Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 11 - Chapter 1006

Chapter 1003 waste of flax last in line It is not easy, struggled near two hours to pass on this chapter, how also don’t know, on landing on, fortunately, has not caught up, asking everyone/Great Clan to support, thanked politely obviously! ................................................................................................ The strength uses up dead! This to some people, is absolutely will not live at Expert matter, but actually few people know that is Expert, more easy strength to use up dead. Like Zhao Hai just like the Eddie woods! They one when has run into a well-matched match, they do not dare a little to divert attention, especially just that quick sword illness fought, any person that feared that has a little bit diverting attention of that the final result was killed by another person, therefore their complete attention centralized on match, they are only the instinct assembled the strength in body, how many simply don’t know has been using strength, don’t know remaining how many strengths. In this case, if no external force to prevent, when they spell finally presently, they the strength will have used up, within the body in a point strength, only cannot be finally the strength uses up dead, even if is better than Zhao Hai to fear that cannot escape such result. Reason that meets appears such situation, because of Zhao Hai underestimated the Eddie woods, level of Eddie woods they be higher than Coulee one layer, but Coulee they already on equivalent to God Rank Expert, if puts God Realm there, Coulee they were Supreme Elder, in upward one step, can ascend, in other words, if the Eddie woods in God Realm, he have been able now ascend. ascend arrives at Cultivation World, the Eddie forest was also genuine Cultivator, although the Eddie woods do not have ascend now, however his strength, is actually Cultivator, with Zhao Hai was similar, the energy although congealing reality of Zhao Hai within the body, but similarly, energy of his within the body wanted to be supplemented was also very difficult. But energy of Eddie woods within the body does not have the Zhao Hai that congealing reality, but his within the body energy quantity with Zhao Hai was similar, but just he and fight of Zhao Hai that outstanding, enabled energy of his within the body prompt has been supplemented, in other words they because of just the fight of outstanding, energy appears in within the body phenomenon of being unable to make ends meet, if were not that skeleton breaks, when their real strength used up, that on was the deity is also difficult to rescue. They felt that the situation in oneself body, felt intermittent fear, that skeleton appears was too prompt, naturally, the Eddie woods are impossible to know how that skeleton is appears , but Zhao Hai actually knows that skeleton is Laura their release comes certainly, certainly was Laura they present his situation, therefore release that skeleton, has thought of here, Zhao Hai to Laura their loves, cannot help but deepened a point at heart.

Naturally, this for a while to spelling is not an advantage does not have, this to spelling, let Zhao Hai regarding the understanding deep place of martial arts one layer, before he presently, Ark Continent and God Realm there person, entered an erroneous zone, this erroneous zone was not other, was Domain! Before Zhao Hai, thinks that Ark Continent and Domain strengths of God Realm these Expert uses, is the one type of very formidable strength, uses not only imposing manner is astonishing, but also the attack strength is not weak, defense strength is also very strong, even can also help to absorb Heaven and Earth energy has used. Afterward the Zhao Hai strength was getting stronger and stronger, he instead to more and more little used the Domain strength, he always felt, the Domain strength cannot his strength 100% wielding. But just with Eddie woods one after spelling, before Zhao Hai understand why, will have such felt, because of Domain Zhan Fang to mistakenly. Domain seems like good, attacks, may guard, but can also return to the blood, because of these characteristics, therefore enables Domain all strengths to use in the attack, this looks like in normally can also not have anything, when fights with the person, was actually too fatal. With Zhao Hai, he has supported Domain, Domain was also needs certain strength to maintain, in adding on him must consider the change of Domain, therefore, he impossible to use 100% strengths in the attack, was adding on the attack of Domain , was the same with Domain, each attack very big, each attack, energy shape attire very enormous, this seemed like formidable might, but the lethality was not entirely as desired. The lethality that the lethality that if can supporting the Domain strength, strongly on attack, wields, Domain attack wields, minimum must be higher than the entire two times! Like Zhao Hai just with the Eddie woods to spelling, Zhao Hai almost every sword in according to quickest, biggest lethality with the Eddie woods to spelling, the Eddie woods are also same, but Zhao Hai can also affirm, the first sword that just he wielded, can rip open in one easily God Rank Expert Domain, in God Rank Expert direct exterminate that falls, besides the level disparity, most important on is because existence of Domain, strength of Domain God Rank Expert in that gave a minute of show, looked like with a piece one jin (0.5 kg) iron, you. Becoming integrated with one meter square iron sheet of him, with makes a blade him, can that attack strength be the same? Without a doubt, makes the iron of blade, can the puncturing iron sheet easily, this be the disparity. Naturally, cannot say that a Domain use does not have, if is used to practice, that uses Domain is good, has not received attack when Domain, does not use initiative attack, he absorbs Heaven and Earth energy, is more normal than the person practices stronger on some, although will support Domain also to consume part of energy, but will enter actually to compare to be many, moreover this will enter one, will grasp own strength to have the advantage regarding a person. These thoughts electricity general flashing through in Zhao Hai mind, Zhao Hai in one time attention centralized to Eddie woods body.

Eddie woods was too scary, Zhao Hai does not dare to have careless, has not used the Space strength in him, has not begun in the Yama Ship strength situation, Zhao Hai are most can only fight to a draw with him. But the Eddie woods currently have the same feeling with Zhao Hai, he with Zhao Hai fought on present, Zhao Hai most from the beginning regarding his own strength utilization was not very skillful, therefore he fought with Zhao Hai most from the beginning, but also was in the upper hand, but will be in the future, Zhao Hai regarding the utilization of strength was free, afterward already slowly divided equally autumn with him. Also because of this equal division autumn , therefore made him simultaneously fall into the dangerous situation with Zhao Hai, because of most accomplishing a task with ease from the beginning, to has to entire god concentrate, the Eddie woods not have the energy situation that the mood paid attention to oneself within the body finally. They are separated by hundred meters, static is standing, although their eyes cannot see the opposite party now, but they can actually feel clearly each silk of opposite party begins, can say that now of opposite party, them can feel clear. They have not attacked, in fact now they now some worries, just this to spelling, making them know fierce of opposite party, said with the sentence proverb is, now they are the waste of flax last in line, two fears. Eddie woods locking of spiritual force Rau Rau's Zhao Hai, naturally, he is also knowing that Zhao Hai spiritual force is also locking him, Eddie woods somewhat complained of hardship at heart, his understand, when Underworld were also not many such formidable law Old Wang, moreover before audio-lingual method Old Wang stressed in the Magician forms of combat, was this law Old Wang close combat ability so why strong? They do not dare to receive the sword easily, because they were locked by the opposite party, one, but they receive the sword, under Qi attraction, will possibly receive opposite party thunder general attack. Do not say receives the sword, now they do not even dare to start talking, although that they compete now is not the military force, however competion actually turned into imposing manner and patience, any side spoke first, imposing manner has released, will fall leeward. This has been Zhao Hai since making a debut, has experienced the most thrilling war, it can be said that step by step alarmed, any step goes astray, will be beyond redemption. However they also know that now their fight can only be maintains this situation, then who wins who defeats, looks is not they, but looks at their these under the hand/subordinate.

Two warrior fight, especially two have the powerful strength, has the domain, has under the hand/subordinate warrior to fight, their struggles, not only always the matters of two people, but also includes their all-round strengths, whose under the hand/subordinate makes every effort to succeed, can kill opposite party under the hand/subordinate, you can crush the opposite party on imposing manner, like measuring King of great nation, when seeing King of small country, because his national stronger than the other is big, he nature on imposing manner on can crush the opposite party, that feared that the opposite party strength is stronger than him, will also lose to him on imposing manner. King, he walks, representative, not only he, his country. Eddie woods present imposing manner is very abundant, because he is confident, he believes that his these under the hand/subordinate can deal with the Three Holy cities person, he dealt with the people in three pairs of cities is not a day or two, regarding Three Holy cities strength completely understand, the although Three Holy cities here strength was good, but compared with him, missed far, he believes that so long as he tied down Zhao Hai in here, his these under the hand/subordinate can quick Three Holy cities tidying up, when his under the hand/subordinate one, Zhao Hai on will be pressed on imposing manner, he on winning. But Zhao Hai imposing manner is not naturally weak in him, the Eddie woods are confident to own under the hand/subordinate, Zhao Hai is more confident to his under the hand/subordinate, under the hand/subordinate of Eddie woods many, in many are impossible to result in 1 billion to go, but Zhao Hai under the hand/subordinate ten hundred million Undead Creature . Moreover the strength is not weak, tidies up the Eddie woods under the hand/subordinate people should not be a problem. Moreover Zhao Hai just in using spiritual force paid attention to Three Holy cities Undead Creature outside of these besieged cities, presently an issue, these Undead Creature, probably have not studied Battle Formation, how to use the fight to fight, they probably not, these Undead Creature, that noisy outside Three Holy cities, did not have a point methodicalness randomly, even if were Zhao Hai this commanding a war incorrect person, saw these Undead Creature appearances, will laugh aloud. But Zhao Hai these under the hand/subordinate regarding Battle Formation, but very familiar with, is adding on Lizzy with Megan command(er), must cope with these same Undead Creature in a state of disunity, was really too easy. although said that in Underworld here entire by Dark mist covering, before Zhao Hai somewhat was also worried matter that Space screen affected, before after all, in Ark Continent there, the Space screen cannot search in Dark mist to be too far. However after entering Underworld, Space adapted to these Dark mist probably, on the screen the appears Underworld picture is very clear , because of this, Zhao Hai was not worried that he believes Lizzy they can certainly tidy up Eddie woods under the hand/subordinate. roa.