Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 11 - Chapter 1017

However what disappoints Zhao Hai somewhat is, these rust swords and broken shields, have not provided any valuable information to him, moreover underwent the analysis of Universal Analyzer, the manufacture material of sword and shield, is not good thing, it can be said that does not have any value. Zhao Hai has to throw these thing, like the broken sword, he casually puts out one to compare that now, is keeping useful, he is not the tattered king. This Bone Mountain big, Zhao Hai does not have what concept most from the beginning, however after one hour, Zhao Hai had this concept, because this hour passed by, these that his release went to were small The needle, actually does not have one to fly this Bone Mountain end, any direction has not arrived at the end, this cannot help but makes Zhao Hai somewhat surprised. These small needle although made Zhao Hai slowing down, but this put to be retarded but relative, compares entire that the ordinary person flew, small needle flight was very quick. Is such, still did not have the means to find this Bone Mountain end, obviously big of this Bone Mountain, left the imagination of Zhao Hai. Laura they were also attracted, they have not thought that this Bone Mountain unexpectedly such big, now was only that Bone plants, Zhao Hai took in Space ten, this was not a small number, in Underworld here, that Gu Gute may not be good to look. But that big skeleton, took in Space by Zhao Hai nearly thousand dusks, except for human-shape beside, Zhao Hai also takes in Space the big skeletons of some beast shapes, in, the quality of material of skeleton, was the same with the big skeleton of human-shape. When Zhao Hai first time presently this quality of material with big skeleton same beast shape skeleton, he was startled, he has not thought that really also has with that big skeleton same quality of material Beastman skeleton, naturally after this skeleton received Space, in Space in one time transmits the prompt sound, but the result of prompt sound is still he does not have the right to know that these skeletons are the skeletons of any thing, this made Zhao Hai be curious to Underworld here. He knows that Underworld here also has certainly many secret to wait for him to untie, but Zhao Hai has not cared about him has set firm resolve in any case, first mysterious incomparable Bone regarding him received in Space to say these that perhaps later will have big using. Five hours passed by, Zhao Hai release these small needle thing both sides have flown the Bone Mountain, without any present, do not have any suspicious place, to were Bone plants and big skeleton in Zhao Hai Space were also many much. Presently the person only then south there did not have to the end, but there has not had any special place, even there could not see the ordinary small skeleton activity the trace. Zhao Hai now somewhat cannot help but anxious, his don’t know that Lich also in this Bone Mountain, if good Lich also in that him naturally is convenient, if, him may not probably be greatly disappointed. Also nearly one hour of present only then Zhao Hai also insists in there, Laura they have rested, Zhao Hai is also bored drinks tea, look at book, once for a while traces a screen. In this time, on the suddenly screen appears a change, Zhao Hai has been gawking, immediately put down the in hand book to pay attention to the screen fully, on the screen other small charts was vanishing, had a picture also above. Zhao Hai carefully looked that this marked unexpectedly appears a stretch of field!

Not wrong, is a stretch of field stretch of field on Bone Mountain, about ten mu sizes, the field surrounding has the railing, field inside is planting some plants, but in these plants, what some are Zhao Hai has not seen most important is, this Tashita's that land, that simply is not land that Zhao Hai knows on is one piece land comprised of the broken bone. A these ten mu big or medium ground, are spreading small Bone these Bone of thin bone biggest also only then Zhao Hai fingernail size, 1 divination became the bonedust! area of this lands is not very big, but regarding Zhao Hai, this lands is not really small, what most important is, this lands appears place, is really makes Zhao Hai feel somewhat surprised. In Underworld here, simply did not have a Hetian such saying, Underworld Undead Creature, was relying on suck blood Dark mist drinks the blood of Blood Pond only to live, simply did not need Shigeta, after this was Zhao Hai to Underworld, a piece field that saw, feared that was also the entire Underworld sole a piece field. Zhao Hai at heart[ is popular] exerts, he knows that he found the place, Zhao Hai made the small needle stop, carefully looked at that stretch of field, but those who made Zhao Hai surprised was, in that well, Zhao Hai saw that Bone plants unexpectedly, some he has not seen plants, had certainly seen also had many, these plants divided the region type in there, appeared very neat. Zhao Hai carefully looked at block paddies, presently there besides these plants, does not have other thing, before he presently command(er) small needle then looks like, when him he put thing both sides before the small needle, adjusted here, carried on the investigation of carpet type to that field around. Quick, Zhao Hai presently on front Bone Mountain has cavern, this cavern is not very big, cave entrance looks like only suffices a person to exempt the strong difference, but this cavern cave entrance there, is actually obviously after the reorganization, in front of cave entrance, the stretch of flat land, this piece of flat land here, was used Stone to spread, is very smooth. Zhao Hai knows that almost arrived is here, he has not called Laura them, but was the flashes body left Space, simultaneously called Eddie. The Eddie woods come out to look at this cavern, immediately understand what's the matter, he turned the head look at Zhao Hai said : Young Master, you think that is here?” Is Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : here, tried to know, you called two, but do not sweep with spiritual force, in order to avoid made the opposite party think that we had evil intention.” The Eddie woods have complied with one, turns the head to have the person to cave entrance deep voice said :? Does inside have the person?” cave entrance is still that cave entrance, without any sound, Eddie woods said loudly: Can have the person? The Eddie woods come to visit!” He just said that listens to cavern to transmit sound speaking sounds: Eddie woods? Is this name somewhat familiar? I have heard in there probably.” Sound getting closer and closer, then Lich appears in cave entrance there. This Lich looked like probably is old, white, the beard was also Thunder Bai, the body wore the long gown, to the person the feeling of one type of sage-like outstanding behavior, the lower part also same was one group of Dark mist, fluttered in in midair. That Lich looked that Zhao Hai and Eddie woods have cannot help but gawked, his look has swept on the body of Zhao Hai, then turns the head the look at Eddie woods to knit the brows said : your this vampire I to see in there probably? Um, somewhat cannot think that the Eddie woods turned the head to look at Zhao Hai said :Young Master, was this previous generation.” Said that he does turn the head senior you not to remember to that Lich said :? I had met senior outside the mountain before fortunately, but also helped senior seek for blood butterfly hua, senior also bestowed my Magic taking responsibility reward.”

That Lich one hear of Eddie woods said that has gawked, then frowns to think that some little time nodded said : to have such a matter, probably is more than 1000 years ago, at that time were you good Marquis? Now unexpectedly has become the vampire king, is not simple, within such short time, can become the vampire king.” Zhao Hai one hear cannot help but somewhat does not know whether to laugh or cry, one thousand years, regarding this old Lichunexpectedly is very short some time, if this makes other wisdom life form hear, feared that will be irritated. The Eddie woods bow to Lich said : well, senior actually still remembers me, this is my being honored, I was in the past that vampire Marquis.” Old Lich nodded, look at Eddie woods said : „do you come here to do? Right, this is who?” Will actually call him Young Master as your vampire king, it seems like he is not simple. ” Said old Lich two eyes bright is sizing up Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai goes forward one step, bowed said : „the past to hear Eddie to mention senior to old Lich slightly, admired regarding senior such person below very, therefore today on coming visiting specially, I and Eddie looked for segmentum anterius good long some time. ” Old Lich look at Zhao Hai does said : visit me? Why?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : to invite senior join we, I have now established special research Magic Formation Magic Formation Laboratory, needs brilliant person join like senior.” Old did Lich knit the brows said :Magic Formation? But I already for a long time not research Magic Formation, what I now in research is the fire of spirit soul, has not been interested in Magic Formation. Zhao Hai one hear of old Lich saidquickly said: senior please wait a minute, I look at same thing to senior, after having looked, was asking senior to decide.” Said that Zhao Hai turnedin his hand appears a note This notebook computer, the Zhao Hai under the hand/subordinate person little has the equipment, only then in the Karen reality trying room, that is the standing-by thing, in hand of other people almost do not have, let alone uses, on in addition looked that little sees, like the Eddie woods, his former simply has not seen computer. The notebook computer that Zhao Hai takes, has not opened, this notebook computer is very good computer, the outer covering is the fine metal, looks like li is very bright. The Eddie woods and that Lich understand Zhao Hai suddenly do not put out such a strange box to do, they puzzled look at Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai shows a faint smile, opens notebook computer top head, 1 u left inside computer desktop/tabletop, old Lich and Eddie woods stare, they have not seen such thing. Zhao Hai in touching the plate there stroke 1 several, opened a document, in this document research about Magic Armor records to seek, inside has Magic Formation, there is a Magic Armor fight picture, Magic Armor hologram, waits for these thing. Old Lich and Eddie woods surprisedly opened the eye, they first time see such mysterious thing, but has manipulated several hundred, in that can unexpectedly the appears design and writing.

Zhao Hai meeting has not let the old Lich these Magic Armor fight pictures, but walked appears Magic Armor hologram, naturally, this hologram three dimensional, rotation that but also kept in computer, side also had Karen their illustration. Zhao Hai changes old Lich said : senior to look computer, is this thing, we present Space rift, in there has plenty this thing, this thing fighting strength very formidable, above picture has filled Magic Formation, but majority of Magic Formation, we have not seen.” Actually did not need Zhao Hai saying that in computer the Karen sound said Magic Armor some especially xing, when continuously Karen explained that old Lich also in dull look at computer. Zhao Hai took carry back computer, old Lich then recovers, his look at Zhao Hai does said : have this thing really? fighting strength how?” Zhao Hai nodded said : to ask senior to have a look at this on understand.” Said that his release Magic Armor and picture of different God Race fight, in front of this picture is Cai'er helps to make, adopted the editing, the Magic Armor combat process very good has shown. look at picture that not only old Lich, the Eddie woods look at steadily, Magic Armor in picture, by an enemy thousand, in different God Race army, to kills, different God Race these army do not have with his means. However the Eddie woods and old Lich are actually some not by main however, because in their opinion, different God Race fighting strength was really not much. Zhao Hai looked at their expression, deep voice said : two thought that with these people of Magic Armor to war, was the strength not much? What I want to say to two, fighting strength of these people are not weak, moreover this Magic Armor, is drives by the person, looks like the car(riage) is the same, but the driving Magic Armor person, is some does not have the average person of what strength.” As soon as they listened to Zhao Hai saying that cannot help but somewhat changed countenance, they naturally were very clear, if were the average person is driving this Magic Armor, that this thing was very great. Zhao Hai then said : „, if can really Magic Formation on to break this Magic Armor, even if not use this Magic, regarding us, advantage has plenty, now we to break some Magic Formation, these Magic Formation uses respectively was different, but if these Magic Formation uses on weapon, can actually make weapon live the qualitative change.” Then Zhao Hai opened a text document, in this text document, not only there are some writing also various Magic Formation designs, some are to break came out, above very detailed has recorded that Magic Formation use, but the majority does not have to break to come out. Actually Zhao Hai from puts out computer most from the beginning the time, in planning old Lich, he knew the person like old Lich, if they present some new and odd things, certainly will cause their curiosity, making them sink mi in, therefore he has put out computer, old Lich has produced curiously to computer. In adding on computer is saving these Magic Formation, Zhao Hai does not believe that old Lich can not move, so long as he begins, Zhao Hai can deceive in Space him, so long as he entered Space, hey, was open to discuss on all things. a.