Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 11 - Chapter 1009

Zhao Hai knows that Ai Yousen has own small thoughts, another day the date said these, but was Chu must make the Eddie woods believe that he has entirely believed him, such Eddie woods will put aside the vigilance, was deceived in Space by Zhao Hai. By the Zhao Hai present strength, naturally can the Eddie woods catching in Space, but Zhao Hai feared that the Eddie woods to the belt anxious child, the Eddie woods will use self-exploding and so on method, in that case, he may lose formidable under the hand/subordinate, therefore Zhao Hai rather spends a matter, deceives in the Eddie woods Space. Zhao Hai looked at Eddie woods said :, was good, the Eddie woods, to my side, I lead you to return to Three Holy cities, you currently have the wound, I first did not sign the contract with you, such words will affect your restoration, has waited till Three Holy cities, after your wound restored one next, I was signing the contract with you.” Zhao Hai very clear, if he keeps silent about contract the matter, the on the contrary will make Eddie woods begin to have suspicions, he said that the Eddie woods instead to will not think. Really, a Zhao Hai such saying, Eddie woods at heart finally that anxiety was also cleared, he has complied with one, has arrived at the Zhao Hai side, seems must honestly honest. Zhao Hai look at Eddie woods, shows a faint smile, meets to begin to wield, he brought the Eddie woods to enter Space, the Eddie woods just entered Space, in Space immediately has transmitted prompt speaking sounds:, Presently vampire, this vampire has to Host has the disloyalty, surrenders, surrenders successfully, this vampire is injured seriously, can Host for its wound treatment? If empty wound treatment, falls Host 1 million gold coins the buckle.” Zhao Hai presently now Space melted regarding these Magic life form name human nature, for example beforehand Space will call the skeleton is Cyborg-type object, but now has met to call the skeleton directly, now shouts vampire is also this, it seems like Space walked evolution. Zhao Hai deep voice said : immediately/on horseback gives him wound treatment.” The Space prompt sound in one time transmits said :, immediately/on horseback wound treatment!” Then gold coins number of Zhao Hai in Space was deducted 1 million, but liquid of one group of blood red has wrapped up the Eddie woods, then that group of liquids slowly entered the Eddie woods[ body], Eddie woods imposing manner restored just to see the Zhao Hai time the appearance. Eddie woods immediately/on horseback bows to Zhao Hai said :, „ thanked thanks Young Master. Zhao Hai nodded, look at Eddie woods said : was good, you practice a while I to look for you first. ” The Eddie woods complied with one, Zhao Hai have waved, has delivered to Hell Space him.

But at this time Laura they also walked out from room, Zhao Hai looked at Green and Merine also in Cannot help but stares, his immediately/on horseback moved forward to meet somebody, to Green said :, Grandpa Green, Merine Grandma, you came? Has the matter?” Green smiles said :, is all right, Young Master, is Laura they looks me, what to do just you with the Eddie forest confronted Laura their don’t know, me looked. ” Laura also opens said :, Elder Brother Hai, was lucky that Grandpa Green is Grandpa Green to the advice that we offer, making our quick point tidy up three pairs of city there Undead Creature, then supported your. ” Zhao Hai smiles said :, „, or person said that the family has one old, if has a treasure, is Grandpa Green is experienced, but this harvest is very big, I have not thought really that the strength of Eddie woods so will be unexpectedly strong, but there is this experience, next time in meeting Eddie woods Expert, I have had confidence to defeat them likely, however, today really that was close Was lucky that your release that skeleton, otherwise the person I and Eddie were dangerous. ” Laura smiles said :, this you must to thank Cai'er well, was Cai'er present your Ran situation was not right, therefore we release a skeleton, has broken you, otherwise was really dangerous.” Zhao Hai turns the head look at Cai'er, shows a faint smile said :, Cai'er, thank you!” Cai'er small face red said :, Young Master was too polite, this originally is Cai'er should do.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smilehas not said that turns the head said :, was good, everyone/Great Clan do not stand in here spoke, we enter the level.” Said that got the people to enter the villa.

After the villa has sat down, Zhao Hai turns the head to Green their said :, just right today's Grandpa Green they also, everyone/Great Clan said that our next should walk? Said.” Laura thinks said :, Elder Brother Hai, Underworld there also is very to us important, so long as control Underworld, our equal to had the inexhaustible manpower resources, therefore Underworld here we want to fight, next step I looked that first starts from Rebel Army here, first gave control Rebel Army.” Just Laura they already said to Green and Merine the Underworld there situation, therefore they were not do not have to know to Underworld there. One hear of Laura said that Green nodded said :, I think right that Laura said that Underworld there is very important regarding us, I think that there important xing even crosses God Realm and Ark Continent, if later our real ascend, will have faced the Cultivation World there all kinds of fights, has Underworld here to provide the manpower resources, to us is very important, after all ore anything, other places have, but like the manpower resources place, is rarely seen.” Zhao Hai nodded said : Underworld here should control, but I did not think now Underworld here control, we offended the biography, if in God Realm or Ark Continent there ascend, will certainly be chased down by Lu Wei, moreover now Atlanta Continent there ascend Magic Armor we had not found, if that ascend Magic Armor did not have the use to us, we can only in Underworld here ascend, offend the Underworld here person now, when our ascend to Cultivation World there, will certainly be chased down, this situation I do not want to meet.” Several people nodded, but Merine actually knit the brows said :, Young Master, I to thought that Underworld here must snatch first, you must subdue Rebel Army now, is offending to govern Underworld that person, offended in any case, that offends dead to consider as finished, moreover Underworld here looks like the Yin Qi forest, is not the good way of doing things, later in God Realm there ascend, feels better in Underworld here ascend, in God Realm there ascend, the ear can meet chasing down of Lu Wei, but Young Master you have fought several times with Lu Wei, had certain experience, is having Space in addition, is. Cannot hit him, runs also yes . Moreover the place that Lu Wei is Cultivation World, Young Master you also from Lu Wei Remnants Soul, has known about the Cultivation World there situation, but Underworld here is different, if in here ascend, if the ascend place is not Cultivation World, but is a completely strange place, that only danger, therefore I believe that we must God Realm or Atlanta Continent there ascend for good, best is in Underworld here ascend.” Zhao Hai one hear of Merine said that cannot help but stares, he has not thought really this issue, he has thought from Underworld here ascend, with does not have what difference from God Realm there ascend, now one hear of Merine said that Zhao Hai cannot help but one awakened, Ark Continent and God Realm with belonging to piece of big Space, before God Realm has not changed the Ark Continent Heaven and Earth sea, these two Space are far from, the place that if Underworld ascend goes, with Cultivation World that Lu Wei is, is big Space small Space in two relative independence, that. Before Zhao Hai, these information that knows about Cultivation World could not use, this regarding Zhao Hai, was not the good deed. Laura they are also face change, this point they have not thought similarly that it seems like that the ginger is old spicy these words has not spoken incorrectly, is experiencing this aspect, they are the sycophancy cannot catch up with Green and Merine such old person, matters of these old person experiences were many, thought meticulous. Laura nodded said :, right that Merine Grandma said that Elder Brother Hai, it seems like we really should control Underworld, later arrive at Cultivation World there to be chased down by Lu Wei, compared with completely strange place.” Zhao Hai nodded said :, that good, we received Underworld here, first starts from Rebel Army, now the Eddie woods are our people, later we can make the Eddie woods stand on outwardly, the Rebel Army person bit by bit receives our in hand, then in full tackled Dark Spirit Temple, so long as has tidied up Dark Spirit Temple, that[ from] by alliance insufficient to ponder.”

Green nodded said :, feasible, but must guard[ from] by person reversed image Dark Spirit Temple of alliance, these year[ from] can achieve success one way or another between Rebel Army and Dark Spirit Temple by the alliance, has saying that they have the method very much, if we extremely in powerful,[ from] will regard a threat us by these undead of alliance, with Dark Spirit Temple alliance is not impossible.” Zhao Hai nodded said :, good, I know how should do, Grandpa Green, Merine Grandma, first anxiously going back, I go to a Underworld there processing matter, certainly comes back our together to eat meal.” Green complied with a smile. Zhao Hai then flashes body appears in Three Holy cities there, called Eddie, their appears in Three Holy cities there, Coulee and will be welcoming, they simultaneously bow to Zhao Hai said :, „ has seen Young Master. Zhao Hai nodded said :, goes to inside tower, I had the words to say.” Three people have complied with one, with Zhao Hai to his tall Dali. After tower several people have sat down, Zhao Hai deep voice says him:, „The later Three Holy cities here matter I will not manage too many, give the Eddie woods, the Eddie woods, I want you within the nearest/recent time, gave me to unify Rebel Army, needed me to support told me that I did want the effect, understand?” Eddie woods two eyes red light flashes, stands up to Zhao Hai bows said :, is Young Master, invited Young Master feel relieved, I completed certainly.” Zhao Hai nodded, deep voice said :, „your under the hand/subordinate, meet me to be able release to come, but Lich does not put, they have the matter to do, Coulee and also fully will be coordinating you, the Underworld here matter, I will not manage too many, here is your domains, you act to facilitate, but you must make the result, understand?” The Eddie woods nodded said :, is, invited Young Master feel relieved, I know that this has done, but Young Master, can I ask, these did Lich do? Does Lich want to Young Master very heavy?” a.