Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 11 - Chapter 1021
Stands sitting in calm in car(riage), in hand is carrying one cup of tea, in this tea in Space produces Ran, flavor fragrance, but tool also very special that Zhao Hai is used to drink tea, is not the teacup, but is a small teapot.

This type of small pot specifically is used to steep tea to drink, like this small pot cannot use the cup, can only drink with the pot directly, before Zhao Hai liked such drinking tea way, therefore in Space has produced the pot, Zhao Hai uses Universal Machine to make a like this small pot, specifically is used to drink tea. But in his front, is standing Coulee and will be positive, three people stand outside of bone car(riage), but the bone car(riage) stops in one to the Blood River about two li (0.5km) far place, in their front, is the Eddie woods are bringing Undead Creature army. Zhao Hai just came out, said his plan to Eddie, Eddie woods also understand the meaning of Zhao Hai, therefore they in command(er) these Undead Creature, are not only as before, lets these Undead Creature[ from] by killing the enemy. But now river opposite shore undead in Dark Spirit Temple has also attacked, before they overrun to here, they passed Blood River that pass/test first. Zhao Hai is to have a look now, what this Blood Spirit Beast is, why a such river, can become the Underworld palace unifies the Underworld biggest barrier. Under the gaze of Zhao Hai, in the opposite Dark Spirit Temple team, flew undead of troop, these undead have not suspended any lineup, directly on noisy crowd same flushed toward their here. Quick these undead have flown the Blood River sky, at this moment, the Blood River water resembles among suddenly, when has seethed with excitement, air bubbles, from Blood River under has braved, entire Blood River was boiled probably was the same. Should these undead quickest has flown Blood River 50% timessuddenly departs red from Blood River the form, these form very fast, look like red arrow is an, the perpendicular incidence is good to tie undead. These undead flights has not calculated slowly, they worst also has the strength of golden skeleton, but compares with the forms of these red , they were actually miss many. immediately has large quantities of undead to be given to hit a target by these red forms, from airborne fell. These undead that from airborne falls down, so long as enters to Blood River, immediately sank has gotten down, wave hua has not turned, but at this time these shot the in midair blood shade, 1 u obviously slowly left their true self. Just as is these that the Eddie woods they said that these Blood Spirit Beast simply anything because of deciding shape, obviously is the Ghost Shadow sounds, but their first appearances are different, has the old tiger shape, has the wolf shape, chapter of fish shape, zhan fish shape, in any case is the appearance that you can want to come out, they have . Moreover the build also varies, various.

In these blood shade ghosts, minimum is human-shape Blood Spirit Beast, but Zhao Hai actually present a point, Blood Spirit Beast although minimum of these person's shadows, however their status probably are highestby each human-shape Blood Spirit Beast, gathers is not looking young for one's age its shape Blood Spirit Beast. These Blood Spirit Beast personal appearance certain under wicked, immediately toward remaining even these undead threw, these undead also immediately start to counter-attack. However both sides exchanged one move, Zhao Hai on understand, why said that the blood counter- beast is kills undead, their body simply are the liquids, can change the transformation attire at will, but may be hard softlysoft time, like water, but hard time, probably was iced, formidable of attack strength ten umbrellas. Zhao Hai drank. The tea, mi on gently the eye, muttered said :, no wonder this Blood River can become Dark Spirit Temple unifies the Underworld biggest barrier, these Blood Spirit Beast fighting strength really good, if received them Space, after that were also many one type of attack method.” Coulee and also fresh fight on look at Blood River, as soon as they listened to Zhao Hai saying that has turned the head to come to see Zhao Hai one, Coulee deep voice said : Young Master, these Blood Spirit Beast strengths were very strong, moreover they also had the level division probably, like these human-shape Blood Spirit Beast, was in them is strongest, its attack strength, level of similar equivalent to Crystal skeleton, very difficult dealt with.” Coulee was saying time, these human-shape Blood Spirit Beast make a move, these human-shape Blood Spirit Beast forms of combat have also been different, some human-shape Blood Spirit Beast, they stand in the quite far place, then keeps is waving the arm, but his beautiful waves the arm, the blood in Blood River target that will fly attack he to assign, they unexpectedly like the Magician command(er) Magic element, optional command(er) the blood in Blood River. But another human-shape Blood Spirit Beast, they actually stretch out the a piece group blood from their body build, then fluctuates weapon that with this group of blood they need, kills the war at the going forward close combat. Dark Spirit Temple there a batch rushes to blood over the river undead, is not Expert, under these Blood Spirit Beast attack, within many have been greatly annihilated quickly, this arrived somewhat stems from the anticipation of Zhao Hai. But these Blood Spirit Beast after killing these undead, immediately/on horseback submerged in Blood River, the river surface restored rate to be static, probably these Blood Spirit Beast never had appears to be excessively same. Should these Blood Ghost just submerge to Blood River in friendly, Dark Spirit Temple there flew large quantities of undead. Moreover Zhao Hai notes, this batch of undead are much higher than on a batch level. But this these undead flight were also quicker, when they fly among Blood River time, in Blood River does not have Blood Spirit Beast to come out, when quickest good undead to have flown the Blood River three-fourth distances, Blood Spirit Beast in Blood River in one time flushed.

Zhao Hai looked that this situation knew, Dark Spirit Temple this has hit a time difference, was very obvious, these Blood Spirit Beast in Blood River, each attack also had the time difference, after their attack a time, will draw back in returned to Blood River, since they drew back in returned to Blood River, to one time braved attack from Blood River, among this had the time difference, Dark Spirit Temple person capture this time difference, therefore was broken through Blood River by large quantities of undead. Zhao Hai knows that this is Dark Spirit Temple with the experience that the innumerable undead lives trade, but they were clash not to finish up, because in Blood River, was waiting for them, was being ready in full battle array undead army. Eddie woods immediately command(er) these undead each these were breaking through Blood River Dark Spirit Temple undead to overrun, both sides immediately fought in together. In undead besides vampire, undead that it passes through is few bleedinglike Zombie , the skeleton does not have including the blood, all these wars, your simply cannot see the blood splash scene ”, but frigid degree, actually not under the war of any humanity. But at this time, river opposite shore the army of Dark Spirit Temple, is opening to cross river continuously, these Blood Spirit Beast although can create some troublesome to them, but wants to block them completely is actually impossible, therefore Blood River undead had been getting more and more. Zhao Hai has stood in there has not moved, undead that this time they bring enough 500 million, even if were Dark Spirit Temple these people wants to kill this 500 million undead, was not that easy matter. However Coulee they actually already anxious, at any time standing byDark Spirit Temple undead that because the present comes, level was getting higher and higher. Zhao Hai looks at this situation, cannot help but shows a faint smile, the hand wields, grasps a piece thousand jin (0.5 kg) big stone from side, takes over wields, this big stone turned into stone chair unexpectedly, Zhao Hai also received getting up the teapot at this time ”, because the present Dark Spirit Temple person has attacked, he was taking the teapot too to be conspicuous. Zhao Hai sits in there, the look at front fight of calm, such ease of not being able saying that in this timeseveral formidable spiritual force, has been sweeping toward their here from the opposite shore, Zhao Hai felt these spiritual force, eyebrow cannot help but gently upward has selected selecting, he knows that Dark Spirit Temple Expert came finally. Zhao Hai has not worried, he also sweeps with the spirit moved forward to meet somebody, spiritual force of both sides from the sky hit in together, heard with a bang soundDark mist bo of Zhao Hai front hundred meters places to move, obviously was received to hit in together the influence of spiritual force. Coulee they present this situationseveral people of spiritual force also had also moved forward to meet somebody, both sides have not seen the surface, spiritual force has disputed first well.

spiritual force of both sides in airborne after putting together several times, has drawn back, spiritual force to spelling, is not the good deed, extremely in bad risk, even also wants bad risk hundred times compared with the close combat, therefore several people have taken back oneself Ran spiritual force. Before long, Dark Spirit Temple several Expert have also flown Blood River, regarding these Expert, Blood River can only create some troublesome to them, was unable to prevent them truly. Dark Spirit Temple Expert that this flies, altogether ten numbers, including two strengths are equally matched with the Eddie woods, these two undead one are the skeletons, another is actually Lich, besides these two Expert, other eight people, the feast strength is not lower than Coulee they. The Eddie woods are also leading his under the hand/subordinate and Coulee they moved forward to meet somebody, Zhao Hai has not actually thought wants make a move, these person of although that this Dark Spirit Temple sends are strong, but the Eddie woods they are not the soft persimmon, by the Eddie woods and his under the hand/subordinate these undead strengths, can deal with fully, has no need for his make a move. Now although previous time fights now didn't have long time with the Eddie woods to Zhao Hai, but Zhao Hai present strength, already complete Eddie woods, if the Eddie woods are fighting with Zhao Hai now, feared that cannot pass through 50 moves in Zhao Hai in hand. Because Zhao Hai has the help of Space, in adding on[ body] in has Dao Lotus, has Gold Core, existence of spiritual force villain, his cultivation level is increasing every second, although his not desirably practice time, this increase is not very fast, but actually cannot support constantly not in the growth, therefore now Zhao Hai strength, compared with the past, many. In adding on Zhao Hai body originally has absorbed many energy, because before he fought too few, cannot oneself[ body] in hundredth uses energy hundred meeting, therefore by the Eddie woods compelling that distressedly. However after the Eddie woods fight, lets Zhao Hai to own energy utilization was more skillful, therefore his strength naturally the growth a political integrity, now the person like Eddie woods, has been fighting with Zhao Hai, was unable to give Zhao Hai anything to help, he needs stronger right