons, they have to be contented, the place on Earth waited, Zhao Hai was this, his dwelling at home, was because he had found himself the matter that liked handling, that fantasized that his grounded fantasy told some stories of oneself weaving to everyone/Great Clan, this on was he matter that liked handling, therefore his dwelling at home. But actually Zhao Hai is also able to discriminate one matter that likes handling, that travels, what is a pity, the traveling on Earth, is a very expensive matter, but Zhao Hai does not have money exactly , because of this hope, therefore he car(riage) that on Earth, most likes is not a race car, but is Recreational Vehicle (RV), he is likes fantasizing one day, can open Recreational Vehicle (RV), goes all over the world each corner. However on Earth, he also can only fantasize, because at that time he do not say that was Recreational Vehicle (RV), feared that was links an most common automobile unable to afford. But after Ark Continent here, he had almost himself in all that on Earth does not have, a warm family, several depth loves own woman, what his heart was complete was Laura they opened, at the same time he also had the formidable strength, in adding on some exterior reasons, Zhao Hai saw scenery that on many Earth could not see, because like this, therefore regret of Zhao Hai that means traveling on Earth, has not shifted to Ark Continent here, he wants to make up for own regret in here. In the subconscious has such idea, therefore he goes to Demon Realm, goes to God Realm, goes to Atlanta Continent, now arrived at Underworld here, moreover he believes that one day he will go to Cultivation World. In Underworld here, although his eye cannot see outside situation, however his Divine Sense can actually make him see outside all, this is one before him place that has been, completely different same within, this type present the feeling of new and odd matter, making him ji move excited. Zhao Hai has closed the eye slowly, he felt the in the city situation, presently in the city was opened dozens Space rift by him, Coulee and under the hand/subordinate is catching in Space in command(er) these Undead Creature, in although this process they have encountered some resistances, because there is Zhao Hai army join, these Undead Creature all were grasped in Space quickly, then let out, but they turned into Zhao Hai under the hand/subordinate now. In this time, Zhao Hai suddenly was feeling that very tyrannical spiritual wave moves, searched toward Three Holy cities here, Zhao Hai stares slightly, then fiercely has opened the eye, that spiritual force that simultaneously his energy strength toward searching moved forward to meet somebody. The opposite party also felt Zhao Hai spiritual force obviously, welcomed toward Zhao Hai. Boom!

Their spiritual force in airborne silent clashed one time, others do not have the means to hear this spiritual force to hit in the together sound, but Zhao Hai actually heard, he believes that his match also heard. This time spirit clashes, but is a probe, but this spirit clashes is also most dangerous, one, but disappointed, light , will then become the idiot, heavy can the cognitive death! This time probe both sides have not obtained the small advantage, their spiritual force have not drawn back, Zhao Hai spiritual force like likely was one has been covered with the big shield of sharp thorn, gave to cover entire Three Holy cities, but opposite party spiritual force likely was one has actually been covered with large net of barb, kept was seeking for the loophole on Zhao Hai spiritual force. The net, the shield, this different normally looks like does not have thing of no attack strength, on has grown into the thorn, on another takes the barb time, they are most ferocious weapon, obviously both sides of confrontation both are not easy to deal with. Some ordinary Undead Creature, could not feel that this time spiritual force fights, they felt that an unprecedented pressure, in appears in the Three Holy cities sky, making these Undead Creature have the feeling that the one type of end falls supervises. Must know these Undead Creature full of wisdom, therefore this type feels very clear, in the city these also in Undead Creature that resisting Coulee they seize, almost lost the resistance consciousness, they stand in there dull, whatever these skeleton soldier and Zombie soldier catches in them Space. But Coulee and can feel this spiritual confrontation, because they felt, therefore they know that was fighting the fearful places of these two people, with place of the bad risk. roa.