Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 11 - Chapter 1005

Zhao Hai nodded, in Ark Continent, Magic Formation, will not resist the natural phenomenon generally, however at the Underworld here actually meeting, it seems like that this is the environment makes it so. Zhao Hai was saying anything, suddenly sounds the somewhat calm sound to transmit said : Kampala, Coulee, will be positive, your three come out to me!” This sound sounds somewhat ice-cold, but the language is not quick, hears this sound to you one type of unflustered feeling, this arrives is makes Zhao Hai somewhat curious. Zhao Hai shows a faint smile, turns the head to their said : „, since called us, we had a look, I also really want to take a look, this vampire king was any appearance.” The Zhao Hai personal appearance moves, flew from tower, flies in the direction that the Eddie woods sound conveys. Coulee and also hastily, the quick three people will be departing Three Holy cities, stopped in in midair, before long flew in their opposite one group of people, these people stopped Zhao Hai their front about five meters places. This crowd of person altogether about 20, including two are Lich, ten skeletons, five Zombie also three are vampire. Stands in front of these 20, is vampire of wear black formal clothes, on his formal clothes is embroidering [gold/metal] hua min, looks like very magnificent, his head handling neat of , brings the gold thread hua min belt to be with black , his long very handsome, is that type is in favor of yin supple handsome, on face white, is that type long-term does not see the paleness of sunlight, his two only eye very has the characteristics, two eyeball both are red , likely two red gemstone. His graceful standing in there, looks like a today's fresh King, is carefully examining own subjects, that type passes temperament that 1 u comes out naturally, making the person meet unconscious feel to feel inferior. Zhao Hai when sizes up the Eddie woods, the Eddie woods also when sizing up Zhao Hai, first sees Zhao Hai the time, the look of Eddie woods shrinks, because Zhao Hai has the heartbeat, moreover his body has the life aura, but sees the appearance of Zhao Hai, the Eddie woods instead to relaxed, he has regarded Zhao Hai now is law Old Wang. However the Eddie woods in also attaching great importance to of relaxing Zhao Hai, he know before , with him to putting together spiritual force is Zhao Hai. Eddie woods cannot help but more careful looks to measure Zhao Hai. This sizes up Zhao Hai carefully, the Eddie woods cannot help but more curious. In Underworld here, any stands in race topest existence, on him inevitable will have a pressure, that belongs to the dignity of King, ordinary Undead Creature, will meet this pressure to indicate to submit, otherwise can by exterminate. But with Zhao Hai to putting together spiritual force Eddie woods actually presently, Zhao Hai body not such pressure? This makes the Eddie woods very puzzled. Has sized up a Zhao Hai meeting, Eddie woods then open the mouth and said: Who are you? Kampala?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : „below Zhao Hai, Kampala not in here, he went to other place.” Eddie woods look at stands in Zhao Hai behind, like will be guard Coulee and will be positive, the facial expression will move slightly, deep voice said : will be positive, Coulee?” Will be looking at Eddie woods one, deep voice said : „we have pledged allegiance to Mr. Zhao Hai, Kampala is also same, had any matter you to say to Mr. Zhao Hai.” Said that shuts up in does not make noise.

Eddie woods somewhat surprised look at Zhao Hai, he has not thought that Zhao Hai can subdue Kampala unexpectedly their three Eddie woods and Kampala they knew was not a day or two, his very clear, these three people, in Rebel Army were also different type. They want is not the authority, they want is[ from] by, therefore their join any side will not look like any lowering the head generally, now suddenly has pledged unexpectedly allegiance to Zhao Hai, this makes the Eddie woods feel really surprised extremely. The Eddie woods looked at Zhao Hai some little time then deep voice said : well, calculation that you said also talk about with you are also same, Zhao Hai, I think that you should know now the Underworld here situation?” Zhao Hai nodded said : slightly to know one or two.” The Eddie woods nodded said : you to know well, our Rebel Army, reason that could not hit Dark Spirit Temple , because the Dark Spirit Temple there person is a whole, they have a lead(er), but our Rebel Army is in a state of disunity, simply opens inadequate any fighting strength, in this case, we and they to naturally are suffer a loss, therefore our Rebel Army wants alliance to get up, forms a whole, only by doing so, we can defeat Dark Spirit Temple.” Zhao Hai nodded said : word to know rational, but does not know that what relationship with the Eddie woods this your excellency does bring army to sphere Three Holy cities to have?” Eddie woods one hear of Zhao Hai said that is not almost crooked the nose air/Qi, he does not certainly believe that Zhao Hai real don’t know what's the matter, Zhao Hai this is playing the fool with him obviously, this is the place that the Eddie woods are angry. Very obviously, Underworld here cannot have the qualified politician, one hear of Zhao Hai said that the Eddie woods could not be bearing, his look at Zhao Hai, coldly said : submits to me, presents me for the king, otherwise dies!” Zhao Hai look at Eddie woods appearance, suddenly laughed said : early saying that did not end, said that many idle talk did do, was not excellent spoke incorrectly a point, why can we submit to you? But isn't you submits to me?” Eddie woods one hear of Zhao Hai said that two eyes like red gemstone, has almost emitted red light, then in his mouth net fiercely stretched out two buckteeth, the facial expression also becomes in the flash the incomparable fierceness, then his fierce opening mouth, a keenly blowing from his mouth. Just had the time of change in his eye, Zhao Hai has covered them with protective shield in middle, all Undead Creature in Three Holy cities received returned to in Space. Now these Undead Creature, release from Space come, has taken the Space signature, Zhao Hai wanted in receiving returned to Space them, so long as an intention revolution were completed. When the Eddie woods and open mouth, transparent energy bo min, from his mouth, directly soared Zhao Hai they to flush away together, this was the vampire adept unique skill, sound bo attack. This bo flushes away toward Zhao Hai, but Zhao Hai and distance between Eddie woods, be only five meters, such near distance, regarding them Expert like the Eddie woods, simply is not anything, feared the time of blinking does not need to be able attack to arrive at the opposite party, this time sound bo attack is extremely fast. However before that bo soon arrives at Zhao sea surface time, before Zhao sea surface, actually suddenly appears one layer transparent protective shield this protective shield still fast moved in seed drill, therefore attacks to the Zhao Hai sound, and eliminated to the absorption by this protective shield. The Eddie woods looked that this strikes has not received the expectation the effect, his immediately/on horseback put out a hand to attack in his hand to grow the long nail toward Zhao Hai, that nail was flashing menstruation radiance, looked like knows sharply incomparable.

But Zhao Hai in hand actually suddenly used a sword, standard of a sword in toward the hand of Eddie forest goes, their movement very fast, Eddie woods simply without enough time is changing, but he has not wanted change the maneuver, his hand searchesto grasp toward the Zhao Hai sword on, Zhao Hai has not actually moved, is still a sword cuts toward Eddie woods on. The hand of Eddie woods just caught the Zhao Hai swordto hear Lou's one, on the Zhao Hai sword one has emitted a fire flame, his sword also vanished. That sword Zhao Hai uses a Fire element energy sword that Kampala compression Magic makes, for does not make the Eddie woods begin to have suspicions, Fire element energy of Zhao Hai use, is Underworld here Yin Fire, but is not Yang flame that in Space produces. Zhao Hai very clear, copes with Yang flame being effective in Eddie woods Space, however does not have Yang flame in Underworld here actually, if he has used Yang flame, the Eddie woods will have the suspicion to his status, when the time comes will not do well entire Underworld immediately to know matter that here will have Space rift, that will affect the plan of Zhao Hai, therefore he has not used Yang flame. The Eddie woods clearly have some scruples to this Yin Fire, his hand shrinks, then his hand extends, cross sword appears in their in hand. This cross sword silver white , the sword hilt is one launches the devil image of wings all over the body, sword edge there is actually becomes a very standard cross becomes, seems like also magnificent, is fierce, but sword is not straight, but looks like the snake body n types, becomes the bo wave shape, looks like strange incomparable. Zhao Hai looks at this situation, the hand extends, in his hand appears a swordthis was not quite also same as the sword that the people usually saw the sword, this was unexpectedly curving the sword . Moreover the curved curve was very big, looked like looks like Scimitar, but was actually the double knife-edge. Their weapon take, immediately is one to spelling, listensto work as, 1 or 2 one hit the shape strange sword in one, but has not actually produced Spark, because here did not have fire element. As soon as they contacted immediately to separate, Eddie woods look at Zhao Hai in hand arc sword, deep voice: Your does weapon come from there?” Does Zhao Hai show a faint smile said : your weapon to come from there?” Eddie woods coldly snorted, personal appearance one vertical, throws toward Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai is also the personal appearance moves, toward the Eddie woods throw, the personal appearance fast then, two swords simultaneously wield, hearsto work as, „ works as, „ works as, „ works as, makes a sound continually, their in hand sword don’t know to putting together many times. Before long they tumble fought in Dark mist, can only hear their sword intersections the sound, actually could not see the person's shadow. These under the hand/subordinate of Eddie woods look at them to vanish, cannot help but will be positive vision image rotation Coulee, Coulee and one looked that these undead appearances know they were thinking anything, Coulee immediately/on horseback has pulled out own sword, has also extended the nail, but these under the hand/subordinate of Eddie woods, screamed, threw toward them. Coulee and in the population is complete is inferior, when they worry, their side silent appears a skeleton of troop, these skeleton immediately returned to into the regiment, has blocked Eddie woods under the hand/subordinate attack. These under the hand/subordinate of Eddie woods saw that these skeletons were also startled, they presently these skeletons obvious is not their matches, but these skeletons have actually formed Battle Formation, coordinate very well coordinated, they do not have the means with these skeleton simply.

Sees this situation, under the hand/subordinate immediately of Eddie woods is a keenly blowing, this keenly blowing may, not only to disturb enemy, surface to summon under the hand/subordinate. Along with their keenly blowing, these gathered round Three Holy cities undead to move, was screaming threw toward Three Holy cities. It looks like in these under the hand/subordinate of Eddie woods, Three Holy cities here that military strength, definitely cannot block their attack, and because of Coulee their outside the city, in the city Magic Formation has therefore not opened, it seems like Three Holy cities in the blink of an eye must break. However the idea is wonderful, reality is actually incomparably brutal, under their gazes, in Three Holy cities suddenly ran out of the innumerable skeletons, fighting strength very formidable of these skeletons, moreover quantity, big left their imagination, is quick they presently, their under the hand/subordinate armed forces dare to suffer a loss unexpectedly. Such change makes them be surprised, this is the Eddie woods how regardless of these below have not thought these many armies that their really don’t know, Three Holy cities there comes. During the Three Holy cities here war fell into to be deeply worried at once, but Zhao Hai also turned the superheating with the fight of Eddie woods, now simply cannot see clearly their personal appearance, they own promoted pinnacle fast, the in hand sword was waving, sword ray piece by piece, covered them, sword the sound of hit was more like parched beans same resounding one after another, did not have a moment stop. They besides sword, not with other move of technique, now because they leave was too far, moreover their sword dances was too quick, simply with having the means diverts attention to use other move of technique, because they can feel, so long as divert attention, immediately will be stabbed or assassinated by the sword of opposite party, regarding their such Expert, so long as the sword cut, will be very big trouble, because opposite party Qi Strength from helping machine invasion to meridians, was received the serious internal injury by you. Regarding their such Expert, that feared that was punctured a skin by the sword of opposite party, may be is fatal, because they very tragic, if the sword of opposite party punctured own skin, broke their protecting on equal to imperial, Qi Strength seize the opportunity of that opposite party will enter itself[ body] , the final result is, own internal organs might one under be broken by the opposite party. They do not dare to have diverting attention, full is waving the sword, looks like two perpetual motion machine is the same, does not dare to leave behind opportunity to the opposite party. In this time, suddenly skeleton appears among them, they simultaneously is gawking, then fierce draws back toward the two sides, is taking the sword look at opposite party, simultaneously at heart fear. They just fully used the sword not to think anything, but this separates, feels that oneself[ body] in energy, has consumed about four layers unexpectedly, regarding Zhao Hai and Eddie woods such Expert, such consumption was really too terrifying. They know that just they extremely in investing, them could not feel foreign object completely, only knows to wield a sword, wields a sword, wielding a sword, looks like was fascinated is the same, with the fruit is not that skeleton suddenly appears words, their final results, possibly are the strength use up dead! a.