Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 11 - Chapter 1007

.......................................................................................... Lizzy they truly are very diligently, they also note the sub- Zhao Hai there situation, they have not thought of Eddie woods unexpectedly so this. Since Zhao Hai under the help of Space, is running free with the current that has almost crossed, has not encountered too many dangers, even if has encountered a danger, lightly is tracing to be calm by Zhao Hai melting, has not caused the damage of any substance xing to Zhao Hai. Before most dangerous one time must say that with Lu Wei first time to fighting, that Zhao Hai had almost been killed, but obtained the greatest advantage finally. But these time is different, this Zhao Hai has run into a match , an incomparably formidable match, naturally the Lu Wei true body be much more formidable than the Eddie woods, what a pity the Lu Wei true body can never arrive at here, therefore the Eddie woods are they in the most formidable match who here runs into. Just Zhao Hai when with the Eddie woods to spelling, Lizzy they have not looked what's the matter, their boundary have not arrived at that degree, therefore simply not anything presently. However they did not have presently, actually some people present, this person was not others, is color nun, Cai'er now and Space is a body, but Space completely attached to Zhao Hai to exist, therefore the Zhao Hai situation, nobody knew Cai'er was clearer. When Cai'er present Zhao Hai[ body] in energy not by control releases outward crazily, knows that Zhao Hai has the danger, therefore her immediately they said this situation and Laura, finally Laura their several people have thought means that is uses the Space ability, among suddenly puts a skeleton among them, like this their rhythms will be disrupted, they naturally also separated. Their plan 1 very successful, but they have not thought that after they separate, actually stood in there was motionless, no one has spoken, took the sword to stand in there, probably two statues were the same. Laura they saw this situation on some méng their understand, the Zhao Hai danger like this have not relieved, but this aspect, their actually don’t know does not know what to do now. How many person of in the room anxious running around in circles, in this time, Meg suddenly said : that did not make noise, Laura Elder Sister, you looked that asked my grandfather to come to see? My grandfather now is also God Rank Expert, moreover his life size several hundred war fight experiences very rich, asking him to come to see will perhaps have the means.” One hear of Meg said that on a Laura cannot help but then face likes said :, „ right, how I have forgotten, quick, asking Grandpa Green to come to see, this what's the matter.

Meg complied with one, immediately turn around walked, before long Green and Merine arrived in Space Villa, they are practicing on Wild Dragon Island heard that Zhao Hai has had an accident, immediately has caught up. With Karen they not, Green and Merine like practicing, therefore two in normally besides managing Wild Dragon Island, practices them also to practice on the island, had found own pleasure. Green enters room immediately/on horseback said :, nose? What's the matter? Young Master how?” Laura their several people after Green has saluted, immediately just situation says, made Green look at the screen, because of Zhao Hai to their very respectful, therefore Laura they to their also very respectful looked that treated own elder to be the same. After Green is listening to Laura their introduction, looked at situation on a screen, then some little time has not made noise Laura they to look at the Green appearance, cannot help but some anxious Laura immediately/on horseback said :, Grandpa Green, what kind of?” The Green look at screen, deep voice said : Young Master now should lock the opposite party with that only vampire with Qi, they no one dare to act rashly, any slight movement, may cause opposite party thunder-like strike, although that now they compete was not the skill, but was less relaxed than a moment ago, conversely, possibly bad risk, must break this aspect, in using just method was not good, now only then crushes that vampire on imposing manner, Young Master can the true victory, Lizzy, Megan, Undead Creature in your immediately/on horseback command(er) Space, probably in shortest. Within the time, destroys completely that vampire under the hand/subordinate, then the main strength encircles hunchback Zhao Hai and that only vampire, only by doing so, Young Master can crush him on imposing manner, we won.” One hear of Green said that Lizzy and Megan immediately/on horseback has complied with one, then on screen a picture revolution, appears Three Holy cities there situation. Liveliness that Three Holy cities there hits now, but generally speaking Three Holy cities this aspect got the advantage, no matter what, the Three Holy cities here military strength occupies superiorly, copes with the Eddie woods these under the hand/subordinate that is relaxed comfortable. But beforehand Lizzy their command(er) these Undead Creature have not made the war, in their eyes, this does not need completely, these Undead Creature strengths are what kind, their very clear, even if not use their command(er), by their under the hand/subordinate these Undead Creature strengths, must cope with the opposite party is not the too difficult matter, after all her under the hand/subordinate these Undead Creature, are has fought many battles, moreover these Undead Creature are full of wisdom, has studied Battle Formation, even if will be their command(er) will not have any matter. However now is different, now c hear of Green said that only then defeats the Eddie woods quickly a little these under the hand/subordinate, Zhao Hai will not have the danger, Lizzy and Megan will be naturally impolite, their immediately starts command(er) these Undead Creature to start attack.

Zhao Hai these Undead Creature under the hand/subordinate are good, they also met learn Battle Formation, but they after all during the fight, authority mi, has plenty thing are they cannot see now. But Lizzy they are different, Lizzy they sit in Space the look at screen, looks like a person is playing chess to be the same, can the Commander overall situation, make the change immediately. Moreover the way of such command(er) fight, Lizzy and Megan are not the first time, therefore they adapt to this command(er) way, is adding on anxiously to rescue now Zhao Hai, they naturally cannot be polite, command(er) Undead Creature, to these under the hand/subordinate of Eddie woods full carries on attack. Eddie woods under the hand/subordinate these Undead Creature, the although strength is good, but their Battle Formation, in adding on the inferiority in population, originally they were being pressed hitting by Lizzy, now Lizzy their this command(er) these Undead Creature cannot block. Lizzy they do not have the mood to grasp these Undead Creature to enter Space now to surrender, came up to get down Assassin, suddenly, Eddie woods under the hand/subordinate by massive killing, but the fires of their spirit soul actually received Lizzy collecting. These Undead Creature although are Eddie woods under the hand/subordinate, they do not belong to Eddie woods subordinate under the hand/subordinate, therefore was they died, the Eddie woods will not have anything to feel, only then some vampire were Eddie woods subordinate under the hand/subordinate, these vampire died, Eddie woods immediately will have the induction. However because the Eddie woods are the vampire reason, therefore status of vampire in these Undead Creature is very high on the ship to break through enemy lines this dangerous matter, vampire will not do, these vampire hide in behind naturally has not died many, how the Eddie woods naturally will not know the Three Holy cities here situation. But Zhao Hai these Undead Creature, may be his subordinate under the hand/subordinate, each died Zhao Hai to induce, but Zhao Hai has not cared, his under the hand/subordinate Undead Creature were too many, like the war, must appears casualties therefore his simply not care about that feeling. Now Zhao Hai with Eddie woods their Qi locking opposite party firmly, all does not care regarding the foreign affairs, therefore although their strength formidable, only then branches out spiritual force to sweep toward battlefield there, knows that battlefield there lived any matter however their actually nobody to dare to divert attention. Lizzy with Megan this command(er), that naturally is different, Three Holy cities here aspect almost immediately turned has leaned toward one side, these with Coulee and to undead of war, naturally will feel the Three Holy cities here crisis, but they were to leave to help now not to be impossible they to be entangled in there.

But keenly blowing sound that they presently rescue, Zhao Hai and Eddie woods actually simply no heard in their present eyes to have the opposite party, the Eddie woods these under the hand/subordinate efforts all wastes. The fight in continuing Laura they have calculated, under the hand/subordinate of Eddie woods altogether many hundreds of millions, naturally, these Undead Creature levels are also irregular, some have not achieved the silver rank, they impossible to manufacture Life Source Weapon from their body, can only take stone blocks and so on, even if were weapon, like Undead Creature, what these undead of simply to Zhao Hai under the hand/subordinate lived the front to make to be inadequate to injure. But Eddie woods under the hand/subordinate silver rank above Undead Creature, the total is less than 200 million, this digit did not calculate in Underworld here little, because Eddie woods under the hand/subordinate had more than 20 cities, in adding on him by the processes of conquer these cities, has killed massive Undead Creature, therefore his under the hand/subordinate quick of strength promotion, when this 200 million many Undead Creature, to Undead Creature on Space, were actually opportunity not, because high level Undead Creature in Space had 1 billion. A side overwhelms with numerical strength, a side is lack soldiers and leaders, a side is the training has the technique, Battle Formation is uneven, a side is in a state of disunity, in this situation, these under the hand/subordinate of Eddie woods, if the perfection, did not have the natural justice. However the fight of Undead Creature has characteristics, is they are fierce does not fear, therefore wants to cope with them, like coping with ordinary person Lou Jundui is so relaxed. Lizzy and Megan actually already completely calm, their command(er) these Undead Creature, changes, carries on to encircle to under the hand/subordinate of Eddie woods kills, eye look at Eddie woods under the hand/subordinate Undead Creature is fewer and fewer. But at this time, the Eddie woods also had the induction, he presently he has several vampire under the hand/subordinate to be killed, but the Eddie forest is also the will tenacious person, it can be said that the heart like the iron stone, simply remains unmoved, Qi solidly is still locking Zhao Hai, has not come under the too tremendous influence. Actually just some the feeling mistakes of Eddie woods, that these vampire under the hand/subordinate were not killed, but they were given to grasp in Space by Lizzy, now Lizzy they have occupied the winning side completely, remaining these Undead Creature are kills grasps, has not been a problem, moreover they also looked, Zhao Hai can half have the danger for a while, therefore they were impolite, carried on him to sweep dang to these under the hand/subordinate of Eddie woods, could have a liking, all grasped entered in Space. a.