Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 11 - Chapter 1016

Laura they, as soon as listened to Zhao Hai saying that has gawked, then frowned, their understand the meaning of Zhao Hai, in Underworld here, these Expert is almost undead, because they were undead. But these big skeletons, from hard degree of skeleton, sufficiently showed that they before death certainly are Expert, such Expert no matter other Undead Creature races, easily will not die, is adding on Underworld here, impossible appears such Expert, that in other words, these big skeletons itself did not belong to Underworld. Does not belong to Underworld, that can only be belongs to these also to want formidable plane compared with Underworld, wants formidable plane compared with Underworld, at present Zhao Hai knows, had Cultivation World. If these big skeletons belong to Cultivation World, that Zhao Hai has to carry on to the Cultivation World strength from has estimated newly, because these just when tried these big skeletons, Zhao Hai chopped the second sword time, but has used the eight layers strength, by his present strength, eight layers strength its attack intensity is not small. May be this, he still has not left the previous point trace on the skeleton, is this also not enough to explain the intensities of these skeletons? Laura they have not thought that the Zhao Hai meeting wants to be so far, now by a Zhao Hai such saying, they finally also has been thought through this point, this makes Laura they also feel that a heart is startled. Does Laura frown said : that Elder Brother Hai your meaning is?” Zhao Hai forced smile said : any meaning does not have, now Space does not have the means to make the appraisal to these skeletons do not say us, I to Cultivation World there, many one layer understanding.” Laura the meaning of their understand Zhao Hai, now they the understanding Cultivation World there were also too few, the light thinks in here, useless, therefore they can only be promotion their strength as far as possible. Zhao Hai let out a long breath, decided that first does not think this matter, just as is such that Laura they said that now wants to be also useless, they can only according to their plan gradually walks, considered to want unable to solve any problem. Zhao Hai deep voice said : Cai'er, do you have to calculate, if in Space is planting this made of bone Combat Suit, what will have to affect to constellation Combat Suit? ” Cai'er one hear of Zhao Hai said that shows a faint smile said : Young Master, actually constellation Combat Suit our present here had much, does not want the underestimated Space output, the although daily output is not many, but in addition but many, moreover land that Space that type can the time add now can also Level Up, now I became the Black Soil place these land Level Up, we can definitely also plant these Combat Suit in there, in this case, output big increase of Combat Suit, the land that forgot a that time to add long, was can the big reduction planter time. ”

Zhao Hai said : time adds the land to be able with the Black Soil overlay use? Can such affect the growth of these medicinal herbs? Time long region there, I prepare to plant some year long medicinal herbs, not only to speed up the crops growth.” Cai'er smiles said : Young Master feel relieved, because after the time adds region is, appears , naturally be stronger than Black Soil there, moreover these two places do not have what actual conflict, Black Soil added the growth of crops, but his time adds region, is the entire region time in in addition, does not conflict, phenomenon that also appears Black Soil there that plants degree will not stop growing, because adds region there in the time, what must honor is time Law, is Black Soil, must honor there Law.” This saying almost Zhao Hai circling fainted, but he was understand, the meaning of Cai'er was, the time added region there, can use with the Black Soil overlay, but the consequence of overlay was, the time added region there, if planted cropsto obtain Black Soil with the overlay effect that the time added that but the person actually can only enjoy the effect that the time added. Zhao Hai happy said : good, that looks at your arrangement, many bone armor Combat Suit have constellation Combat Suit, was right, that we cannot look at level hua now, you must process well, place that hua grows, decides the time to add region.” Cai'er complied with said : is, Young Master, I knew, Young Master feel relieved, I already added region there constellation Combat Suit in the time actually, now entire Demon Realm there Devil Regiment, has almost provided on Combat Suit, Young Master did not need to be worried.” Zhao Hai one hear of Cai'er said that cannot help but cherishes greatly smooth said : good, is the Cai'er most placard heart, good Cai'er, thank you.” Said that one stressed Cai'er has kissed one, Cai'er cannot help but the scream, when Zhao Hai let loose her, she one flew away, don’t know ran up to there. Zhao Hai sees this result, cannot help but stares, then his also understand have done anything, somewhat cannot help but embarrassed, but Laura they actually use very unusual look look at Zhao Hai, made that Zhao Hai is distressed. Zhao Hai to Cai'er that meaning, he just too ji had not moved, has not thought that now looks at Laura their appearance, Zhao Hai felt oneself just moved, some rashes. However Zhao Hai also present, Laura they have not been mad at him, this arrived is lets Zhao Hai feel relieved, but Zhao Hai present another matter, was Cai'er nearest/recent resembles the performance was getting more and more mature. Most from the beginning Zhao Hai saw the Cai'er time, although said that Cai'er that time strength was very strong, moreover don’t know lived many years, however that time Cai'er, actually like was a child, liked deliberately creating trouble in all directions, was unknowingly, now Cai'er is getting more and more mature, body getting bigger and bigger, now had also understood that was shy.

Two days of quick on the past, over the two days Zhao Hai has not stayed in Space, in fact his majority of time stays in the bone car(riage), is observing Underworld here with Eddie woods together, they drink, chat, to passing through very comfortable. Two days later, Zhao Hai their on appears under a Bone Mountain mountain corner/horn, this is huge Bone Mountain, it can be said that mountain range, Zhao Hai they now are this Bone Mountain at the foot of the hill. Zhao Hai felt this Bone Mountain, this Bone Mountain feared has several kilometers altitude, some above also low level skeletons tour dang in all directions on mountain, but these skeletons look like do not have what consciousness, only knows wandering about aimlessly in all directions on the mountain, some skeletons are hunting and killing same typeto absorb the fires of their spirit soul, becomes by oneself great strength. The Eddie wood has swept this mountain with spiritual force, turns the head to Zhao Hai said :, Young Master, was here initially I have met that Lich in here, that Lich very formidable, even if present I, has not grasped defeats him. ” Zhao Hai nodded, looked at that one, deep voice said :, walks, on looks for him with us, hopes all smoothly, can earlier find him.” Was saying while command(er) these Undead Creature are walking toward the mountain on. Quick Zhao Hai they arrived on summit, these small skeleton simply do not dare to approach Zhao Hai they, although these small skeletons did not have what wisdom now ”, but actually the feeling of instinct Zhao Hai they are existences that he cannot stir up. Zhao Hai this all the way also in keeping is scanning this mountain with spiritual force, he wants to have a look on this mountain to have anything to plant him to get so far as thing in Space, but was a pity very much that in this Gushan he presently too useful thing, on although this mountain has not been growing some plants, but these plants are in some Space has, not too high grade plants. Zhao Hai although is somewhat disappointed, does not have to careafter all looks like that bone shape plants, may with thing that cannot be asked that he does not need too toward to go at heart. To summit after the mountain looks, in this Bone Mountain behind, depends on unexpectedly is Bone Mountain continuouslyprobably does not have the end to be the same. Saw this situation, the forced smile that Zhao Hai also can only not bear, turned the head to Eddie woods said : „the Eddie woods, did you know that Lich in that direction?”

The Eddie woods have smiled bitterly next step:, Returns to the Young Master words, my don’t know, my strength was too at that time weak does not dare to stop in here much, completes after these Lich transactions, walked. ” Zhao Hai has smiled bitterly, said : that not bears, that looks like we must bit by bit looked, walks, returns to Space with me, only depends on we two people look, but also don’t know must find that year, I prepare.” Said that Zhao Hai got the Eddie woods to enter Space, then he has put outside Staff, then made Staff be divided into the thin needle general size, four flew, this was Zhao Hai can think, quickest found that Lich means that he believes that so long as that Lich still in the mountain, he certainly can find him. After the Eddie woods enter to Space, went to Hell Space, he too does not adapt to the Space that Zhao Hai is, because sunlight was too full, although he does not fear sunlight, but these sunlight make his very boat uncomfortable. But Zhao Hai returned to in Space, carefully was actually observing the surface picture on screen, now on the screen was divided into the innumerable small checks, in each small check is the pictures that a Staff small needle passes on, above except for Bone Mountain or Bone Mountain, does not have any special place. However Zhao Hai to does not have to worry, like this, worried to be also useless in any case, therefore Zhao Hai not only has not made too quick, conversely, he who these slightly aim at also lets these small needles fell, because he does not think, because these small needles fly is too quick, but let miss good thing like hu Bone plants. This Bone Mountain was really too big, Zhao Hai does not believe that on such big Bone Mountain, met few type of good thing, looked like in Zhao Hai, this huge mountain like the virgin forest of Earth, will always have some Heaven and Earth Treasure. Also let alone, idea of this Zhao Hai also real is right, the quick several pictures gave Zhao Hai to come several types of good thing specially, including that big skeleton, was that Bone plants that Zhao Hai wants to obtain. Zhao Hai will be naturally impolite, received in the big skeletons of these plants Space directly, moreover received some strange thing, for example one lives you Iron Sword, is at the same time the damaged skin shield. This did not mean that Zhao Hai likes sorting tattered, because these thing were too rare in Underworld here, in Underworld here, weapon of these Undead Creature uses, almost is made of bone, weapon that high level Undead Creature, uses, is own body separates, Dun thing like the iron hardware and Pi, almost cannot see in Underworld here, Underworld here lax this thing, Zhao Hai wants to see from these thing that they come from there. a.