Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 11 - Chapter 1020

Blood River looks like a natural barrier, Dark Spirit Temple and Rebel Army dividing, has been able saying that if no Blood River, that Rebel Army feared that now was by Dark Spirit Temple eliminating, because had existence of Blood River, Dark Spirit Temple each time must attack Rebel Army time, first has wanted was Blood River this pass/test, was because of this, therefore Rebel Army can block Dark Spirit Temple attack time and time again. Now Blood River both banks, became a piece by piece giant military compound, law this said that the military compound too does not prepare, because of the here army, simply does not set up any military compound, some minority tents or the car(riage)s, are some status very high people sit, ordinary undead, stands in there or lies in there. Zhao Hai has swept with own spiritual force, this Blood River both banks, currently minimum has billions undead, moreover this digit also in increase of one after the other. Naturally, Rebel Army here quantity in minority, for Zhao Hai is not quite remarkable, he all military strength in his, has not given the Eddie woods, such words were too conspicuous. The Eddie woods in the Underworld here reputation are very big, how many people his in hand has, the Underworld here person almost clearly, but his suddenly comes out more than a billion strength formidable under the hand/subordinate, these can undead not suspect? Because of this, therefore Zhao Hai has not given the Eddie woods own under the hand/subordinate all people, had not been moved many by Eddie woods piece clothing/taking these undead life form in city, this is a latent strength, Zhao Hai all will not shine his card in a hand. Must say, now by Space surrendering Undead Creature, was 6 billion, reason that will have these many, was because Zhao Hai also received in some low level undead Space, therefore Space now undead quantity suddenly to increase. However these undead all have not stayed in Space, was still given let out by Zhao Hai, activity that near city in they were, is Zhao Hai looks for some useful thing. Follows high level Undead Creature side Eddie woods, only then about 500 million this in Rebel Army here, is a very formidable influence, must know that these five hundred million undead may be high level undead, fighting strength may compared with the Divergent Technique skeleton. The Divergent Technique skeleton is next to existence of Crystal skeleton, but above the Crystal skeleton was Skeleton King, was Coulee this level, was the Eddie woods are getting now these skeletons is only equivalent to is lower than Coulee two-level existence, such strength may be able be underestimated absolutely. Zhao Hai still sits in the Coulee car(riage), position that he is at now, is the Eddie woods camp, no matter what, Three Holy cities by the Eddie woods to conquer this is the matter that Rebel Army knows, person who Zhao Hai belongs to Three Holy cities, naturally also can only stay in the Eddie woods camp. Now the Eddie woods they meet Zhao Hai not to participate, because does not have that necessity, he has given the Eddie woods a blood needle that on Magic Staff made, such Eddie woods they said anything, he can know. Content very simple that actually Rebel Army meets, compared the Human Race war, Underworld here war very simple, their almost exquisite anything tactic noisy crowd same rushing did not start, decided the war victory or defeat, lay in these Expert, these low level skeletons, but was regarded the cannon fodder to use. Therefore Underworld here War Conference also very simple assigns region that each servant must defend, one place is in difficulty, how other people reenforce and so on, other did not have anything. In Underworld here is a little advantage, going to war is simply does not need logistics, because these Undead Creature do not need to eat thing not to use full body armor, does not use weapon, place that even does not use. Now the Eddie woods they have divided the place that must defend not to leave Zhao Hai to expect, the Eddie woods divided a piece most dangerous place this are all participate in War Conference, most matters of undead together agreement, even if were the Eddie woods does not have the means to change, but face some of Eddie woods were not quite good.

When on the Eddie woods returned to bone vehicle, face still very difficult looks, the Eddie woods to Zhao Hai gave a salute said : Young Master, these fellows were really too excessive, I want to extinguish them.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said :to consider as finished, anything, after these fellows just want to borrow Dark Spirit Temple excessively, suppression you well, who makes your nearest/recent crest of wave so abundant. Eddie was cold and gloomy snort|hum said :these fellows, is not thinking how tackled Dark Spirit Temple, actually special was thinking these matters, if Rebel Army earlier were unified, feared that was is not now this appearance.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile, has not said that he is only deep voice said : „the Eddie woods, you prepare, arrangement well, our defense lines, might are the directions of Dark Spirit Temple main attack.” Eddie woods one hear of Zhao Hai said that cannot help but stares, his puzzled look at Zhao Hai said : Young Master, why did you say?” Zhao Hai showed a faint smile said : „ the Dark Spirit Temple appears opportunity to be too skillful, although said that in Rebel Army many person alliance prepared to cope with you, but by your strength, there is very big opportunity to defeat these rebel, unified Rebel Army, this was not Dark Spirit Temple wants to see that therefore they will certainly try to find the solution, did not make you unify Rebel Army, therefore they attacked at this time, like this your Rebel Army has to alliance get up with them to the war, you fought are not once or twice, situation that their naturally very clear you deployed troops for defense, the attack that therefore they can go all out your defense area, was achieved by your loss in a big way., You lost were many, naturally did not have the ability to unify Rebel Army, Rebel Army was still in a state of disunity, still could not constitute anything to threaten to them. Eddie woods one hear of Zhao Hai this said that cannot help but stares, he always has also thought this situation, but the Eddie woods to the Zhao Hai words, that do not dare to have any neglect, immediately/on horseback has complied with one, getting his team to set out toward his defense area. Zhao Hai naturally also follows their together, but the Eddie woods ran up to outside lead the army to go, in bone car(riage) only remaining Coulee and Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai that Coulee look at drunk tea, deep voice said : Young Master, really like you do say? Will the Dark Spirit Temple person do really?” Zhao Hai puts down the teacup, showed a faint smile said : when the time comes you to know.” Said that Zhao Hai has closed the eye, let out a long breath. Coulee looks at Zhao Hai this, naturally cannot disturb him. That defense area that quick they arrived at Eddie woods minute of arriving, the Blood River river surface of this defense area is very narrow, has about six li (0.5km), because of this, therefore then is most dangerous region. The river surface is narrow, by Blood Spirit Beast attack opportunity is small, meets attack possibly was also naturally bigger can say that first time by the minute to the person who this place carried on the defense, after the violent , their loss were many, had skill undead like Coulee died in battle in here. After Zhao Hai they arrived at this piece of region, Ai Yousen with will be entering in the Coulee bone car(riage), they come certainly here to see Zhao Hai. although said that under the hand/subordinate of Eddie woods now was also Zhao Hai under the hand/subordinate, but Zhao Hai was best with Eddie woods their relationship, other these Undead Creature, did not have what qualifications to see Zhao Hai directly.

Zhao Hai looked that the Eddie woods come, showed a faint smile said : „the what? prepare?” The Eddie woods smile said : what we also to have a need for arranging, received here to be good the person, battle time, command gave the madame, we have been free from worry, right Young Master, had to think, received some Blood Spirit Beast to enter in Space?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : to receive naturally must receive, but is not now, now is making war, if received at this time, the sound is too big, may bring to the attention of opposite party, waited for the weaponry to fire off was receiving is not late.” The Eddie woods nodded, he also knows what Zhao Hai is any meaning, this time, truly does not receive Blood Spirit Beast good opportunity. Coulee looked at Blood River opposite one, long stems from the tone, deep voice said : just wait, sooner or later one day, entire Underworld is Young Master.” Zhao Hai showed a faint smile said :to be good, on that day early, we had not been needing to worry, first said this time war, this time war, your several did not arrive at the extremely critical time, Does not permit use bone armor, bone armor can be our in hand card in a hand, cannot to know, moreover hits cannot try, must make some not work as the cannon fodder by undead that we subdue, gives them one type of we to lose very serious appearance, such other people have to support us, if Dark Spirit Temple these time comes for us, they look at us to lose seriously, can retreat, unable to be too heavy on our losses as the matter stands, was lost by the Rebel Army other person many, their strengths on will damage in a big way, when Dark Spirit Temple retreat, our opportunity came. ” Coulee they are not the fools, before they are only, has not contacted these yin to seek scheme, now but Zhao Hai says is so clear, they naturally also one on understand meaning of Zhao Hai, a several people of face[ is popular] exerts complied with one, Eddie woods immediately ran to arrange. The appearance of Zhao Hai look at Eddie woods, cannot help but shows a faint smile, Underworld here he must take, here wants regarding his later show very heavy, therefore he such will be careful. Compared with Underworld here, now Zhao Hai in Atlanta Continent there was not the Supreme heart, thing that because Atlanta Continent there he needed, has almost gotten so far as, like Energy Converter production line, various civil Magic Armor, the allocated proportions of various metals wait / etc., so long as were Atlanta Continent there opening offer thing, Zhao Hai has gotten so far as, remaining was some belongs to keep secret Stage thing, these thing required the hua time to get so far as, therefore Zhao Hai has not been careful to Atlanta Continent there, gave Bruce Willis to process. In fact since the factory establishes, Zhao Hai has not held any heart, he needs to do was good to money, other gives Bruce Willis to manage. Person who Bruce Willis regarding this situation or very happy, he is one has the ambition, factory that he calculation that wanted one to turn over to him to say completely, but he also did not have money to go to that factory, now Zhao Hai has given this kind of opportunity, he naturally was extremely happy. Although also feels Zhao Hai always mysterious in Bruce Willis, but he had not asked that Zhao Hai through own behavior, obtained the loyalty of Bruce Willis, even if present Zhao Hai says own status, Bruce Willis will not betray Zhao Hai, this is the gentleman dies for friend! Zhao Hai also knows the Bruce Willis there situation, therefore he has given Bruce Willis regarding the factory absolute control power, now Atlanta is big there he little.

But Underworld here is different, Underworld here has too many thing, is, did not say other, considers these undead that Zhao Hai needs, no matter many, Zhao Hai need, in adding on these Underworld plants, but Zhao Hai most needs, likes a research Underworld people like Jim, because they often can create miracle to come, looks like Jim is in research, spirit soul join to weapon. Also because present Kampala and Jim's their research, therefore Zhao Hai will take seriously its here, regarding Zhao Hai, Underworld here, the simplicity is an inexhaustible treasure house, only belongs to his treasure house. Coulee has not exited, outside had the Eddie woods they to be OK, had no need for him, region that he other look at Rebel Army defends now, smiled said : these fellows to think that strangely has planned us, finally had not been planned by Young Master, hey, earlier became Young Master under the hand/subordinate is not all right.” deep voice said : Young Master, I thought that we should move now, now Expert in Rebel Army, almost arrived at here, their rear areas will be certainly void, if we dispatch troops to attack now their rear area, that quick can the city that they are at seizing.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile, shook the head said : „the present is also not the time, must wait till this weaponry to fire off, if went to attack at this time their Lair, was known by these people, that entire defense line will probably turn into the big rout, when the time comes Dark Spirit Temple seize the opportunity will attack, this to us, very disadvantageous, therefore do not worry, takes your time.” On time nod said : is, is unfair to Young Master, was I am too impatient.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : not anything, you can have such idea is very good, this explained that you have thought attentively, was very good, was good, the preparation, I looked that Dark Spirit Temple these fellows did not have no patience probably.” Just and Coulee one hear of Zhao Hai said that immediately complied with one, turn around left the bone car(riage), they also noted, the Dark Spirit Temple people in Blood River opposite shore, started to get ready, feared that was quick will attack. Zhao Hai has swept opposite shore one with spiritual force, then personal appearance flashes entered Space, Lizzy they also in the look at screen, prepares momentarily command(er) these Undead Creature to make war. Zhao Hai looked at several people of said : Lizzy, Megan, a while your command(er) time, the attention, should not be too attentive, do not make the opposite party presently we in using Battle Formation, such will likely cause the suspicion of opposite party, likely will cause in Rebel Army the suspicions of other people, this time we must show weakness, that feared that was that 500 million Undead Creature had sacrificed, must show weakness, understand?” Lizzy their understand Zhao Hai words, they have certainly complied with one, Zhao Hai then feel relieved, has exhorted several people of several, this returned to Underworld, but at this time the attack of Dark Spirit Temple also started. a.