Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 11 - Chapter 1014

The difference of living conditions, making person also meet the has plenty differences to the view of thing, Zhao Hai the person who came from Earth, on Earth, Merchant is very good, moreover good Merchant, that absolutely is a talented person. Did not say in Earth, even if in Ark Continent there, these Great Noble also does business, can say that they are also Merchant, but Ark Continent there true big Merchant, is very good. Place that however now Zhao Hai is at is actually Underworld, in Underworld here, the people only believe the strength, other thing, empty, only then the strength is solid, therefore Merchant like, in here is also one group of people who was most not treated sees, the although strength is good, but the Eddie woods cannot have a liking for him, looks like in the Eddie woods, if doing business time, uses in the practice, his present strength should be able to be stronger. Several people quick arrived at tower there in city, Zhao Hai also present, Underworld here almost every city, has such tower, but was needless saying that in tower lives was the City Lord 1st level characters. Got out to tower there several people, quick entered in tower, entered tower, Zhao Hai feels the here differences, this tower has plenty room, the layout of overall with Kampala their tower too big differences, however the decoration of here actually compared with Kampala their tower much better. Naturally, this inside tower almost all decorations, have made with Bone, Bone that various types want respectively, Bone of various face , look like probably walks in the altar of devil is the same. However Zhao Hai knows that in Underworld here, the people regarding Bone, look like oneself live one type of essential thing same regarding as important, in their opinion, Bone is the one type of material, the material that one type of can use, regards trees to be the same on humanity. Quick led two people to enter in a room in tower, entered this room, Zhao Hai stares, because in this room unexpectedly like was huge Warehouse, inside has chocked up thing. Zhao Hai look at these thing, these thing also really very comprehensive, what thing has, 1 divination to a piece face special Bone, as big as one hugecompares a person also to want the big skull, has everything expected to find. Zhao Hai transferred several in this room, look his several types of thingincludes that biggest skull, but Zhao Hai did not have immediately to say what one wanted, but turned the head to look at said :, what? your here, only then these thing?” Listened to Zhao Hai saying that quickly said:, Naturally is not, here is only my Warehouse, inside has plenty storehouse, how mister is unsatisfied, can have a look in going.” In Zhao Hai nodded said : first to have a look at hope to find my satisfied thing. ” Also brought Zhao Hai to go to another room, this in the room thing was Datong is also small

Different, Zhao Hai somewhat cannot help but disappointed, but said that his also has plenty room, Zhao Hai must bear xing to look.Zhao Hai suddenly saw same thing to the eighth room in this in the room, this is a made of bone small beast, seems like old tiger, but is actually growing single horn, seems formidable might is uncommon, lifelike, Zhao Hai sees this small beast cannot help but two eyes one bright, why although his don’t know this small beast uses, but some Zhao Hai actually one type of felt that he felt this small beast after to is not common. Looked that Zhao Hai pays attention to that to be only small the beast, cannot help but stares, this small beast he received already sometime, however in Underworld here, the people settled on had the strength, without any artistic taste, therefore this small beast had not sold, did not favor this thing, he thinks that is thing that live time long point undead made, has not cared, was only at will suspending in there, has not actually thought that Zhao Hai probably was the appearance that was interested in very much. Zhao Hai has taken up that small beast gently, carefully looked, this small beast is made by Bone, but don’t know is any Bone, is very heavy, looks like with in hand with an iron lump is being same, Zhao Hai toss about looked some little time, this puts down that small beast, turns the head to said : Sir City Lord, we also left politely, you were leading me, looked at all your Warehouse, after I have looked, so long as were I settles on, I can row of detailed lists give you, thing on detailed list, I. Wanted, naturally, you must to me a solid price, be the words of your carelessly initial price, my equally non- type, the truth told you, just thing in these Warehouse, I settled on may be many.” Listened to Zhao Hai saying that cannot help but two eyes bright said :, good, Mr. Zhao Hai you were really refreshed, my did business, was very fair, if some people bought the expensive commodity in my here, my wanted ten times of compensations, asking mister to come with me.” Zhao Hai listens to words cannot help but to show a faint smile, he presently no matter in that plane, the Merchant essence is the same, compensates ten means like the vacation, no matter will use in there. Zhao Hai has not thought that unexpectedly so many Warehouse, enough 15, after Zhao Hai these Warehouse look, immediately lists Zhang Qingdan to give. thing that Zhao Hai this wanting also really many, 15 Warehouse, Zhao Hai wanted about 2000 commodities, almost quite one-fifth of In particular advantage all commodity total. Ten points[ is popular] exerts, he does not have to think really one have done a such big business unexpectedly, since this is a biggest business that this whole life has helped. But Zhao Hai pays the money of these commodities with low level the fire and low level spirit soul soul Crystal Stone, do not think that will oppose, conversely, agrees with the way of this transaction, because this will make him gain to more money. Low level the fire and soul Crystal Stone although spirit soul is Underworld here transaction general currency, but this thing is also people demand biggest thing, therefore its value generation, he definitely cannot make use of own authority like, the convenience of Dry-Bone city here, sold to Zhao Hai some commodities, obtains some low level the fire and soul Crystal Stone spirit soul, is using these soul Crystal Stone and spirit soul, The fire, buys more commodities, is selling out these commodities, like this he will be does nothing, is only gains price difference to make a lot of money, this will be point.

But reason that Zhao Hai such natural puts out the fire and soul Crystal Stone these many spirit soul , because this different thing in Space can now produce. When Zhao Hai first time brings the fire and soul Crystal Stone spirit soul to Space , the price of Space to this different thing is energy, this different thing is energy Space can withdraw their energy ingredients, then manufactures this energy, even also possibly optimizes these two energy, in other words, turns into high level these low level the fires of spirit soul, turns into high level these low level Spirit Stone. When Zhao Hai hears this prompt soundhe knows that he was not short of money in Underworld here hua, so long as he could have a liking for eye thinghe to buy. This Zhao Hai for these 2000 commodities, pays two hundred thousand block low level Spirit Stone, has gone bad to happy, but these thing that Zhao Hai buys, was received in Space by him. Receives energy in Space thing regarding Zhao Hai this type, the also present minute envies, in Underworld here, Space equipment is not many, only then has the status talented person to have, status although is not low, but he does not have Space equipment, therefore he share that only then envies. When these thing receive in Space, brings to the Zhao Hai attention, besides these Underworld peculiar plants, remaining different thing, same is some giant skeletons, these skeletons are Zhao Hai in that huge Skull same skeleton that in first Warehouse sees, but prompt that this skeleton, Space gives is makes Zhao Hai somewhat surprisedprompt of Space to this skeleton is, Zhao Hai now level is too low, has no right to examine these skeletons casethis cannot help but some were startled by Zhao Hai, he has not thought that this skeleton can be the Advanced level goods like this unexpectedly, he cannot help but careful. Received these skeletons. But second brings to the Zhao Hai attention thing, is not other thing, by Zhao Hai has paid attention to that on the made of bone small beast, that made of bone small beast, when Zhao Hai puts from Space Warehouse him Space, hears in Space to transmit prompt speaking sounds:, Darkness attribute life form and undead special-purpose beast shape fight full body armor, this full body armor may strengthen undead and Darkness life form attack ability, the defense capability, any Darkness attribute life form and undead are workable, this full body armor plants, after plants, can increase this full body armor seed in Spatial Shop, this full body armor seed is Black Soil special-purpose seed, can Host some full body armor plants? If Host agreed that this full body armor plants, will deduct Host hundred thousand gold coins!” Zhao Hai heard this prompt sound on méng, he has not thought that this bone beast unexpectedly was fight full body armor, to put it bluntly, in other words this small beast unexpectedly Combat Suit like ten Two Star place full body armor, was undead special-purpose Combat Suit, this regarding Zhao Hai, absolutely was good information. However Zhao Hai has not displayed, calm of his still face, after waiting trades to complete, Zhao Hai turns the head to smile said :, City Lord, has not thought really that your here good thing really to have these many, good, is good, this transaction my very satisfied, City Lord, can I ask you to help busy?” To this time transaction also very satisfied, because this time can gain a big pen, now one hear of Zhao Hai said that his immediately/on horseback said :, „ mister please say, regarding your super client, we certainly will help like this. Zhao Hai said :, I like Underworld all kinds of plants slightly, Underworld plants that so long as you can receive, I want, moreover regarding that giant skeleton with that small made of bone small beast, I also liking, you also knows that I am law Old Wang, our law Old Wang clan, very has the taste, that small beast manufacture fine of , looks like looks like the artware is the same, how many therefore that small beast has many me to want, but a that giant skeleton is also same, I want to take a look at to be able a that skeleton to combine, turns into me. Servant, if several such servants, that certainly is very imposing matter, you did say?” Is listening to the Zhao Hai words dull, he was shaken, he has not thought that Zhao Hai will propose such request, to be honest, this request to the In particular advantage, is not the difficult matter, although are not many in Underworld here plants, but Dry-Bone city[ from] in important a commercial city by alliance, must receive plants is not the difficult matter.

But that big skeleton that Zhao Hai said is not special thing, in fact before , has the person of same idea to be many with Zhao Hai, but has not succeeded, that big skeleton was removes the bottom probably the death, moreover was impossible to put in spirit soul toward inside, therefore that skeleton has also been regarded the collection to remain, did not have the too big use. That made of bone small beast, before , to has not seen, his in hand also only then such, moreover he had not heard that who also has, one type of that it can be said that these commodities are most difficult to receive. However this to the In particular advantage is not the issue, he is qualified Merchant, so long as is profitable, he will do, therefore one hear of Zhao Hai said that immediately/on horseback said :, good, invited mister feel relieved, your request, I did certainly, but knows when mister took these thing, like these plants, if attained my here, mister did not come, will die.” Zhao Hai thinks said :, this, I will come here to look every month one time, so long as you receive thing that I want, I all take away, but a little we must reach an agreement, these plants and big skeletons I do not have what request, because that thing can look at is true or false, but that made of bone small beast, I have the request, that small beast I thinks that City Lord you have also seen, that small beast not only excellent workmanship . Moreover the weight is also stronger than the common animal head, most important is the shape of that small beast, looks like probably. Our Underworld here life form, therefore City Lord you, when receives these small beasts, must pay attention, shape I can not care, what shape, however his work with needed materials, must be the same with today's that small beast, otherwise I do not want, has the status pharaoh as one, if buys some second quality items, that affects my image very much.” Listened to Zhao Hai saying that cannot help but gawked, meets to focus flashes through some different glow, he just, Also really thinks of a way, must look for some undead to make that small beast, was selling to Zhao Hai, now one hear of Zhao Hai said that he does not dare to do, because manufactures Bone of that small beast, has not seen, he wants to copy does not copy. However has not displayed, his immediately/on horseback nodded, to Zhao Hai said :, mister invited feel relieved, my did business, was some prestige guarantees.” Zhao Hai nodded, to said :, that we such settled, City Lord, later we cooperate happily.” To Zhao Hai said :, cooperation is also happy!” Said that they laugh, is very satisfied to this result! a.