Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 11 - Chapter 1018

Old Lich obviously by Zhao Hai computer attracting, was not only attracted by Zhao Hai computer, similarly, in these Magic Formation by computer attracting, because even Zhao Hai is taking computer his look at not satisfying, he has snatched computer from Zhao Hai in hand, that Magic Formation on careful look at screen. Some little time he this Magic Formation visiting, him and others looked at this Magic Formation, actually don’t know must see next Magic Formation, at this time he also sobered a point, does he turn the head look at Zhao Hai, two eyes fiery said : also has? Other Magic Formation? I want to look.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said :, this naturally, but Magic Formation in this computer not very entire, so long as senior is willing join we, I to make senior look at other Magic Formation.” Old Lich has gawked, then his face changed, finally he turns the head look at Zhao Hai said :, „, if my join you, besides these Magic Formation, I can also in research other?” Zhao Hai one hear of old Lich said that smiles said :, „, invited senior feel relieved, our there was absolutely[ from] by, no matter you liked research anything, we will not carry on the interference.” Old Lich selected, turned the head to look at the front that stretch of field, turned the head to Zhao Hai said :, „, but my field what to do? there plants is thing that I must use.” Zhao Hai smiles said : to invite senior feel relieved, your here plants, my there has, you want many to have many, invited senior feel relieved.” On old Lich bosom how many looked at Zhao Hai said : „to have how many? This is impossible, this a piece place, has used I several thousand years of time opens, my everyday will come to see these plants, how your there possibly has.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said :, senior , if not believe me, had a look to be good with me, if after senior has looked, thought that I was saying hurried, that in walked.” Old Lich look at Zhao Hai, he felt that the matter a little does not suit ”, but there does not suit him also somewhat unable saying that but changes mind thinks that his contract will relieve Magic, even if Zhao Hai plans his also no big deal, he was not worried, nodded said : to Zhao Hai, good, that goes to your there to have a look.” Has to recognize, this old Lich dull time be too long, regarding the will of the people what is dangerous he to understand was too few, easily has believed the Zhao Hai words. The Zhao Hai micro smile, to old Lich said :, senior I can Space Divergent Technique, I be able to use Space passage to lead you to go to our there, this will be much quicker, doesn't know senior your what do you think? ” Old Lich has gawked, his look at Zhao Hai two eyes bright said : „can you Space Divergent Technique? fantastic, puts forth comes to see.”

Zhao Hai although don’t know old Lich is any meaning, but he has complied, his hand wieldedtogether Space rift on appears in their side, Zhao Hai to old Lich said :, „ senior invited. look at that old Lich two eyes shines said Space rift, muttered said :, „ was really Space Divergent Technique, was really Space Divergent Technique, fantastic, fantastic.Said that he has crashed in Space without hesitation. Zhao Hai looked that old Lich entered Space, Space also has resounded simultaneously the prompt sound of surrendering, he then relaxed, a revolution also entered Space with the Eddie woods. Old Lich was waiting for Zhao Hai in there, saw Zhao Hai to come, old Lich welcomed, bowed to Zhao Hai said :, has seen Young Master.” Zhao Hai nodded, smiles said :, was right, What is your name?” Old Lich said :, returns to the Young Master words, I called Jim Rayden.” Zhao Hai nodded said :, good, Jim you these days continuously in research what? ” Jim said :, returns to the Young Master words, these days I in the fire of research spirit soul, before I have wanted spirit soul, join to does not have on life form thing, is a sword, is at the same time in the shield.” Zhao Hai one hear of he said that cannot help but stares, then he cannot help but also is moved, Zhao Hai knew in Underworld here, the fire of this spirit soul on spirit soul of equivalent to person, but Jim research fire of join spirit soul to weapon, on equal to to weapon join Artifact Spirit, this is very great research, what kind of his immediately/on horseback to considering said : research? What achievement has?” Jim shook the head said :, „the present did not have too many achievements, my research time is too short, moreover is more deficient the medicine, these medicines that just by I plant, simply is insufficient.” Zhao Hai look at Jim said :, your research this method how long?”

Jim's embarrassed said : returns to Young Master, the time of my research this method is very short, will be less than 1500!” Zhao Hai one hear of he said that hidden flipped the supercilious look, is less than 1500? Did this time also call short? That did how long call long? Did this also make the person live? Feared that is he comes out this method research, own Bone can beat a drum. Zhao Hai look at Jim said : „in 1500? Called a progress?” Jim shook the head said : not, these 1500, my majority of time, is collecting these plants, most poor skill collects these plants entire, and plants successfully, therefore did not have what result now.” Zhao Hai nodded said :, „ a while I will make Cai'er deliver to Wild Dragon Island to come up you, later you make research in there, there has lax Lich, you can has agreement interest Lich to make research with you, these medicinal herbs materials that you said can process, later you only needed to make research to be good relieved, needed anything to say one to me. Jim happy has complied with one, Zhao Hai deep voice said : Cai'er, comes out quickly, delivers to Wild Dragon Island to come up Jim, gives him to settle arrange a place to live, right Jim, what thing you have to bring in Underworld there?” Jim immediately/on horseback said :, Young Master, I in the Underworld there also has plenty beast skin volume, the bone book, these thing am my these years research achievements, you may probably help me receive in Space him.” Zhao Hai laughs said :, feel relieved was good, I ensure received to you him Space, even if you do not want not to be good.” Jim then happy said :, that fantastic, but Young Master, I to that Magic Armor also being interested, if there is opportunity, I want to unify me to think that with these Magic Armor the fire of spirit soul that certainly is very great matter.” One hear of Jim said that Zhao Hai has gawked, then his face inconceivable look at Jim, he really has not thought that Jim will really have such idea, unifies the fire and Magic Armor spirit soul? What thing will that manufacture? Transformers? I drop god that this world was really too frantic! Zhao Hai take deep breaths, calm his mood, he nodded said :, good, you liked research being good on research, went.” At this time Cai'er also came, took away Jim. Zhao Hai and Eddie woods returned to Underworld Zhao Hai first that cavern that went to Jim to live, entered to cavern Zhao Hai stares, this was a semblance looks like not but greatly in was actually different cavern, in this cavern was divided into three region, region was Jim's laboratory, this region was one has several hundred square meters big cavern, inside suspended some to be used to make thing of experiment, these thing majority were also some Bone makes, looked comes out, Jim made these thing time was really hua one turned painstakingly Cultivation Method, these thing Ten points that makes careful attractive.

Zhao Hai also received in these thing Space, the although Space city can provide better experimental mouth to Jim, basically is the glasses, but these thing he received got up, because his also don’t know these thing had the especially remnant use to Jim. After the laboratory has looked, Zhao Hai went to second region, this region is Jim's study room, Jim's study room is not one or two, but is entire five, first was not smaller than Laboratory several hundred square meters, inside has chocked up made of bone stance/framework/shelf, on stance/framework/shelf was putting some beast skin volumes and some bone books. Before the bone book is, sowing seeds book type of book of Underworld here use writes on Bone with Engraving Knife, then on using Bone drills at the line that beast skin makes, puts on these Bone, a little looks like[] bamboo slip that the country ancient people use. Only can look from Jim study room here library holding, they have made many research, Zhao Hai looked, he presently Jim's study room here be more regular than Kampala there, Kampala study room there puts thing optional, but Jim's study room here, he delimited for 1 point many small region, had the Magic area, the Magic Formation territory, the Martial Skill area, the bone classification area wait / etc., appeared very regular. Each region there, he also hangs the label, very detailed on label inscribed each sheepskin Zheng Li to record the spirit general content, looked like the book in library records to be the same. Zhao Hai to appreciates regarding Jim such procedure , it seems like it is making research this aspect, Jim be more rigorous than Kampala. After thing in five study room received Space, Zhao Hai they arrived at third region, this region was extraordinarier, entire 15 cavern, each cavern area has wanted study room, each cavern crosses thousand square meters, is really very big. What most important is thing in this Warehouse, Zhao Hai has to recognize, Jim this not know that many years foundation, is really the family property is rich, his here puts out same thing to come casually, is stronger than in thing that there sees Zhao Hai, what most important is, Zhao Hai in Jim's Warehouse, saw the big skeletons of two Warehouse, not only there is human-shape, the beast shape, piles in there, Zhao Hai probably recording considers as finished under one, in these two Warehouse, the light was the quantity of these big skeleton on 2000 dusks, Zhao Hai had also received these big skeleton. In Space, in adding on the Space original big skeleton, now the quantity of his Space big skeleton already in 5000 elder brother about. Besides these big skeletons, Zhao Hai most happy is, he found several to be young in here The bone beast, the quantity of ossiculum beast had eight many. Eight ossiculum beast although look like not many, but regarding Zhao Hai, this quantity was not small Moreover the Zhao Hai year, the appearances of these small beasts, are he have not seen, does not know that is any Magic Beast, but Zhao Hai or very happy, his counter- these bone beasts received Space, among the feast has really produced seed. a.