Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 11 - Chapter 1004

...................................................... The spiritual force confrontation of opposite party is still continuing, but Zhao Hai not extremely in worry, he already present, to responsibility spiritual force attack, but is a probe, if no him to act to block, this time spiritual force attack, perhaps is only a warning. Opposite party spiritual force is very formidable, but the distance was too far, Zhao Hai believes the opposite party now to Three Holy cities, if uses, minimum also two days of distances, how even if the opposite party in formidable, was impossible to be away from such can strike to kill Coulee with spiritual force they. However the opposite party has aroused the Zhao Hai vigilance, because of Zhao Hai very clear, can surmount such far distance spiritual force, attack arrives at Three Holy cities, this itself explained the opposite party strength does not allow to look down upon. In fact such strength Zhao Hai can also achieve, his after all village is Succubus, but a Succubus clan will be inborn will play spiritual force. Zhao Hai can achieve, but makes him achieve like the opposite party such lifts a heavy weight as if light, actually cannot, his although learn sub- Succubus race's application method about a spiritual force, the time that but this method he obtains is not after all long, moreover little uses, therefore like attack, he can achieve, but cannot achieve opposite party degree absolutely. However this arrives lets Zhao Hai[ is popular] has exerted, he believes that the opposite party only will not compete spiritual force with him, because such battle was really extremely in the bad risk, that feared spiritual force Expert like opposite party, will not die to put together spiritual force with you, such equal to was courts death, because was not small The heart, spiritual force backlash, that opposite party will unable to eat to capture. But the opposite party has such formidable spiritual force, then his skill certainly also good, Underworld this place formidable spiritual force is the has plenty advantage, but, he possibly is not most from the beginning has such formidable spiritual force, because has formidable spiritual force Undead Creature to fear that most from the beginning is his body tyrannical does not arrive at that to go, such words he already became other Undead Creature food. In Underworld here, besides a Lich clan, any race the body of clan can very formidable, if , a body of Lich clan is the most powerful, because they can achieve the ordinary physical attack immunity. Now Zhao Hai is really impatient wants to fight with the opposite party, having a look at the opposite party to have how formidable.

But spiritual force that the opposite party also presently thinks wants now undead in Three Holy cities to the words that carries on to warn is almost impossible, opposite party spiritual force is not weaker than him, perhaps is inferior to his however him in the application method, if strong attack, definitely cannot ask to be good, therefore after carrying on several times probe xing to attack, has drawn back. Waits for opposite party spiritual force to draw back, Zhao Hai spiritual force also received, when receives, he while convenient in has swept Three Holy cities, the anticipation of situation in Three Holy cities to going out of Zhao Hai with Coulee use these days pressure, will be catching in in the city majority of undead Space, now only then some undead have not grasped, these undead probably also loses the resistance to be the same now, whatever they will catch this to are by them relaxed many. Zhao Hai sees this situation, immediately/on horseback deep voice said :, Coulee, will be positive, comes.” The Zhao Hai sound has spread in Three Holy cities by far, Coulee and immediately has complied with one, the half step toward Zhao Hai tower catches up. Quick they arrived at Zhao Hai room Zhao Hai to sit in the room, look at them to come, nodded said : to them, sat.” They complied with one to sit, sat down Coulee immediately/on horseback said :, Young Master I just felt that had spiritual force attack, was attack of vampire king?” Zhao Hai nodded said :, good, should be Eddie woods Spiritual Attack, but this time he only entered under has probed good, you did not need to be worried, if he led to come majority, in having about two days can arrive at Three Holy cities, sufficed you to arrange.” Just and Coulee relaxed, although has Zhao Hai, but was actually penetrated regarding the awe of Eddie woods into the bone in went, therefore heard Eddie woods they two days later, they are not anxious. Zhao Hai looked at their one eyes, shows a faint smile said :, does not use anxiously, his spiritual force is not weak, but is not too strong, did not need to be worried.” One hear of Zhao Hai said that just and Coulee relaxed , they to Eddie woods inborn fear beside, are to the worry of Zhao Hai, but now they complete is loyal to Zhao Hai, they do not think that Zhao Hai has anything, if Zhao Hai did not say, they will certainly look like Zhao Hai to advise, let in Zhao Hai immediately returned to Space, with the Eddie woods to the war.

Zhao Hai looked at their said :, „I am not quite familiar in the Underworld here war way, on give you command(er), you arranges, has remembered, two days of time.” They complied with one, turn around walked. Zhao Hai shows a faint smile, they called Laura, Laura they feel to Underworld here curious, comes out to look, dish week anything, Dark mist that only then keeps tumbling, they do not want to stay in here, returned to in Space, Zhao Hai has not been blocking them, 1 he wants to return to Space momentarily to be able in any case to go back, he wants to feel that now Underworld has any different places with Ark Continent there. although said that the fight of different God Race and O'Neal Clan is still continuing, but Zhao Hai was not worried about anything, now attack of both sides, is not very fierce is fierce, because both sides lose do not get up, has not to give up greatly in the meaning of attack, higher level Magic Armor that but Zhao Hai hopes, did not have appears , this disappoints Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai also rare enjoyed the single joy, is keeping Laura they look at O'Neal Clan and different God Race there in Space. Two days of in the blink of an eye on the past, in the two days, that [say / way] attack Three Holy cities spiritual force were not having appears , Zhao Hai to know that the opposite party knows such attack is useless, therefore was also disinclined with, he prepared frontage attack. Such that just like Zhao Hai estimates, two days later, Coulee and will be feeling large quantities of undead slowly Three Holy cities surrounding. Coulee and will not be having what use, in fact, in Underworld here, the war is very simple, they have not looked like Ark Continent or God Race there that many Advanced level weapon, low level undead, their in hand weapon, but is some stone blocks, because their level are insufficient, was unable to manufacture bone weapon. Zhao Hai has not moved, he stands on oneself all tower, has swept toward all around with spiritual force, entire Three Holy cities had been surrounded by Undead Creature, in these Undead Creature, the majority is the skeleton, Zombie and so on, Darkness life form and vampire of few part, the Lich quantity to is not extremely numerous. Zhao Hai present, in that direction that day spiritual force attack transmits, ten huge camp, are so different on the individual seat outside with other place these Undead Creature, Undead Creature in that camp, built up one to encircle with some thick Bone blocks, blocking got up there, but in also leather of has plenty with camp Darkness life form with the tent that became, seemed like more like a military compound of humanity. Coulee and will be standing in the Zhao Hai side, Zhao Hai puzzled turning the head to Coulee and Righteous Path: Coulee, will be positive, my very strange, why in Three Holy cities must construct that many houses, moreover person who outside carries on, but also has constructed that many tents, that is thing useful to you?”

Coulee and meaning of understand Zhao Hai, they are being Undead Creature, properly speaking is simply does not need these thing, why can also construct? Coulee immediately/on horseback said :mister you have not to know that in Underworld here, besides Dark mist and Blood Pond, different thing has the threat of very enormous to our Undead Creature, if Dark mist and Blood Pond are the fountainhead of our strength, that Acid Rain and strong winds, Death God that wants us to assign. Zhao Hai oh did said : „have this matter? Said that looks?” Acid Rain and strong winds do not live in Underworld deep voice said : frequently, but the first secondary, will carry off the innumerable Undead Creature life and death, Acid Rain is one type of black , is dispersing the sour odor rain, this type of rain has certain corrosion xing regarding our bodies, moreover to the fires of our spirit soul, there is a certain influence, some low level undead, one hour of acid on can probably their lives, but the crazy rain, is actually our Underworld unique especially phenomenon, each time strong winds descend time, Dark mist of normally to our many advantage, Instantaneously is becoming extremely wild, they will form the each and every one giant unparalleled whirlpool, so long as there is Undead Creature to be curled goes, that simply do not think to be sharp coming out, even if were the strength to my this level, if went to the volume by a giant whirlpool, also had not to have.” Zhao Hai one hear will be saying that this somewhat is surprised, just and Coulee strength, even if puts God Realm there, that is also topest existence, but that strong winds can kill them unexpectedly, obviously that wind the place of experience evil. Actually the general strength to their this level, some natural phenomena of nature, to their loud shades very low, has not actually thought of that really also has to threaten their natural phenomenon in Underworld here to exist, is really the infinite universe, every possible strange thing. Does Zhao Hai turn the head look at their said : this Acid Rain and strong winds is frequently peaceful?” Coulee and also will be shaking the head, then Coulee said : frequently does not live, the Acid Rain fresh number of times be more than strong winds, Acid Rain is every other three to about five years lives probably one time, does not have what fixed rule, but Wild Dragon many years live one time, nobody can know, sometimes fresh very frequent, probably several months will live one time, sometimes will be dozens years will not actually live one time.” Zhao Hai nodded said : that saying that your houses and tents to prevent Acid Rain? If the strong winds come, feared that is the general house is not of use?” Coulee shook the head said : is not Young Master, the tent can only prevent Acid Rain, but looks like the in the city house, even if will meet the strong winds not to have the matter, we can start Magic Formation, Magic Formation can protect the in the city house not by the influence of strong winds.” a.