Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 11 - Chapter 1015

Chapter 1012 Cultivation World strength Zhao Hai sits in the bone car(riage), is carrying one glass of red wines, has drunk one, then has closed the eye, in a soft voice said : „the Eddie woods, are you strange, why am I such careful to that skeleton and that ossiculum beast?” The Eddie woods truly somewhat do not think understand, his don’t know why Zhao Hai will set the trade pact that wants with, that big skeleton in Underworld here is not strange thing, that small beast is very rare, what price but won't have to plant? What contract it is necessary to decide? This saying Eddie woods have suppressed at heart quite a while, they already the leave Dry-Bone city, Zhao Hai and have naturally signed that trade pact, although looks like in the Eddie woods, this contract does not need completely. One hear of Zhao Hai such asked that Eddie woods immediately recovers, he looked at Zhao Hai one, deep voice said : is Young Master, my understand, why such do not do, in although Space has produced the fire and soul Crystal Stone spirit soul, but you waste like this, is always not good.” Zhao Hai still closes one's eyes, then his waving of gently, the Eddie woods felt that his body were also many clothes, the Eddie woods has gawked, he looked down one, when presently don’t know, has actually put on full body armor, this full body armor all was made of bone, but actually very light, moreover was not hard, put in his body, really had the one type of very comfortable feeling. The Eddie woods have gawked, then he puzzled looked at Zhao Hai one, his understand Zhao Hai what is this, at this time Zhao Hai in time waving, front suddenly bo of Eddie woods moved, then appears one thing like mirror. The Eddie woods looked at that mirror one, on the mirror appears a person, somewhat pale face, but actually puts on formidable might uncommon made of bone full body armor, this made of bone full body armor is the whole body, has wrapped up the entire body of this person, does not have a guan 1 u place, although now his face also 1 u outside, that is actually because his face armor has not put, most must is, Eddie woods look at that body full body armor looking familiar. Why the Eddie woods quick presently this full body armor such looked familiar on the minute, because this full body armor puts in his body, that face pale person is he, but the hard helmet on that helmet, is actually a tiger's head helmet, in the top of hard helmet, sharp horn, the appearance of that small beast they look at the place. The Eddie woods one on understand, this full body armor is the handicraft of that ossiculum beast makes, in the Eddie woods still when sizing up his full body armor, Zhao Hai suddenly said : tries the Eddie forest, having a look at this full body armor to be what kind.” The Eddie woods complied with one, turn around left the bone car(riage), then submerged in Dark mist, Zhao Hai has not worried, but was taking the red wine, at a moderate pace was drinking, before long in Dark mist has heard an intermittent explosive sound, explosive sound slowly vanished, then Eddie woods form returned to on bone vehicle. Has Zhao Hai opened the eye what kind, look at Eddie woods said :?”

Eddie woods gently holds rub full body armor, looks like holds rub the skin of sweetheart, one hear of Zhao Hai such asked that his quickly said: Returns to the Young Master words, this full body armor fantastic, was good, he enhanced about 20% my strength, moreover let my defense strength and has also promoted about 20%, fantastic.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile, his very clear, strength to this level, in Underworld this type the place that belongs to Lower Realm, really every time promotes 1st level, is the how difficult matter, do not say that on promotion 20% , because of this, therefore the Eddie woods can such happy. Zhao Hai smiles said : „the present to know why I do want to buy these statues? Has remembered, later wants in presently that thing, no matter how much money were bought by you.” Eddie woods immediately/on horseback said : is, Young Master, I knew.” Zhao Hai waved, Eddie woods full body armor vanished, has hung to fall in his front appears , by a careful bone chain near, but is hanging the style of falling, the statue of that ossiculum beast Zhao Hai buys, but now this statue compared with original smaller. This small hanging fell to wrap on Eddie woods neck, Zhao Hai look at Eddie woods said : „the Eddie forest, this set of full body armor bestowed give you, you wanted with his time, in toward hanging to fall inputs energy on the line.” The Eddie woods impatient have tried, in he toward holding to fall has input a strength quickly, bone armor on appears on his body, when he wanted to relieve, only needed a thought to relieve. The Eddie woods tried several times are so, his then ji moved thanked thanks Young Master to Zhao Hai said :.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile, thinking little said : was good, greatly what does not have, your fighting strength has promoted, has the advantage to me not? What matter later is coming across, do not use personally make a move, walks, that Lich that you said in that direction?” One hear of Zhao Hai said that Eddie woods immediately has swept all around one with own spiritual force, then command(er) four Undead Creature were flying in a direction. Zhao Hai has not cared about the direction of bone car(riage), he turns the head we only to walk to Eddie woods said :, must think of that Lich there, but also requires the several days time?”

The Eddie woods consider as finished, turns the head „about two days to arrive to Zhao Hai said :, place that but we go , can only be the place that Lich is, he lives in there, I and don’t know, I have not gone.” Zhao Hai nodded said : not to care that looking slowly, would finding, was good, rest well one, did not worry.” The Eddie woods nodded, actually lowers the head to manipulate that slightly to hang to fall, appearance that being unable to put down. Zhao Hai has not cared, told Eddie, returned to in Space, he received Space today many plants, must well has a look. although these big skeletons, regarding Zhao Hai are good thing, but he has more than enough now, therefore Zhao Hai has not managed them, regarding him, these plants is most important. Moreover what most important is, Zhao Hai must discuss with Cai'er, plants this bone armor the matter, this bone armor can promote Undead Creature fighting strength, but Zhao Hai in hand most is Undead Creature, if these Undead Creature fighting strength can be promoted, regarding Zhao Hai, absolutely is good information. However now Zhao Hai in hand Black Soil is not many, even if plants bone armor these Black Soil the words, don’t know has been able to let plant sufficient bone armor that year. Zhao Hai enters Space to with Cai'er discuss this matter, but entering room Space Zhao Hai has gawked, because Laura they were in there look at Fu Da the skeleton. These big skeletons that Zhao Hai receives, is incomplete, the has plenty big skeleton is incomplete, but is this, Zhao Hai has left behind these big skeletons, but he has not thought that Laura they are manipulating this thing. Laura they regarding undead although dislike, even the frequent use have not been used to it, but such observation this skeleton of short distance, this arrives likely is the first time. Looked at Zhao Hai to come, Laura immediately to Zhao Hai said : Elder Brother Hai, you quick, this skeleton good specially, in Undead Creature the skeleton of compared with Space was unexpectedly hard, was really mysterious.” Zhao Hai one hear of Laura said that cannot help but has gawked, his quickly has arrived around that big skeleton, this big skeleton not entire, holds the part of skull and rib, other parts do not have.

Originally these skeletons when Zhao Hai receives, is moistening the soil, seems a point is also common, besides various big points, does not have anything specially. However now this skeleton is different, this skeleton has been washed now cleanly, the skeleton becomes white , is not ordinary pale , but like the jade, is dispersing glistening white radiance, looks at unexpectedly very beautiful. Zhao Hai arrives around this big skeleton, carefully looked, he present this big skeleton on characteristics, in this big skeleton rib chest position there, the scratch, although this scratch are not very big, but is very clear, moreover from the position of this scratch, is the position of heart. Zhao Hai looks at the rib that it passed through, these ribs are presently complete, not having a point scratch, the Zhao Hai look cannot help but to shrink, then his in hand Magic Staff immediately turned into a sword, a Zhao Hai sword has cut toward the skeleton on. Listened to one that worked as, the sword one to be shot, but on the skeleton was a point trace does not have, Zhao Hai these stemmed from Laura their anticipation, but its result was out of their anticipation. Zhao Hai was also startled, his very clear, this sword he has used 60% strength to measure, but this skeleton still completely is lossless, a point trace has not remained, this fully explained formidable of this skeleton. Zhao Hai has tried with 80% strength, finally is the same, sees this result, Zhao Hai cannot help but waved, received that skeleton, they entered the room with Laura. Sits down after the room, Zhao Hai turns the head to Laura their said : these big skeletons not just, do you have presently on that skeleton to have the scratch, moreover that scratch is not the ordinary scratch, but is the sharp knife blade remains, in other words, these big skeletons were killed, just you also saw, I make an effort chops many big skeletons, but a point trace has not actually stayed behind, these big skeleton don’t know had many years, but also such hard, it can be imagined, they can be great strength how, but they were still killed, in other words, had compared with them. More formidable existence, gave to kill them, it seems like that this matter was not simple.” One hear of Zhao Hai said that Laura they stare, then face changes, but Laura immediately/on horseback said : this does not have what good worry Elder Brother Hai, just as you said that these skeleton don’t know had many years, in the past their enemy, should not exist, did not have what good worry.” Zhao Hai sighed said : naturally not to have what good worry in Underworld here, Underworld here strongest strength, was similar to the Eddie woods, but I suspected that these skeletons most from the beginning were not Underworld, if these skeletons also from Cultivation World, our strength to the Cultivation World there person, again estimated.” roa.