Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 11 - Chapter 1019

.............................................................................. bountiful receives! This is bountiful is absolutely rich! Zhao Hai has not thought really that Jim collected these many good thing unexpectedly, besides the big skeleton and ossiculum beast, many plants, naturally, these plants, is processed, brings to prepare, when medicinal herbs uses, Zhao Hai to does not catch cold to these thing, he only to living plants has the feeling, after all living plants attains in Space, can make Space increase the experience. All thing, after received in Space, Zhao Hai they from cavern walked out, toward that piece of Medicine Fields there walk this to go. This piece of Medicine Fields here Zhao Hai general considers as finished to be the same, altogether has planted probably more than 20 plants, this is Zhao Hai has seen, entire Underworld most entire plants, here has 50% plants is in Zhao Hai Space does not have. Zhao Hai looked at these plants, turns the head to Eddie woods said :, „the Eddie woods, these plants do you know?” The Eddie forest has smiled bitterly next step:, Young Master, you were really also asking, in these plants had a bulk I not to know that real don’t know Jim Old Gentleman looked from there.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said :, can look, he to this piece of Taka is really very attentive, no wonder, if makes other people in Underworld know that Old Gentleman here so many plants, feared will be certainly insane, was good, did not think that many, must receive in Space this piece of Medicine Fields, put in Space to be safer.” The Eddie woods also nodded, Zhao Hai carefully looked at these ten mu Medicine Fields, if one received these ten mu Medicine Fields Space, obviously is unlikely, can only receiving bit by bit, but well in these plants by Jim according to type is divided into a scrap scrap, therefore Zhao Hai receives to arrive is will not spend too many matters. Carefully looked at this stretch of bone field, Zhao Hai has calculated to be away from, meets to begin, Space rift appears , then, about one mu bone field received in a piece Space together. Receives in Space, Zhao Hai immediately arranged in this stretch of bone field Hell Space, there also Bone Mountain, will arrange in any case should not to have the matter in there. That thinks that he just hole field release came, hears in Space to transmit prompt speaking sounds:, Presently the special attribute paddies, the exclusive Darkness attribute crops use paddies, may put this ground planter all Darkness attribute crops, some field especially xing and Black Soil just, introduced the special attribute paddies because of Host, Space Level Up to 100 zero 2nd level, looks at the Host many efforts!”

Zhao Hai one dull, then the great happiness, he never expected will have such good matter, has not thought the stretch of bone field that Jim makes, Space can depending on deciding as the special attribute paddies unexpectedly, this view before Zhao Hai, if has not heard. However this regarding Zhao Hai absolutely is the good matter, this Taka is the equivalent to Black Soil place, moreover above can also plant all Darkness attribute crops, on equal to his for no reason were many Black Soil place. Thinks of here, Zhao Hai immediately/on horseback in hand hastily, received in these ten mu bone fields Space, in received this bone field Space, in Space in transmitting the prompt sound, Zhao Hai has not cared, he knows that this is the Space characteristics, with one type of thing, when first time receives Space will have the prompt sound, second time in having. After these ten mu bone fields receive in Space, Zhao Hai also gets the Eddie woods to enter Space, returned to Space, Zhao Hai has let Eddie woods returned to Hell Space, moreover called Cai'er. Cai'er saw when Zhao Hai is a little embarrassed, 1 Bo Lianhong red called said :, „ Young Master, Do you ask me to have the matter? ” Zhao Hai sees the Cai'er appearance, cannot help but some headaches, but he is immediately/on horseback nodded said :, is a little matter, Cai'er, can that type of bone field be able to expand?” Cai'er one hear of Zhao Hai said that immediately understand the meaning of Zhao Hai, her immediately/on horseback nodded said :, can Young Master, that bone field Space Black Soil is different, Space Black Soil belongs to entire attribute, what attribute crops can plant, but that type of bone field belongs to Darkness attribute, only then Darkness attribute crops can plant, moreover outside this farming is belongs to receive, can receive our control, therefore naturally also on rotatable by expanding, wants to expand on needs Bone Mountain the line, this farming must construct on Bone Mountain, moreover neighbor must. Has Blood Pond, in Space present although has several Bone Mountain, but is not big, wants to expand, Young Master you must receive several Bone Mountain to come.” Zhao Hai selected has selected said :, good, gave me, my immediately managed.” Said that Zhao Hai flashes body appears in Underworld, before Jim, dull that several Bone Mountain received in Space. Zhao Hai will certainly not take in entire mountain range Space, he innermost that several, not having the mountain of skeleton activity to receive in Space, even if were this are also many.

Zhao Hai has calculated, on these Bone Mountain, can start out about 10,000 mu bones fully don't, enough Zhao Hai has used, Zhao Hai then receives the hand. 10,000 mu bone Taka is not a decimal, had these bone fields, Zhao Hai can the bone alpha in there, plants these plants that Underworld there obtains in there, this will not occupy these fields of other Space places, these fields can classification thing, this to Zhao Hai probably be very big. After waiting for Zhao Hai these matters processed, Zhao Hai then brings the Eddie woods to put up Three Holy cities here, Zhao Hai had decided that he lived in Three Holy cities here, other rate sentiments gave the Eddie woods to do, no matter what, the Eddie woods in the Underworld here prestige compared with his much higher, no matter Rebel Army[ from] by the alliance is known that his existence, feared that was Dark Spirit Temple there, he was also the character of being able to stand in line given name. Zhao Hai returned to Three Holy cities, most happy naturally was Coulee, they liked staying in the Zhao Hai side very much, moreover Zhao Hai kept Three Holy cities, this explained that Zhao Hai was best with their relationship, how this let them not happy. However Zhao Hai to has not cared about them to think anything, Zhao Hai has given a Eddie woods order, must enter quick unification Rebel Army. This duty is not relaxed, but this duty to the Eddie woods to is just appropriate, because before him, wants to do. The Eddie woods really very appropriately do this, was adding on him presently in hand also to have enough strength, therefore the Eddie woods were quick in Underworld here conquer, Zhao Hai returned to Three Holy cities was about five days, heard the Eddie woods conquer a city. Such result makes Zhao Hai be startled, but somewhat is also disappointed. The Eddie woods are very strong, but he is too strong, comes up on the performance so ambitiouily and not necessarily is the good deed, he does this, will only advance itself the entire Rebel Army opposite. Zhao Hai can affirm, if not his appears , the fate of that Eddie woods will not be certainly good. First did not say in Rebel Army has many people to hope to unify, even if the Dark Spirit Temple person, feared that will be does not hope saw the Eddie woods will unify Rebel Army, such they will cope with the fee strength. Do not think Dark Spirit Temple there that this fellow, will not use these yin to seek scheme, perhaps Dark Spirit Temple these ordinary undead not, but do not forget, in Dark God also lives in don’t know the fellow who runs from that plane, won't undead, say him unable certainly? So many resistance, the Eddie woods want to unify Rebel Army, is almost impossible. However now Zhao Hai appears is different, Zhao Hai not only has the formidable strength, what most important is, his in hand has the military strength, the has plenty military strength, this can make the Eddie woods have that strength to unify Rebel Army fully in the short time.

Good type that just like Zhao Hai thinks, after the Eddie woods conquer a city, remaining these Rebel Army unexpectedly alliance, to have prepared to cope with the Eddie woods, but the Eddie woods are dispatch, preparation at one fell swoop all rebel his influences annihilating. But at this time, Dark Spirit Temple there transmitted must attack their information, this Eddie woods very helpless, but this result was expected in Zhao Hai, if Dark Spirit Temple if seize the opportunity did not insert one, they were not Dark Spirit Temple. In this case, instead pulls armed forces this person in aspect, has to stop Ran Zhan, in a composition the allied armies, has arrived at frontline to go with the Dark Spirit Temple person to confront. Zhao Hai these time naturally will not stay in Three Holy cities there is motionless, he also with Coulee and frontline, frontline that they and Underworld confronted, in blood bank both banks. This Blood River can be said as Underworld sole rivers, to the present also nobody knows that his source in there, nobody knows he must flow on there, the water in this river, is the same with the blood of Blood Pond, the entire river widest place has ten li (0.5km) fully, narrowest place also foot about 5li(2.5km), nobody knows this river water deeply, but the people know that in this river has one type of in Underworld here very rare thing, Blood Spirit Beast. Blood Spirit Beast has lived in Blood River, Underworld person, don’t know Blood Spirit Beast is one type of Darkness life form, calculates undead, the shape that because this Blood Spirit Beast has abandoned is really too strange. This Blood Spirit Beast nobody knows that long any appearance, this Blood Spirit Beast meets attack to fly the Blood River above person in any case, moreover each appears appearance is different, sometimes looks like a bat, sometimes looks like probably is old tiger, sometimes is the appearance of dragon, sometimes will turn into the appearance of person, but no matter how changes, these Blood Spirit Beast characteristics, their whole bodies are blood red , very good recognizes, moreover receives Space time, their personal appearance can the instantaneous liquefication, turn into Blood River returned to Blood River, like this can be evaded most injuries by them. Has had the legend since Underworld, had not heard who has killed Blood Spirit Beast, perhaps some people have killed, but nobody knows, because they will fall in returned to Blood River finally, becomes Blood River part. This Blood Spirit Beast attack strength very formidable, the single Blood Spirit Beast attack strength, is stronger than the golden skeleton, can reach about the Crystal skeleton level basically, such attack strength is nothing less, what most important is, this Blood Spirit Beast their strengths are come from Blood River, so long as Blood River must flow, the Blood Spirit Beast strength will not leave to dry up, but in entire Blood River, many Blood Spirit Beast, nobody knows. a.