Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 11 - Chapter 1011

All Undead Creature in Underworld have almost not paid attention to the Three Holy cities here fresh change, they are more impossible to know that the Three Holy cities here fresh change, almost can change the entire Underworld pattern. The Eddie woods now completely loyal Zhao Hai, do not say that contract corner/horn Magic is useless, even if that Magic is useful, now he also the simply useless thoughts, he now wholeheartedly wants to do is some to the Zhao Hai advantageous matter. The Eddie woods looked, Zhao Hai regarding that Lich attach great importance to that he said that this type attached great importance to even crossing to his attaching great importance, why Eddie woods although don’t know, but he knows that held this matter regarding Zhao Hai advantageous, therefore he must hold this matter within the shortest time. However wants means matter, is not that easy, before they must first Three Holy cities here and Eddie forest, piece of clothing/taking the matters in these cities process to be good. In Underworld here, after actually a city by piece clothing/taking, has almost not rebelled, because Underworld here level was extremely stern, that is one type of inscribes in undead Bone the level system, that undead has not dared to defy. However this did not indicate that had not had any danger by conquer these cities, for example by these cities of Eddie woods piece clothing/taking, the Eddie forest naturally will be left behind 1 or 2 level very high undead to guard in there, such words can guarantee the stability of city. But the Eddie forest also has match, his these match look at Eddie woods this will not do, no matter, after Eddie woods leave, his match might to begin by many cities of his piece clothing/taking very much, will snatch their in hand that city from in hand of Eddie woods. In Underworld here, Expert and more than one two like Eddie woods, but also Expert of has plenty like Eddie forest, even if in the Rebel Army interior, several Expert like Eddie forest in fact in Rebel Army, the Eddie woods is not strongest, he is only strongest. although were many a character, but that significance is actually completely different Eddie woods powerful of very in Rebel Army, said with a few words that he is that War Hawk character, he wants to unify Rebel Army wholeheartedly, then carries on with Dark Spirit Temple fights certainly. Naturally, had War Hawk to have the dove, Rebel Army of dove selects to think that maintains the present situation is best, two schools not too peaceful, but Kampala they are the free and unfettered faction. The so-called free and unfettered faction, is actually the middle-of-the-roaders, they do not participate in any school going to them maintain the neutralities, they are only defending their one mu three points of place, one, but the Dark Spirit Temple person comes attack, they can immediately put in the war, regarding them, does not have the no War Hawk and dove division, what they want is only[ from] by. Now in Underworld, urban altogether more than 100 of control in Rebel Army, but control in the Dark Spirit Temple in hand city, actually several thousand, is Rebel Army dozens times, if not because in Rebel Army has plenty Expert feared that was present Dark Spirit Temple unified entire Underworld. The Eddie woods are only in Rebel Army a representative of War Hawk, first did not say person who his conquer that many cities, will have the dove opposes him, even if some people in War Hawk, eyes covetously to his in hand these cities, therefore the Eddie woods present rear area is unstable.

What the Eddie woods want to be relieved is the Zhao Hai management must stabilize first well rear area, the Eddie woods also do this now, but reason that he has such reverse grip is because he had the support of Zhao Hai. Doesn't want underestimated the support of Zhao Hai, how many Zhao Hai presently the in hand military strength to have? 1 billion moreover is high level Undead Creature, had the support of these Undead Creature, the Eddie woods has definitely been able to stabilize own rear area. Zhao Hai knows this situation, but he has not prevented, because before , he has told Eddie, he to Eddie woods full support, therefore the Eddie woods have such performance and being nothing unusual. Zhao Hai entirely believes that the Space ability, the Eddie woods were surrendered by Space, so long as were surrendered by Space, is impossible to betray, therefore Zhao Hai not, because the Eddie woods transfer these Undead Creature, but is terribly suspicious and fearful, because of simply not that necessity. The Eddie woods leave Three Holy cities here, was bringing other Undead Creature now, before going to these, by the city of his piece clothing/taking. The procedure of Eddie woods is right, in following nearly one month , the Eddie woods is leading these Undead Creature, his conquer these cities, dual new conquer. This saying sounds very irritably, however in the reality is actually not irritable, before these, by Eddie woods conquer the city, was only in the city Strongest by conquer, in the city these ordinary Undead Creature by conquer, they still have not been[ from] by, but this Eddie woods also brought army to go, but was not that relaxed matter, so long as were in the city Undead Creature, entire will be grasped to deliver to Space by him, turned into Zhao Hai under the hand/subordinate. In fact Zhao Hai has not thought that the Eddie woods will use such method, the Eddie woods to be caught in Space these by all Undead Creature of his conquer city, lets the military strength in Zhao Hai Space in this month within, turned several times, in other words, Zhao Hai undead responsibility in Space, has been now astonishingly billions. Naturally, these billions Undead Creature not all in Space, majority of also in Underworld, but they have completed loyally completely to Zhao Hai. Had these Undead Creature join, Eddie woods conquer these cities are it can be said that impregnable. If at this time, there are other Undead Creature to these cities, they present very strange phenomenon, Undead Creature of this urban city, likely is not other cities such traded, these cities were more like the machine of full play. These Undead Creature will go to ask them to think that valuable thing, then attains in the city, in giving Manager in city, Manager will then give him the reward. They are impossible to know that this idea is Zhao Hai leaves, Zhao Hai after seeing the procedure of Eddie woods, in present feast line of means of Space has copied, with these Undead Creature on. After waiting all cities processed, is one month later, in this month, whom God Realm there different God Race and O'Neal Clan war had ended could not say to lose who won, if casualties degree, that were O'Neal Clan has won, he with the casualty rate between different God Race has achieved astonishingly 10,000 : 1 , but O'Neal Clan did not calculate wins, in Atlanta Continent there, trained a Magic Armor pilot is not that easy, train a soldier on difficultly not to have the several fold compared with God Realm here.

Because of this, therefore although looked that O'Neal Clan has repelled different God Race, but they did not have the ability to expand, can only defends Taurus Continent, and has seized Space that Barbarian Pegasus Clan and Thunder Clan were. although is this, but O'Neal Clan does not calculate suffers a loss, they want is Taurus Continent here these commodities, but was they fruitfully obtained the although price to be very big now. However has the one type of very strange phenomenon in Atlanta Continent there, that is wants you to be rich, will not lack the person to work for you absolutely, even you can buy the person. Actually in Atlanta Continent there, had eliminated the slavery, nobody can buy and sell the population, but this convention, Atlanta Continent presently and conquer first different plane started to exist in name only. Finally Atlanta Continent there has to revise the bill, the Atlanta Continent here person, can carry on the moral behavior to trade, however trades must be the different plane person, the Atlanta Continent here person forbids to trade, one, but presently, will be received very severe sanction. The order of Atlanta Continent was almost equal to recognize existence of slavery, because of the Atlanta Continent there person, with some different plane people, did not have much difference so long as installed a status of different plane person to that person, can buy and sell at will. But this situation has been placed the hidden place by the Atlanta Continent there person, little is placed in Atlanta Continent there that therefore the people see in public is a dance sound is still even,[ from] by and[ people] main is still the there subject however in Darkness, will have many dirty deal, nobody knew. Because of this, therefore O'Neal Clan was not fearing that nobody comes Taurus Continent here, in fact they obtain these ores from Taurus Continent here, enough they buy more people, trains many Magic Armor pilots, but this requires the time. The O'Neal Clan person does not have the ability to attack different God Race, the different God Race person does not have the ability to attack Taurus Continent, at once Taurus Continent unexpectedly became peaceful. However this is not Zhao Hai the result that wants to see, because Zhao Hai has wanted to see O'Neal Clan Advanced level Magic Armor, has not invested into the fight. The attention, has not put into fight, but has, Zhao Hai carried on the surveillance to know to O'Neal Clan Patriarch that existed compared with God Rank Magic Armor more formidable Magic Armor, but this Magic Armor in O'Neal Clan, was the same on equivalent to God Race Ultimate Weapon, will not take to use easily. These time among the fight with different God Race, its frigid degree is O'Neal Clan Patriarch ten thousand never expected, therefore he has not brought to come to Taurus Continent here that formidable Magic Armor most from the beginning, after he presently fights so is unexpectedly frigid, his immediately from Clan adjusts that stage such Magic Armor, but must transport that Magic Armor to Taurus Continent here comes, requires the time, on O'Neal Clan is presently formidabe when different God Race, finally has to retreat, O'Neal Clan this more formidable Magic Armor, has not transported to Taurus Continent here unexpectedly. Because this Magic Armor has not transported, this made Zhao Hai want to look at hope evaporate of this Magic Armor performance, but Zhao Hai to has not worried, because of Zhao Hai understand, different God Race will not be putting O'Neal Clan at the Taurus Continent here show, but did not manage, O'Neal Clan will not be putting a different God Race such enemy, but did not eliminate, therefore among them war sooner or later will also live, by that time the person in O'Neal Clan, certainly used that Magic Armor, by that time he can still see.

Simultaneously Zhao Hai also knows from O'Neal Clan there why they will not use that Magic Armor easily, because of energy, Magic Armor thinks that is wielding its Might, essential must have the formidable energy support ability, ordinary Magic Armor used Energy Converter to be OK, but that formidable Magic Armor, used Energy Converter is incorrect, not only cannot wield that Magic Armor complete strength, but also big shortened that Magic Armor fight time. With ordinary Magic Armor, God Rank Magic Armor, uses Energy Converter, must enter the line of ordinary fight Ran words, most can carry on six hours of fight, must enter the line of outstanding fights the words, most also needs to replace Energy Converter on four hours. But that Magic Armor, if uses ordinary Energy Converter, most can only support one to be small When fight, moreover Might that he can wield, compared with ordinary Magic Armor also many, must therefore use that Magic Armor, needs another one type of formidable energy block, but this energy block, in Atlanta Continent there is ten Yu Xishao existence. This to has aroused the Zhao Hai interest, he wants to have a look at that energy block in O'Neal Clan Patriarch mouth is any thing, really has such formidable energy. God Realm there restores the peace, made Zhao Hai be short of a matter of worrying about, he starts full attention Underworld here now, Eddie woods control that more than 20 cities were basically completely are also given control by him, in the city all Undead Creature, became is their under the hand/subordinate, so long as and other several days, after waiting for all matters to arrange, the Eddie woods can bring Zhao Hai to look for that mysterious Lich. Zhao Hai has filled curiously to that Lich, he wants to know that what son really that Lich is, but he has not worried, he also knows now is not the worried time, helped Lich not follow in any case. Zhao Hai had asked the Eddie woods, Eddie said that position that Lich is, yes in[ from] in very secret a place by the alliance, there is very difficult by ordinary Undead Creature present, will not have any danger, therefore that Lich basically cannot leave there. Some guarantee of Eddie woods, Zhao Hai does not worry, he wants to unify Rebel Army, wants the stable bases, therefore stabilizes first Eddie woods conquer these places, regarding Zhao Hai is very important. One month 10 days, entire one month 10 days, the Eddie woods processed his in hand all cities finally, each city left behind one Expert to two them like Coulee to assume personal command, but other in the city Undead Creature, turned into Zhao Hai under the hand/subordinate, therefore these urban simply will not have any danger. Because has Space, therefore in these cities can carry on at all times supports mutually, a city has difficult, reinforcement immediately of other cities can go to there to support, can assure the absolute safeties in these cities. After waiting all matters processed, Zhao Hai and Eddie woods leave toward[ from] was left by alliance there, they must find that formidable Lich! a.