Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 11 - Chapter 1012

Zhao Hai calm sits in the Coulee bone car(riage), outside of bone car(riage) is not the ordinary human-shape skeleton in lifting the car(riage), but is being lifted by four giant bone beasts, flies in sky, these four giant bone beasts, look like look like the person are the same, has the four limbs, but that is long and sharp fang, demonstrated that their status, this is Undead Creature that four only Giant Ape turn into. In Zhao Hai goes by car, in this car(riage) the present has put the made of bone furniture, on the furniture covered with beast skins, very comfortable, now on the table, is putting two glasses of red wines, the Eddie woods is sitting in the Zhao Hai opposite. The Zhao Hai look at Eddie woods smile said : „the Eddie woods, you want learn to have the taste, tastes, this is the best red wine that in Space produces.” Because the Eddie woods contact with Zhao Hai were many, already not like most from the beginning was in reverential awe, he became is more comfortable, naturally, his loyalty to the Zhao Hai still had not changed, but he has retrieved some. The Eddie woods after all is a King, moreover is a smart person, although he was surrendered by Space, but Space has not removed his memory, he to Zhao Hai completely loyal. The Eddie woods have taken up the red wine, has drunk one, then puts down wine glass to smile said : well, is very tasty, in Underworld here, can only drink the blood of Blood Pond, or the blood of Magic Beast, drinks is that taste, does not have the meaning.” Zhao Hai look at Eddie woods said : your vampire by suck blood is not fresh? Do you have other choice to be inadequate?” The Eddie woods smile said : Young Master you too not to know about our vampire that actually our vampire also belongs to undead one type of, our vampire most from the beginning birth time, truly is suck blood bat, but at that time we very weak, all can only maintain livelihood by the blood of Blood Pond generally, because drank the blood of Blood Pond to be too many, we on slowly became undead blood have also been able to provide energy to us, after our official Morph Form became vampire, can directly absorb Dark mist energy to survive, only then in being injured or wants to drink the blood to drink the blood. ” Zhao Hai noddedUnderworld here vampire of vampire on with Earth is different, this also makes Zhao Hai clear please know, he lives now in one with the Earth completely different places, Earth there standard and not suitable here, after all vampire on Earth only exists in the legend, that walked most people's fantasy, but that now in front of him sits, but living ”[ really] actual balance in vampire. This time they come out are look for Lich that Eddie woods meet, they no one has brought, two people come out, naturally, Zhao Hai also equal to brought all under the hand/subordinate actually in the side, after all has Space, moreover these Undead Creature all have also entered Space. Eddie woods look at Zhao Hai said : „. Moreover the strength to my this degree, has not needed to drink the blood, so long as absorbs Dark mist, fully can have the use endless strength.”

Zhao Hai nodded to smile said : well, the Underworld here Dark mist sang reality is ting is mysterious Right, here leaves[ from] by the domain of alliance also far? ” spiritual force of Eddie woods has swept all around one, said : is not then far, in half of the day about,[ from] by dry Mou City of alliance.” Zhao Hai curious look at Eddie woods said : „the Eddie woods my very strange, has your Underworld person, timed by what? Moreover how do you distinguish when is a day? ” The Eddie woods smile said : Young Master, a Underworld here time has plenty method, everyone is different, said it, in Underworld here, the simply of time regarding undead is not useful, specially therefore nobody will time must distinguish very simple that also how a day passes, is mainly looks at the Dark mist densityDark mist the density thickest time, is black spots, Dark mist density thinnest time, is daytime, we with this way computing time. ” Zhao Hai nodded, he knows that Underworld here Undead Creature the change of Dark mist most found, Dark mist that feared appears such one stares at a change, they can also the deep clear feeling, therefore they use this way the computing time not to be overrated. Zhao Hai also and has swept outside one with the spirit, then he sighed said : not to think really that also will really have plants to grow in Underworld here, but these plants long was really too strange, I also first time saw that looks like plants that Bone wanted.” Zhao Hai this several days some had also understood Underworld here that Underworld here is really very strange, in Underworld here, has plenty plants, but these plants long very strange, some plants are black , although is also growing the leaf all over the body, but the leaf is also black , is not that dark green , but is all black , some plants are actually pure red , looks like blood same face . But one type of strangeest plants that Zhao Hai sees, is one type of like is Bone plants, this plants branch seems looks like Bone that clamps thickly, but his is slightly thin point Bone, but his leaf, is Bone of piece attire, in brief entire plants is looked like by Bone sticks at a handicraft that together is made, simply likely is not one living plants.

When Zhao Hai first time sees this plants, but also thinks that this plants is fake, but afterward he presently is not, this plants had the root, moreover put in this Bone plants Space, in Space also had the prompt sound, according to the Space prompt sound, this plants or one type of level very high variation plants, later will have possibly big using, because Space simply had not said that this plants can do, only said that this was one type of variation plants, but Zhao Hai present level is insufficient, was unable to know this plants use. One hear of Space such prompt, Zhao Hai knows plants that this looks like Bone sticks is good thing, because Zhao Hai insufficient level looks, certainly is good thing, this is the Space custom. But most makes Zhao Hai surprised also in behind, this plants that looks like Mou Touzhan becomes, must long be good on Bone Mountain, if has changed a place, he not in steadily. Zhao Hai does not have the means that also rushes to outside, received in small Bone Mountain Space, has not thought that this Bone Mountain received Space, Space really also has the prompt sound to spread, said that he has improved Hell Space, not only made Space level rise 1st level, that Bone Mountain can also rise to be long automatically, so long as in growing some, can automatically produce the skeleton, this regarding Zhao Hai, absolutely was a pleasant surprise. He has not thought really Space really also has such function, his immediately/on horseback received quite big Bone Mountain, what makes Zhao Hai accidental is, this Space has not transmitted the prompt sound, moreover that Bone Mountain does not have the too big use probably, received Space, has not produced the skeleton, Zhao Hai looked that this is not good, has to give up, but he to was now curious regarding Underworld here these thing. Eddie woods one hear of Zhao Hai said that also shows a faint smile said :, „, Underworld here has plenty strange thing, actually that plants like Bone, are not many in Underworld here, moreover generally undead sees that plants, immediately/on horseback will eat him, because that plants can enhance undead level.” Zhao Hai nodded, he real don’t know that plants really will have such special usage, but Zhao Hai ordered, making these undead transfer the extension to the city that around they are, so long as saw that has any Qi thin strange thing to collect. Eddie woods look at Zhao Hai said :, „ Young Master, Underworld here plants are not many, but each one type of plants, very useful, because of Underworld here majority of Darkness life form, by eating plants only lives, these Darkness life form although are also life form, but they can actually absorb spirit soul, The fire, in adding on can maintain livelihood by the blood of Blood Pond, possibly also for this reason, therefore their[ body] will produce Spirit Stone. ” Zhao Hai nodded, these Darkness life form can in the Underworld here survival, and has the truth, passed through has inundated long time evolution, that tied Darkness life form evolution has become has most suited in the appearance of Underworld here life, they did not have the eye, they can drink regarding other races have the blood of great poisonous Blood Pond, they even can directly absorb the fire of spirit soul, obviously in these to survive, because in Underworld here, the blood of fire and Blood Pond spirit soul, was easiest food that obtained.

Regarding Eddie said that Underworld here many plants, this point Zhao Hai to has not believed that Dark World here real not suitable plants grows, even if these variation plants that Zhao Hai sees , is very difficult to survive. They chat while to proceed, unconscious Zhao Hai spiritual force felt that front had a city, Eddie also present, he used spiritual force to sweep that urban one, turned the head to Zhao Hai said :, Young Master, front was the Dry-Bone city, there was[ from] by alliance one a city that the effect was more important , do we want to go to there recuperation?” Actually by their strengths, does not use the recuperation, but Zhao Hai wants to have a look at the Dry-Bone city, therefore he nodded said :, good, goes to the there recuperation one also well, I to have a look, this Dry-Bone city has anything not to be different from Three Holy cities.” The Eddie woods smile said : „are definitely different, Dry-Bone city here is[ from] by an alliance quite important city, but Three Holy cities is just in Rebel Army one is not important very city, Three Holy cities is Kampala they constructs, is adding on the place quite leaning, therefore unvalued, but[ from] is been different by the alliance,[ from] has dealings by alliance here and Rebel Army and Dark Spirit Temple, therefore their scopes of large cities can also even bigger, in adding here transaction undead are many, even has some status very high undead, therefore here has the hotel. This in Underworld, but is rarely seen.” Zhao Hai one hear of Eddie woods such spoke are said :, „did the Underworld city have the hotel? This I to am first time heard, interesting, that arrives must have a look well, is having a look at this in the city to have good thing.” The Eddie woods smile said : this not saying that sometimes also really can bump into thing, but the probability is very low, after all Underworld here thing, majority is not good thing.” At the same time was saying, their bone car(riage)s went to the Dry-Bone city to be even. a.