Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 11 - Chapter 1010

Zhao Hai stares, he has not thought Ai Yousen will take the initiative asked his question, but Zhao Hai actually listened to the meaning in Eddie words, his two eyes one bright, look at Eddie woods said :, what meaning „was your this saying? You know that there does have formidable Lich?” The Eddie woods nodded said :, is Young Master, I know formidable Lich, but my don’t know he also in there.” How then the Eddie woods run into that Lich him, how that Lich taught him to melt the contract law the matter to say to Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai stares, then he shows a faint smile said :, no wonder you from the beginning can pledge allegiance to me, what originally hits is this foot intent, good, was right, melted the law to tell me your contract.” Eddie woods any hesitation, immediately/on horseback said :, has not been, Young Master.” The Eddie woods melted law to tell Zhao Hai contract. Zhao Hai calm listened to Eddie to say that to melt the contract law, this method really very wonderful, suddenly from contract law, the reversion calculated that came, after Zhao Hai has listened to this Magic, cannot help but sighed that the talented person, this was a talented person. Zhao Hai was not worried that the Eddie woods they will use this Magic, then betrays him, that is impossible, method that Space uses with contract Magic complete does not touch on slightly, let alone is this relieves the contract Magic, even if Law of the Heaven and Earth, does not have the means to change the surrendering of Space, because Space simply does not turn over to the Law of the Heaven and Earth tube. Eddie said that stands in there, has not been making noise, some little time Zhao Hai let out a long breath said :, really wonderful, HaHaHa, good, the Eddie woods, do you meet that Lich in there? Like this, you arrange the first here matter, then the Eddie woods you lead me to look for that Lich, I must receive to make my under the hand/subordinate that Lich.” The Eddie woods nodded said :, is, Young Master invited feel relieved, I know how should do.” Zhao Hai nodded, waved, the Eddie woods their turn around leave, Zhao Hai has stood, Dark mist outside look at tower, shows a faint smile said :, has not thought really that this Underworld also really can bring pleasantly surprised to me.” The personal appearance moves, returned to in Space. In Space, Meg and Merine are preparing the supper, Laura they also help, although their craftsmanship are not good, but the regard actually arrived. Green is sitting in the villa on the look at screen hits happy O'Neal Clan and different God Race, looked at Zhao Hai to come back, Green immediately stood got up said :, Young Master, you came back.” Zhao Hai smiles said :, Grandpa Green, sits quickly, today we drink two cups, a while I they also called the father-in-law and Stone, we were some time do not have nicely gathered.”

Green naturally cannot have the opinion, Zhao Hai immediately sends Undead Creature to call the person, the person who he receives are not many, is Stone, Blockhead, Karen, Xu Wanying and Junichi, these people were the Zhao Hai family members, therefore Zhao Hai looked for them. Before long the people arrived, Zhao Hai and Green simple said to several people the Underworld there matter, Blockhead and Stone is a regret of face, they have wanted to follow in risk of Zhao Hai, was a pity that their strengths are not good, now Green must train them, when they finished an apprenticeship to say. The meal that Merine they prepare was quickly good, Zhao Hai they also went to the dining room, after waiting for all people to sit down, Zhao Hai look at they smile said :, everyone/Great Clan good long time not to have gathered in together, today can gather together to eat meal, is only not easy.” Green smiles said :, Young Master, you were said that the there words came, was we do not make every effort to succeed, not having the means to help you.” Zhao Hai smiles said :, is not you do not make every effort to succeed, but our enemies were getting stronger and stronger, was good, did not say these, we ate meal, I believe we can conquer all enemies.” At this time Laura look at Zhao Hai said :, Elder Brother Hai, my matter do not understand, how you found the Eddie woods continuously, he has used the blood leisurely guy, in one flew hundred thousand to be many, how did you possibly quickly find him?” Zhao Hai look at Laura shows a faint smile said :, „ what did you forget me weapon that was used to oppose the enemy are? Is Blood Staff, when with turns into whip from the tune sword Blood Staff, head of the whip there I caused a ratio needle also to want the thin not sharp thorn, this was only moistens with the sharp thorn on the Eddie woods body, therefore Eddie forest not presently, but this sharp thorn actually to provide Eddie woods position, I naturally first can find him. ” The matter looks like very wonderful, so long as the person lifts the that layer mysterious veil, all became were not wonderful, but was very simple. When Laura hears Zhao Hai said that they also present minute of admiring Zhao Hai, this is not one type of blind admiring, because of the Zhao Hai ability. Do not forget, Zhao Hai in the ji fight of Eddie woods, in such fight, a person basically little can note other matters at that time, but Zhao Hai actually notes the response of sub- Eddie woods, moreover ahead of time has made the arrangement, this absolutely is the one type of very great behavior.

Green nodded said :, good that Young Master makes, is facing moment of such enemy, we need is calm, in the meantime, cannot let escape such enemy, if such enemy ran, that they restored to come, we will face upward the counter-attack of formidable, like this hostile person cannot let off.” Laura they nodded, Zhao Hai looked at several people of one, shows a faint smile said :, was good, everyone/Great Clan do not say that this, actually this also no big deal, come, everyone/Great Clan eats meal.” Green they have not intertwined in this issue, the people start to eat thing, after having eaten several thing, Zhao Hai suddenly turns the head to Green said :, Grandpa Green, now Stone their trainings how?” Hears Zhao Hai such to ask that Stone their one face[ is popular] look at Green that exerts, because of this, The pass/test of issue too regarding them strengthened. Green looked at Stone their eyes, deep voice said :, also not good Young Master, now Stone their strength although under the help of Space, promote on the God Rank strength, however their actual combat experiences very few, facing enemy time, they will possibly make the wrong judgment, but I prepare to arrange them to go to Hell Space there in the near future to carry on the live operational training, so long as they adopted the training, can follow to work for in the Young Master side.” One hear of Green said that Stone they is a face[ is popular] exerts, they had not undergone the training of fresh war before, can say their live operational trainings very few, even if Xu Wanying reports with Junichi is the same, they study is the skills of murder, does not kill the undead skill. The murder with killing undead is completely different, kills people you perhaps only to need to cut off their tracheae, or pierced their hearts to be OK, but killed undead this method not to have a point use, undead did not have the trachea, did not have the heart, even if like Zombie, they had the trachea, but that was not their fatal places, the outer space lacerated simply not any influence of their tracheae regarding them. But his these, influence biggest is Junichi, before Junichi, is Assassin, he wants strikes fatally, he is hidden weapon Expert, the homicide people uses hidden weapon. When facing undead, his hidden weapon is most useless thing, because he has projected on the body of undead hidden weapon, undead will not die, therefore such live operational training regarding Junichi is very necessary. However regarding Junichi them, this truly is good information, because carries on the live operational training, represented them to the Zhao Hai side to work, this regarding them, too the pass/test strengthened. Zhao Hai one hear of Green said that also nodded said :, does not worry, first after letting they adapted to these Combat Suit, say, only then has put on these Combat Suit, they easily did not die.” At this time Stone suddenly stood to Zhao Hai said :, Young Master, I had a request.”

Zhao Hai stares, his look at Stone said :, said that you are polite with me anything, what request no matter you have, I promise you.” Stone look at Zhao Hai said :, Young Master, I requested you, if some day I died in battle, I requested that Young Master you turned into Undead Creature me, still followed in the Young Master side.” Blockhead stands in Stone said :, „ Young Master, my idea is the same with Elder Brother, if some day I died in battle, asking Young Master to turn into Undead Creature me. Xu Wanying and Junichi have also stood, they also said the similar words, the Zhao Hai look at four people of appearances, face sinks said :, was good, your how many people, sit down to me, what dead undead, you think how many I also lack to go all out now? These Undead Creature, that cannot go all out for me, do I have a need for you? Has remembered, later did not want to say that such nonsense, you were my family member, was my family member, how can say along with saying like mad, your duty well was living, with my together well was living.” Green look at their said :, „ was also good, your several sit down, other Young Master did not like listening to any you to say anything, Young Master 1 billion Undead Creature, these Undead Creature, each spells to assign not to be worse than you now, you created a disturbance, sit down. Stone they, as soon as listened to them saying that also sat, they know that this was Zhao Hai and Green is taking care of them, they had grateful. After eating meal, Green was bringing Stone their leave, Zhao Hai did not have immediately to go to Underworld, but sat in Space Villa, the look at Eddie forest are they doing now. The Eddie forest they are handling the Three Holy cities here matter now, actually Three Holy cities here already nothing good processing, the Eddie forest is convening his original these under the hand/subordinate now, returned to his original control these in the city, stabilized the aspect was saying. Eddie woods such procedure is very intelligent, these days he unfolds was too quick, was too smooth, in the rear area has left some hidden dangers, now happen to can use this opportunity, removes these hidden dangers, like this he can give a Zhao Hai complete influence. What most important is, the Eddie woods only then have stabilized these cities, he can pour the time, bringing Zhao Hai to look for that Lich, this is most essential. a.