Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 11 - Chapter 1008

.............................................................................., Beginning of Green look at Lizzy and Megan, but he has not said anything, although he is worried about Zhao Hai, but he can also look, Zhao Hai does not have the danger now. Moreover just Lizzy and in the plum thumb commanding a war process, Green also looked, their two commanding a war levels truly were very good, did not need him to worry in this aspect simply, he also on feel relieved. Laura they have not said anything, they also know that Lizzy and Megan know in heart, said it, that many high level Undead Creature, if were massacred to turn into the fire of spirit soul, that was a pity. under the hand/subordinate of eye look at Eddie woods are getting fewer and fewer, Laura deep voice said : was also similar, Megan, you have tidied up under the hand/subordinate of Eddie woods in here command(er) Undead Creature, Lizzy, your command(er) other unnecessary Undead Creature, slowly closes up toward Elder Brother Hai there, Grandpa Green, you looked how then can do?” Green looked at Laura one, shows a faint smile said : not to need to make anything, lets these Undead Creature, the platoon becomes Battle Formation, slowly arrives at Young Master, supported Young Master to be OK on imposing manner, was right, letting Coulee and is leading these Undead Creature the two people, resulted in the pressure to the Eddie woods.” Laura nodded, turns the head to look at Lizzy, Lizzy also nods, how her understand must do, her immediately according to Green said that has extracted part of Undead Creature, then and will be calling Coulee, lets Undead Creature that they lead these to pull out, supports Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai and Eddie woods are still confronting, in this time, Coulee and will be leading Battalion Undead Creature, appears slowly cares about Zhao Hai, their behind these Undead Creature, arranged entire simultaneously Rubik's Cube Great Formation, this Rubik's Cube Continent comprised about hundred million Undead Creature, blotting out the sky often before , was moving, gave the greatest pressure. During the plans inductions, Zhao Hai knows that these Undead Creature came, his imposing manner cannot help but stronger, is almost becomes geometrical time of growth upward. Zhao Hai and Eddie woods plain 1 was competing imposing manner, the change of Zhao Hai imposing manner, the Eddie woods naturally is the earliest possible time knew, why his understand Zhao Hai will not have such change, at this moment, he finally that Coulee that noted Zhao Hai behind slowly to press and will be positive. This notes Coulee and will be positive, Eddie woods cannot help but face big change, mind appears a slit, under Qi attraction, Zhao Hai immediately presently Eddie woods mind slit, Zhao Hai two eyes fierce one bright, then the tongue splits spring thunder one to bellow said : to kill!” A sword wields toward the Eddie woods. Face of Eddie woods becomes the incomparable ugliness, he knows that own today lost, is don’t know whether to run away in Zhao Hai in hand life. The Eddie woods know that at this time cannot draw back, one, but he has drawn back, that imposing manner will be only weaker, under Qi attraction, the Zhao Hai offensive will be only fiercer, don’t know how when the time comes he dies. Zhao Hai actually has not thought that many now, his imposing manner Sheng, curved sword waving of in hand fast, has attacked toward the Eddie woods, Eddie woods time was fighting with Zhao Hai is actually falls leeward, can only the ability to parry, not have the strength to hit back. Zhao Hai in hand curved sword dance quickly was more vigorous, the Eddie woods complained of hardship again and again, his very clear, oneself these time feared that was really more unfortunate than fortunate, but the unique skill of his move of pressure bottom was useless, but did not arrive at absolutely can not, the Eddie woods do not want to use this move.

Zhao Hai when attacks fully, presently Eddie woods sword maneuver, although hurried, but is not chaotic, defends strictly the gateway, Zhao Hai a short time really did not have the means with him. Zhao Hai is a smart person, his head phonograph, immediately understand, Eddie woods this had certainly the method of maintaining life, therefore he did not fear that Zhao Hai cannot help but paid attention to the Eddie woods. Eddie woods and don’t know his plan already by Zhao Hai present, he now also in going all out is resisting Zhao Hai attack, they have fought instantaneously thousand swords, Coulee and them, only saw that their was encircled the tornado wrapping up, simply cannot see the person's shadow, they only know that between they and them the strength differs many. But at this time, Zhao Hai two eyes a flash of divine light suddenly, in hand Sword Technique changed, to not have hit quickly greatly, but was a sword wields, uneven slow incomparable, felt on this sword to fall myriad Jiang Wu to be the same probably. But the Eddie woods see this sword, is actually the face big change, because he presently Zhao Hai this sword although wonderful slow incomparable, but this sword is hiding myriad changes probably, has blocked his all escape routes, his sole can do, full wields blocks this sword. Thought of here, Eddie woods two eyes flash of grim light, Zhao Hai this move, ji had Eddie woods ominous xing, snake sword fierce rising of his in hand, kept off toward the Zhao Hai curved sword on. However the Eddie woods have not seen in the Zhao Hai eye flashes, but sly , Eddie woods facial expression fierce keeps off toward the Zhao Hai sword on, a sword intersection of sword and Zhao Hai that but he works as, he knew to go bad, on the Zhao Hai sword actually did not have the slight strength, if he full fought with the fists in the air is the same, that type with the feeling of wrong strength, by the vitality tuck dive of Eddie woods, almost the one breath spat to come out. However this has not ended, in the Eddie woods panic-stricken vision, the Zhao Hai in hand curved sword, was turning into whip unexpectedly instantaneously, in the head of whip, some little hammers, Eddie woods this uses the sword to keep off, while in the whip on, the head of whip then downward hangs slightly, that hammer head one hits in his carrying on the back. Bang!, The Eddie woods felt one[ body] in blood can a tuck dive, he not live in control, has spurted. But at this time Zhao Hai in hand whip the distortion attire, these time actually turned into a Huwei whip, a whip hits toward the Eddie woods, the Eddie woods looked that the Zhao Hai offensive is unceasing, on face finally appears a flurry, but quick brings on fierce , his two eyes vicious ruthless look at Zhao Hai, deep voice said : Zhao Hai, the enmity of today, I decided hundred times of report it at that time, blood leisurely!” Said that his body from inside to outside, sprays the innumerable blood, this blood comes out from his body, one turned into giant blood cell, rotation of whirling, but blood cell rotation is getting quicker and quicker, simultaneously of the blood cell also comes to be smaller, but at this time a Zhao Hai whip also hit on the blood cell, but that blood cell actually likely is one water ball type, the Zhao Hai one of the whip from the blood cell sweeps, but, on is draws a sword the cutting off the water supply water to flow automatically probably general, not any effect. Under the Zhao Hai eye hides, that blood cell extension is smaller, the extension is smaller, only blinks, that sought the blood cell on complete disappearance in the Zhao Hai front. At this time Coulee and Zhao Hai side, Coulee said :Young Master, this is Divergent Technique of vampire clan, the blood leisurely, only then vampire of Marquis above rank can use, an escaping thousand li(500 km), level is high vampire leisurely was farther, but this Blood Escape Technique had very tremendous influence regarding their bodies, the Eddie woods these time used blood leisurely don’t know to show far, but he did not recuperate ten years eight years, feared that was impossible to restore. Nod said :, „, will have been a pity on time, made him give to run.”

Zhao Hai actually suddenly shows a faint smile said :, few hearts, he cannot be inescapable, you conclude in here, I went to give to tidy up him have remembered, caught to me these Undead Creature Space, do not waste.” They complied with one, Zhao Hai have actually shown a faint smile, but actually this saying was not to Lizzy and Megan that they said says. In hundred thousand Bone Mountain east Three Holy cities, suddenly appears a giant package ball, then Bao Qiu a tuck dive, slowly turned into a person, this person is not others, was just with the Eddie woods of Zhao Hai war. This Bone Mountain is also Underworld here unique one type of thing Bone Mountain is becomes by the Bone pile, nobody knows that these Bone come from there, Bone Mountain varies in a big way can in be continuous several hundred thousand, becomes enlightened huge mountain range, but small actually is just hill. here generally is the place of birth of skeleton, no matter the formidable skeleton, walks from Bone Mountain, but on Bone Mountain does not have the too formidable skeleton, the skeleton wanted a birth, immediately to meet leave Bone Mountain, therefore Bone Mountain here grey skeleton that only then some were just born. Eddie woods on appears in here, because on bone here not too strong existence, even if he were seriously injured, will not have anything to existence that he threatens. Now Eddie woods situation is not very good, his face is pale, mouth hangs the blood, very distressed, but the facial expression is actually incomparable ominous severe, his personal appearance appears , is a blood puffed out, then Eddie woods keenly blowing said :, Zhao Hai, you are waiting to me, when I recover, I decide the enmity of hundred times of report today!” suddenly temperate sound speaking sounds: Why must wait for that long time, I came.” This sound very light, but listens in the Eddie woods ear, with the thunderclap without doubt, this sound Eddie woods was too familiar, he just compelling to the blood leisurely escape by Master of this sound. spiritual force of Eddie woods sweeps off in the direction that the sound conveys, actually saw that Zhao Hai is standing in there, his face piece of grey defeat, if he by such heavy wound, his certain immediately/on horseback has not been used a blood today leisurely **, distant running away, what a pity, he was seriously injured today, if in the blood leisurely, his strength certainly greatly will damage, feared that will link level to fall 1st level, that will not be he wants to see that therefore the Eddie woods stopped, look at Zhao Hai said : that he will decide, how „ will you pursue? In this world nobody can overtake Blood Shield **. ” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said :, „after this issue wait for you became my under the hand/subordinate, I naturally told you, I rubbish with you, pledged allegiance to me.” Eddie woods look at Zhao Hai, thoughts various at heart are actually the rotation like lightning, his recognize he is not the Zhao Hai match, but today Zhao Hai, because has Coulee their join, has crushed him on imposing manner, therefore he lost half move, if no help of external force, they most fight to a draw. Let him such pledge allegiance to Zhao Hai, he is really not willingly. However now he is seriously injured, the ten layers strength can only use two three layers to come, in this case he with Zhao Hai to the war, that was being has been courting death, therefore he is to run now cannot be inescapable, hit and does not hit, in this case, pledged allegiance to Zhao Hai only to be the choice of sole, he does not think that turned into others' food.

Moreover after having pledged allegiance to Zhao Hai, when he recovered, can cope with Zhao Hai, so long as when the time comes Zhao Hai does not guard against him, he has confidence completely sneak attack Zhao Hai, a move makes into the severe wound Zhao Hai, then exterminate Zhao Hai, has become food Zhao Hai the flame of spirit soul. Thinks of here, the Eddie woods cannot help but bows to Zhao Hai said :, „the Eddie woods are willing to pledge allegiance to mister.” Zhao Hai just looked at Eddie woods facial expression unceasing flashing, knows that he has not settled any good thoughts, but Zhao Hai has not exposed him, no matter what the Eddie woods have thousand to plan, does not think absolutely that he has Space this to make shortcoming greatly, so long as he entered Space, even if there is plan of all kinds is also useless. Zhao Hai pretends very happy said :, good, you pledge allegiance to me, that was a person on one's own side, I did not fear to tell you, I can Space Divergent Technique, can therefore such quick pursued, walked, now goes Three Holy cities there with me, I for your wound treatment.” Eddie woods one hear of Zhao Hai said that in heart one cold, he has not thought that Zhao Hai meets Space Divergent Technique unexpectedly, if is really such, later must lose raids Zhao Hai the time, must choose opportunity, otherwise Zhao Hai ran with Space Divergent Technique, he pursues not to have the place to pursue. However in the surface the Eddie woods are actually respectful said :, is, then on thanks for your trouble mister.” Eddie woods understand why Zhao Hai has not signed the contract with him now, but is Zhao Hai signs the contract with him, he did not fear, before Eddie woods, contract that learn one type of Secret Technique, this Secret Technique has been able signing, melting slowly, but does not make the person who signs the contract present , because of this guarantees, therefore the Eddie woods will agree to pledge allegiance to Zhao Hai. The method of this type of melting contract, is Lich creates, the past that Lich very special, he was born was probably more remote than Kampala, but he actually did not like practicing, but was making some research, because his live was too long, therefore the strength was actually very formidable, was adding on research extremely numerous that he liked, therefore many Magic anything, need he personally tried, therefore his fighting strength stemmed from the Eddie woods anticipation. However that Lich actually does not like with the person battle, some he performs the experiment to need some thing, makes the Eddie woods help him look, moreover complies with the Eddie woods, so long as the Eddie woods helped him find that thing, he taught Eddie woods one type of Magic, the Eddie woods hits that Lich, has to comply, but he has not thought that after he gave that Lich had found thing, that Lich this type of contract melts the law, taught the Eddie woods, the Eddie forest has not believed at that time, but at that time the strength of Eddie woods was not strong, was only vampire Marquis, afterward he. Was given the contract by more formidable vampire, he remembers this melting **, has been holding the mentality of refusing to abandon hope, he has used this type **, has not thought that the success, he has used sneak attack opportunity, has killed that more formidable vampire, has absorbed that vampire energy, this had today's achievement. Now the Eddie woods want in one time to use the body of Zhao Hai this method