Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 11 - Chapter 1013

The Dry-Bone city is similar to the Three Holy cities situation, but city wall also wants on high some compared with Three Holy cities there, city gate also even bigger some, but similarly, only then a Main City gate, does not have what dark city gate and so on, the ground cannot see the trace that the vehicle passes through, apparently in Underworld here, simply does not have the vehicle in ordinary significance very much. Like the city, some although people look at the city gate, but will actually not receive the city tax and so on well, this compares to some Human Race countries to be much more enlightened, because regarding undead, simply has not collected taxes this speech. Zhao Hai and Eddie woods harness the bone car(riage) is entering the city the time, these undead of defense gate cannot help but looked at Zhao Hai their eyes, is very obvious, they did not see frequently the person who such big manner goes to the Dry-Bone city. Underworld here, so long as is knows in the city to carry out the transaction undead, they almost full of wisdom, in other words, these undead were actually similar to the person, they can your same ponder, the transaction like person, just because of the difference of living environment, they have their one set of style to walk. Zhao Hai and Eddie woods entered the Dry-Bone city, the Eddie woods obviously were to here have some understanding, entered to the Dry-Bone city, his immediately was leading Zhao Hai to in the city piece of one-story house there, arrived at one-story house here Zhao Hai carefully to pay attention to these houses, these houses were pound by Stone, soil that the middle used, was that blood red soil, Zhao Hai knew, this soil was actually the blood of Blood Pond with made of clay of shed, stuck xing is actually strong. But most makes Zhao Hai feel what is inconceivable, the roofs of Underworld almost all houses, are spell by Bone, these Underworld undead, have one type of the Bone use skill, Zhao Hai first time to hear probably at will some people make the roof with Bone, but makes Zhao Hai feel what is inconceivable, roof that these Bone make, a point is also leakproof, moreover ten points strong/sturdy is really inconceivable. Zhao Hai and Eddie woods entered in this hotel, almost did not leave Zhao Hai to expect, but in the hotel all thing, all were opens the person in hotel to make Zhao Hai accidental in here that Bone made, unexpectedly was Lich, several skeletons worked in here. As soon as they enter the hotel, that Lich immediately float over, bows to them said :, welcome two to arrive at the Dry-Bone hotel, two must stay at an inn.” The Eddie woods looked at that Lich one, lost to that Lich scrap soul Crystal Stone said : conveniently, prepared a best room.” That Lich looked at in hand soul Crystal Stone, two eyes cannot help but bright immediately/on horseback said :, good, please come with me.” Said that flutters toward the hotel. This hotel although semblance looks like very ordinary, however inside place was very wide my Lich is actually leading room in front of the door Zhao Hai and Eddie, opened the door to them, this turn around leave. Zhao Hai in the room looked around to look, this was ordinary suite, three rooms, a living room, a bathroom, however small Blood Pond this really made Zhao Hai be surprised in the bathroom. in the room looked around to look that Zhao Hai took a seat on the chair that Bone has made, this chair to was good, above returned covered with beast skins, sat ting to be also comfortable.

After Zhao Hai sits down , the Eddie woods stand in Zhao Hai said :, Young Master, feared that was we cannot rest how long, we arrived, City Lord of this Dry-Bone city, can visit.” Zhao Hai said :, what? do you know this City Lord?” The Eddie woods smile said :, realized that is far, but has seen twice Dry-Bone city here altogether five City Lord, including three are Lich, leaves two is the skeleton strength with Coulee they almost, before the in the city most common branch of the services are Lich and skeleton, has come Dry-Bone city twice, one time makes the transaction with here City Lord, has bought a batch high level the fire of spirit soul from his here.” Zhao Hai look at Eddie woods said : their can here sell the mass the fire of high level spirit soul?” The Eddie woods nodded said :, is, you[ from] by the alliance here place, they saves has plenty high level the fire of spirit soul, naturally, too high level will not have, but achieves golden skeleton that level not to be a problem, no matter we, are the Dark Spirit Temple people, can buy the mass from here the fire of high level spirit soul, to enhance oneself under the hand/subordinate strength.” Zhao Hai nodded, he has not thought really that[ from] will do such business by the alliance unexpectedly, interesting, these fellows simply are the war peddlers. Is thinking time, suddenly outside transmits sound speaking sounds:, „, but did the Eddie woods Sir arrive? Seeks an interview Sir Guan Disen below.” Zhao Hai turns the head the look at Eddie woods, the Eddie woods shows a faint smile said :, is City Lord of Dry-Bone city, the old version of this inn is City Lord under the hand/subordinate.” Zhao Hai nodded, waved. Eddie woods immediately/on horseback deep voice said :, City Lord please come in.” His voice just fell, a person from outside float over, this person was Lich, Zhao Hai paid attention, his well strength was worse than a point Kampala, but will not miss are too many. That Lich comes in presently Zhao Hai to sit in there, but near the glimmer the woods are standing unexpectedly, this makes that Lich demon micro one stare, that Lich before passing through the gate, does not dare to examine this room with spiritual force, such words will possibly make the Eddie woods think that he has the hostility, this is also the Underworld here one type of custom, if wants your person is not the friend is not the enemy, should better not to use own spiritual force to examine his room at will, such possible to cause the conflict.

That Lich although has gawked, but immediately recovered he to look at their one eyes, then bowed to the Eddie woods said :, has seen Eddie woods mister, has seen this mister, does not know that this mister was?” Zhao Hai being busy stood to return a courtesy said :, I was the Eddie woods mister friend, has seen City Lord.” Returns a courtesy hastily, Eddie asked to be able, actually this was also polite, with fluttering, simply did not have the need to sit, but fluttered on a chair, after how many people sat down, immediately to Eddie woods said :, does not know that what Eddie woods mister these time did come behavior? What has to need below place? Please freely open the mouth.” The Eddie woods smile said :, these time to did not need City Lord to take the trouble, I and my friend, some matters, passed by here, the friend of mine does not have to arrive today[ from] has come by the alliance, therefore I led him to come to see, we did not need any thing.” Listened to the Eddie woods saying that cannot help but related strange look at Zhao Hai, his although strength did not have Eddie Sen to be strong, however his eyesight had, he Zhao Hai strength is not presently worse than the Eddie woods, naturally, he with according to the appearance of Zhao Hai, has regarded law Old Wang Zhao Hai. Is only has not thought that Expert like Zhao Hai, actually does not have to have been[ from] by alliance? Before that he where? He has today such strength, depends on itself bit by bit to practice? Too inconceivable. The Eddie woods looked at one eyes, he knows that what is thinking, what he has not explained that at this time many explanations, were the afraid performance, said it, by Eddie woods status, what does not need to explain like, Eddie woods look at smiles said :, what good thing City Lord can nearest/recent have? although said that this time we have only walked, my friend, has to collect some strange thing hobbies, don’t know City Lord in hand, what good thing now has?” Listened to the Eddie woods saying that to was two eyes one bright, Zhao Hai was actually given to have a scare by performance, he has thought Lich like Kampala them, wholeheartedly only thought the research anything thing person, now appearance that but looks, how actually to see how likely is Merchant, this went out of the anticipation of Zhao Hai. immediately/on horseback turns the head look at Zhao Hai, deep voice said :, what mister comes was really the time, nearest/recent my in hand also really received different good thing, does not know that mister did have[ was popular] exerted to have a look?” Zhao Hai one hear of said that to has gawked, he turns the head look at said :, „? Good, I am very interested, when can don’t know see?” Listened to Zhao Hai saying that knows this was one collects the crazy person, such person has seen, not only one time, in Underworld here, many high level undead, some collection hobby, this did not have in fact what quite strangely.

immediately/on horseback said :, momentarily, momentarily can see, so long as mister has the time on the line.” Eddie woods at this time open the mouth and said:, That on the present, City Lord, we also has the matter, cannot keep Supreme long time, now has a look.” Nature happy, his immediately/on horseback nodded said :, good, two please come with me.” Said that turn around flutters outward, Zhao Hai and Eddie woods follow behind. This time was not goes by car, therefore Eddie invited to arrive on his vehicle, naturally they silly putting out red wine will not entertain, in Underworld here, was impossible to produce that type of red wine, if Zhao Hai took the red wine, will only stir up suspicion. In Underworld here, has not asked the person to drink the view of thing, to has one type of to ask the person to attract the entertainment way of fire of spirit soul, but few people will use, especially not in the Eddie woods they will flaunt in front of type Expert to use. Zhao Hai to experienced to fierce location of this Merchant City Lord, he boarded starts to praise this bone car(riage), does not have the space unusual ground that this bone car(riage) praised and ensure you heard dizzy. However Zhao Hai to does not have, because this looks down upon, conversely, he to has been interested, this absolutely is the material that a today lives to do business, people skills get along in all social situations, glib, can become great Merchant absolutely. How the Eddie woods and don’t know Zhao Hai thinks that he to looks down upon this fellow very much, after all the Eddie woods are not Merchant, he does not want to become Merchant, therefore he looks down upon to be also normal. Expert like Eddie woods, they look down upon such person, in Eddie woods their eyes, the strength is all, slick person like, most was not treated by them sees. a.